Elevator ride


Rio de Janeiro. Elevator ride. #rio #copacabana#beachgames #burnmagazine

Caipirinhas on the Beach


Caipirinhas on the Beach



Rio de Janeiro. I am burned out. Temporarily. I never stay down long and I never really take a whole day off as I always tell myself I will indeed do. Yet yesterday I didn’t move much. After a week of workshop where we all squeeze the last drop out of the lemon on top of my 24/7 shooting style, I spent yesterday just sitting on the beach drinking caipirinhas. But I slipped. I photographed this man selling caipirinhas yet did not get his name. Normally I get names and emails to send photos to those I photograph. Let’s hope I see him again. The beach sellers here are a photo essay unto themselves. A big part of the people watching scene in Rio.#beachgames #rio #leica #monochrom


That’s the Zone


That’s the Zone



Rio de Janeiro gets me rolling. Fires me up. Life becomes pictures. Pictures become life. That’s the zone. The only place I want to live. #rio #beachgames#burnmagazine #copacabana #leica #monochrom



Rio de Janiero. One of my photo students, 21 yr old Bruno Machado, is ecstatic with an after class beach hang. #rio #copacabana #beachgames #burnmagazine#photoworkshops

Workshop Group Shot


Rio de Janeiro. It’s a wrap. My photo workshop students and workshop team share a glass of champagne the morning after our grand finale slideshow at Ateli da Imagem last night. I cannot remember a more closely bonded class. We were shooting side by side all week. I was shooting my BeachGames zine and students were working on their individual essays. We met every morning in our beachfront classroom for critique, essay sequencing and out shooting the rest of the time. We pulled a few all nighters. Daily best pictures went up on the wall as prints. Simply, a remarkable set of essays came out of this process. Many in this group are sticking around to shoot Carnaval, me included. The workshop is officially over. Yet I know the buzz from this one will last forever. Love you all.. Hugs. #rio#photoworkshops #burnmagazine #beachgames