who are these guys???

this is a tough one….you do not need to give me names, but just who they are in a generic sense…what  they do or what they have done…

hint: they are not photographers…

the winner here receives a signed copy of my "Divided Soul"…..


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  • Those guys created Photoshop software?



  • People who issue your book?


    ok name of file is “photoshop guys”.

    they will teach you?


    Maybe could I buy a signed copy of “Divided Soul” from you?
    I must buy it by internet somehow or other.


  • this one in the middle.. looks relaxed – i will say it’s your familly, or very close friend
    this other two – one with white socks and from the left side, don’t look so comfortable… but this pillow means he is also a friend…

    hmm… they look like people who are waiting on the sofa to visit a doctor :-).. litle bit happier becaouse of your company

    i am sure all of them are americans

    this man from the left is holding a notebook.. he will definately write something…

    i have to think more… how much time we have to gues?

  • Apple. Steve Jobs and his collegues?

  • Book editors? I will stick to a single guess!

  • Oops- I missed the white sox on the guy on the right- MUST be a programmer, or software engineer of some sort! NOT with Apple though- he’d be fired for that faux pas at Apple. The pillow on the couch is another hint in favor of programmers: couch-sleepers.

    But alas I will have to stick with my first guess…

  • Curly… Larry… ahh! of course!… the last one is Moe…
    Did I win my book???

  • I don’t see your e-mail either. Mine is [—edited—].

  • they are the photoshop guys

    (david try naming the file differently………..)


  • They are Photoshop Guys….they make somethiung on TV….I don’t exactly know.

  • Miki .. you are smart! i did now save pictures as… and saw also the name of the file :-) hehe.. photoshop guys :-)

  • contest over!!!! too bad….my mistake….i totally forgot you could drag photo to desktop and see my file name!!! i told you before i am totally “out of it” when it comes to computer anything…

    why do you think Adobe had to send the whole team over to my home to help me out?? by the way, this is three out of the ten who were here!!!

    actually, this team was here to show several of us in the building the virtues of Lightroom…they wanted feedback from us so they could make it better….

    but,pawel wins no matter what…

    pawel, please put your address here and i will send your book immediately…

    but now i do have another problem with these little “contests”….please help me to figure this one out….whatever time i post gives the advantage to one part of the world or another….some of you will be sleeping while the others are able to post a comment first over morning coffee….solution ????

    you have probably figured out by now i like to play games..for me, little games of every kind are part of my life…stress relief or whatever…..i can be so so serious one minute and then do something totally irrelevant as a “diversion”….hence my frisbee and deck of cards packed in my luggage along with my important camera gear etc….

    ok, i made that easy by mistake….i am going to make the next one very hard on purpose!!!

  • David,

    It’s immense pleasure. I woudn’t have figured out who are those guys if you hadn’t leaved file name (in my browser file name is shown when you put cursor over picture). Then I realized that one of them I had seen on another picture with Scott Kelby (Photoshop guru).

    David, is it possible to provide you my personal information not public (I care about my privacy in Internet)? Could you send me an e-mail and then I will reply with all neccessary information?

    kind regards,

    Pawel G.

  • pawel…i do not see your e-mail….your web or whatever does not show up on your name….just send me an e-mail at the above e-address and we will get the book right to you…best, david

  • David,

    According contest and times zones… You colud announce contest earlier providing us with date and time when it will appear on your site.

    Then, if it’s possible check site’s statistic and choose contest launch time according to biggest audience. Example, when most of your visitors are from US and then Europe, choose launch time which woudn’t be ‘in the middle of the night’ in that regions. It’s hardly to make everyone happy when you speak globally.


    Pawel G.

  • Haha, this post was fun. Too fun to read the white socks thing, haha!

    A message to digi guys – it will always be just a very complicated obscure EMULATION of pure, simple, understandable optics and chemistry principles. ;)

    If you haven’t done it yet I’d seriously advise you to have a look at http://www.google.com/analytics

    Extensive stats for your site(s)/blog(s)/whatever(s) for free with the usual clean, simple, clever, user friendly google interface.

    In this case analytics would enable you to, as Pawel suggested above, easily know what times you have the majority of traffic. However announcing contests or whatever sounds really boring and would kill all the spontaneity, so the most simple way to make it fair would be to alternate between two major time zones.

  • Those guys are guilty. Just look at them. :))

  • Gosh, David. Don’t tell them, but I thought it was the Jahovah’s Witnesses coming to convert you.

  • Are those the “Pep Boys”? *smirk*

  • I really liked the contest, although I just saw it today. I thought they were computer guys when I saw the picture but it didn’t occur to me that they could be people form photoshop. I’m not that good with contests anyway. Too bad it was so easy for some to figure out the answer. It was fun to read though.

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