burn.02 launch party with special guest bruce davidson…

At Home with David Alan Harvey workshop students and staff with today’s guest,
photographer James Estrin (in red) creator of the NYTimes LENS blog.

Burn.02 Launch Party with Special Guest Magnum Photographer Bruce Davidson

Saturday, 8 October
Doors locked at 9pm sharp for respectful showing of work from Bruce Davidson and our workshop students…
get here early or you won’t be let in until the show is over.
Fiesta to follow, please bring your preferred beverage…
475 Kent Avenue #607 –  Williamsburg, Brooklyn

Featuring the work of:

There is lots going on this weekend in Burnland. For those of you in the New York area, please come and see work from Bruce Davidson and my class from last week as per described above.

If you are closer to San Antonio, Texas, then check out the burn.ed GARDEN at the SMARTart Project Space. The brainchild of Burn Curator-on-the-Texas scene, Panos Skoulidas and mostly Kim. Many Burn commentators have submitted prints to this totally renegade and totally endorsed exhibition from our Burn family…yeah, family sounds corny I guess, but I would not know how else to describe. Panos has worked very hard to assemble prints from many of our readers here.

I want to thank Jim Estrin (in red shirt above), MaryAnne Golon, Steve Fine, Chris Bradley, David Griffin, Alice Gabriner, Danny Wilcox Frazier, Michael Loyd Young, Kerry Payne, Franco Pagetti, Peter Turnley, Christopher Anderson, Bruce Gilden, and Bruce Davidson…all who came to my class to present to my 12 students and a few assembled guests. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

This gathering is also a celebration and New York official launch of Burn.02. Come and check it out. Yes, purchase one for the good guys. Check us out carefully, and you will see we are simply trying to do the right thing. To help get something going in our biz for the next generation. Not mine. I am fine. This is for you. Pay back/pay forward. Do it when the time comes.

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  • “bloody breakfast” Shot by Michael A Shapiro

  • Jeff, im so glad u introduced mr STEPHEN UHRANEY to Burn!

    Stephen thank you!

  • MW…

    I totally agree but in my case colour seems to distract me too often and just leads to something banal.

  • Talk about a succesful opening…. Merci Panos!

  • Is it just me or is the guy standing behind Mr Estrin in that group portrait look like he’s about to clobber Mr Estrin with a baseball bat? There’s definitely a look of malice aforethought there, I think.

  • Akaky… I thought that too. “Who’s this dude think he is?” ;^}

  • Pictures from NY and SA anyone?

  • Thodoris,
    Doug is flying back to Canada and he is preparing a slideshow, Mike A Shapiro is going to airport in couple hours (I’m his taxi driver) and I already saw he had a lot of photos / slideshow to post about the gallery opening night!

    And then back to gallery for next plan of action!!
    I want to sell more.. WE ONLY HAD 3 hour presentation (7-10)
    and NOT enough time to talk to everyone! As I wrote earlier we are gonna do some “private viewing” by appointment for collectors that did not make it on time and a

    Not confirmed yet but I got a call late last night that possibly ,
    ANDREW STEINER also sold but but but , awaiting confirmation on this one!
    Some collectors/buyers are bargaining really really hard… Smiling!
    Good morning y’all again, Mike sleeping upstairs, Kim dead tired and I’m walking LOLA the dogg!!! since 6 am ( almost 7:30am now … I temporarily gave coffee up couple weeks ago due to an ulcer and insomnia became once again my best friend..
    Need a bigger charger for my phone too!!!
    “BURN-ed Garden” PARTY IS NOT OVER!
    It’s just barely started!

    All, even the few members that bought photos here from Burn Audience

  • HERVE congratulations!
    btw your print brought a breath of fresh air and sense of humor in the gallery room!
    Same with Akaky’s:)

    Some other spectators admired Gladdy’s amazing prints, and talked a bout Thodoris’ , Eva, Laura M and Audrey b&w a lot ( especially the b&w lovers)
    I know also some loved Tom Hyde but my prices for some prints were too high ( I’m working on that )..

    And then the COLOR lovers!!!!


