It’s a cool rainy blustery day before Thanksgiving on the #outerbanks .. I love these days when most are inside watching tv. My friend¬†@alettrich¬†is with her family for the holiday on break from college. She’s also always up for a photo. So I shot a few playing with my new waterproof camera.


Closeout. #surf #outerbanks #nagshead #wind

Stinson Cottage

Stinson cottage in fog this afternoon. I have been taking pictures of this cottage for years. Watched it ripped apart by a hurricane and watched it rebuilt. Put a picture of it in NatGeo. The Stinsons are a terrific family. This is their summer cottage. So for now sits alone and empty in a winter fog. Summer will find us all again just hanging out. #outerbanks #nags head


Miju.#SouthKorea #Seoul .

Flowers in a Field

Korea color #Jeju #SouthKorea .