I just met Rez during a…

I just met Rez during a...
fast coffee stop on our way to the Grand Canyon. Rez was proud of his U.S. Air Force service and quick to remind me of the Navajo Code Talkers who baffled the Japanese during WWII. The people of the land. Safe travels Rez.

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  • Excellent portrait, David. I like the message behind it, too.

  • Great, great photo. Cool looking dude. From my experience here in the Northwest, there is great pride and respect of military service in Native American communities. That history goes back to the American Revolution. While this seemed surprising to me at first, given the obvious historical context, I get it now. I think you just might find the truist sense of patriotism in many of these communities – a good story there, not often told.

  • “The people of the land.” Actually, that one sentence sums up everything I said in the previous, slightly pedantic post, doesn’t it?

  • Damn David, that photo is it dude.

  • As I wrote on instagram, this is by far my favorite image of this trip. It is paramount on so many levels. A great one!

  • Not too often, but every now and then I see a photo and it just sticks with me – stays in my mind and makes me think about it for a long time. That’s what this one has done. All day long it has been in my head. I have spent most of this day picture-editing, but this picture just keeps appearing in my head even as I look at others. When I took my afternoon coffee and went driving, I saw this picture throughout.

    To me, this is a truly exceptional picture. To me, all by itself, this image makes David’s road trip worth it.

  • So is he telling you to fuck off or does that mean something else out there?

  • Harry , smiling , even if he meant to say fuck off we totally accept it..
    Fuck off to white men stepping in Navajo land is totally understood ..
    But for the record, no , Rez’s gesture is the opposite ..
    But we talked about it over here too, and truth is that his gesture would be “f$$k off” in Britain or Australia , but not in Arizona..
    Big hug


    Rez might be doing that…his right…i accept it…yet i don’t think so…did not seem like it..we had a good talk with Rez…and i bought him some food…he was a bit down and out….as a white man, i accept anything from any indigenous man or woman…yet the vibe seemed definitely good…the handshake warm….a good moment is a good moment….i have worked a lot with the Navajo tribe in years prior….always came away with good feelings, as i did this time…

    cheers, david

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