Flight home.




Goodbye Phuket . Heading home.

Typical sunset


A pretty typical I’m on vacation shot. Why? Well because for the last few days I’ve been on a pretty typical vacation. Drinks by the pool, the whole bit. Not very “typical” for me at all. Rare. Yet after Dubai/Sharja exhibit/photo fest and then straight to Bangkok for a week long photo workshop, I needed a break here in Phuket. My intent was of course to shoot for my ongoing BeachGames project, yet I’ve made very few serious pictures. Mood and timing are everything. It’s never about “place”. I head back to my outer banks front porch tomorrow, so maybe today I will make a worthy photo for the book. In the meantime I’ll enjoy some chill time. After all I’m never ever far from a beach. I’m a beach boy to the core. So BeachGames is everywhere all the time in my case. I always tell my students to shoot their real life or at least use what’s really inside them to reflect in their work. For sure I always practice what I preach. Stay tuned to see if I can get a real picture here. In the meantime I’m headed for breakfast by the pool. 🎈



Bangkok. Shot today for my “Dream Hotel” series. This is a project I actually started 5 years ago, yet it’s been on the back burner all this time. It will most likely be a zine rather than a book. This hotel swimming pool will be the location for our Magnum workshops final slideshow of student work from Jacob Aue Sobel’s class and mine as well. If you are in town, come to the Dream Hotel rooftop pool at 7pm Saturday 10-29.




Bangkok. Dream Hotel.