Mi amiga Alejandra Martínez is visiting from Tamaulipas, Mexico. She’s a lawyer by trade, but check her photos @ale_jandram . I’m just testing the b&w on my Fuji GFX medium format. This is my first picture w this camera and I didn’t leave my chair. I have not shot prior any medium format digi, yet have shot lots of medium format film in the Australian outback, NASCAR auto racing, and on my American Family series. I can’t help but love the creamy look. Sometimes I use a tripod w medium format but usually hand held. There is usually a bit of formality when using any larger camera. All types of cameras make you do different things. When on a jammed dance floor and the beer is flying, I’ve got a small camera or my iPhone. For portraits and landscapes and some street photography, the medium format look can take your breath away. Ok yes I’ll move off my front porch. My bike is my fave mode of transpo in summer. Besides my old beat up truck has starter problems. Get a new truck? Nope. A new truck wouldn’t look right w my old beat up house ha! Ok I’m going to shoot. The truly lucky thing for me and it’s a miracle is that I love shooting after all this time. Even the pressure of an assignment makes me relax. Zen mode. Of course I’m the type who can’t tie my shoes right, nor figure out what’s wrong w my printer. So I live in a fantasy world that drives those around me crazy. Ha ha I try to get them over to my side of the line! A gentle sea breeze flows across the dunes. The smell of summer. #fujigfx