By Willy Vecchiato

Lanzarote is a hymn to the founding elements of the earth, the raison d’être of the senses on which the fragile human intentions rest. Like ancient wills carved on stone. Lanzarote is an epistème and together it traces the same duration of the primordial substance. Life, in which sacred and profane mingle in a dream of eternity. 

Lanzarote one of the Canary Islands, the group of Islands  west of the Western African coast. The island – like the other seven of the archipelago – was created by volcano eruptions. Only limited natural vegetation is on the island. 


(extract from Giuseppe Cicozzetti review – Scriptphotography) If we want to face the dazzling light, sometimes it’s necessary to throw ourselves into the arms of darkness. And there, imprisoned by visions interrupted only by brief flashes, the same ones that the eyes struggle to decipher, the vital essence of everything is hidden, which nothing else awaits than to show itself. We enter – if we feel the urge to approach the truth – in an ancestral dimension, lost and now recovered, in which the feeling of the beginnings comes to reveal to us unheard secrets. So, alongside the arcane of man’s unusual story, there are lands in the world we known that compete for fury and hardness, and where none of the elements has yet lost the distant force of Creation. It’s Lanzarote, a porous mystery puffing with wind and burning with lava. Here nature, obedient only to caprice, has carved its ancient face on its sides, so that the memory of the indomitable cry of the foundation was not lost among the nervous coasts, in the excess of erupting mouths. Lanzarote is the island of absoluteness, garrison of fire, dark and indomitable metaphor of an eternity that goes beyond and defeats the tiny ambition of man to be eternal himself and where a stone, a simple stone lies there before he appeared and will still be there when he is gone. Here the world appears in its primordial form.

Short Bio

Born in Noale in the Venetian hinterland, Italy.  ‘Willy Vecchiato’s photograph is black and white. Visceral, absolute and not at all reassuring. He scraps reality in a damnably poetic way. An intruder who moves between the folds of seeing to free all the slags and the annoying or uncomfortable meanings.’ Steve Bisson 

In December 2019 he published his first book, Lanzarote, for Penisola edizioni. 

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Photo Essay edited by Diego Orlando