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My brother and his dog

Hello everybody! I’m Diana Zeyneb Alhindawi @dianazeynebalhindawi, and I’m very excited to be sharing this week with you all. This is my brother and his dog, this afternoon in my parents’ backyard in Long Island, New York. Our Christmas day starts a bit late because we celebrate on Christmas Eve, as is traditional in Romania, our country of origin. We left in 1987 but some traditions will forever stick. (Actually my father is originally from Iraq, but he spent so much time in Romania and married to a Romanian that in many ways, I think, he feels Romanian himself.) Merry Christmas to those of you who celebrate and a good evening to you all! Thank you @diegorlando @davidalanharvey and all at Burn for this opportunity

Merry Christmas

I’m a wedding photographer, yet I don’t always believe in love. I see couples that marry out of duty and obligation, so I keep my peace. In fear of having the same emotional roller coaster apply to me, I reject emotional attachments in my personal life. And then, I meet couples like the Kishan and Nidhi. They flew in all the way from India to have a 2 hour engagement portrait session in Dubai today. A young doctor graduating from Boston, marrying a graduate in fashion design. Both happily tell me that their marriage is arranged. Both acknowledge that they have met their perfect match. And I believe them. We all search for the perfect one, and who’s to know who, how or when. It’s Christmas today, and my last day as a contributor on @burndiary so I bid you all farewell. I wish you all, love and happiness. Big thank you to @davidalanharvey for being a great and wise mentor, & to @diegorlando for being the charming man behind the scenes along with @kayaleeberne xxx @tasneemalsultan for @burndiary

david alan harvey – cuba

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David Alan Harvey


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Thank you for your support!
Our Cuba Book & Print Sale is now closed.
We will begin shipping in early January.




I am very excited about the recent developments between the U.S. and Cuba and feel it has been long overdue for a real dialogue that would lift the U.S. economic embargo on Cuba. I am sure it is not on fast track, yet at least it is moving.

Since Cuba was one of my most favorite projects of all time and since it is Christmas and also Burn’s 6th Anniversary, I thought this might be a good time to celebrate all of the above with a super good deal print and book sale. Some of my esteemed colleagues found out about this and have suggested I am underselling the market. Well I always do this with every book for example. I sold (based on a true story) high, and with the profit gave it away free in Brazil. So for this, and I do expect to sell very well, I am giving a break to the emerging photographers for whom Burn is all about. It’s holiday time. My now old Cuba work is appropriate for the moment. If I make a profit, I will take the money and go shoot pictures in Cuba…How could I not.. My only choice for sure. There goes relaxing at home. Karma

So in this spirit of Burn, which supports mostly young, emerging photographers, I felt that I could give you really good art object deal on these prints for a low price, this one time. My gift to you. Business altruism I think. Make everybody feel things are right. That, my friends, is just me.

I first went to Cuba because Magnum secured for me an assignment for Time Magazine to photograph Cuban scientists. I am not a science photographer, but I was looking for any way to get to Cuba and to get my hands on the oftentimes elusive visa that was required due to the negative U.S./Cuba relations. It did not take me long to fall in love.

Later, I went back as a tourist and shot some on my own before getting a full on assignment from NatGeo. This led to three NatGeo stories and a tv documentary for them about me shooting on the island. From this also came my CUBA book.

For sure I will also head down to Cuba just as soon as I can. I want to be there for the next year or so as things move into a new Cuban realm. I do not expect everything to somehow suddenly be perfect. As a matter of fact I suspect some real problems will develop when inequality of income will cause some to go from socialist idealists to unhappy have nots. This could take Cuba from no crime to a bit dangerous. We will see. At the same time, overall I see a potentially booming island economy with more good than bad as the result.

In any case, if you click HERE you will see the details on the prints and CUBA book offerings I am making available exclusively through BurnMagazine.

Please go to Cuba! You will find a warm vibrant culture. It might be awhile before you can fly from New York to Havana, but easy enough to go in through Mexico or Canada. You may not bring back any goods, but you will bring back some great memories I promise….

Thank you Barack






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Christmas Eve

It’s a summer night this winter on Christmas Eve in the Outer Banks. All my doors are wide open, yet a fire roaring just for mood. Yes Santa showed up for our family fest at my home and well it was just flat out magic. I do savor world travel yet the moments on my front porch are surely the sweetest of all.

The last four months…

The last four months. Hannah wedding to Christmas Eve. Without my iPhone shots I would never be able to remember life in sequence. When things happened is never important to me. Still it’s enlightening to see real time sequence. I do view everything as one big picture as here. Merry Christmas!


Last minute shopping

Last minute shopping on Christmas Eve at Dubai mall. @tasneemalsultan for @burndiary


When winter comes you might think my cats would want to come inside and sleep by a warm fire. Nope. Even on the coldest days they prefer outside. Yet when I return home from driving around running errands, their fave spot is the warm hood of my truck. These two are brothers and rarely separate. Now I must drive off for Christmas prep. Hate to make them move . On the other hand the hood needs a good warm up.


Back to Dubai where the West and East co-habit. You can wear and act however you want, while remaining sensitive to local culture and tradition. Dubai represents everything we consider progressive and developed while at its core it is anchored by a proud culture and identity. A welcome home to all @tasneemalsultan for @burndiary

Dana Stölzgen – In Still Air

Dana Stolzgen

In Still Air

This is a photographic poem. As with any poem, explanation wouldn’t do any good. But I can tell you about its title.
I first imagined the title in German: ‘Bei Windstille’, which means that there is no wind. There is an absence and, because of this absence, there is stillness. We are waiting.

I cannot think of any medium that is more about stillness than photography. Just like music, a written poem is about sound. Films move through time. Photography is quiet and in it time stands still. And so we make photographs to try to keep something or someone with us, even though we know that it is impossible.
The English words ‘in still air’, too me, also suggest intimacy.

The air touches and envelops us. We are inside it. We remain still. And with our breathing the air disappears inside us. Just like something seems to have been lost inside these women.

Maybe they are really just one woman in one room.




Dana Stölzgen, born 1979, lives in Cologne. After her studies at the Fotoakademie Köln she is now part of the Postgraduate class at the Ostkreuz School of Photography, Berlin.

“Her work “In Still Air” has been published by Peperoni Books in October. The series ‘My Disguise’ has been released by DieNacht. Her artist book ‘Klappe’ has been published by KEHRER under the program category “Trouvé”.


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Dana Stölzgen

In Still Air



Finished shooting yesterday’s Saudi wedding at 3am and took the noon flight back home. Rushing from one car to another, and on the plane I finally sat for an hour to think calmly. Observing the Saudi man sitting across me, working on his laptop throughout the flight, I started wondering. We take our jobs for granted. As wedding photographers, we’re surrounded by comforting good emotions. And although we may complain about the long hours, and running around because its physically exhausting, we’re lucky. Our reality is cushioned by the dream of fairytale weddings. I see images of the heroic journalists who cover images of war and I think of how thankful we should be. Our stress is nothing compared to theirs. @tasneemalsultan for @burndiary