Dasha who has been my subject the last few days here on Instagram and I first met 5 years ago in the outer banks . From Ukraine, she was on a work&travel program and sold tickets at a Nags Head miniature golf course for her summer job . Galaxy Golf. So American classic tacky it needs to be an exhibit at MOMA. I photographed her then as in this photo. Summer was over so back to Ukraine and university in London where we met again last year. We’ve stayed friends and she’s always game for a photo. Some of my very best work early in 2015 in Rio de Janeiro were of her for my upcoming BeachGames book. Something could change but at the moment she owns the cover. She’s on her way home this week so my little photo sequence soon to be over. New adventures await I am sure. #obx

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  1. a civilian-mass audience

    Oh, my BURNIANS…DASHA on the porch !!!

    and where is my aisle…?


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