In the early morning light


Bruno photographs Rafaella in black & white. Dasha texts Bruno in the early morning light. Stay tuned for my upcoming BeachGames. The zine. Now in production. A true story from Rio. #BurnBooks #rio #beachgames #burnmagazine

Late Night


Late Night. BeachGames zine coming soon. True stories with witnesses. #beachgames #rio #burnmagazine #BurnBooks



I rarely, if ever, take sunrise or sunset pictures. My good neighbor in the Outer Banks @obxhomepage Frank owns that territory here. Yet after being sick in bed for two days, I climbed the sand dune in front of my house this morning, saw this, and could not resist, That line of cottages are the last of the original Nags Head summer cottages, most around 60-90 years old. Probably about 40 of them left. When the first mainlanders built here the beachfront property was free. Homestead law. The outer banks were considered uninhabitable at the time. That property isn’t free anymore, and about 35,000 year around residents call this fragile strip of sand home. This is one of the reasons why. #outerbanks

A beer with Micha Bar Am



I have a beer with legend Magnum photographer for 60 years, Micha Bar Am. Part of the Magnum tribe is gathered in Madonna di Campiglio in the Dolomites for a bit of skiing and looking at each other’s latest work. Yes a bit of biz too, yet mostly we are here just to enjoy the mountains.  ‪#‎magnumphotos‬

Olga & Dasha


Olga and Dasha from Moscow dance to the music at lunchtime break before making another ski run in the Dolomites in Madonna di Campiglio. I rarely get a chance to ski and am in basic survival get to the bottom of the mountain safe mode. Spectacular spring ski weather has everyone exalting.