i suppose if you walk  down the street and you see your name lit up on a theater marquee the experience could be a little "heady"….gene richards, left, and bill allard both wanted me to take this  snapshot of them in front of the Paramount theater in charlottesville…i thought it was pretty cool myself….just fun….i …

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strong women

there is an old old song performed by tammy wynette, "Stand by Your Man"  which was the theme song for an old old movie "Five Easy Pieces" starring jack nicholson…..both the song and the movie are classics….the two women i photographed here are classics as well…. and both are unusually special women who have "stood …

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the best of intentions….yes, i definitely had the best of intentions…and that was to keep all of you "plugged in" to the "Festival of the Photograph" down here in virginia…..basically, i disappeared from all traces of my "normal life" for the last three days… i do now have enough material to write several good stories…..the …

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country roads

the drive from new york to charlottesville, virginia is about 7 hours…..but it is like going from one planet to another…..we went from gridlock traffic in the morning to a peaceful campfire in the woods by evening..i will be “reporting” all this week from michael “nick” nichols “”Festival of the Photograph” which has transformed charlottesville …

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this warm summer evening found me walking alone in the chelsea district of manhatten…earlier,i had arrived  at the Steven Kasher Gallery for the opening of "New York Genius" a show curated  by lou reed..he has chosen photographs of  his favorite musicians, actors, painters, dancers and writers…. i was not a new york genius by the …

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please come….

we just got this exhibit hung yesterday….honestly,  this was not really so difficult to hang because we literally tacked  the  44" x 32" pigment inkjet prints to the wall…no frames…raw like the subject…loose….experts hung five of my pictures, 8 feet x 6 feet prints, by wires from the ceiling… as each print went up, i …

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somehow i have been spending my whole life trying to put together my "portfolio"….it is almost a joke really because i still do not really have one…if someone asks to see my portfolio now, i just send them a book, but for 20 years or so i honestly did not have a real "portfolio"…just never …

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ann curry

energy….wow…wow…so much energy…..anyone who meets ann will feel this blast of energy in a split second…and you had  better hang on, because this woman is moving at the speed of light….and, in my opinion, for the purest reasons of better communication….. for those of you in europe, south america, asia and africa you may not …

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who are these guys???

this is a tough one….you do not need to give me names, but just who they are in a generic sense…what  they do or what they have done… hint: they are not photographers… the winner here receives a signed copy of my "Divided Soul"…..


yesterday i posted a story about william albert allard under "family/friends"….in that story i mentioned his "healthy ego"…. we have already discussed the role "talent" plays in your work… but now, i have a maybe more interesting question for you: how large a role does "ego" play in your work??