troubled waters…..

Troubled waters


does it seem to you that so many things seem to be a mess at the same time?? the financial market, the war, the campaign, and oh yes right here on our blog…er, forum…

right here, after almost exactly two years, things could appear to be coming  unglued…as i read your comments and e-mails, while usually thought provoking, i see  dissension, in-fighting "behind the scenes", angry rants,  and signs of weariness abound….

is it time for us to "cash in our chips" and walk away from the table at least not completely broke??

i mean nobody HAS to be here!! and almost all of our regular writers have openly "quit the blog" at one time or another…or at least threatened to…me included…

as Tom Waits once asked, "whatever happened to saturday night?"…

you can bet that i am very curious about what you think….but, i will tell you now what i think….

we started as strangers and became a "family"…or , at least, a family "type"…basically a pretty healthy happy family…i mean, we hung out together all the time….i do not know about you, but my girlfriend told me more than once that i loved all of you more than i did her…or sure seemed to spend  a  lot of time on this relationship, perhaps  more than that relationship….she might have had a point…or a least a legitimate complaint….

lots invested here all around…..your writing, your photographs, my writing, my mentoring….a nice little creative trade out that seemed to work for all….lots of great photographic  work came from many of you….after all we actually "produced" right here and continue to do so…blog  generated essays…ways of thinking to lead to more work….generous critique from all of us….no "tech talk" , but a lot of "life talk"…

and all based on the assumption that if we are not human beings first, no good "art" could come out  of it…my mantra for all of you to "look in the mirror" sure as hell worked for so many of you, and if nothing else comes out of our time here, then just wait and see when all your  introspective work gets published in the very near future….but looking in the mirror does not always reflect a pretty picture…some digging deep might unearth the very demons that both drive and destroy….other "reflections" reveal an inner strength and peace….so , do we not all learn from each other???

people "out there" really  believed in us…still do….generous donations from anonymous givers have come in this year to be invested in YOU….our Emerging Photographer Fund will continue no matter what and was born from our "family" right here in ethereal blogland…

so what happened to our family that birthed all this incredibly positive stuff?

well, what happened  i think is that we actually became a" real family" ….anybody here know a "real family" that has not seen: dissension, infighting "behind the scenes", angry rants, and signs of weariness ????   sounds pretty familiar to me coming from a very tight loving family….the phrase "dysfunctional family" gets thrown around a lot, so i will throw it around one more time….aren't all "real families" pretty dysfunctional one way or another?? 

if we are a "real family" , then why in hell wouldn't we share all of the characteristics that anybody in their right mind well knows personifies FAMILY ??  i say smiling "too bad", but true…well, what the hell?? at least we've got a roof over our heads!!

so you tell me….should we keep rolling or not??  every single writer here who ever "quit", sooner or later returned..talked into it by their friends they met here….and even a few by  their "sometime enemies"…i can right off the bat  think of two serious clashes from talented photographers here, BOTH of whom i have promised to mentor book projects…and i will….and for anyone else here who shows promise…

do you not think there have been "clashes" among some of the most talented icons you may know??  yet still they form an extended family….ultimate respect born of just flat out acknowledgment and acceptance  that we do not all think alike , photograph alike, nor behave alike…do you not think i have seen this at Magnum for example??  are we not still stronger after all these 61 years of being very very different from each other?? would we be a "happier stronger family" if we all walked , talked and looked alike???  i do not think so… sounds boring to me….sounds stifling to me….

i have always been suspicious of  "families" that were just too too "perfect"…as a matter of fact ,i have seen more divorces among the "happy couples" than the ones who figuratively knock each other around a bit..i also think  we can be honest with each other , yet  show some common decency and respect as well….

so, i think we now sink or swim….choice 100% up to you…not me….i cannot pull off my totally energized ideas now of an online magazine, to be manifested in print as well, without all of you lending a hand…some of you perhaps more "hands on" than others, but we "sink or swim" on the "whole"  …i believe  we are in a position to do great things…unique…first class ticket….i think most of you smell this  too…

our interaction is unparalleled in blogland…you must know that….we have been "here" for each other time and time again…but, should we  take the "next step"??  it is not that "all good things come to an end"…it is that "he who hesitates is lost" or some other tried and true phrase that i cannot think of right now that connotes something like "what the hell, why not give it a shot?"  see, i know already that one of the brilliant writers here will "set this up" just right and be most eloquent…..

yes, everything does seem to be a bit of a mess….it seems that worldwide, things could swing one way or the other….we all feel it….there is promise, there is potential disaster…so, what do we do with our little microcosm of life??  let it stall, or make it fly with the wind???

