Family affair

11755203_10155818834390022_740049586201572053_nSummer swell a family affair #outerbanks #surf



I gotta love the end of my street in summer. It’s where everyone goes to celebrate sunset. A common ritual worldwide. It’s a short walk but I jump on my bike to go next door. Today was magnificent light all day and it ended as you see. Asia turns out to be a pro hula hoop artist using led lights and sometimes fire. A boy on his bike. That’s me this summer. #outerbanks #homesweethome #hulahoop



My cats love to follow me on dune walks. To a point. There is an invisible (to me) territorial line they will not cross. I can coax them just a wee bit to go further, yet then they will balk. My cats are pretty much wild animals. They won’t come inside my house for temperature comforts no matter how cold or hot. They also work as a killing team. The fatter lazier gray one will flush a rabbit out of the bushes and the faster leaner black one will go for the kill. Of course I will spring the rabbit free. This hunt has nothing to do with hunger, because I over feed them. They are simply hard wired to kill. Dogs are friends and to be petted and coddled. Cats are to be observed. Only occasionally requiring affection. Ahhh yes mostly when they want to be fed. So why put up with viscous killers who don’t seem to care about me all that much? I have no logical answer. I guess I love them for who they are. #outerbanks #homesweethome



Selfie. Jockeys Ridge #outerbanks #homesweethome



Arles, France