Stanley Greene is gone. Dear friend, colleague, and a dedicated photojournalist to the core. Member of the prestigious NOOR @noorimages photo agency, Stanley most often pursued significant stories beyond the normal news cycles. When all other news outlets left Chechnya, Stanley stayed. He believed more in the story then he cared about running off to the next hot spot to get an assignment. His acclaimed book “Chechnya” the result. Stanley lived in my New York building for several years along with Paolo Pellegrin, Lorena Ros, Kadir Van Lohuizen, Alex Majoli, Thomas Dvorzak, Kerry Payne,Chris Anderson, Rob Clark, Monia Lippi, Tim Hetherington, David Coventry, Marion Duran, and Michael Christopher Brown. The karma was unbelievable .Stanley was in the center, part of the buzz, relentless in his effort to do the right thing. The real deal. You can’t buy “Black Passport”. Sold out long ago. I hope it gets re published. Testament to one of the finest chroniclers of our time. Big love Stanley 🎈

5 thoughts on “RIP Stanley Greene”

  1. Black Passport is genius. I only just heard of Mr Greene’s passing and it’s a bit like a kick in the guts from a mule….. So sad……

  2. Thank you, David. I just spent the past hour or so reviewing Mr. Greene’s essays on Noor from the warm safety of my house in America, an orange and white cat sprawled across my abdomen. As I did, I could not help but think of current events involving our own country. I was left with a most uneasy feeling. You are fortunate to have had this photographer as your personal friend. Condolences.

  3. Ross Nolly

    Stanley was a character he created. Nice job Stanley.. I’ve been expecting Stanley to die for the last 10 years . We all expected it. Yet I was surprised shocked when actually died. Tough

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