rushing out the door for a quick trip to blogging for  24 hours….i will be presenting my work via  a 15 minute slide show for a media buyers event…i am there to represent National Geographic…yes,a  freelance job and an easy one for me to do….i have no problem describing the virtues of the Geographic which has given me so so much….there will also be presentations by editors steve fine from Sports Illustrated and from amy koblenzer from Gourmet Magazine….

but, the best part is that i get to see my brother gary who lives with his family near boston in a classic little new england town by the sea…..when i took this job, i had my brother in mind….now there is a man with a relationship…..

gary and his wife becky have been married for over 30 years….3 children, all totally different from each other…… gary and becky  hold hands walking down the street….i asked becky last summer how it was being married all that time….she said " well, of course, we need our own space….but, when gary goes out to run an errand or goes to work or whatever, i am always so so happy when he just walks back into the room"

sounds like love to me….

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  1. I know similar couple.. they are 27 years together, have 3 children and always hold hands walknig on the street :-)

    it seems like you will spend nice time with brother :-)

    I came home one hour ago, i had a pleasure to listen Tomasz Tomaszewski’s lecture in my city :-) … so i came back home with head full of new informations :-)

  2. Great presentation last night…It would’ve been nice if you had more time to speak!

    -Jeff (Guy who asked about digital vs. film in the the front row)

  3. aga…next time you see tomasz give him my warmest regards….he is a dear friend and i am sure a real inspiration to all of you in Poland….he is certainly an inspiration to all the rest of us¡¡ david

  4. I will.. I am going to see WPP exhibition in Warsaw (1th June) and I am sure Tomasz Tomaszewski will be there :-)
    I had a pleasure to met Tomaszewski about two years ago… he gave me many good advices about my pictures, which helped me a lot.

    Do you know also Witold Krassowski?… I haven’t met him yet, but I hope i will meet him him in June.

  5. jeff…thanks…but it is always better not to have too much time to speak….there is nothing worse than photogs who show too many photographs or stay “on stage” too long….that was a good audience however and i enjoyed your question…cheers, david

  6. Edgard Marques

    Man, the more i see, the more i learn i’ve got much more to discover. Since the workshop in Madrid i’ve been sneaking (in a positive way, of course) in the blog and taking a look on all the splendid works you and the other guys are doing. These polish guys, wow! I do really envy (again, in a positive way) the images i’ve seen and the kind of fiber i’ve noticed in everyone here. Keep up the blog exactly the way it is, David, it’s a wonderful window to the photography world. Cheers.

  7. Carsten .. are you from Germany? I saw your website, it look you are traveling a lot! nice!
    I like a lot Peter Bialobrzeski’s pictures (he is German)

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