"troubled waters" or "sea of change" ???? 

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  • succinctly ;)))

    I STAND IN SOLIDARITY with this family….and will do everything i can to help take this Family to the next level: whatever that is: magazine, blogland, drunken revelry, long-drawn out, bloated commentator ;)), or whatever….

    David (dont kill me if i tell them), THIS:

    David Alan Harvey and I became CLOSER/BETTER FRIENDS because of a misunderstanding and an “argument”…and I now feel closer to him than i ever have felt…and this is because the Internet fucks heads, it can get people close to real, but not the real deal…that must always happen in real life…but this place can be a beginning if people use it as that, just as marina and i did, took a long time (2 years) and even a post-meeting misunderstanding, but that misunderstanding actually brought david and i closer…

    that’s what i hope will come from that other thing on the last post…

    ok, now serious, will do the thing i promised david and others recently: to contribute work not comments :)))))

    hugs/love/messy stuff


  • one of my favorite poets, Virginia boy CHARLES WRIGHT

    Shank of the afternoon, wan weight-light
    Undercard of a short month, February Sunday
    Wordlessness of the wrong world
    In the day’s dark niche, the patron saint of what-Goes-Down

    Shuffles her golden deck and deals
    on for you and one for me…
    And that’s it, a single number — we play what we get
    My hand says measure,
    doves on the wire and the first bulb blades
    Edging up through the mulch-mat,
    Inside-out of the winter gum trees,
    A cold harbor, cold stop and two-step, and here it comes,


    Deep measure, deep measure that runnels beneath the bone,
    That sways our attitude and sets our lives to muse;
    Deep measure, down under and death drawn
    Pilgrim, homeboy of false time,
    Listen and set your foot down, listen and step lightly

  • If we listen to each other, we shall know that without one another, like all families, we are lost…

    we have only ourselves and one another to become what we were meant to become from the outset:


    and that is why i shall always be here and help to make all that we all dream possible….

    even if i run over at the mouth ;))))


    going for a walk with dima


  • Troubled waters?

    ALL hands on deck…

  • anyone ever notice how clear and fresh everything seems after a really good storm?


    you sound tired David you are the captain on this ship, am in always with you
    if you want, do you?
    David some time ago i ask you if i can see you in oaxaca is this posible? i am not part of the workshop but this is the oportunity to meet in person our mentor
    Gracias Saludos

  • ….should we keep rolling or not???

    Well David, I vote for rolling!!!! This family you have created has been and IS still a major source of inspiration for so many of us. We come here to learn, have a laugh, see the work of our friends, sometimes argue but who cares, more often we are here to exchange, share our love for photography… This place is alive… we all sense the energy, the passion. You know that I will be always “in” for the ride, for as long and as far as you wish to take us!!!!


  • My 2 cents worth…….

    In most cases in life the good far outweighs the bad. I can’t believe how much goodness and open-heartedness (is that a word?) has evolved from this forum.

    As in life, sometimes people just need to treat others the way they would like to be treated. Yet of course that doesn’t always happen in “real life” either, but it’s always a good start.

    I agree that there is no such thing as a perfect family, sometimes things just turn to shit and are irrevocably damaged. I’ve seen it in my own family…. But… if people step back and genuinely acknowledge their mistakes, foibles etc then plain sailing can get underway. Even then there will certainly be disruptions that can set you off course…. But genuine goodwill can heal a lot of ills….

    Sure a disruption can clear the air, but not everyone thrives on negativity… Hell, there’s enough of that around at the best of times, there’s no need to perpetuate it, or foist it on others…

    Not all of us have the chance to participate as fully as others, but still enjoying being part of this ride, whether bumpy or smooth….

    My vote, let’s keep this relationship going. It’ll have ups and downs but it’s sure as hell not worth throwing the baby out with the bathwater…

    Now, I will get off my soapbox……..

  • I can not keep up with this blog anymore, it is too much for me to read all the comments. I check back at the posts here and there because it is in my google reader, but I can not keep up with the over 400 comments on average on each post. It is utterly amazing that anyone can, really. I used to read all the comments when they were manageable, like between 50 and 100 at most, but now? forgetgboutit. I usually love juicy outbursts, but the last post had 600 comments when I first looked at that post, are you kidding? I am also not good at selling myself or schmoozing and at the ripe old age of 40 ( I know not that old) have given up at schmoozing unless it totally feels natural, which is not often for me, I am not that social, only really social with close friends. So can’t really hone up to that on this blog myself either.

