matt eich – sin and salvation in baptist town

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Matt Eich

Sin and Salvation in Baptist Town

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For the last four years I have been drawn to Greenwood, Mississippi like a moth to a flame. Since 2010, I have explored a complex intersection of issues that span race, class, joblessness, opportunity, housing, education and segregation.

After years of making documentary images, I have grown frustrated with what photography is, and more interested in what it could be. I started making 6×7 images, a mixture of landscapes, documentary photographs, and most importantly, collaborative portraits. In this work I begin to blend these different representations of place with an emphasis on creating work that is less about my perspective as an outsider, and more about how the people I am photographing wish to be portrayed.

These collaborative portraits will become the basis of a public exhibition intended to create a safe space for dialogue about present race relations in Greenwood. I will partner with the William Winter Institute for Racial Reconciliation to facilitate an open dialogue. The work will also live on a website where the community can upload their own text and images, thereby shaping the outcome of their story.

Additionally, I will collaborate with high school students from three different schools to teach children photography as a form of self-expression. These images made by students and other community-contributed content will become a part of the larger project, empowering the residents of Greenwood to portray themselves and their community from an insider view, to show a more balanced and nuanced perspective about life in this often stereotyped corner of America.

I seek to engage a historically divided community in a dialogue about present race-relations in the American South by minimizing my voice and presence while allowing the community to take the helm. We must acknowledge that the legacies of racism and segregation continue to impact people throughout our country economically and culturally, in persistent and often pernicious ways.



Matt Eich was born in Richmond, Virginia in 1986. He began working as a photographer while studying photojournalism at Ohio University for clients that include National Geographic, The New Yorker, GQ, Esquire, TIME, FADER, Harper’s, AARP, Apple, Tiffany & Company and others. He is currently pursuing his MFA in Photography from the Hartford Art School.

Matt has worked with support of grants from the Aaron Siskind Foundation, the Alexia Foundation, National Geographic Magazine and The Getty Images Grant for Editorial Photography. His work has been exhibited widely and his prints are in the permanent collections of The Portland Art Museum, The Museum of Fine Arts Houston and the New York Public Library.

These days Eich lives in Norfolk, Virginia with his family while accepting commissions and creating photographic essays about the American condition.
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anton kusters – mono no aware

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Anton Kusters

Mono No Aware  - もののあはれ

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Here I am again, presenting you with a little piece of what’s inside my mind. A new book about something that I’ve been thinking of for quite a while now… and yet again, I found the inspiration in Japan to bring it all together.

Mono No Aware’ もののあはれ is a Japanese term used to describe an awareness of the fleeting moments in life. A ‘gentle sadness’ for them passing, so to speak. I believe that the exact memory of any important moment a person decides to keep, slowly fades in time, and slowly gets replaced by the significance of that particular moment to that particular person… like a trigger that remains, even long after the specific moment itself is forgotten.

To get to the heart of the book, I need to provide a little history… In my previous project ‘Yakuza’, I photographed the Japanese mafia for two years and published a book about it. If you remember, most of it happened right here on burn, as a matter of fact.

The thing is, ‘Yakuza’ was literally my very first project as a photographer. I had no idea how to do or handle anything, let alone how to take on a serious long term project. So David mentored me right here… and the project became a real roller coaster: I worked for a year with my brother in Tokyo to get access, and subsequently spent two years shooting there. And then designed, produced, published, marketed and sold the book… and launched it all here on burn of course. Oh and the exhibits with their custom installation, they were a whole different ball game that lasted for two years too… the last one finishing just a few weeks ago in december.

And this was just my first project. So yes… safe to say my whole life got turned upside down and I felt the absolute necessity to balance it all. Stay sane. I turned around and pointed my camera in the opposite direction, and tried to capture moments that I saw passing that I felt I could not let go. Yes… deep down I know those moments are always kind of private… but I do believe they represent a more universal longing of any person to hold on to moments that are important to him or her, in any way he or she can…

… and my language just happens to be photography. (and carrying around little objects in my pockets of course)

I guess you’ve gathered by now: ‘Mono No Aware’ is a book to reflect upon. Kind of esoteric. Maybe a little like a winter EP. A cosy couch, fire going, hot cup of cocoa, blanket, notebook, and big bold plans for the future.

The book as an object is crucial to the story. It’s a hand assembled, and requires you to sit down and take your time. I designed the binding to be four LP style sleeves, all stitched together, to hold the harmonica folded chapters in place. You can take out the chapter pages, open them out completely or hang them up on your wall if you wish, and look at the whole story in a very different way. It’s really quite a unique object… to get a good grasp you should watch the video “book leaf through” below.

I’ve printed just 750 copies, of which the first 50 are a super special limited edition version*.

So there you go. I’m yet again presenting a little piece of what’s inside my mind…

- anton

Here’s a video of the book leaf through:

Buy the book:

*About the limited edition: the first 50 copies are signed and numbered, with an extra, fifth LP record sleeve inside, containing three unique signed editioned prints. These prints do not appear in the regular book, but are part of the project as a whole.




