Group Shot shots. Who doesn’t take them? Who isn’t in them? We know they are never “good pictures” yet we often treasure them above all else. I will certainly keep this. A small group of Haenyeo from Udo island who were so kind to me. I did drink too much soju at lunch but here in Korea “too much” is expected for the respected. #Haenyeo #SouthKorea

Volcanic Rock Fences rock fences are a key element of the landscape on Jeju Island. The Haenyeo free divers often work in these carrot fields when on a break from their diving as now. #Haenyeo #SouthKorea #Jeju #Island

Jeju Island, Haenyeo South Korea

Jeju Island, Haenyeo South Korea



Jumping from a fast moving boat, one of 20 women free divers takes the plunge. Some Haenyeo go from boats, some off the rocky beaches on Jeju Island, S Korea. After today the women take a break for a week. They need one. In the next days I will focus on their family lives, geography shots etc. #Haenyeo#SouthKorea #freediving

Choonhwa Ko, 67


Choonhwa Ko, 67, has been free diving for 50 years in the waters of Jeju Island, S Korea. She can even now hold her breath for over two minutes and go 30 feet down in search of abalone, squid, and conch. It’s a dangerous job. Two Haenyeo died yesterday at sea in the area where I am shooting. Still the Haenyeo are a lively cheerful bunch where a sense of destiny prevails.#SouthKorea #Haenyeo