    I think you guys should not give up at all, was it only comments under the last post that went awry? I think discussions and disagreements are the greatest things in life, one that people do not do enough of because of being afraid of etiquette , that is in face to face situations. On the internet in some ways it can open up discussions because people are not as afraid of etiquette on the other hand some people because of that resort to turning into children with a loss of vocabulary and just personal attacks and mudslinging. That always surprises me because the one great thing about discussing and arguing things on the internet through writing back and forth is that one always has the time to think things out and even do immediate research which is not the case with face to face. I personally always rather have arguments and disagreements through writing, because it gives me time to think before I write and usually face to face I don’t do very well.

    It is good to take a lot of philosophy classes, it teaches how to argue hardcore without getting personal, both in writing and face to face.

    Although I do not know what you are talking about since I have not read the comments lately, so maybe I am talking out of the wrong side of my body, if you know what I mean.

  • i say this with Much Love–

    i think a golden opportunity was missed here.
    i think these storms are wonderful teachers
    if only we LOOK INSIDE and ponder our own reactions.
    it is not what is outside of us that disturbs us. it is our perceptions only. we are solely responsible for our reactions. we all reacted very differently because we all had different perceptions of what was being said. the missed opportunity was in examining our own minds which can lead to great personal growth. when i am angry i (try to remember to) look inside to see how i am creating that state of mind for myself. how is my perception skewed right now? i turn my inquiries inward.

    i wanted to ask some people to gently examine why they were getting so riled? but i didn’t. when someone else tried to get an open dialogue going he was cut off completely.

    i think it all could have been a tremendous learning experience with much juicy potential for spiritual/inner growth.
    bountiful crops springing up from the manure.
    i’m sad that the opportunity passed us by.

    DAH said, “my mantra for all of you to
    “look in the mirror”..
    it is sage advice.

    thanks for listening.
    i hope no one is offended by my honesty.


  • Damn ,
    I love

  • as someone who keeps lurking around in this blogspehre on and off, this place has become a place of refuge of sorts, for soaking in great thoughts and keeping abreast of new work in photography…from where i come from, its difficult to access many things that i get to find here so easily, even if it’s virtual, i can still read and see…i maynot be able to have a discussion, but still….
    and seeing some of the photographers’ work coming to fruition from scratch is really a knock out sensation…this whole blog works as inspiration for me ….
    just hope to see this one growing…thanks!

  • Panos,
    It’s great you’re in a loving mood. I think you owe some apologies for your words. Brother.

  • Ok..
    To ALL JEHOVA Snitc..(scratch that)
    .. err.. I mean Witnesses out there..
    I apologize.. Please take me back..
    Sorry.. I lost all of my friends..
    The forum hate me..
    .. also , to all the BOY SCOUT members
    out there .. I’m sorry..
    Not “PANOS JPEG”..
    ( ok , I just stole Akaky’a idea about
    Akaky & Akaky IRL..)
    Panos JPEG..
    Is a great Christian and republican..
    Listens to Bill O’Riley everyday..
    Panos RAW..
    Says .. FUCK U ALL ( that goes to the
    fake bitches in here ONLY)..
    Disgusting moderators..
    (.. Like I don’t know who is behind that
    Mike Robot .. Right now.. Instigating..)
    ( .. Jigga please..)
    Come on.. Next Robot in line..!!
    Not running
    Not dissapearing..
    Just sitting next to…
    Oh forget it , you don’t need to know..
    So many Robots in here..
    I feel like my governor tonight..
    Like the “terminator no13..”
    Like I said earlier..
    I don’t LOVE YOU ALL..

  • Not instigating, Panos, and with all respect. You crossed a line and I think you should own that.

  • .. and one last think..
    I don’t wanna hear shit no more.
    about LA.. or my home Cali..!!
    Feel me..
    Stop insulting my home..
    I’m so sensitive tonight..

  • Mike,
    Again.. With all my respect.. for real..
    I’m ppicky.. Way too picky..
    I don’t give my love that easy..
    or respect..
    People, ALL, doesn’t matter if it’s photography
    Or fatherhood..
    Just because you love photography
    ,and I believe YOU DO,
    Doesn’t automatically makes you a great
    Just because you have a kid(s)…
    That doesn’t make you a GREAT FATHER..
    You see what I meant??
    Does that sound angry..???
    Come on now.. Have a beer on me..

  • Panos, I’m not giving you shit… I am saying own what you said, and apologize if you can. I think you should. At least to David B and Rafal. That’s it.

