Waiting out the rain. Queensland. Fuji 6×9 film camera



Flats at the edge of the Blue Mountains in Queensland. Oz. Fuji 6×9 film for an essay on brumbie catchers.



Ringers. Queensland. Fuji 6×9 film camera

Kanwaka store

Kanwaka store on fire. Kansas.



BeachGames. The zine. I am moving pictures around on the wall. Making hard decisions. Cutting room floor stuff. Juxtapositions. Sequencing. Still months away from production. It’s a work of fiction. Not photojournalism. Writing. Thinking . The process. One thing I tell those I mentor is that a book can’t just be a collection of pictures. It must flow and go somewhere. Narrative . A collection of pictures is a portfolio. That’s different than a book. Hence the struggle and the beauty. #rio