The above collage represents my first week in Rio reporting for  For those of you who do not know, I am in Rio de Janeiro on assignment for my own book. The final chapter of my work here for the last couple of years on and off. While most of us do have an aversion to paying for information on the net, I think this lowest possible fee is for something tangible for many of you.

In fact a very low cost one month “workshop” where I am interacting with this audience while I finish up the shooting and am doing the major thinking about title , layout, and the overall feel for the book. Those of you who are interested in the photo essay and book making will benefit most. If you join us you will receive a 10% discount on the book which debuts in May of 2012.

While I am now self assigned this time in Rio, I was here prior on assignment for NatGeo Magazine which will also be published in 2012. All of the combined work from this NG assignment and my own subsidizing will be ONE NIGHT IN RIO. This now feels like I am in the process of making my best work, albeit will be controversial for some.

Why controversial? First it will not look like things I have done before. Stylistically looser. Second, some of the subject matter will be a bit edgier than my norm. Why change? Because I feel that photographers should never get stuck in their own parameter. Repeating is creative death. Besides RIO just feels loose. It feels like the collage above, which is a layout technique I never would have used for Divided Soul for example. I am NOT saying the above is the layout. I just know the layout will not look like Div Soul either. Maybe a combo. Maybe a tabloid. Thinking thinking.

ONE NIGHT IN RIO is a diary. Not fiction. Yet not a catalog of RIO either. Just one story, just one feeling. A representation of one night out that changed this author forever.  Done 99% with iPhone so far.. Join me for the final build out of  this essay. I have been here now for a week. I have three weeks to go. The work has just begun.

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