Rodanthe NC. 5/21/16

Last week home



A week left at home and I’m soaking up every moment. By the way the only reason I give you my thinking process is to perhaps help some of you who may be interested in the narrative process I use to do books and for magazine assignments. To help you think of your own potential projects. So I’m relaxing and yet my mind is racing at 100 mph .. next book . anguish.. BeachGames ? Or Family Drive? I’m somehow shooting on both simultaneous . Nuts. Or maybe not. Tonight dinner with friends and my fave Tortuga’s and window reflections for the BeachGames folder. #obx




Nicol is looking at the mess on one of my work tables and rather than deal with trying to explain to her this organizational nightmare she must fix, I resort to just making this iPhone shot. My randomly sequenced press proof sheets from my Rio book “Based on a True Story” are tacked to the wall. One of these days I’ll get organized. One of these days. #outerbanks #iphone




This is a small section of the jumbled mess of stuff that sits on the narrow mantle over my fireplace. I never actually placed anything on it in any particular order nor for any particular reason. Things just ended up there. My whole decorating scheme is no decorating scheme. No theme. Random. But whatever it is must be the real me.




Sand fence. Jockeys Ridge State Park. May 17, 2016. Spring storm. Yes, I travel . I’m now ready to roll on an Italian adventure. Yet I’m always shooting at home as well. I lead a modest lifestyle but I am luckily bordered with this state park which is effectively my front yard. I even think it’s “mine”. Nobody ever wanders into these near dunes except me and my cats who follow.#outerbanks #nagshead