5 year old Atlas Anderson does the New York rooftop high dive on a hot summer afternoon in Williamsburg. Atlas is the son of Magnum photographer Christopher Anderson and Newsweek magazine editor Marion Duran. Our building in Brooklyn has been the home of at least 4 Magnum photographers and is the old fashioned classic artist loft building. The rooftop is a community center of sorts with spectacular views of Manhattan.

9 thoughts on “Brooklyn Swim”

  1. Funny photo and nice light!
    I love Christopher´s essay “Son”. I discovered it more than one year ago and sometimes I review it because it´s great.
    Any apartment empty in that building?…

  2. CESAR

    yes Son is a great essay and soon to be a great book….

    people come and go from this building….you sorta need an inside track so to speak to get an apartment here….timing, timing, and timing….

    stop by when you are in new york….if you are serious, i am sure there is a way

    cheers, david

  3. a civilian-mass audience

    ATLAS !!!

    Atlas – Son of the Titan Iapetus and the nymph Clymene, and brother of Prometheus. Atlas fought with the Titans in the war against the deities of Mount Olympus. Atlas stormed the heavens and Zeus punished him for this deed by condemning him to forever bear the earth and the heavens upon his shoulders. He was the father of the Hesperides, the nymphs who guarded the tree of golden apples, and Heracles (Hercules).

  4. Oh sorry David, I was “joking” about the apartment, because it should be a very interesting place, with the people who live and lived there, and the ones who go there for a visit, and the stories in the rooftop you sometimes talk about…
    Looking forward to see the Son book!

  5. this is a long shot, but i am looking for a young Iranian living in Los Angeles to assist Magnum photog Thomas Dvorzak on a story he is doing there…

    anyone know of such a person in L.A. ?

  6. Why oh why is Koudelka’s Look3 talk the only one missing on the livestream archive at the official Look3 website?

  7. Paul,

    Imagine me anxiously waiting that morning for the clock to strike 11 to see the livestream…..
    It never happened.
    Instead I re-watched Nick Nichols talk. Great stuff!

    But yes…….bummer! no Koudelka.

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