Red Bucket

I have always loved the freshman art class assignment to go shoot “found art”…. So, while taking a break from the “must do’s” that are raining down on me, I went for the rain on the roof. I turned the found art into a manufactured sequence. I just could not help myself. Just too too symbolic to pass up. I mean, I even use this scene in my classes, with my students. I have it as a wine glass in class, but you get the idea. The edge is the only interesting place to be. The risk is over the edge. Balance is the game. No danger, no gain.

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  • wow…pretty neat…pretty neat…as jim morrison would say;)

  • “A glass of wine sitting in the middle of the table is boring. A glass moved to the edge is interesting. All of us just need to know the fine line between total stupidity and creative danger. Walking that line is the essence of LIFE. We only get one shot.”

    quiz: who wrote that?

  • @ TRIP TEAM:
    I don’t know when you’re planning the departure, going west, read somewhere that was Oct 1st maybe. I dedicated this song to the whole troupe:

    Whenever I my roam, METALLICA Live at San Diego, Black Album tour 20 years ago!!

    (And the road becomes my bride)

    And the road becomes my bride
    I have stripped of all but pride
    So in her I do confide
    And she keeps me satisfied
    Gives me all I need

    And with dust in throat I crave
    Only knowledge will I save
    To the game you stay a slave

    Roamer, wanderer
    Nomad, vagabond
    Call me what you will

    But I’ll take my time anywhere
    Free to speak my mind anywhere
    And I’ll redefine anywhere

    Anywhere I roam
    Where I lay my head is home

    (And the earth becomes my throne)

    And the earth becomes my throne
    I adapt to the unknown
    Under wandering stars I’ve grown
    By myself but not alone
    I ask no one

    And my ties are severed clean
    Less I have the more I gain
    Off the beaten path I reign

    Roamer, wanderer
    Nomad, vagabond
    Call me what you will

    The edge is the only interesting place to be. That’s right, but sometimes walking in the edge is too dangerous, and I have to built a “net” below me, that gives me more tranquility… “net” means a part time job, a small monthly income, some earning, stuff like that…

    Have a nice Week End

  • @ WEBMASTER: Too many forums going on at the same time now. Where do we have to post???


    because of the Lucie nomination, with ceremonies in California,we are going to start in Los Angeles and head east….

    for sure you want to feel comfortable and have some kind of net…this is just practical…and the same time i have found that occasionally walking the “wire” without a net focuses attention…makes you do something you could not even have thought you could do before..but everyone has a different comfort zone…for sure though, too much comfort zone and nothing special can happen…as i said in the caption above, balance is the thing…

    cheers, david

  • It looks like David had as much fun with “The Red Bucket” as I had with the polar bear, the dog and the whale bones. Which brings me to Patricio’s point. It is getting very confusing to know which forum to post miscellany in. Yesterday, Feeling totally confused about where to do it, I posted this link on “Off For A Family Drive”:

    I must have chosen the wrong forum. According to my stats, the link has not brought one single hit to the story on my blog. This has never happened before. Links I post on Burn always bring some hits. Outside of Burn, this post is proving to be the most popular I have ever put up. Hits coming in by the thousands and the pace just keeps growing.

    I know – it is not a work of great artistry or reflection – just a polar bear, a dog and some whale skulls and bones, shot from too far away. But it is fun. And I don’t think any other Burnian is likely to ever experience anything like it. Take a look, for hell’s sake!

  • David,

    There are some edges I do not fear and there are some edges I do not even go near.
    Balance for sure is the key.
    I think someway or another we are always walking on egg shells but the illusion of safety is greater than the illusion of falling.

    That was awesome Bill!

  • Gravity works…well, that comforting, I guess

  • HeARing lessons again and again will help them set in better. With almost all things in life I just leap over the edge with abandon and cannonball in ….but with my most heart felt dreams I take the tiniest steps, toeing my way to that edge. Maybe I should just fall off a couple times and get it over with…
    So glad you are doing this again.

    Good words Carlo! I like that …illusion of safety, so true.

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