Changes In Latitude


Changes in latitude. It was 5 above zero and a 25mph wind when I left New York last night and 90 degrees and a light breeze when I landed this morning in Rio. I will be shooting on my Beach Games project for the next month.

Nags Head NC


This house has probably been sitting on this Nags Head NC beach for 60 years or more. A house a quarter of a mile away has been there 100 years and within a stone’s throw from an often violent sea. Yet now this one is jacked up and ready to move further inland. The house I live in was 15 years ago just yards away from this one and now nestled on safer ground. Those of us crazy enough to live here on the Outer Banks know there really isn’t any totally safe from hurricane ground. We live on shifting sands. Glorious.

A New Girl!


Harvey clan gets a new girl. Michelle and Bryan introduced to their new (unnamed) baby an hour ago. Babies come everyday all the time , yet not THIS baby. Her grandfather might just make her his star model

Winter light #outerbanks

Picture 5


Picture 4

It is these crosscurrents that move the sand around and constantly change the shape of the barrier islands along the whole eastern U.S. seacoast. These currents along with surprise high winds and sandy shallow shoals have sunk at least 3,000 ships on Cape Hatteras alone. #outerbanks