Home sweet home


I continue my fiction essay BeachGames. To be a book. Maybe. Someday. I almost published it last spring but something was wrong. I’m pleased I waited. So now I’ve ventured out of Rio for surely beach games are everywhere. So I will return to Cuba soon to continue. Then Thailand . Then Cartagena . Always shooting OBX as well whenever I’m home. Last night tuna on the grill for my family and guests. I shoot all around my house all the time. Home sweet home #obx#backyard

Hiking in Jockeys Ridge


Hiking around Jockeys Ridge on the outer banks is mostly a barefoot pleasure. Except in late summer out come the stickers I’ve never known the official name my whole ouch pull out the sticker burr life. Still sunset from this old shifting dune is the place to be. Even on the coldest day of winter folks are up there at sunset. Not me. I’m sitting by the fire. October is the best time of the year to hike the dunes. I’m always a sucker for the late afternoon light look. In recent years I’ve done a few of my favorite pictures in “bad light” on purpose. Always want to push at my own edges. Yet this type of light always brings camera to eye.‪#‎jockeysridgestatepark‬ ‪#‎fujifilm‬



October is feeling like a bit of summer here in the outer banks. Warm sunny days and cool starry nights. Fire going and the doors wide open. The best. Everybody is on the beach on bikes on the jogging path and on the big dune. New York last weekend with my book publishing class was so damned terrific and so is the quiet life now. Seems to me the intensity of city life and the serenity of beach life both travel at the speed of life light. Photos can’t stop time yet that’s always my motive. Making pictures can at least put you in the moment deeper than many methods of transcendental meditation. I can totally go to a new place when shooting sometimes if I’m in the right mood. It’s easy. Try too hard and it won’t work. The trick is to bust ass while relaxing. Photo tip #18 #nagshead#jockeysridgestatepark

New York


I publish Instagrams from a wide variety of locations worldwide. Yet if you roll through my feed you will see a high percentage of photos from either my rooftop in Brooklyn or my front porch in the outer banks. Basically I’m a homebody. I rarely “go out”. 90% of my socializing happens at home. My book publishing workshop just finished in New York and was my most intense two day workshop ever. We literally didn’t sleep for two days. Terrific students. Yes we worked hard and yes the party was never over.

Hurricane Joaquin


Hurricane Joaquin rolls towards New York with winds of 130 mph and rated as a Cat 3. Great. My book publishing class starts tomorrow so it’s gonna turn into a hurricane party I can tell. Teju Cole, Rob Clark and Michael Christopher Brown will be showing my students work along with BurnBooks producer Diego Orlando. Dasha Kozyulka shown here this afternoon on my rooftop was a major character in my upcoming BeachGames book. So it’s gonna be books, movies, popcorn and beer. Oh yes Mark Lubell Director of ICP who I interviewed this morning for BurnMagazine will also be a special guest. Nothing better than riding out a storm with your friends. #hurricane #rain #wind