Nick Nichols in the Outer Banks


NatGeo Editor, Photographer, and Explorer, Michael “Nick” Nichols in the Outer Banks. Nick is a dear friend for I have no idea how long. Magnum colleague, NatGeo colleague, and we be high a few times colleague. Nick and Reba’s backyard slide shows became Look3. Every photographer I know at Magnum and NatGeo is a workaholic. Yet nobody works harder than Nick. The boy is driven yet somehow laid back in outward persona. Respect..

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There’s almost always a breeze in the outer banks. Or rather a pretty decent strong wind. That’s why both kite boarders and the Wright Brothers showed up here. For sure most of us who live here in the outer banks do so because of the weather. It’s often dramatic. Some of us are even disappointed that no hurricane hit this year. Man made structural damage aside, riding out a hurricane is an adrenaline pump el supremo. In the meantime a light summer breeze delights. The dunes are whipped by the wind the same as the sea and appear as waves in super slo mo. #outerbanks #peaisland #breeze #dunes

Chesapeake Bay


Eastern Shore of Va. Chesapeake Bay. This body of water was formed by a meteorite awhile back and is soon to become a National Park. It plays a big role in the English settlement of the U.S. and is an eclectic combo of commerce and recreation. We arrived by boat at Sunset Beach to get some steamed shrimp and a cold beer and found a wedding party in the dunes. People getting married on the beach or having photos on the beach is a very common sight around here. People just gravitate to water of some kind. The source..#easternshore #capecharles

Wildlife protection


Pea Island National Wildlife Refuge NC allows for sea turtles and nesting birds to lay eggs with protection and areas are clearly marked. No driving on the wide beach here. A lone surfer sprints to catch a few summer waves and is zero threat to the environment. National Park regulations are often at odds with local fishermen’s wishes and traditions yet overall there’s a nice balance between people use and wildlife management. #outerbanks #peaisland

Ode to Rio


I’m at the beach. Just not this beach. However, Rio de Janeiro is on my mind. Always. I’ve pretty much finished shooting there for my upcoming book BeachGames. Yet I may do a photo workshop there again this winter. Shooting the same place over and over has its dangers. Artistically. Overkill? Or passion still on fire? I’m expanding the whole essay a bit geographically, yet couldn’t resist a little ode to Rio. Now I’ll take a swim at my home beach. Always #1 of course. Picture coming soonest. #rio #fasanohotel #monochrom