Jeju Island, South Korea

Chunsong Kang, 84

84 year old Chunsong Kang came out of the water this afternoon after 5 hours of scrambling 15 feet under water in a free dive in strong currents searching for abalone along the often treacherous rocky Korean coast. Jeju Island, long known for #women #wind, and #stones, has an austere beauty of landscape and people.

Group Shot shots. Who doesn’t take them? Who isn’t in them? We know they are never “good pictures” yet we often treasure them above all else. I will certainly keep this. A small group of Haenyeo from Udo island who were so kind to me. I did drink too much soju at lunch but here in Korea “too much” is expected for the respected. #Haenyeo #SouthKorea

Volcanic Rock Fences rock fences are a key element of the landscape on Jeju Island. The Haenyeo free divers often work in these carrot fields when on a break from their diving as now. #Haenyeo #SouthKorea #Jeju #Island

Jeju Island, Haenyeo South Korea

Jeju Island, Haenyeo South Korea