Love on Escambrón Beach, San Juan. #puertorico #sanjuan #beachlife #beachgames #love #fujixpro2

Parking lot



The parking lot of the Ocean Front beach bar in Jobos, Puerto Rico. A warm night breeze and a cold Medalla eases the mind ‪#‎beachgames‬ ‪#‎puertorico‬ ‪#‎FujiX‬



Linelle. Old San Juan. I can’t stop shooting El Batey after hours bar. I keep thinking I already have way too many pictures from this bar. Yet every time I go I just can’t help it. Night or day it’s always a “stage”. #FujiX #puertorico #oldsanjuan #bar #beachgames



Afternoon storm builds outside the broken wall of an old lighthouse built in 1889 that the locals call “las ruinas” near Wilderness surfers beach on the west side of Puerto Rico.#puertorico #jobos #fujixpro2

Sunset pose


Sunset pose. Jobos, Puerto Rico. After teaching my workshop in Old San Juan, I came to Jobos and havn’t moved. In general I don’t move much. I tend to fly far from home, yet then settle into a new “home” so I can get to know those around me and blend into the scene. Jumping from place to place just isn’t my thing. Do I miss some good scenes by not being the perfect tourist? Surely I do. Yet for me it’s more about mood than about a new place. I can’t go everywhere and see everything anyway. I think photographers often burn out trying to do so. So I figure wherever I am when the vibe is right is THE place to be. Pictures are everywhere. I would rather hang tight in a few places than scramble to see dozens. After I’m totally saturated in one location, then I may move. So for a world traveler I havn’t been to that many places, yet I sure have seen a lot. #beachlife #springbreak #beachgames #surfer #puertorico #jobos #fujixpro2 #sunset