12994344_10156823077690022_7392411698632985533_n Jobos, Puerto Rico. A popular surf break and family beach. #Jobos #puertorico

Foam party



Foam party Amnesia club in Ibiza, Spain. One of twenty photographs now hanging Paul Paletti Gallery in Louisville,Ky. I went a little crazy on this assignment for NatGeo staying on Ibiza for two weeks when I went thinking I’d stay only two days. I just got wrapped up in the scene. This foam party was only once per week so of course I needed to shoot it twice. It took some convincing for the managers to let me up into the ceiling area where all the lights were rigged. This was taken about 4am. The lights were constantly changing and I had only one frame that looked like this. Leica M6 and Kodachrome 200 film. ‪#‎ibiza‬ ‪#‎kodachrome‬



“Dasha”. Photographed in the outer banks of North Carolina. One of twenty photographs hanging in my exhibition now at the Paul Paletti Gallery in Louisville, Ky.


12991038_10156808489665022_3485523471041315068_n Early morning light hits a Catholic Church in the middle of a sugar cane plantation in Bahia, Brazil. I had been photographing the cane cutters for several days when I came across this quilombo settlement and church deep inland. I could only imagine what it might look like on Sunday morning from the air. Yet I gambled it could be spectacular since the church faced east. So I drove several hours back to Salvador and tried to remember all the twists and turns on dirt roads ( this was before google maps pin drop) ..I convinced a helicopter pilot to take off before sunrise because I thought if we flew super low I could find my way back to the quilombo. For awhile we were lost and flying aimlessly. I couldn’t find the church in the dark. Then just as the sun came up we spotted the church and the locals all headed for early Mass. Leica M6, Velvia film. #bahia #brazil #quilombo #sugarcane #church




Atacama desert, Chile. One of my prints hanging now in the Paul Paletti Gallery in Louisville, Ky. Show is up during Kentucky Derby, so please stop by. Leica M6, Velvia film. #chile #atacamadesert