  • a civilian-mass audience

    PANOS reporting from SAN ANTONIO…BURNED GARDEN is rolling

    Thank …I am sending Greek coffee(frapee)…stomach ulcer is Guaranteed !!!

    of course…we are hoping to see some reports from the kibbutz…in 2011!

    cause when there is vision…there is hope…

    EVA,DOUG,MIKEA…my BURNIANS…safe travels!


    well you know how group shots are…you try to pick one where everyone has their eyes open…but getting that AND getting malicious looks off faces is really hard!! nice observation….


    damn dude i have lost my reading glasses, so this is painful..going into Manhattan now to see some friends and to buy glasses…most beautiful day of the century..loving it here, but also smell my beach…out of here tomorrow to catch the weather down obx…

    suffice it to say Bruce Davidson in my loft as the opening act for my students work was historic…the buzz, you could feel it…everyone in the room KNEW this was a special moment…Bruce and Emily are well just Bruce and Emily and Bruce takes pictures for fun and raised his family and was never gone from home more than a week says Emily who honestly cannot remember how many years they have been married nor can he and they both smile and say “around 43 years”…well, need i say more?

    and YOU have made history…you and Kim that is..no doubt in anyone’s mind here on Burn that were in not for Kim this would not be happening…YOU doing it, SHE the catalyst…

    great Panos..proud of you as always…

    cheers, david

  • Cool Panos, can’t wait to see the pics… again bravo for organizing all this, and good luck for all the rest you have planed…

  • DAH thank u!

    Did i mention that also DIEGO ORLANDO’S print sold and awaiting confirmation for ANDREW STEINER’s print (fingers crossed)

    and David!…i didnt do anything…
    its YOU/your legacy that made it possible and ALL THE BURNIANS (KNOWN AND UNKNOWN ) THAT ACTUALLY DID IT!
    THEIR PRINTS…their credit!!!!!!!!!!
    (all credit to me NOT fair!)
    and yes without KIM i wouldnt be able to even find my socks in the morning, nevermind curating A Show!
    I didnt even know what an Auction is prior to all that , barely able managing my own checking account, to say at least…laughing!
    dont they say: “in front of a strong woman is usually a MALAKAS that takes all the credit”?
    ha ha..thats my story!!!!!
    big hug

  • PANOS:

    Sounds like you got off to a good start there. Well done amigo.

    And as Bob said, don’t worry that you didn’t sell more. It takes time – don’t feel pressure, just enjoy the experience of meeting collectors and showing them the work.

    My show is on here throughout October also – it includes a print of the photograph I sent you. Can you send me an installation shot?

    Look forward to more reports.



  • Panos /Jeff

    Just hope I make it through the vetting process.

    stephen u

  • Congrats Panos! and thanks once again for the opportunity.
    Like Justin said…I shot from the entire installation will be nice!
    I like the fact you are saying this is only the beginning!!!!!!!!!!!

  • “cause when there is vision…there is hope…”

    Yet more lovely, profound utterings from a civilian-mass audience.

    Reading that just turned my evening around.


  • Panos and Kim, wonderful words from DAH! You know that he wouldn’t say it if it wasn’t true. We Burnians owe you – big time!

  • a civilian-mass audience

    PAULT…you nailed it…hiii
    hugs to the kids…and family!

    and yes…KIM is not a regular civilian…she is DA WOMAN…
    and credit to PANOS
    and credit to ALL MY BURNIANS…who went through fire …to go to the post office(no joking here)
    and credit to the one and only one
    who opened the doors and the windows and let your visions pour in…

    WHAT NOT TO LOVE…YES,we are family (not a regular one) BUT a BURNED one !!!

    and yes,we love BRUCE and EMILY…need I say more?

  • a civilian-mass audience

    Yes,I need to say more…


    water on me…cause I am out of ouzo,I drunk it all…oups…

  • http://instagr.am/p/PwRbR/

    PAUL PARKER … sold!!!!!!

    Await for more updates!!!!

  • HERVE…..your print brought a breath of fresh air and sense of humor in the gallery room!

    Perfect substitute for me, then! :-)

  • Congrats on the success! Hope it keeps coming.

  • Panos. you keep selling at this rate, burns gonna be able to afford a new roof :)

  • Honestly Herve, what I liked about your print is that actually so HERVE… you managed to DESCRIBE YOURSELF and mirror your personality perfectly!!!!!

  • ALL,
    whoever is not sold YET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    DO NOT DESPAIR!…this was just the 2nd day of our exhibition!
    im close to ask for more pictures..i mean really…smiling…but wait before u send me more stuff…
    Anyway, we have lots of appointments with clients and a BURN.02 BOOK PARTY COMING UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    IM gonna do a workshop of “HOW TO SELL YOUR PICTURE” (LOL…im joking of course!)

