Grandma Leona

Retro. 1968. My grandmother, Leona Harvey, in her kitchen. Lawton, Iowa. She grew up with a simple spartan farmer’s daughter then farmer’s wife lifestyle. No nonsense. No frills. No electricity. No running water. No complaints. Drove her own car, maintained her own house til she passed at 97. I have now in my house a beautiful cut glass water pitcher that she received as a wedding present. She didn’t want to “show off” so she kept it hidden in a closet in its original box her whole life. She and my grandfather ( farmer, photo hobbyist, fisherman and trumpet player) got in their farm pickup truck once and drove two lane roads to see our family “back east” in Virginia. Non stop. No point wasting money on a motel. “Grammy” and I were close. Her apple pies the best. Salt of the earth folks there in Iowa. Humble, self sufficient. She only let me take this one picture. She would really be mad at me if she knew I published it. Only this one Grammy only this one. Big love



Super retro. 1958. My brother Gary,8, fishes in the Mahoning River in Warren, Ohio. This is one of my earliest prints. I was 14. Omega B2 enlarger. Leica IIIF. Tri-X film. Medalist #3 paper. In those days my only photo subjects were my family. Close then, close now. #leica #childhood #fishing #ohio

Roseate spoonbill


Roseate spoonbill. Everglades Nat.Park, Florida. This is a change of pace shot. One of the very few times I have used a long lens. #spoonbill #telephoto #everglades #florida

The Wall

Rio de Janeiro. The Wall. My 6-7 weeks of shooting on BeachGames zine comes down to this wall. This is not a sequence, not a layout. Simply the best pictures up so I could walk around with a coffee or beer and study the images. To think about what works and what doesn’t . These selects will probably be cut by 50%. When I start the layout I will know for sure. It’s to be a zine not a book. For sure it’s a real life story. Not documentary in the traditional sense. Yet an authentic adventure or diary. This ends my shooting in Rio which started in 2010.. A NatGeo story (2012) and my book (based on a true story ) came out of this long immersion. Now my final BeachGames to be published this spring. Is this goodbye to Rio? Well for shooting probably yes. I have squeezed the lemon. Time to move on. However I will always return to see my Carioca friends who are so dear to me. I thank them all from the bottom of my heart. No project I ever did ran this deep. The Wall. Life.

#beachgames #Rio

Last days of Summer

Rio de Janeiro. Thunderstorm sends everyone running. It’s that time of year. Winter is coming. Last days of summer. Temperatures will soon drop to as low as 65 F in mid winter. July. Yet summer is not over . I left Rio yesterday and it was 100F..I got home to 9F. A 90 degree F flip. Now sitting by my fire. Dreaming of winter in Rio. #beachgames #rio #leica #monochrom