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The project is a reflection on my question about happiness. People said that everybody needs a dream, so they could see something to pursue in life, and a dream was one of the sources of happiness. On the way pursuing their dream, some could get what they want and some could not. I did enjoy the process, but I never felt close to my dream, it always went further. It was a long run, and we needed to take a rest sometime. While we rested, we could see our friends still ran strong and passed us. We could also see that we left a lot of things behind, home and family. I started thinking, “Is it the cost for my dream?” I lost friends, not because I was bad, but they also had something to catch, and I lost my family, I left them behind for something to which I could not even get closer. Whose dream is it? Who tells me to have a dream? Why do I listen to them so much? Is it the dream I am? If only I could choose my own dream, my own happiness, would my life be better?



Short Bio

Ian Hananto (b.1992) is a photography enthusiast born and living in Solo, Indonesia. Since 2013, he has pursued photography as self-healing for his bad experiences with his past. Exploring the darkness of his life affected by his fear and failure on his own dreams in order to accept it. In 2016 he received the chance to attend Angkor Photo Workshop in Cambodia mentored by Newsha Tavakolian and Sim Chi Yin.


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