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  1. Thank you for this image DAH.

    Haik said all the things i wish i had said already. I’m a sucker for this kind of image.

    Best Wishes Valery

  2. very cool photograph! :)))…Coney Island means alot to me, both CI of my life (and life time) and the CI of lore…Nathan’s anyone? ;)))))…a real dream image, just as i think everything about CI, even during it’s more derelect times, says: summer, romance, hotdogs, cyclone to me :))))…and all those impossibly beautiful girls that never gave me the time of day ;))))….

    and yea, it’s a real interesting image too as it appears Valery is shooting a scene of 2 models being shot, (another photog or film or real Pin-up calendar?)…which makes the pic even dreamier and more delicious! :)))

    a great way to rush off to see my wife :))))

    terrific and romanticphotograph Valery…

    now where’s the beach in december?…

    happy new years

  3. sweet, sexy, beach-y, thats how i like it…
    conney island/ brooklyn/ beach/
    thats it , fuck LA, moving to brooklyn…

  4. Well, Ok, cool, a beach shot, which gives me the chance to relate to it with my own (beach shot) as well as wishing evryone a great year 2009, a lot of good health mainly.

    Lovely shot, well treated, and yes, it’s always good when questions arise when seeing a photo, even if they do not really need answers. Who are the girls, what date was it taken (it is furiously “sixties”, even fifties, with such titles, though not the tatoo)? Is it a stolen quickie? Yes, no answer is truly needed, from its treatment, its suffices to itself, and that’s the magic of photography that from a trivial moment, something was caught that stands well on its own.

    Ah, yes, my own shot. Well, hardly as sexy, but just one word of info. there is a vast number of retiress from the west in Pattaya, Thailand, many of them on rather limited income. But sunsets are free, and the company of one’s fellow retirees too (the light was gorgeous that afternoon):


  5. All

    I have a questions to all of you, and for David.
    After so many comments above Katharina’s picture, I was thinking about how photography showing the world now.
    Have a look at this link:

    This is one of the thousands of dark essays I’ve seen last time. Now it is some kind of trend of taking pictures. Of course I did it also (with hometown). Like many of us.
    But isn’t it the false picture of reality? This all dark shaken moody photos?
    Our world looks like this?
    are we at the beginning of armageddon?
    There is no warm ligh?
    Do we live in this world we showed?
    or is this only decadence?
    Do we live in dark times?
    or maybe this is the truth, this is a picture of reality?
    Do we live at the precipice?
    and the photographers feels that only?

    Or everybody want to be next Robert Capa but they have not to many wars in their world?

    just some questions at the beggining if new year…

  6. Hi all and thank you to David for starting the new year with the surprise of waking up to seeing my Photograph
    published on Burn. And to have the chance to hear dialog back from so many photographers who I respect is fantastic and so helpful(I have been lurking for a few months). Claudio Edinger has been mentoring me a bit on this project and his is some of the only feed back I have had, so to have the chance to show the work to all of you and of course David will be tremendously helpful and just what I need for this project in 2009.

    My best, Valery


  7. Valery :))

    I LOVE THE ENTIRE BROOKLYN SUITE! :))))…not only because the series captures the entire life of that magnificent lived borough (always my favorite, and so funny now that bville is the borough of destination for many), but all the nuanaced teeming life…i’ve always preferred brooklyn to manhattan (even as a kid, jumping on a train from 33rd& lexington to escape, just to get off the triangle and explore brooklyn)….i really love the shot of the gardening and the shot of the milkweeds (swamp wheat?)…’cause it redefines brooklyn for those who dont know it…but above all the magnificent holga dreams in that series, somehow the “Red Dream” (my name for it), breaks my heart…the red wall, the snow, the snowprints (my own from childhood? :)))…a great series…and i hope and trust more people take a walk through your websites ‘hood :))

    happy new year

  8. Hi marcin,

    I actually did not intend for the work to be dark, edgy maybe but not dark. I see and feel lots of warth, which I am hoping others will feel, but maybe not every person will. Its all the interesting things that make Brooklyn raw and real and a place I would never want to leave. I am hoping to add more portraits. The other day at a holiday gathering, a suburban family member, mentioned wanting to go visit the city and see the tree and the lights, etc., and I said yes you should its sooo beautiful this time of year and another family member said ” See I don’t get it! what so beautiful about it?

  9. Valery, as someone who grew up on the beach in the 1940s & 50s, your image is incredibly evocative. Not only are the poses totally Betty Grable-like but the composition with so much empty space around them allows my imagination full rein. The only things that pinpoint this photo as contemporary are the women’s bikinis–even our two piece suits covered our bellybuttons back then–and their tattoos.

    Wonderful shot! Look forward to seeing the essay.


  10. Dear Valery,

    I do not think yor works are dark, because they are not, I have thinking about noor or VII or others photographers. Actually you have very bright and fresh pictures in your portfolio and I like your works.
    I hope you don’t mind me this change of topic. This is my habit from road trip. We always talked about everything mixed.
    I apologize.

    Ps. I have problems with your site on Opera browser. Portfolio button not working, but may be it only with my.

  11. Christine Kiebert-Boss

    It’s a classic, with a sense of today and vintage. Not dark at all. Maybe a little edgy with gritty humor.

    bring it on!!!!


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