Seoul. Trendy mall. Again, part of both my youth in Seoul story @magnumphotos and a slice of my fiction piece Dream Hotel.#seoul




Bangkok. Ladyboys prepare for a fashion show. For a collaborative book on Thailand involving 100 photographers spread throughout the country. My essay was on Bangkok nightlife. This is also a part of my “Dream Hotel” sequence, a one night fantasy.#bangkok #ladyboys #fashionshow #thailand#onedayinthelifeofthekingdom



Seoul, Korea. Part of my youth in Seoul essay for a @magnumphotos book. In some department stores there are photo studios set up for teenagers to have their photos taken in wedding dress or just dress up with clothes provided by the studio. I had not seen anything quite like this anywhere. Yet it was so fascinating I spent 2-3 days shooting. Pictures often have multiple uses for me. This was used in the Magnum book for its original intent , yet is also part of my Dream Hotel sequence in an entirely different context. My original intent as a pro magazine photographer was to be didactic to a mass audience. Now I prefer to have the work ask rather than answer. I think as audiences become more sophisticated the new young photographers will be compelled to write their own songs. Be mysterious. Tweak the imagination. Find their voice. #seoul #seoulnightlife



Photographing the young people of Seoul was my essay for the Magnum Korea book. The previous picture on this thread for the same. I hadn’t worked in Korea prior. Studied history and the demographics of course but the big jump for all who photograph cultures outside their own is to be sensitized to that culture. To feel it smell it breathe it. What makes them just like me in some ways and what makes them Korean. This is the real adventure. After this I was commissioned to do several Korea projects the most recent being Haenyeo: Angels of the Sea. My most recent book out in 2015. So I’m not usually a jump in jump out type. I stick with one topic for awhile. Often years. This picture was disconcerting when I took it and feels uneasy now. It’s odd. Yet it seemed very Korea to me at the time. #seoul #magnumkoreabook

Dream hotel


Seoul, Korea from my unpublished series “Dream Hotel”. A fictionalized sequence that only exists as a slideshow. A sketch of an abstract idea based on a real hotel where we stayed. I’m headed East in a few days, so I was simply looking at all my work from Japan, Vietnam, Korea, and Thailand. I’ll be shooting in Tokyo and Bangkok soon so I always like to review what I’ve done prior. #seoulnightlife