Olivia in OBX


Outer Banks NC.

Quiet fog

Less than a week ago I was shooting all night beach party pictures in Mexico. Now I’m in the fog in the quiet forlorn bleak winter beauty of the outer banks NC. Oh yeah 2 days of Rome are within this same week. Whew! So yea I’m into soft non moving shapes that are right around me..yet every bit as emotional as the hot sexy party scene I immersed myself in for 2 weeks for BeachGames. I’ll post tomorrow on IG Stories a selection of pictures from Playa del Carmen. So now I’m at home and time to reflect before I head off to Cuba and then my workshop in Puerto Rico. I’m addicted to home. I’m addicted to the road. Typical Gemini. My recommendation to all those I mentor is to shoot what’s around them. Both physically and psychologically. To speak any language eloquently you must have something to say.

The dune is a magnet

We went for a high dune walk and back along the sound shore. Cool temp but magical. Everything around that dune, including my house, is a magnet. Pulls on everybody. Maybe the indigenous spirits of Native Americans who settled heavily here are in the air. No idea. Yet as we all know there’s lots that’s ” real” that has no explanation. Mysterious. The stuff I like the most.

At home hanging

It’s impossible for me to take the night “off” ..nor anytime a “vacation”. Vacation from what? So I’m always playing at home mostly with the iPhone as here .. Snapshots, experiments, mindless shooting, the occasional keeper..I’m addicted to shooting I think..a bit weird really..the only stress comes from switching from shooting passion to editing and book layouts..two totally different mind sets.. yet I am married to both..at home hanging is all that it is.

Late night JFK 2

Late night JFK. WTF.