EPF 2013 – the winners


Diana Markosian, winner

Iveta Vaivode, runner-up

Oksana Yushko, runner-up

Maciej Pisuk, runner-up


(in alphabetical order)

Javier Arcenillas

David Favrod

Dimitris Michalakis

Mads Nissen

Fausto Podavini

Bryan Schutmaat


The full essays of the winners and finalists will be published on BURN over the next few days. Stay tuned!




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  • After only one quick viewing I can say straight away with doubt I much prefer this year’s prize winners to the previous last two years.

  • a civilian-mass audience

    BRAVOOOO to the winners

    BRAVOOOOO to the BURNing crew

    BRAVOOOOO to the judges



  • The winner essay is SO SO powerful, excellent B&W piece of work!

    Congratulations to every one who participate!


  • Hard to make sense of in this presentation. “My father, the stranger” – Completely over my head. I think I know who the father was, but couldn’t figure out the relationships of the other people. I think photography has simply moved beyond my limited comprehension.

  • I guess I expect photography to be about something other than itself.

  • Jim Powers…
    Don’t worry it isn’t you, I would not of understood the essay either if I hadn’t previously read this:

  • Thanks Paul, at least the backstory gave it some context. Definitely needs words to explain it.

  • Congratulations to the winner and the runners up!
    It´s interesting for me to see this work about family. Like the one of Joshua Dwain in the previous post . It proves that you don´t need to go far way from your home to get a winner essay. For me it is not easy, but the story is there… And your family has to agree to be your models for it! ha ha…

  • Yahoo! Not only do I thoroughly enjoy the winning essay of Diana Markosian and wish to heartily congratulate her, I want also to sing the praises of this year’s judges in their first-place decision. Markosian provides us with a fresh voice, AND the ability to photograph humans intwined in their interactions and relationships with others. I’m elated the judges saw that.

    It is as if the judges had listened to the complaint of some of us on BURN, of the growing fashion of the intuitively engaged portraits which serve as the main, limited trope to photo-essays. Comparing the middle two essays, void of any sort of interaction, and the fourth with some weak examples, Markosian has plenty of images that satisfy my major complaint. It has perplexed me for a long time as to why photo-essayists (documentary) are too shy to turn away from the set-up shot (I-know-that-you-know-I’m-here-but-please-pretend-that-you-don’t), and are too emotionally distant to direct their attention instead to the interactions/relationships that show what is going on in the world.

    On this single issue alone, I’m really excited by the essay. Even the mirror shot of the father seems to show me the interaction he’s having with himself. Love it!

    Compared to her earlier work in Chernobyl ( http://lens.blogs.nytimes.com/2011/04/26/25-years-after-chernobyl-a-village-persists/ ), which runs along in strength to the other three finalists, I can see how Markosian has grown in voice and approach. Maybe now the intuitively engaged approach can R.I.P. .

    Congratulations all round to Markosian, the finalists, the judges, BURN and David!!!

  • Congratulation to the winner, the runners-up.
    We’ll see their essays each in separate over the next time?
    Looking forward to seeing them.

    Viva Burn!

  • I am struck most strongly by the quiet sensitivity of all four essays.

    I pretty much agree with all that has been said above, including that, as fine, artistic and excellent as each photo in the winning piece is, I could not make sense of it until I followed Paul’s link to Lens. I look forward to seeing what words might further clarify the three other winners.


    and Big Congratulations to all the runners-up. A powerful group of photographic work and story tellers!

    Beautiful beautiful beautiful. All the winners and participants should be thrilled and excited…

    i want My Father, The Stranger in book form!

  • oh no…I miss those beautiful coloured cakes’ photos by Martin Parr

  • Such a well deserved winner for the EPF. This essay can sure be called a masterpiece. Diana has raised that bar nice and high!
    I truly find this essay amazing. I did not understand it either even though the title was enough for me but at the same time after seeing frame after frame of such powerful work nothing else really mattered.
    Reading the piece in Lens blog did nothing for me because the work itself made such an impact on me.
    I’m glad I saw the work here first and not in Lens blog.
    Congratulations Diana!

    Thanks Burn for showcasing all of this work!

  • Congratulations to Diana for an extraordinary and sensitive photo essay with powerful images showing us the emotional bond she wishes she had with her father. I’m assuming he’s a filmmaker, a lone wolf and has a strong relationship with his wife and father, but is old school so the children are his wife’s focus, hence her longing. A nice homage for Father’s Day.

    Congratulations to the runner’s up as well! The work on Burn keeps getting stronger and stronger!

  • this is a long shot, but i am looking for a young Iranian living in Los Angeles to assist Magnum photog Thomas Dvorzak on a story he is doing there…paid job of course….

    anyone know of such a person in L.A. ?

    contact me soonest if you know anyone….. david@burnmagazine.org

  • DAH,

    Check your email

  • Pleasantly surprised by how many personal stories there are, and that there were no “big game hunter” projects. War fatigue, maybe? A much different discipline, and one I really enjoy.

    Congrats to all. Beautiful work.

  • I really liked this, more humble work.
    Congrats to all, waiting for the essays to develop.

  • I’m rather perplexed about the lack of comments regarding the finalist essays.

  • Paul, I thought they were all wonderful. On an unrelated topic….

  • I dont know if any of you actually got a copy of this, but if you did a short review on amazon would help us out a lot. (even if you say you thought it was shit)
    It is getting very very good reviews and it is selling ok, but to get the big stores interested they want volume. Of course, if you didnt order one, no worries.

    how does one post to diary???
    is it open? or is it some instaram sign up deal??


    BurnDiary will have designated photographers who will be set up for a week of posting…we decided Instagram was the only real practical way we could do this….

    you can of course use anything from a pinhole camera to an 8×10 view camera….but you will need to get it on your camera roll on your phone and via Instagram….easy to do..

    at our Burn meeting a few months ago we actually killed the BurnDiary idea because we could think of no practical way to do it…and we looked at it thoroughly…..so Instagram seems like the best way to make this actually happen…viewers can see our choices on Burn or go look at the entire Instagram thread of each photographer or on the Burn Instagram thread….

    some will object to Instagram for one reason or another….so be it….however you will now notice so many really serious photographers posting to Instagram….Alec Soth and Michael Christopher Brown to name two….

    there is nobody on the planet who is suggesting that Instagram is the final resting place for fine photography…but you will soon see the books coming with phone photography as the primary source..and you just cannot beat Instagram for it’s egalitarian nature…

    some will like this way of seeing pictures, some will not…my gut feeling is that you will not want to be one of them…however, if i am wrong about this, please let us know and we will get you on the list for a week of shooting…i could imagine you nailing it with a week of backstage music scene….

    in any case, i enjoyed seeing your new work in London…and always good to have a beer or two or three (or four) with you!!

    cheers, david

  • John Gladdy. ..

    Ok just ordered the book. Somehow I missed this, as soon as it arrives I’ll post a review.

  • DAVID. I guess it makes sense to have one set of diary entries at a time. Stop it getting too confusing I suppose. The format does look a bit awkward and viewer unfriendly at the moment here on burn. Maybe the instagram feed works better I havent checked. and i dont reall have anything against instagram, and i certainly dont care who the hell is using it, ‘serious’ photographers or not(whatever they are). If you are a natural diarist in the 21st century this is obviously one of the options for achieving that. I have never been one and so for me it holds only curiosity value.

    That club; $50 a shot for cognac dude. sheesh! I believe i was very drunk when I left. Certainly the kebab on the night bus home would support that theory…..maybe I shoid have kept a diary :)

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