The White Line | by Rosa Rodriguez

A vast ice desert unfolds, inhospitable and enigmatic, with untouched beauty. In the regions of Kulusuk and Qaanaaq in Greenland, Yamalia in Siberia, and Norwegian and Finnish Lapland. Arctic Circle 66º 33′ where earth and sky become one. The fragile, wildly beautiful nature of the Arctic region, lives harmoniously with harsh conditions in one of the most inhospitable parts of the planet.

The infinite nature of the Arctic world contrasts with the insignificance of human life. An imposing silence pervades everything, providing a profound sense of peace and an awareness of being alive. Of being one more among all Earth’s beings. The Arctic’s inhabitants enjoy the serenity and simplicity associated with the origins of human life; they live connected to nature, far-removed from the rules that govern the industrialised world. Nature gives them everything they need. The shadowless, white landscape teaches us once again to look, to discover every detail of this untameable land. Where only by following the laws of nature can you survive. The White Line speaks of the Arctic region as the place to return to the original serenity and simplicity of the human being, it describes the white immensity of the Arctic and the peoples that inhabit it in harmony with nature.


Rosa Rodriguez is an Artistic and Documentary Photographer. Rodriguez is interested in societies and traditions and their influence on humanity. Her current work focuses on communities that maintain a strong connection with nature in their way of life, and on highlighting the need to conserve our planet’s unique natural habitats. She has won BIFA Professional Book Bronze 2021, ND Awards Architecture Silver Star Award, Sustainable Price by International Women in Photo Association – IWPA 2020, Shortlist Luma Rencontres Dummy Book Award Arles 2020, Selected Visa pour l´image Development programme 2020, Winner Scholarship Roberto Sillagraz by EFTI International School of Photography and Cinema 2019, First Prize in the Photography Contest of the Spanish Ministry of Agricultura 2018, Honorable Mention in Professional Portrait Category IPA Photo Award 2017, Nominated Nature Category by the Photogrvaphy Magazine 2017. She has had solo exhibitions: Photometry Festival 2022, Sala Kursala Cadiz Spain 2022, Génesis Festival Encontros da Imagem Braga – Portugal 2020, ART PHOTO BCN Photography Festival 2020, College Spain in Paris – France 2016, Fotonoviembre Tenerife – Spain 2015, PhotoIreland Festival – Goethe-Institut Dublín 2014. Se has participantes in collective exhibitions in France, Italy, Uk, Russia, Japan, Switzerland, Bulgaria, Argentina, Portugal, Lithuania, Ecuador, Brazil, India, and Spain.


Instagram: @rosa_rodriguez_photo


Photo Essay curated by Alejandra Martínez Moreno.