8 year old Kennedy Basora is learning to surf at Jobos beach on the west side of Puerto Rico. Today wouldn’t normally be a good surf day with an onshore wind but the Jobos Rock blocks the wind so the swell wraps around and was giving both experts and learners good rides. The rest of us were drinking rum punch on one of the most laid back surf spots around. I can see already I won’t get out of town any time soon. #fujixpro2 #puertorico #Jobos #surfing

Easter Spring Break



Last minutes of Easter spring break sun goes down goodbyes hugs promises to meet soon at Jobos surf beach Puerto Rico. Sweet vibes and the big warm. Everybody headed back to class or to work. I am already at work and my education never over. I’m only a bit nostalgic since the last of my family left this morning. Good vibes here in Puerto Rico. I’ll stay a bit to work on BeachGames. ‪#‎Jobos‬ ‪#‎puertorico‬ ‪#‎springbreak‬

Saturday night



Saturday night El Batey after hours bar. In the last 3 months I’ve shot a lot in this bar. It’s like a movie set bar and some claim the oldest bar in Old San Juan. I am leaving San Juan today for the west coast of PR and a quieter time. #fujixpro2 #puertorico #sanjuan

Not Jesus

1919333_10156708017045022_2477813867825676575_n This is not Jesus. This is a representation of one of the two allegedly common criminals who were crucified with Jesus. Re-enacted last night in Old San Juan, Puerto Rico. In my years of photographing the Spanish cultural diaspora into the Americas, I’ve photographed many a Good Friday procession in many Catholic countries. So for about 3 hours last night I was totally immersed. Intense. And of course I have many pictures of a cross carrying actor Jesus whipped while walking the streets and eventually symbolically hung in front of the church. I will post one of those as well. Yet the odd juxtaposition of this secondary actor with a crowd paying no attention to him caught my eye. This just after sunset light was surreal. Even more so with college spring break fiestas raging in bars a half block away. All this and more coming up in next IG posts. #Easter #goodfriday #sanjuan #puertorico #fujixpro2