Pre wedding rain


About 10 minutes before Bryan, Lyla, and Michelle were to walk up into the dunes for their marriage ceremony last week, the rains came. Not just a sprinkle, but a full on tropical storm. Plans that had been made for weeks were suddenly over. The whole wedding and reception plan following was to be 90% outside. Not anymore. Yet the storm added an excitement and a bonding. Everybody piled into my house, the music cranked up, the booze flowed (etc) and well by the time there was enough of a rain break to do the ceremony it was flat out the big warm. Wonderful wonderful wedding ceremony by all accounts. It was 90F, so dancing in the rain was seriously romantic,sensuous, electric . Weeks of planning ruined? No way. The spontaneity made up for a plan tweak. Only Michelle knows what coulda shoulda woulda. For everyone else a wedding remembered forever. The vibe in the end could never have been planned. After all, magic is magic.


It’s gonna start blowing hard here in the outer banks. Within the hour we are expecting 50-80mph winds. Not too bad for down here, yet exciting nevertheless. Threatening, powerful. I love it. It’s bedtime for me, yet I won’t sleep. The Stinson cottage pictured here was once destroyed in hurricane Irene and rebuilt. Part of our family gathered for our wedding fiesta is staying in this cottage tonight. It’s on stilts and over the water. She might shake a bit, yet I’m sure all is well. It’s an all nighter for me. #happilyeverharveyobx #obx #nagshead

Michelle eyes



Michelle eyes so blue marries today Bryan , a love so true; fresh from the sea early morning light, wish I may wish I might.. #happilyeverharveyobx

Like father like daughter


Like father like daughter. Bryan and Lyla Harvey check the surf conditions in the outer banks. There’s a tropical storm headed our way which will bring powerful waves, yet could also alter the out on the dunes wedding plan of Bryan and Michelle and Lyla scheduled for tomorrow. So my son Bryan, filmmaker and avid surfer, is torn between being excited by the upcoming surf and yet realizing their wedding could be ripped by 40mph winds and driving rain. As the designated official photographer for this wedding I’m not too worried.I’m guessing the “bad weather” is only going to make for magic light and for sure the party at my house will be one to remember rain or shine. I learned long ago that plans and expectations are mostly in our head and serendipity rules. Yet for sure whatever nature brings us with weather will be secondary to what nature has clearly already made for Bryan and Michelle. 🎈🎉



Outer Banks NC. #nagshead #surfers