Finished shooting yesterday’s Saudi wedding at 3am and took the noon flight back home. Rushing from one car to another, and on the plane I finally sat for an hour to think calmly. Observing the Saudi man sitting across me, working on his laptop throughout the flight, I started wondering. We take our jobs for granted. As wedding photographers, we’re surrounded by comforting good emotions. And although we may complain about the long hours, and running around because its physically exhausting, we’re lucky. Our reality is cushioned by the dream of fairytale weddings. I see images of the heroic journalists who cover images of war and I think of how thankful we should be. Our stress is nothing compared to theirs. @tasneemalsultan for @burndiary

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  1. I don’t know about the stress of covering war, but have had a few bridezillas, and the stress of coming up with a whole lot of awesome images in a very short time is huge.

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