Beach Cowboy

Below an exerpt from:… title for the book is ( i think)  One Night in Rio …building the last chapter now

T-shirt vendor Everton Alves is known only as Cowboy on Copacabana Beach. The gold cow is part of an international street art project where the locally decorated cows are later auctioned off for charity benefit. There are 59 cows spread around Rio. Cowboy also writes songs and sometimes sings to his mostly tourist customers. He lives in Pavao-Pavaozinho, a favela that spills right down the hillside into Copacabana. Everton says “I live two minutes from here”

This is good old fashioned street photography. The kind of photography that can never be repeated and never be predicted. What not to love? I swear this kind of simple totally random spontaneous moment “discovery” of something you were not even looking for , is the secret of life as far as I am concerned. These kinds of surprises keep one young. Eager. Responsive. I do not know where this picture falls in my overall portfolio from Rio. Yet it is a keeper for now. Nothing so damned significant about it. All the journalism about it, is in that graph above.

The pleasure here is aesthetic and personal. I enjoyed meeting and to spend time talking with  Everton . Of course I bought a T-shirt. I needed one, he needed to sell one. I will meet him in the hood. Wanna know how I get where I go? This is how

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  • a civilian-mass audience

    What not to beach !!!

    TOM…what about this :)))

    Happy Thanksgiving…and good morning from Greece…where the beaches are Occupied…

    P.S…this is a men’s picture:)))

  • a civilian-mass audience

    and yeah…BURNIANS…

    What not to LOVE!!!

  • happy thanksgiving, burnians.

    i like the layers of this picture. it looks random, but every littledetail is important.

    whatnot to love…

  • Really enjoying this Rio book so far David. Thanks for taking us along!

  • @DAH
    I’ve never been in Brazil, but I know some brazilian and colombian people and they (he/she) have an increible relation with their bodies. I mean, they accept their own body and the soul inside it. Heart and Soul is only ONE. That’s an incredible gift!
    Therefore they can dance, they can laugh, they can be in good mood and they show to the others their happiness and joy of living.
    And when I think this, I quote from Alex Majoli, “Requiem in Samba” comes to my mind. He said: “Why, European are so complicated?” Europeans do not have that relationship with the physical body, Europeans like to lobotomize itself… :-P (Freud, Sartre, Lacan, Descartes, Pascal, Kant an Co.)

    PS: Just for info: I’m European! JAJA

  • ALL,

    Happy Thanksgiving (for those in North-America)!… And for Everyone Else (even those who aren’t having fun on the beach in Copacabana ;), I hope you’ll also have some good times with your friends -as soon as possible (’cause you cannot have enough of good times!)

    And… For all the Burnians out there (a belated ‘gift’): another party where we had a good time: the slideshow-party at DAH’s loft in NYC!

    Best, T.

  • happy thanksgiving!

    patricio, europe is hot too.
    as I was a teenager I was doing homework about van gogh -I rememeber that now by the color on the umbrellas- and you have allways silly questions at that age, mine was: why is this man sufferig alone and i don´t even know the names or who were the people in these amazing paintings?!

  • Majoli: “Why, European are so complicated?”

    So they can become, amongst other things, Magnum photographers rather than beachcombers? ;-)

  • a civilian-mass audience

    Why? why? Why? Maybe…because we don’t celebrate Thanksgiving!!!:)


    I am extremely busy in RIOOOOOOOOOO…RIO BOOK is BURNING…I will be back for the turkey…

    Thank YOU

  • @ HERVE:
    Yep, absolutely!
    I have a theory that complication is in relation to the Earth latitude.
    In the Equator, Brazil, Venezuela, Mali, Congo, etc (football players, beachcombers, caipirinha, daily life is what matters…).
    Going north/south, complication change smoothly, starting from southern Spain (FIESTA!!!!!!) every single day, going thru France (FIESTA!!) only on Thrusday, Friday and week ends, and going north…only on Fridays and holidays.
    The amazing of northern countries is that they have more photographers, artists, scientits, business, etc, etc… a an incredible standard of life!
    Will be great to mix some countries like Brazil and Sweden
    i.e. -> Swedil
    Argentina and Russia -> Russentina.

    Hug to everyburnian from the Equator to the Pole North.

  • Why European are so complicated ? Probably because they, opps we are European!

  • As part of the project this image is true to the street photography spirit where ambiguity is in lead over information.

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