9 thoughts on “I mostly take pictures at home as here in my apt in NY. I am driving tomorrow morn to Carolina and more cat pictures.”


    cats, dogs, and horses have always been favorites for my pictures, and i think for everyone else also…it is my horse pictures which seem to have gotten the most serious favor however…yet i will keep trying with the cats…

  2. That image is so painterly. The quality of stroke and color define this image more so than the usual importance of line in photography. Well I know for sure I’m a thwarted painter!

  3. Lets not forget David’s children portraits. Many are absolute classics… Divided Soul is full of kids.

    I think they’ve always been present, starting with Tell it like it is….

  4. David

    “I mostly take pictures at home”

    About thirty years ago, there was an essay in one of the photo magazines by a photographer named Nathan Farb. It was a series of photos of his then pre-school age daughter Esme who was developmentally delayed. In the piece, Nathan made a statement that struck a deep chord within me. Paraphrasing, it went something like this. “It occurred to me that years from now, the only photographs that would have any lasting meaning to me are the photographs that recorded and celebrated my everyday life.”

    “fine art” photographs, and travel photos are OK, but I’m much more interested in snaps taken around the kitchen table, or your cat on the front porch.

    Curiously, many ‘serious’ photographers do not take their personal snap-shooting very seriously.

    http://www.pbase.com/glafleur/image/146363496 That’s Apollo behind curtain #1 waiting for his breakfast and the dogs going out for their morning pee.

  5. PANOS

    that print is for you IF you do a good job of driving, etc etc etc….


    i remember that Farb essay…and nice picture of yours at home…


    yes, i do seem to have a lot of pictures of kids as well….there has been a book of mine on the back burner for years tentatively titled Daydreamer….kid pictures in essence…might bring it back at some point…

    cheers, david

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