Patricia Morosan

Sun Stands Still

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“Every photo is a ghost story.”

The images in the photoseries “Sun Stands Still” were shot during the years 2014-2016, while traveling through my homecountry Romania, as well as through Poland, Portugal and Germany. But the concrete places dissolve in this work and they become my own personal metaphorical space. In this space and through this images, I tell stories both of intimate encounters, as well as from a brief glance at the little stories I met along the way, which may have happened, or will still happen while passing by. And in doing so, images came along and have been found (again); as if they could arise from my memories, hunches and dreams. The images in ‘Sun Stands Still’ are therefor seen as momentary reliefs, which may be found in reality as in a dream.



Short Bio

Patricia Morosan studied Film and Art History in Bukarest and Berlin, and Photography at the Ostkreuzschule für Fotografie und Gestaltung in Berlin. After working in film production, she began to photograph and curate art exhibitions in 2014. She organized and curated the exhibition ‘DEVOUR! Social Cannibalism, Political Redefinition and Architecture’ in Berlin (Freies Museum, Lichtblick Kino) and Leipzig (KunstKraftWerk). She also curated the photo exhibition  ‘Welcome to my Dark’ in Kunstraum Bethanien/ Berlin. Since 2016, she has taught photography workshops for refugee women in Berlin. Her photos have been shown at the Lodz Fotofestival in Poland, in Berlin at Ostkreuz group exhibitions, JK Gallery, Filmrisz Gallery, Aff Gallery and Alte Feuerwache Gallery, in Leipzig in anderthalb Gallery, in Athens at TAF Metamatic, and in Bolzano at Foto Forum. Her photoseries  ‘Sun Stands Still’ was published by dienacht Publishing. She is part of the fotocollective “Temps Zero.”


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3 thoughts on “Patricia Morosan – Sun Stands Still”

  1. “Ghost stories.” I like that. These images do tell ghost stories.And you’re right. “Every photo…” tells a ghost story, sooner or later, anyway. Normally, dust spots irritate me, make me think the photographer is just being lazy, but in this case, they don’t bother me at all. Dust spots seem to fit. Dust to dust = ghost?

  2. Hey Frostfrog. I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I have to agree about the dust spots and watermarks. I normally hate stuff like that, which has become trendy among young adopters of film for whom the look of a film image means grain, excessive contrast, muddy tones and dust, scratches, light leaks, damage and watermarks. For some reason it is working here.
    I have to say, this series is very engaging. All of these images reveal only enough to draw us in, and force us to draw on our own experiences and imaginations. I love images that can do that, draw us in by hiding more than they show, ask more questions than they answer, invite us to participate. I seldom manage to make such images, and if I do, it’s only by accident. Patricia manages extraordinarily well. Bravo.

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