Anton is a certified rabbit hole jumper and long distance staring expert. It says so on his business card. His very first photographic project ‘Yakuza’ turned into a book right here on for everyone to see, with the help of all the readers and the relentless mentorship of David Alan Harvey. The book sold out twice, the exhibit traveled the globe for two years, and the story has been published worldwide in no less than sixty-seven magazines along the way. Now there’s ‘Mono No Aware’, his vision on passing moments in life. And yes, he’s nervous for what’s next.



clara vannucci – bail bond

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Clara Vannucci

Bail Bond

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Bail Bond is a visual tale set in contemporary New York. By weaving together stories of bondsmen, defendants and bounty hunters, the reportage sheds light on an unexplored edge of law and order in the US, a place where crime and security collide and amalgamate, leaving no room for the spectator to take side.

In the US legal system, a person accused of committing a crime is called a defendant: assumed innocent, he must be proven guilty, or else released. While waiting for judgment, defendants can live as free men and women, as long as they pay a sum of money, considered a guarantee for their appearance in court on the dates assigned for the trial. When defendants cannot pay, bondsmen act as guarantors by providing the requested money and assuming the responsibility to force recalcitrant defendants into court on their day, with the help of bounty hunters.

Bail Bond. Bondsman, defendants and bounty hunters. A book published by Fabrica, the communication research center of Benetton group in Treviso. The exhibit curated by Diego Orlando will be held in Rome at Officine Fotografiche from jan 9 till jan 30, 2015 and in New York in April.



(Florence, Italy, 1985) I have always been interested in photography, since I was very young. After receiving a degree in Visual design at the University of Architecture of Florence, I decided to make my passion for photography become my life and my profession. So, I started the one that then become my most important project, Theatre in Prison in Tuscany. With my camera I’ve begun to show how the method of acting in prison can be a useful tool to changing the way the criminal mind works. In NYC, after an Internship in Magnum Photos, through the Photojournalist Donna Ferrato (that i’ve been assisting for over two years), I started my project in Rikers Island Jail’s Battered women section.

I’ve been awarded a yearlong residency at FABRICA, the communication research center of Benetton group in Treviso, where I just published my first solo book, Bail Bond. Bondsmen, defendants & bounty hunters. I’m represented by DB Daria Bonera Agency for Advertising.


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mike young – beer, bait & ammo

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Michael Loyd Young

Beer, Bait & Ammo

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A SOUTHERNER…by definition is an American who lives in the south…It’s more than that…from Texas to the Carolina’s the south is a way of life. Considered Rednecks, Bubbas and Good Old Boys they live by an unwritten code.
If you kill it you grill it, if you catch it you fry it, if you meet someone in a bar you buy them a beer. An outsider is not a stranger, he’s your neighbor.
Music still comes out of jukeboxes in the Ice houses and honky tonks. Bait shops that sell everything from beer to pickled eggs dot the landscape from one end to the other. Motor Courts and RV Parks welcome travelers who venture away from the franchised interstates. Two lane black top roads stretch across the south connecting the small towns main streets where Family owned diners serve home cooked meal with a smile.
American flags are proudly displayed on store fronts and school yards. Freedom has a special meaning and change doesn’t come easy. Most are desperately holding on to their past..this is the South…my backyard.

-Michael Loyd Young-


Commentary by Diego Orlando Photo Editor BurnMagazine

“A Southerner in the South taking pictures of the South. This how I see Mike’s book and this is has been my first impression when I had the chance to see the journey at its earlier stage.  Mike’s five year journey took him from the tip of Texas to the Florida Everglades. For me – as European – has been a surprise. Stereotypes are among the most used key to pretend to understand the reality we do not know – and I was not an exception. So being dragged with pictures into a lifestyle so faraway from my own world, made me curious. And I started to look beside the images.. what emerges is a culture explored with no judgment, without overwriting it, without filters. Way more than a diary of a journey. No, a real exploration done by one of the subjects photographed there.. That’s why this book is so authentic: Mike is the photographer, but he could be one of the subjects, it could be one of the fishermen or one of the hunters on the frames easy to find in many of the bars there. Tones and lights, composition and places.. everything contributes to picture the South in a way I have never seen before.”  Diego Orlando – BB&A Curator


see  the interview  between David Alan Harvey & Michael Loyd Young about BB&A







Michael Loyd Young is a photographer based in Texas, travelling from there all around the world. His main work focuses on exploring the Southern part of the U.S. through the daily life of people.

BLUES, BOOZE & BBQ, published by Powerhouse Books. B,B, & BBQ won the Mississippi Institute of Arts and Letters Award for photography.

CHANGES IN LATITUDE, published by Burn Books, was released in June 2012.

BEER, BAIT & AMMO release date March 2014 published by Burn Books. BB&A documents the southern half of the United States, or the “South”. A world of its own where change comes slow and the right to live the way you choose is a way of life.

Recent exhibits include Photo Week Washington, DC — Houston Photo Fest — Powerhouse Arena, Brooklyn –Delta Blues Museum, Clarksdale — Rouen, France — Lille, France — Vannes Jazz Festival, France — Rennes, France — Sydney, Australia

Michael lives in Texas.


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