Year: 2014

A Wild Stag

A wild stag. Seen at Annette and Clendenan in Toronto. Photo by @kravse for @burndiary

Following the Light

I was talking on the phone when I took this. They were following the light as it moved. Every 2 minutes they would take a step back. Photo by @kravse for @burndiary.

Mechanic Shops

Mechanic shops on Dundas St. West, Toronto. Photo by @kravse for @burndiary

Toronto’s Lakeshore

I’m standing on Toronto’s lakeshore, taking a break from my morning commute. Like many others I bike into work. I’m just lucky enough to have a route that takes me along the waterfront. My name is Jared (@kravse) and I’ll be taking over @burndiary this week.

Emerging Photographer Fund 2014

Emerging Photographer Fund 2014 Photo © Iveta Vaivode, EPF 2013 Finalist   Get ready to submit your greatest stuff… We are now officially announcing the Emerging Photographer Fund award for 2014… The EPF grant is designed to support continuation of a photographer’s personal project. This body of work may be of either journalistic mission or …

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Summer Prep

Summer prep. The Atlantic Ocean has been broiling for days here in the Outer Banks. Does not stop weather bitten construction workers from building a new deck for summer gatherings at the Nags Head pier. Nobody in their right mind would build anything so close to an often violent sea. Yet all of us who …

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Old Cemetery Road

Old cemetery road. Badlands.Island of Mallorca.Photo by @tomeucoll for @burndiary