Skim boarder

Skim boarder waits for the right swell. Surfers own the beach down here, yet skim boarders epitomize the summer scene. I’ve never seen a skimmer in winter. Skimmers are also younger, 10-15 I’m guessing. Summer is almost gone. The next full moon will find this boy back in math class . All the more reason to study the waves , study which one will let you spin turn twist and ride back to shore. Yea the next one just might be it . #fujigfx


My good neighbor Frank Brown glorifies an outer banks sunrise. Frank and his best buddy O.B. are out on the beach for each sunrise and he photographs 365 of them per year @obxhomepage. Frank is a preacher, teacher, surfer, and real estate pitch man. Frank is assisting me on my current commission to document my “home”. Sweet deal. August is probably the least get work done month of the year in the northern hemisphere. Yet I never stop shooting, albeit never far from my front porch during the dog days of summer. Nags Head N.C. 8-5-17. #fujigfx #nagshead


Earl Grey (Gordo) often loves to jump to the hood of my truck when I pull in the drive. He seems to know when I’ve been to the supermarket and perhaps have brought him something special like fresh tuna. There is no look of disappointment quite like his if I haven’t brought a treat , so I usually try to please. 8-1-17 #fujifilmxt2


Nags Head NC fishing pier. 7-31-17



Outer Banks N.C. 7-28-17 continuing my work at home for @magnumphotos project #fujixt2