Bobby Davidson ( likes cutouts….representations… is not too hard to figure out what this Parson’s School of Design student is trying to say with the above created cardboard cutouts image….it pretty much says it all in our current landscape of everyone taking pictures of everything….does this symbolize the end of photography as we know it (or should i say knew it)??

not on your life…if young photographers do not see today/now/ this moment as offering them more than any previous generation’s wildest dreams, then they should just go back to bed….every generation has to re-invent something…whatever my generation had, they pretty much built themselves…it only looks now like perhaps it was handed to them, but alas life just ain’t like that…sure there are problems now and yes there were problems then…different problems,  but things needed to be revolutionized, changed, modified, re-worked, then as what is new??…

most problematic today is simply figuring out how to finance our passion….but, this will be done, this will be done….the smart ones, the positive thinkers, the doers, will figure it out…they already are….personally, i am so so pleased to just be able to lend a small helping hand to the next generation…what could be more worthy in life than the passing on of knowledge to the next in line??….leads to the big warm all around….give it away is what i say…please do it the first chance you get…this time may come sooner than you think….

Burn is almost one year old…a lot has happened since our original powwow in my loft just before Christmas last year….go back and search for the photos taken at the time….read what we were thinking…how we came up with our name, who said what to whom,  who took the lead, who gave the time , and who created this organism…who is the who? you is the who that’s who…

right now our repository of distributable content from Burn contributors would rival potential output of most medium sized agencies….young photographers have clearly chosen Burn as one of THE places they want to be published along with MediaStorm, 100 Eyes, NYT Lens blog, Aperture, Foto8 , PDN, Digital Journalist, etc etc…today’s online photo world is no longer a zero sum game….instead of competition it is co-opetition….like minded peer groups often supporting the other…an umbrella under which well meaning serious communicators in the arts and journalism can co-exist and thrive…it is about trust…it is about authenticity….this affirmation from the young generation gives me only one thing…a sense of responsibility….dammit, i have dug myself into a hole…i cannot quit now!

in the last few weeks i have been working to establish relationships with the established giants of the media as well as keeping things operating with stealth….for it will be stealth that will save us…the giants do not have stealth, but they know it when they see it….they may be welcoming partners after all….not necessarily out of altruism, but out of a combo of a sense of the right thing and practical production costs….we are in the right place at the right time , the right connections , the right content, and the ability to produce on demand…  a bridge to the future…..beyond those types of relationships, i have also now a grant writing team in place as well as other funding possibilities soon to be announced so that photographers published here receive a fee and commissioned work is well funded…both for the emerging and the established photographers…obviously my goal is to make the emerging, the established…and the established, keepers of the flame…

i may be asking a lot of you, but i surely plan to pay you back..with an on demand print magazine by the end of the year, with a possible Burn book imprint,  alternative gallery shows, $15k grant, international seminars, and with cold beer in my refrig for any of you who stop by…who doesn’t know that??

the other morning at 3am, i woke up out of a deep sleep and was wide awake instantly…sometimes, maybe always, my ideas come to me at the weirdest times and for no apparent reason…lightning bolt….always simple, nothing complicated, obvious, pretty straight forward ideas….i am not an intellectual, but i do think about things….esoteric and utilitarian concepts coming together….yes, a dreamer forever, but i do like to see product on the table so to speak…anyway, i woke up with an  idea and title for a new magazine(as if i needed more work! and Anton hates me for this!)….anyway, four hours after my “wake up call” we bought…

Circus …the online magazine for the REAL EMERGING PHOTOGRAPHERS…..

young photographers aged 15 and under…..not a kids magazine…the opposite….

an international magazine produced by the very young generation that would appeal to “adults” as well as to their own peer group..sophisticated…leading edge….

when you think about it for even a few seconds you can see it…killer…

yea, yea kids with cameras is nothing new….that is the point…we will  work with schools, aid organizations, inner city groups, NGO’s,  etc etc to create a child safe site and allow a real home for all this work which is being done worldwide….just as we know that the walls of grade schools are filled with great art , we know that the purity of the very young will manifest itself in something very very special….i will ask Burn photographers to help …with their ideas and with their time and with their curatorial efforts…so now i am digging a hole for you!! you can’t quit now…..told you.

with the combination of Burn and Circus we have nothing but interesting things to think about….and work to do….if you do not see it that way, i suggest you log off now….if you do stick around,  i plan to continue nurturing  this audience as much as i can…i can only do so many Skype calls in a day, or portfolio reviews in a day and your patience is appreciated… but, many of you know that i do give it a good try….

why would i do this?  simple…if i discover even one strong talent out of a thousand , then i will have done my bit…

if i can mentor one book, one show, one photographer who makes a mark, then all is well…and the work in progress nature of Burn allows all of us to see a cross section of what is being produced today…for better or worse…and the more good photographers who are inspired here, or developed here, will only lead to stronger content ,therefore making us more viable for support with each passing day…and Burn will pull Circus, and Circus will push Burn and, well,  you get it i am sure….smart crowd….

why i am writing this just before a 24 hr marathon flight is beyond me…avoiding packing and paying last minute bills could be a reason…not having written a Dialogue post in a long time could be another….or, more likely, i just have built up energy and it has come out somewhere…this is too damn long, but i do not have time to really edit…so this is raw… a contact sheet or whatever…please just remember the good parts…laughing.

oh by the way, remember the story from last july on my stray cat, now constant companion, Simone?

well,  Simone is pregnant…now what??

