Happy bday Dasha!


Happy Birthday Dasha!! As I was having lunch today with Bryan and Michelle and Lyla this bird landed where I last saw you here. Then quickly flew. I just made one shot with my iPhone. So I figured that bird was you. Right? Fly free my friend. Enjoy your special day. Friday the 13th. Very scary movie 🎈



Rio de Janeiro. A small bar in Lapa at around 3am. The Lapa district of Rio is the largest most popular night scene and one of my favorite places to shoot. From my unbound interactive book (Based on a True Story), published by BurnBooks. #rio #brazil #basedonatruestory #lapa #leica

Palace hotel

12208296_10156214945965022_7625979241871758114_n Rio de Janeiro. Copacabana Palace hotel. From my book (Based on a True Story)#carnaval #brazil #rio #copacabana

Party town


Rio de Janeiro. Party town? Well yes for some. After three years of multiple visits to Rio I integrated into many social gatherings. This one a Carnaval party with lots of beautiful people at the Copacabana Palace hotel where I too wore black tie. This one went on til sunrise , or rather it is more accurate to say that I left the party at sunrise. It was time to turn in my rented tux. #rio #brazil #copacabana #carnaval

Carioca culture



Rio de Janeiro. From my book/magazine “Based on a True Story”, BurnBooks (link in profile). A kaleidoscope of imagery and life of the Carioca culture. Up close and personal. I get wrapped up in whatever I’m shooting. Get to know quickly a few people around me in any situation, then don’t move much. The only way to integrate is to stay put. I always figure that wherever I am is where the picture will be once inside any scenario. One thing I’m always telling my students is please don’t wander around looking for pictures. Wasted energy. Thinking something is around the next corner is usually futile. Have the eye of a hawk. Zero in. Be quiet, smooth,intense.#brazil #rio#basedonatruestory