    Anyway…bottomline , news are great..much progress in just 2 days (3 hours on saturday/premiere and an appointment today)and about 20 prints are already found a home (adopted) by nice people..Art lovers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Support BURN
    THINK COMMUNITY (no pride, no selfishness…benefit Burn please)


  • http://instagr.am/p/PvXiK/

    “Cmon little elephant! On your Bike!!! Stop acting tired:)”

  • this the technique we used and forced people to buy photos!


  • Great group photo. I don’t see a single grey hair, a good thing maybe.

  • Panos!

    Not much time, day 3 of 8 out shooting, but keeping up with sales and S. Antonio roamings over instagram feed.. so just popping in and give you another high five! Gallery might give you a permanent job, be careful :)))

  • wish i could make it…

    Dear David

    please do a workshop in India.

    looking forward to see the works.

    many thanks


  • WOW Panos!!

    My Pitbull and I were sitting at five am in a grassy field all on our own watching the full moon shine all over the hills and I decided to turn on my mobile and see what was going on a Burn and you BLEW ME AWAY!

    THANK YOU KIM AND PANOS!!!!!!!! :))

  • AKAKY…

    I think maybe this could be the soundtrack to the “look” in the photo above…

    BTW I missed out on that one! I was just too interested in admiring the beautiful woman in the photo especially the woman with blonde hair standing front row top of the stairs, third from the right…
    I wonder if she is one of our silent Burnians? :))

  • Any chance of having the burn prints put online with their sale prices? fell like a schmuck I never managed to send one, perhaps I could contribute by purchasing one – and there must be others who would also like to consider purchasing?

  • feel that is…btw, is there now a way to edit posts? and how do you insert video?

  • Erica, great idea.. I just don’t know how to post Prints online since I have no digi files but just “paper”, prints in my hands..
    About prices etc, it was a Silent Auction.. People biding and having fun ( making customers compete between them )… But gallery has the $ info .. Will do a breakdown by end of the month
    ( remember , we are still on the 3rd day .. And we will push for more PROMOTION parties etc!
    Each and every Burnian that SOLD a print will be contacted (for paypal info – ANOTHER HEADACHE -smiling)
    But ALL PLEASE!!!
    be patient .. We only started.. We have NOT DONE .. not even close to be done..
    It was a “silly” stupid idea I originally thought!
    Who cares about photos anymore?
    People lose their jobs everyday, foreclosures, fear, Recession, Europe/ America falling apart!
    Who would believe that in a tiny town like San Antonio in the heart of Texas anyone would care to buy Burn??? A print??? This NOT LA nor NYC..
    Stereotype say that here it’s all about horses and big pick up trucks..
    ANOTHER STEREOTYPE is broken ( for me at least )

    Next week I’m doing a tiny workshop for kids ONLY here and then present kids work in the art lovers scene..
    Again, THANK U ALL FOR SUPPORTING BURN, people that sold await emails soon , but process is slow since gallery is involved and monitoring handling all that!
    Me and Kim are not “touching” any $$$…
    The gallery also will contact buyers for payments etc..
    So plz understand that I was NOT expecting this, I honestly thought that if we sell one print that’ll be the best day of my life!
    All I was hoping for is to do a presentation party and spread the BURN word!!!
    But we did a great show, threw some models and performers in the mix, little bit of wine,
    Lots of talking and and and….the rest is history

    Now my new idea is the BURN-A-PALOOZA..
    stay tuned!

  • What’s best though is that gallery does a lot of exhibitions..
    At least 2 a month for photography alone..
    They (gallery) were so surprised ( we never sold a single photo/ print lately ) – recession days – most photogs do a show just to bring their NAME up and maybe get some jobs but honestly in REAL LIFE nobody ever thinks to sell a print.. You all know the answer : “selling a Print nowadays? NOT EASY!

  • a civilian-mass audience

    BURN-A-PALOOZA…??? I am in.I can do paloOUZA !

    PAUL,don’t mess with silent readers…you are a photo philosopher :))))))))))))

    HERVE…I wanna put a red dot…on you but I only have chickens…
    do we have a deal?;)

    COME ON BURNIANS…I am missing reports…if PANOS can do it…then ALL of you can do it…
    Kibbutz people…do you copy?

    Spread the news,spread the love,spread something…

  • a civilian-mass audience

    Recession days?…PANOS, you proved them wrong…


    when all the Universe was closing doors…MR.HARVEY was opening windows…
    THANK YOU ALLLLL…BURN has saved my soul and my sanity…or maybe not?:)))))))


  • Could you or someone take a snap w a digital camera and post along w price and size details on a blog? We could contact gallery directly to purchase.

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