Haris Kakarouhas

Natural Presence

Human beings without a particular external identity, but with an esoteric one. All are present in their own truth, expressed in a directly intimate way. I call this kind of image prosopo-graphy. It is coming from the ancient Greek word prosopo which means the essence or natural reality of a person. The photographic process is a spontaneous choreography based on empathy and dominated by rhythm, transcending space and time. In this new vertical time, according to Plotinus, beauty identifies with spirit. The same applies for the images of nature. And the photographs reflect those common qualities of the Being in humans and nature. 



This series was created in spiritual communities and national parks around the globe the last fifteen years. The work raises questions on Human Ecology and in this particular time of crisis it is a proposal -as well as a possible antidote- to focus on reestablishing the connection with the Real beginning, with Mother Earth, and ourselves.  2003-2018




Haris Kakarouhas was born in Athens, Greece. Studied Colour Theory & visual perception (M.Sc) and photography (Ph.D) (title of thesis: ‘Prosopography’ – Mapping the Self) in U.K. He also studied several different forms of Art Therapy.

His photographic work has been published and exhibited extensively in Greece & abroad. His books are ‘On the timelines’ and ‘Suspended Time : A Cuban portrait’ This book is published in six European countries. Now is publishing his new book ‘Natural Presence’. He won the European Publishers Award and the Schweppes Photographic Portrait prize (as runner up) Also the Milos prize for the Art book of the year in Greece. He served as the artistic director of the Eco-Art Festival in Athens, Greece, organised by the Ministry of Environment, Energy and Climate Change and theNational Museum of Contemporary Art. Part of his work belongs to museums and private collections. He currently teaches photographic workshops under the thematic title “Insightphoto” Photography as affective experience.

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