Night Swim


Just sitting on the beach w friends perfect weather night swim Rio . My students here will show their work tmrrw night my rooftop 900 Atlantico come to 10th floor 8pm ..real pictures in real time


Screen Shot 2014-01-21 at 10.03.59 PM

Brazilian photographers Carla De Conti and Ana Rovati are fine photographers in their own right and are helping me with my workshop going on right now in Rio de Janeiro. I made this photo of them while we took a little caipirinha break and my students were off shooting their own work. If you are in Rio please come to our student slide show Friday night on our rooftop overlooking Copacabana



Promises. From new project Beach Games. Rio

Copa #2


Changes In Latitude


Changes in latitude. It was 5 above zero and a 25mph wind when I left New York last night and 90 degrees and a light breeze when I landed this morning in Rio. I will be shooting on my Beach Games project for the next month.