August moon

August moon. For my BeachGames project I go often mysterious and theatrical. This book will be a fictional essay. Totally conjured in my head. Fictional of course means everything is “true”, which is what I learned reading fiction long ago.



Jordan. Outer Banks NC #nagshead #obx #FujifilmX-T2




Seine net. #obx #nagshead





Dying pine NC.

NY Workshop scene


Pretty typical photo essay workshop scene in my New York loft. Students gather for a book critique. We do our BURN book designs here. This is my last NY workshop for 2016 and runs September 25-October 1…link in my profile here IG. One gratis scholarship to be given to a an emerging photographer in need of support. My team and I give tough love to my students. Honest critique. Outside guests ( like this time Sarah Leen Dir of Photography NatGeo) joins us. Other pros will pop in and out. Daily critique with each student photographer out on her or his personal journey. Final student show in front of a select New York photo world audience is a focus of the class. Taking each photographer to their personal next level. I think we have either 2 or 3 spaces left in a class max 15. I do a skype or FaceTime portfolio interview with each applicant. Join us or just come and see our final show. Cheers 🎈 Photo by Frank Overton Brown III @obxhomepage