Year: 2014

Saturday Night Fever

Saturday night fever. Texas style. Alexandra is now a married woman and rocked the night away with 120 friends and family at their Hill Country ranch. Mother Ofe directed the show of course. Michael Loyd Young is the proud father of the bride and the author of BurnBooks upcoming photo book Beer, Bait, & Ammo.@loyd

Horses and Destruction

The windmills that were used to dry the waters of the swamp remain abandoned since 1960…horses and destruction is what is left in the countryside. Photo by@tomeucoll for @burndiary . Mallorca island, working in the forthcoming book Badlands.

Reem Al Faisal – Hajj

Reem Al Faisal Hajj The pilgrimage (Hajj) is an event that takes place every year at the end of the Muslim year (Higra) and is four days long. It is one of the Five pillars of Islam and it is only an obligation to Muslims who have the financial health and physical ability to do …

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Barking Dogs in Badlands

Mornings start with the barking dogs in Badlands. All these fields used to be a swamp barely 100 years ago, Nowadays still there is something in these lands that still claim for their past. “What is born underwater, remains under water” Mallorca Island. Photo by@tomeucoll for @burndiary

Island of Mallorca

Hello, I’m Tomeu Coll @tomeucoll and I’m going to be taking over @burndiary this week, sharing my days in the island of Mallorca (Spain) working in the forthcoming book Badlands, about a zone in the south that are not related to the milions of visitants that take the island every year.  


Join BURNmagazine at Fotografia Europea photo fest in Reggio Emilia, Italy, May 2-4, 2014. Magnum is this years guest of the festival and will be offering masterclasses with Magnum Photographers David Alan Harvey, Abbas, Jonas Bendiksen and Patrick Zachmann. On Saturday there will a presentation of BURNbooks by David Alan Harvey, Diego Orlando, and Anton Kusters, interviewed by …

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Dip Into the Channel

Girls went out to dip into the channel, escaping the 43C heat in an arab village in suburbs of Shush, northern khoozestan. Photoby @kianahayeri for @burndiary from Iran.


Iman reaches out to catch the black berries her older sister was throwing down for her. Iman (meaning faith in Farsi) is a 9-year-old Iranian Arab girl who lives in the suburb of Shush, in northern khoozestan. Iman suffers from a heart disease but her family is too poor to get her meds, let alone …

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12-Hour Bus Ride

On a 12-hour bus ride to the south, we make a stop at a roadside restaurant for dinner. Out of 43 passengers, i am one of the 6 ladies on the bus and the only one who is traveling alone. A bit uncomfortable setting… I’ll be spending a few days in Shush, if access and …

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