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  • Reimar; “What is a souped up Evo?”

    A customised Mitsubishi Evo that the boy racers cruising the streets here in NZ love. Well, not always boy racers…

    David B; “Women can control a lot through their beauty and sexuality.” must be how margarette thatcher got away with so much…

    You might not be too far off the mark there. I remember hearing a UK survey where Maggie was in the top 5 of women that most UK men would like to “spend the night with”; if you get my drift…. She out-ranked Kylie Minogue. Make what you will of that statistic! :-))


  • Michael K, ain’t it great to have talented folks pushing your stuff out front!

    CIVI, You are the BBQ best, whether it’s a Boston butt or a brisket!!!
    What’s not to smoke!

    Meet me at Chason Park on the banks of the Flint River. Don’t come if you
    don’t have Ribs from Anthony’s One Stop. Bring lots of paper towels!!!


  • I think it’s often power that makes someone attractive and desirable, regardless of sex, and if I had a top 5 people to photograph list she’d definitely be there.

  • Vicky; “top 5 people to photograph”

    Who are they? You’ve started me thinking about who my top 5 would be!

  • How about alive or dead to throw a curve ball into the mix? :-)

    ‘power that makes someone attractive and desirable, regardless of sex…..’

  • Paul…Ross…Vicky…Mtomaly…Martin….

    a new room is open – come join us there! although at the moment it seems most of the NYC burnians are maintaining radio silence in respect of (because of?) last night’s blowout party…..

    what not to love! see you guys over in “Mike & Mike”….

  • a civilian-mass audience


    don’t send any BURNIANS …over to the “Mike & Mike” room cause …
    it’s full with silents …:)))

    power of LOVE
    power of Happiness
    power of brains
    power of smell
    POWERHOUSE…Power is on the house …

    top 5 people to photograph…???
    5 Civilians !!!

    let’s BURN some Power…POMARA …let’s go to ANTHONY’S for some butt BBQ …!!!

  • a civilian-mass audience


    Can we keep submitting ??? is the tick-talk …tick-talk ???

    whatnottolove !!!

  • a civilian-mass audience


    I am between number #1 and number #2…
    I am watching…

    “To be forever reaching out, to remain unsatisfied, is the key to spiritual progress”
    quote from …someone …:)))

  • a civilian-mass audience

    oups…more…UNTITLED …

    I better start eating…as NOW…
    I don’t wanna end up untitled …

    P.S POMARA …3 rounds of BBQ …as Now :)))

  • Jim wrote “Beyond that, though, we know nothing about it”….. so we click onto the link supplied by Jim and same type presentation a bunch of pics and we know nothing about. Jim also states later that “Context matters” yet he does not place his own images into a context………… Go figure, maybe he has lost the plot.10-14

  • a civilian-mass audience


  • I am calling you out on this aspect about the necessity of context Jim………..

  • Can I request something with blue skies soon please, and clear colours and beauty and room to breathe.

  • Imants, I’m not sure what interpretation you can give to a bunch of kids playing in water except that they are a bunch of kids playing in water. Do they seem ambiguous to you?

  • a civilian-mass audience

    I opened the windows !!!
    …it might be …my silents …:)))

  • civi, i hope the sun’s shining.

  • a civilian-mass audience

    in BURNLAND…we have all kind of weather…
    different tastes…in music…in food…art…approach to life
    we all agree in one …WE LOVE IT BURNED !!!


    P.S and VIVA Salisbury, S.ENGLAND

  • Vicky; It is down here in the Sthn Hemisphere! I’ll “forget” to mention that it was grey, wet and windy yesterday though! :-)

  • a civilian-mass audience

    and VIVA Texas…Latvia…New Zealand



    Goodnight from Grecoland …Please Submit !!!

  • What Ross neglects to mention when he says “it was grey, wet and windy yesterday though!” is that it was also GREEN!!! He showed me his parent’s patio/garden outside the window when we Skyped and let me tell you, that patch of green looked mighty sweet. Here in Detroit the wrld looks very different indeed…


  • Ah yes Patricia; but we get four seasons in one day here!! :-)

  • Oh; and don’t forget you’re invited to the Xmas Day barbeque too Patricia! And there will definately be some booze and blues to go with it….

  • a civilian-mass audience

    Xmas BBQ…!!!

    Life is beautiful …let’s get GREEN and be HAPPY …

  • a civilian-mass audience


    JIM is drinking ouzo with me …via Skype !!!

    What not to Love …

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