elliott erwitt – happy holidays


my  favorite  holiday card  by one of my favorite humorists..

self-portrait by Elliott “I hate Photoshop” Erwitt

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    ERWITT’S brilliance and humour is just the perfect Photo-Nog spiced with dark, spicy rum that gets my bones warm….

    but aint he a bit nippy? ;))))

  • Happy holidays and many warm wishes for everybody. Greetings and humor, such a good combination for the beginning of a new year with burn.

    Peace and love,


  • Elliott is just amazing!!!

    Happy Holidays to ALL…

  • The anti-photoshop crusader fell….

  • … now thats cool,
    super cool…
    bob dylan once said : “everybody must get stoned “…
    i say : “everybody must get naked “…

  • Merry Xmas to BURNesian Blog people…

  • Travel safely and sanely..and keep the sugarplums dancing in your head.

  • Frohe Weihnachten … e um feliz natal.
    Cool sunglasses :)

  • Ah, good! I see we can still talk, and maybe even….Write!

    Well, absolutely Merry Xmas to everyone, maybe that was the time to pull out the pix Anton took of me with Elliot Erwitt back in June, but that would break from my Asian journal, and in any case, i do not have it. I take notice that the suspenders are missing in this self-portrait…. Some photoshop skills! :-)))

    It is the season of making merry, and so, if I may, here’s my modest contribution to celebrating Xmas. What I like about thais (and many cambodians, John Vink will agree) is that often the loudest laughters come from those who often have the least reason to laugh at the lot life dealt them. So, not quite ho ho ho, but rather ah ah ah, and that is plenty of Merry Xmas! for me, and I hope for you too:


  • Herve

    You are still in thailand? :)
    This is very long month, ha ha
    Very nice Self-portrait-River Kwai bridge my friend (no photoshop) :)

    Merry hot Xmas.

  • Merry Christmas! Joyeux Noël!!!

  • Happy Holidays to you all… It is rather pretty here in Montreal, with all the snow we are getting… Enjoy, Veba.

  • veba,
    this one for you…
    its “WEEPING”/ raining again here in the CITY OF LOST ANGELS…

  • ok… thats the right link, i hope…

  • Happy Holidays from Los Angeles. Thanks for posting Mr. Erwitts work David, it brought a smile to my face.


  • Happy holidays to all, and may 2009 offer the light, subjects, time & exhibit/book/magazine opportunities you most desire.

    If you’d like to give yourself a special gift or 2 or 3 this season, check out Trolley Books at http://www.trolleybooks.com/books.php

    Then email Trolley’s managing editor Hannah Watson at hannah@trolleybooks.com

    Tell her you’re from David Alan Harvey’s blog and she will give you an amazing 40% discount on your order. Today I received my 3 presents-to-myself and have just finished weeping my way through Paolo Pellegrin’s “Double Blind: War In Lebanon 2006.” Oh my god, what a powerful use of photography, and Scott Anderson’s text is perfect–spare & searing.

    My gratitude to Trolley’s founding editor, Gigi Giannuzzi, for letting his gut reaction to Paolo’s photos lead to his publishing this book. DAH described Gigi as a man who “loves [books] so much that he publishes instinctively and without any thought of ‘commercial appeal’…he does not do ‘readership tests’….he goes by his gut and then scrambles like a madman to try to sell enough of his little masterpieces to be able to go on to the next….”

    Let’s do what we can to keep him from having to scramble TOO hard! Who knows? Maybe Gigi’s next masterpiece might be by one of our own. Hold that thought…


  • Pat……….
    i agree…
    Hold that thought…

  • I think Mr. Erwitt still has the unusual spark that characterizes his photography. I saw him at the Magnum party and he always seems to be full of energy and joviality.

    A great character.


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