Nat Geo Party


NatGeo party Washington DC. These are two of the most famous natural history/adventure photographers of our time. The tribe is gathered for the annual photographers Seminar. Who are these two?




Bad day

Bad day. Unusually cold last night for the outer banks and freezing temp broke a water pipe and water came flooding into my living room and over priceless signed books now drying all over the house. Fortunately the gushing water missed the spot where all the prints and books some of you purchased at Christmas were sitting and my team works away wrapping, labeling, mailing . It’s a factory working away on top of a disaster area. Right in the middle of this nightmare I get bad news about a serious tech issue that could shut Burn Magazine down. However it’s warmed up, the sun is shining and a warm fire burns. I am sure things will end up fine. A bump in the road. Some books are just gonna hv wrinkled pages. I’m gonna go watch the sun go down.   #burnmagazine #obx

Rio Workshop

Crowd Rio Done

Rio de Janeiro. A spread from my book (based on a true story). Nope not selling books, the book is sold out. Yet I am going back to Rio soon to do a photo workshop starting Feb 1. We do have one space left for a class limit of 10. Contact: if interested in joining us for this class designed to take you to your next level of authorship. This is an advanced class. Portfolio submission required. If you can’t join the class just come and hang. It’s summertime in Rio. I will be shooting for my BeachGames book, hopefully to finish. You will find me somewhere in this eclectic scene of Cariocas of all types. A more warm and inviting culture you will not find.#rio #burnmagazine #photoworkshops

Retro Bubble Lights

Photo by Frank Overton Brown III @obxhomepage of my sweet granddaughter Lyla Maryanna and me looking at the retro bubble lights on my Christmas tree. Lyla had her first birthday yesterday. Her mom Michelle @michellemaddensmith and dad Bryan@bryharv had the party at their home almost next door to me. I will leave my tree up a little longer this year. I do have lights up year around anyway. Lyla likes the lights and a warm fire. So whatever she wants she gets. I aim to please.