Most of the time we are just hanging.  Taking joke pictures. Having a beer with old friends. My long time friend and printer Michael Courvoisier has joined us with a friend this evening as we park along Ocean Beach in San Francisco. Seems pretty obvious we will never get out of California, right? Well we really will, but only for one reason. I must be at my mother’s house for her 93rd birthday Oct 26. That is six days from now, so we will have to hang a right soon. For this book this cannot be the last trip. I can see that already. I need 6 months out here on the open road to finish this properly.

6 thoughts on “Pumpkin”

  1. Ha, quickest route to Durango is to head back south through Flagstaff, unless you go longer route north through Salt Lake City. But, that just ain’t your town. Catch ya on the road next time. Bad time of year to head up north anyway.

  2. I thought you’d still be in Santa Cruz and I was gonna say, if you drive up Hiway 1 from there this particular week you’re gonna see oodles and oodles of photogenic PUMPKINS being harvested for miles on the benchlands above the sea along both sides of the road up towards Half Moon Bay….

    But you beat me to it!!!

    If you’re gonna make it to Durango by Oct. 26, it’s pretty clear you won’t make it anywhere near Puget Sound or even the Columbia River on this trip… you’ll miss all this lovely autumn rain!

    See you next time around, I guess…

  3. I always knew you will need more time, but whats time and travelling anyway? is just what you can made or learn or experience in each place what counts!

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