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In his giant outdoor studio where he controls space, time and light, Alain Laboile watches his six children. He captures moments of nothing, the unexpected as the expected, the blooming as the outbreak, imagination as banality. His tracking shots put everything on hold: the passage of time, the waltz of the clouds, the leaves in the wind. He shapes the humble material of everyday life like organic matter, enchanting it. It is certainly not paradise, nor the angels’ dream life. It is simply life; just life and nothing else.



Short Bio

Born on May 1, 1968 in Bordeaux, France, Alain Laboile is a photographer and father of six.

In 2004, as he needed to put together a portfolio of his work as a sculptor, he acquired a camera, and thus developed a taste for macrophotography, spurred by his passion for entomology.

Later on, he pointed his lens towards his growing family which became his major subject, in a realistic depiction of their atypical lifestyle in rural France.


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  1. Alain! Ton travail est incroyable! Deux questions:

    1. Est ce que tu as lu “ENVIE & GRATITUDE” de Mélanie KLEIN, un essai sur les premiers années qui nous expliquent d’où vient presque tous nos comportements?

    2. Tu seras à Arles en Juillet?


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