Selfie by @oliweirdtwist. Our 2 weeks of book making workshops is over here at my home. The most incredible engagement I’ve had on IG Stories came from those in this audience who tracked the whole 2 week process. Special thanks to @michellemaddensmith @billmarr @loyd @diegorlando @malloryash @obxhomepage @chrisbickford. My 11 students took a step forward towards getting a book published. They all still have a long way to go, yet I’ve tried to get everyone on the right path. Both Michael Loyd Young, “Mesquite”, and Chris Bickford, “Legends of the Sandbar” were here with those new books as proof of results. @mariadanielbalcazar will be next to have a book with her poignant sublime work in Brazil. I take my mentoring just as seriously as I do my own work. So I’m very proud when any student makes their mark. All of us had the very best of times here in the outer banks. There is something about being at home and a 6 student limit that makes this workshop a life experience we will all remember. Bonding at its best. I think All who were here would agree. Here are the 2 classes. Some of their work will be published on @burnmagazine . Love you guys. Missing you all. @mariadanielbalcazar @sandracattaneoadorno @ledelsun @shinwoongjae @zjwaze @christinagregoire @kirstenlphotog @al.nielsen @eric_melzer @ryanjcasson @shanemacomber