Yoga trance


I am not a tech person at all, yet I do take pride in my ability to hand hold slow shutter speeds. Yoga trance. This image from Bahia on ISO 50 film must hv had me wide open 1.4 at a quarter of a second. I love slow film in low light. No other look quite like it. Upcoming piece in Leica M features my Brazil work. Nice n easy #Bahia #Brazil #leica

Salvador, Bahia

Salvador, Bahia. One of the images featured in the upcoming Leica M magazine. Velvia ISO 50 film using a beer bottle as a tripod. Leica M-6. Finest workhorse camera ever. An exhibit of my Brazil work also coming up at Festival of the Photograph June 10-13. Show up, buy me a beer, and I will give you the tripod in a pinch demo.
#Bahia #Brazil #leica #beachgames #magnumphotos

Carnaval in Bahia

Carnaval. Bahia, Brazil. One of 15 of my Brazil images being featured in the upcoming issue of Leica’s M magazine. This one shot on Fuji Velvia film with a Leica M-6 and a tiny tweak of strobe. Other work featured shot with the M-9 and photographs shot very recently for my BeachGames zine with the Monochrom. A very handsome layout to be sure. Previous featured photographers include Burn’s own Anton Kusters with “Yakuza”; Alex Webb with his Rochester series; Jan Grarup and war in Africa; Bruce Gilden with NYC portraits; and Trent Parke with his “Dreamtime” essay in Australia.
#Brazil #Bahia #carnaval #leica #magnumphotos #burnmagazine

In the early morning light


Bruno photographs Rafaella in black & white. Dasha texts Bruno in the early morning light. Stay tuned for my upcoming BeachGames. The zine. Now in production. A true story from Rio. #BurnBooks #rio #beachgames #burnmagazine

Late Night


Late Night. BeachGames zine coming soon. True stories with witnesses. #beachgames #rio #burnmagazine #BurnBooks