Mike’s Sofa


Mike’s sofa sits in his backyard covered in plastic. Inside Mike is making collector prints for me. Mr. Courvoisier is my master printer. Beautiful afternoon in Alexandria, Va

Public Showers


This is the photo The Beach Magazine in Rio de Janeiro chose as their cover this week to represent some of my#beachgames work. Public showers are the norm about every 300 feet of every beach in Rio. All ages sizes shapes rinse the sea salt off together in communal good spirit.

My Sweetest Little Granddaughter


My sweetest little granddaughter you ever saw was not all that happy to see me after I split for a month in Rio right after her birth. Lyla Maryanna cried when she first saw me!! Yet I shot a few pictures through the glass front door at Michelle and Bryan’s. I was on flu quarantine ( sick in bed for days) and she has had no immunizations. So I could not give her a warm kiss and a hug and whisper in her tiniest cutest ear that I loved her. ❤️Maybe she felt the vibe anyway. Her bright eyes twinkled at the end. Just what the doctor ordered.

High flying Wilson Crispim


I am shooting heavy now in Rio for my upcoming Beach Games tabloid. High flying Wilson Crispim , 20, is a parkour artist. He was one of my photo students yesterday for underprivileged yet serious photographers. Wilson makes death defying jumps that appear impossible even when witnessing. A for real Superman.

Erlon Da Silva,18


Erlon Da Silva,18, does pull-ups on top of Arpoador rock in Rio. #beachgames