This is my crew. Young smart people. Hard workers, and well just plain cool. None of them can keep up with me (by their own admission) but they are honestly the BESTEST. All photographed here wearing, or not wearing, what they wanted in our hotel room in Durango with hand held Leica S2 and 70mm lens wide open. Panos took care of our camper van, drove a lot, and made some great photos along the way. Lauren is a people person. Chatted it up and got me some nice portrait subjects. Candy did all of the downloading and setting up for posts on Burn. Brandon made the movie. Stay tuned.

17 thoughts on “Profiles…”

  1. I get the impression you guys are going to treasure this trip for the rest of your lives and that must be a marvelous feeling!


    we are in the heart of the trip….incidentally, Off For A Family Drive is about a year more in the making…will be done in segments…this is the third segment with La Tortuga as our home…i will pick up again the road trip aspect in March more or less…we are heading to the Grand Canyon right now, and Vegas tomorrow….we have been 4 weeks on the road already and will take a break starting this weekend…after a short break, we will do a Florida segment, then a Texas piece….


    your impression is exactly right….even the stuff that goes “wrong” on a road trip becomes a priceless treasure in the long run….you are welcome to join amigo….

    cheers, david

  3. Brandon , we are missing you too:)

    Michael K:) love you too bro , and yes everyone else there are half my age!
    But remember : Pirates are ageless ;) ( yeah right , I hear u I hear u ;)

  4. david alan harvey


    missing you too amigo…what a pleasure to work with you….you have the great quality of finesse..few have it…..

  5. David and Panos, thanks!

    David, even though I don’t participate in the comments, I do follow almost everything posted here… have just come to the realization that my limited energy and drive is best served in doing my own thing rather than commenting on how others do theirs… still looking, reading, learning through Burn though… many THANKS…

    …and safe travels.

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