Year: 2014

My brother and his dog

Hello everybody! I’m Diana Zeyneb Alhindawi @dianazeynebalhindawi, and I’m very excited to be sharing this week with you all. This is my brother and his dog, this afternoon in my parents’ backyard in Long Island, New York. Our Christmas day starts a bit late because we celebrate on Christmas Eve, as is traditional in Romania, …

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Merry Christmas

I’m a wedding photographer, yet I don’t always believe in love. I see couples that marry out of duty and obligation, so I keep my peace. In fear of having the same emotional roller coaster apply to me, I reject emotional attachments in my personal life. And then, I meet couples like the Kishan and …

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david alan harvey – cuba

[slidepress gallery=’davidalanharvey_cuba’] Hover over the image for navigation and full screen controls David Alan Harvey Cuba play this essay           Thank you for your support! Our Cuba Book & Print Sale is now closed. We will begin shipping in early January.       I am very excited about the recent …

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Christmas Eve

It’s a summer night this winter on Christmas Eve in the Outer Banks. All my doors are wide open, yet a fire roaring just for mood. Yes Santa showed up for our family fest at my home and well it was just flat out magic. I do savor world travel yet the moments on my …

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The last four months…

The last four months. Hannah wedding to Christmas Eve. Without my iPhone shots I would never be able to remember life in sequence. When things happened is never important to me. Still it’s enlightening to see real time sequence. I do view everything as one big picture as here. Merry Christmas!  

Last minute shopping

Last minute shopping on Christmas Eve at Dubai mall. @tasneemalsultan for @burndiary


When winter comes you might think my cats would want to come inside and sleep by a warm fire. Nope. Even on the coldest days they prefer outside. Yet when I return home from driving around running errands, their fave spot is the warm hood of my truck. These two are brothers and rarely separate. …

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Back to Dubai where the West and East co-habit. You can wear and act however you want, while remaining sensitive to local culture and tradition. Dubai represents everything we consider progressive and developed while at its core it is anchored by a proud culture and identity. A welcome home to all @tasneemalsultan for @burndiary

Dana Stölzgen – In Still Air

Dana Stolzgen In Still Air This is a photographic poem. As with any poem, explanation wouldn’t do any good. But I can tell you about its title. I first imagined the title in German: ‘Bei Windstille’, which means that there is no wind. There is an absence and, because of this absence, there is stillness. …

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Finished shooting yesterday’s Saudi wedding at 3am and took the noon flight back home. Rushing from one car to another, and on the plane I finally sat for an hour to think calmly. Observing the Saudi man sitting across me, working on his laptop throughout the flight, I started wondering. We take our jobs for …

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