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  1. ok, tom, just to re-cap what i wrote last week :))))))))))…visual poetry indeed:


    so, yo, where the fuck u been hiding….

    i’ve spent my entire photographic life saying, if i make 1 photograph the speaks about all that is contain in the rumble of the broken heart inside my chest that compells me to carry those stupid mechanical boxes, i’d put the cameras away…and you my friend (dont put the cameras away), have made that leap into the engorged, heart of what reminds me of what it means to steal moments from life and prick it upon the skin of our moments keeled by life and light…..

    and definitely persistance of memory ;))))))


  2. ah, yes…the r-evolutionary beauty of the hoop – reminiscent of a sacred sufi dance but with an urban goddess! *m

  3. ** Weston said ‘spirit stands still for the photographer it chooses..’ clearly.. beautiful image, its all there… when one image can tell so much.. Love it!!

  4. If I were to have to pick ONE favorite image of all the magnificent images I’ve seen in my months with this community, THIS WOULD BE IT. Tom, it is pure magic created by a visual magician. Bravo!!!

  5. Thanks for all the great comments :))) This is a favorite, and for me just summed up the whole feeling of The Kibbutz and the creative genesis of burn. This photo just happened really, a true collaboration, with Kim, a resident of The Kibbutz who is a photographer and a trapeze artist in training, just doing her thing with the hoop and hoping someone would get a good picture of her. She does many self portraits but was looking for a broader different frame with her hoop. She walked into David Alan Harvey’s apartment bearing gifts, a whirlwind of energy proclaiming herself to be the “chocolate fairy.” That’s just 475 Kent, a nexus of creative talent and energy, wonderfully funky, perhaps a little slice of the Left Bank in Brooklyn where serendipity can walk in the door at any moment. You just have to go with the flow there and let the currents carry you along. Cheers to The Kibbutz and Burn!

  6. Anton, great picture of me … yeah that was just minutes after wasn’t it? That was an amazing few days … only one full day for me, should have stayed longer, such a great group of people and Bickford was right, amazing that everyone just clicked, fell into place, I really did not expect that … ’til next time :)))

    Michelle, urban goddess is a perfect description … :))

    Bob, bad pun ;-))) I’ve been here all along, not really hyding, often silent, but if I have something to say I chime in :)))) I’m kind of like that in real life, too.

    Erica, so happy we finally met, albeit briefly … big fan of yours :))

    Patricia, working for you today :))))

    Joe and Wendy, thanks!

    All, just denied access to WPP contest. Funny, you’d think SPJ membership, awards and tearsheets would get you through the door. Well, I don’t generally do photos of people dying in front of me in all sorts of horrible ways anymore so maybe I’m not “press” anymore. Perhaps I should reapply under burn?!? ;-))

  7. Tom,

    I am still jealous I have not taken that shot :):). Few days have passed but I still love it as much… THis was certainly a very magical moment captured in the best possible way. I also look forward to have you share your car washing essay again with us. Take care.


  8. tom–

    i just love this image.
    it’s like she is holding all of our collective energy in quiet, still balance
    a breath before we explode into this new transition.


  9. definite awe. you want to be her in that moment of exhiliration and peace, exhaling or inhaling, baking in the warm sun.

  10. Perhaps it’s too long but I like my original title for this … The Chocolate Fairy of 475 Kent … :))

  11. this is one of those so-rare OMG jaw-dropping images that you cant possibly forget. the colour, the light, the composition, THE MOMENT – the sheer audacity to imagine that such an image could be made, and then to pull it off so perfectly! pure brilliance…

  12. I just can’t get enough of this. I keep coming back to it day after day. Joe said it best, visual poetry.

    Where can I see more of your work Tom?

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