I’m a wedding photographer, yet I don’t always believe in love. I see couples that marry out of duty and obligation, so I keep my peace. In fear of having the same emotional roller coaster apply to me, I reject emotional attachments in my personal life. And then, I meet couples like the Kishan and Nidhi. They flew in all the way from India to have a 2 hour engagement portrait session in Dubai today. A young doctor graduating from Boston, marrying a graduate in fashion design. Both happily tell me that their marriage is arranged. Both acknowledge that they have met their perfect match. And I believe them. We all search for the perfect one, and who’s to know who, how or when. It’s Christmas today, and my last day as a contributor on @burndiary so I bid you all farewell. I wish you all, love and happiness. Big thank you to @davidalanharvey for being a great and wise mentor, & to @diegorlando for being the charming man behind the scenes along with @kayaleeberne xxx @tasneemalsultan for @burndiary