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Howdy Folks, this is @zambereileen, posting before bedtime from the mountains of Southern Oregon. I know that pictures of roads are overdone and somewhat cliché, and with that in mind I almost decided not to post this picture. But here’s the thing; this particular road is the main artery that runs through our lives. It keeps my family connected to our community in town, allows us access to school, work and all the necessities of life that we can’t provide for ourselves on the mountain. The road is a steady and constant feature, while land and life is ever changing. From the road, we witness the daily transformation as the world turns and seasons melt one into the other. We watch from car windows as the ever-ardent sun trails across the sky, altering the land with light and shadow…. Soaking in all the beauty of the mountain’s visage, as we journey en route to home.

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