Surfers town



I live in a surfers town. If the surf is up, you can call the fire department and they will show up. But forget getting your roof repaired until the surf dies. Everybody is out. It’s an unwritten rule here. Surfing rules. I like this idea. Hell I can get my roof fixed later. When a good swell comes in it’s natures art and the men and women who ride these waves are artistic athletes. No tv replays. Nobody getting rich doing it. Each wave a one time event/experience. These youngsters are competing in a surf contest. Yet competitions are not for everyone. Most have no desire to compete. They simply want the ride. There is already enough competition in life as it is. I don’t have the patience to sit in front of a tv and watch a ball game. Too passive for me. I’m a terrible spectator. Yet I can sit on the beach and watch the surfers all day long. Maybe it’s because nobody loses. Winners all. #outerbanks #nagshead #surfing

Crazy things



Crazy stuff happens on my street in the outer banks. Things I just can’t see in New York. This is a race between the roller derby team and the old Vespa team. A springtime race between the girls and the boys. Who do you think won? Roller Derby ladies left to right
Blazin Cajun #66
Storma Brewin’ #cat 5
Wrecksy Lexi #26
Pain Angel #125
Kill Devil Derby Brigade .. Vespa guys Bryan Harvey and Mike Stanback 😊#outerbanks #jockysridge #rollerderby




This is my last in the series from Tangier Island, Va. ’73. I thanked them then and I thank them now the warm hearted Tangiermen and their families. The story set me off on a career at NatGeo and subsequently all over the world photographing a wide variety of people and customs. Yet nothing else was ever quite like Tangier. I will go back this summer. #tangierisland #kodachrome#chesapeakebay

Sonny Boy



“Sonny Boy” Parks took me in on Tangier Island,Va. in ’73. Invited me on his boat. No small gesture. I never could figure out how he could find his crab pot bouys. No GPS then. But he knew where to go.Many a great conversation with Sonny Boy. A life on the water creates wise men. #tangierisland#kodachrome #chesapeakebay




Wedding on Tangier Island, Va. In 1973. I got very close to the people of Tangier in my weeks living there for my first story for NatGeo. Scroll back to the cover shot to see part of the published essay#chesapeakebay #tangierisland #kodachrome