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  1. Those reds that make the eye bounce around the screen are yummy (even if they do look bumped up a tad too much), just wish it was exposed a little better.

  2. Excellent street shot. The exressions on the dad’s and daughter’s faces are compelling, especially in contrast to the mom’s dropped gaze as she rummages through her purse for coins. Love the guy peeking out from behind the dad’s ice cream bar. Good sense of depth: I walk back into the pic. My only problem is the exposure, at least how it looks on my screen. Too light for my taste. But otherwise it’s a winner.

    Jim asks “Why.” Because it was a moment in time begging to be captured. A Martin Parr kind of a moment.


  3. Oh my…talk about blown out colors, over saturation…I’m all for snapshots too but this one just doesn’t do anything for me. Its not compelling enough in content, a messy composition just kills it and the technical failure just gives me a headache. Patricia, how can you compare this to Parr?

  4. A Martin Parr kind of a moment.

    Far from it, Martin Parr’ s eye is like a laser, even within a large context, he brings out in his people shots, very precise references to their/our world, never dabbing in catching normalcy for the sake of it, as most snapshots do.

    I have to agree with Rafal, Paul and Jim. I like snapshots too after all, but not every snapshot deserves, I would think, a spot on BURN.

    Or maybe they do….

  5. Its quite a clever frame in its own way. So many angles and lines,the disjointed trail of red, and yet nothing jars. It is complete.(apart from top left, obviously)
    That said, it is not up my street[no pun intended].

  6. too much attention for the photographer, even from the guy way back.. i can’t see this picture, i fear..

  7. Why are these people unhappy?
    1. Ice Cream is over salted.
    2. Photographer is using Canon
    3. They just returned a crappy Bollywood video to Bombay Video
    4. They thought they hired Martin Parr to be their photographer
    5. They are Armenian


    It is Chicago and google maps has this exact photo for the street view :)
    Bombay Video
    2634 W Devon Ave
    Chicago, IL 60659-1811

  8. frank Michael

    I have to respectfully disagree with the comments regarding oversaturation. When shooting with Agfa Optima or Fugi Reala this is the exact type of saturation one would be trying to achieve. Martin Parr’s images are all highly saturated regardless of subject matter. In his book “Mexico” his shot of doughnuts are nothing short of radioactive. Saturation is one of many photographer’s tools to render an artistic vision. Too much saturation is like saying Monet’s paintings are too fuzzy. I think it is a great shot, and there is still some definition in the girl’s pants. To say this picture is a technical failure I think is overly critical.

  9. i agree – very Martin Parr. I have truly learned to appreciate this kind of “snap shot” photography.

  10. I looked on Andrew’s site and see he’s already been published on burn…The Bar Mitzvah shot.
    The two images are similar in style (snapshot-ish) but to me that image had more humor and personality.

    What I don’t get is that most folks showing an image like this would get absolutely TRASHED over it. No pun intended. If I showed this as my own I’d be hearing about the man’s elbow intersecting the trash can and told to wait for a better moment, a more interesting background, etc.

    I’d LOVE to know what makes this image worth publishing on burn. Obviously I must be missing something.

  11. Andrew Steiner

    Hi everyone – thank you all for your thoughtful comments. The photo is a bit more blown out than I had intended, maybe something got lost in the transmission. We all take photographs of the moments that capture our vision or imagination and hope that they will also inspire a connection in the viewer. I can’t tell you when you should take the shot because that wouldn’t be true to your vision, would it? Constructive criticism is certainly welcome and we can all learn from each other – we are all professionals.

  12. At first I didn’t think too much of this image, but after looking at it for a while it has grown on me! I thinks it’s quite humorous and though its overexposed I think it still does it’s job of documenting a street scene.
    It’s not the kind of image I’d expect to see on Burn, but I like to be surprised!

  13. i have my own method to truly understand if i like a picture or not: i try to figure out if i’d be willing to buy a print for $ 100, if i’d love to see it hanging from my wall. So why don’t we have a “buy a print” button here?
    that would be the best way to show the photographer our sincere appreciation and maybe part of that money could finance Burn.

  14. Luzz…….
    really….. WHAT A GREAT IDEA………..
    thanks for your thought…
    lets put our money where our mouth is…
    i would say that even $50 per print is a good start in this recession..

  15. Andrew, I went to your link, WHAT A DIFFERENCE. Is that the same file you sent to Burn?

    I was resisting comment because though I loved the photo, I could not get past the blown out quality.

    Saying I love the photo is something for me, not being a huge fan of street stuff in general, but it spoke to me immediatly. A very familiar moment, hot day, cool treat, squinting in the light of a light overcast day in mid-summer. The signage, the background activity, the whole scene comes together wonderfully in a way that is both a little funny and little quirky.

    I love the colour harmony, the way the reds tie the composition together. And the split composition, though unusual, works. Finally I love the direct almost scowling expressions of the girl and her dad, while the mom digs for parking meter money. It is such a familiar moment.


  16. andrew… it might be a good idea to send us that same image… so we can correct it on BURN as well…


  17. That ‘s more like it Andrew!!!
    After seeing this photo in your website I can say it is a great shot, love it! As Gordon, I wander if this is the same file or if something got mix up when you sent the image to Burn?!

    Anyway congratulations for your work, nice stuff in your website!

    Luzz, that is an amazing idea!!! I hope David and Anton hear you out and maybe after a quick consultation that can be implemented…

    Cheers to all,


  18. Panos, “lets put our money where our mouth is…” Yes, I agree, let’s put your money where our mouth is. Laughing mate, laughing. It is a good idea, thanks Luzz.

    Btw Panos, your comment about our queen recently: I was watching a t.v. programme recently called Britain’s Got Talent in which the winner would perform their act at the London Palladium theatre, before the Queen. One group of men where asked “do you think your act is suitable to be performed before the Queen?”.

    “We’ve performed before many queens”, one of the men replied.

    Good L.A. light!


  19. “We’ve performed before many queens”, one of the men replied.”

    big hug MikeR…:))))))

    ( you are a bright example of supporting photography with “real” money plus your personal work of course…
    i, totally thank u for that.. u proved it…no bullshit…)

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