This is Joe and his pet...

parrot for 22 yrs Bogie…”It’s like having a kid that never grows up” Joe said. Joe lives in Big Sur and waits for the big waves and talks a lot with Bogie. #burnfamilydrive

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  1. so one thing I’m realizing I never thought to ask before was how you meet your subjects.
    I guess I always figured things just came up through the friends you make that are local but I’m wondering how you find the people you find. Are you finding lots of other avenues you are not taking?
    Sorry if you’ve answered this already.
    Also, glad to see the quality of this one looking better than the other iphone posts.

    THis is great example of family extending to our non-human friends:)

  2. a civilian-mass audience


    “A man who has been through bitter experiences and travelled far enjoys even his sufferings after a time”
    ― Homer

  3. That is a young parrot, 22 years is like a teenager in some breeds of parrot. I had a great aunt who was given a beautiful parrot who lived to the incredible age of 80!!

  4. Five will get you ten that a brightly colored parrot, no matter what its age, won’t get as many comments in this forum as a half naked California surfer girl with a broken foot will. Just saying…

  5. Doggone it Akaky, I was just going to make the same point. You beat me to it. That’s what I get for going out for coffee.

    I like the parrot. I especially like the idea of Bogie perched on Joe’s surfboard talking to him. Does Bogie ever get caught in the soup? Or does Bogie flap and fly above it, just before the wave breaks?

    That’s what my parrot, Humphrey, always did in my youth when I would take him surfing at Steamer Lane.

    He was a very smart parrot, but died of a heart attack ten years ago at the age of 102. I miss him.

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