  • Who would really be the last to turn the lights out on this party? Not this one.

  • David, you have been way helpful to me, just by being available. My edits are better, and my work evolves. (See website)

    About the blog, that is your call. I wish I could offer real advice.

    That’s all for now.



  • please … Michael A S…
    please offer your opinion…
    it is valuable…
    you are a GREAT FRIEND…

  • We swim my Captain, my Captain

    even at choppy waters

  • Panos, seriously… will you offer an apology or not?

  • David, Absolutely no one ever said anything about swimming or sinking.

    Believe me, no matter how you saw it as a new dawn, new opportunities arising, thAT one line you wrote “january, first, blog over” started a chain of emotions, most under the radar, but not less potent for that, which explain the later mood on the blog.

    That message was and is still confusing. Only yesterday, did I undertsand the magazine was to be online, not paper-published. Or maybe I misunderstood again.

    I am sure I am not the only one who thinks that the end of the blog would happen because we can imagine it is simply too much time-consuming for you, maybe emotionally too (as your GF felt). Being a guy always on the move, and a doer, it seems natural that a thing that has kept you busy for 2 years in relatively the same way, would need to become a more productive outfit, and less of a catch all forum.

    Tell us exactly, after Oaxaca (maybe in Bangkok, I am afraid you won’t make it there though), what you were envisionning. Too many of us have been excluded from the thougt process that would have the blog seemingly terminated and an online magazine takes its place.

    To claim family like ties, and have some here tell us” well, that’s his blog, he can do whatever he wants” just sounds a bit odd. Not the same thing.

    I would not worry about personalities, rants and who said what to whom. Photography will select the men from the boys (and the women from the girls). People who happen to be not exactly what they project to be on the forum, a constant fixture of any virtual forum, will eventually get their comeuppance without the need for anyone to finger-point at them.

    Also, know that we have all operated in the last week, under that premise that the blog is living its last weeks. With little to chew about as to what would come next, that does invite feeling negative.

  • ok… mike…
    … but “what”…. exactly … in your opinion … offended
    our two friends over here…?
    … except from “reposting” the comments of the 1st person…
    ( copyright piracy- i apologize..)…
    but other than that..
    like freida said… i only expressed my feelings and my feelings only…
    why Mike??????
    ok… now !!!!

    .. need to watch some porn……. lots of insomnia lately……..
    i quit smoking the “weed”…….shit…. 10 days now…….

    peace & hugs !!!!!!

  • Also, David, remember when you are telling us about the people who read only, the “lurkers”, being as much part of the blog as anyone else.

    I find the first loss of nipping the blog would be to lose that readership, all the more sad because most of us would have no idea of the loss.

  • Panos you really remind me of professor Snape ala the the Harry Potter books. People might not have liked him throughout the books and people may have similar feelings towards you, but in end you find out that he was really working for the greater good of things (he was in love with Harry’s dead mother) just as you are in love with photography. Isn’t that why any of us are really here? I love going out on a Saturday and devoting it to nothing but maxing out my memory cards, and reading your positive comments helps me implement things into my everyday shooting methods I might not have done on my own. As Lara stated she doesn’t have time to read through all the comments, that said I doubt that anyone, anywhere have the same exact life views and that’s what makes for compelling photographs. I’m what I would call a democrat, yet I listen to Rush Limbough and watch O’reilly and that what I like to call being informed. If you shut down this part of your website, it will just be another long hard search for someone that really knows what the f$#@ their talking about, and I’ve searched and there’s really nothing out there. People please quit fighting and start listening, and David please keep teaching, I can’t afford workshops and this forum is good as a forum can get.

  • Panos… so it’s a no, I’m guessing. You’ve incurred a debt, brother. You owe us all for your nonsense.

  • Michael McGowan…!
    I dont know you , but you sound really honest…
    yes… start listening..
    thank you Michael… stay positive…

    “…Panos you really remind me of professor Snape ala the the Harry Potter books. People might not have liked him throughout the books and people may have similar feelings towards you, but in end you find out that he was really working for the greater good of things (he was in love with Harry’s dead mother)…”
    .. Michael… really cool …
    loves it… ;-)
    peace & hugs

  • Panos

    There is always time to say, no matter what if I hurt your feelings I apologize.
    This is not so hard to do.

  • own your words

  • not laughing. apologize.

  • The interwebs would be a darker place without this blog. We can go much further and do some cool stuff! Besides you always regret what you DID’NT do way more than what you did do. I’m in. What can I do to help?

    Stalling? Just means we need to go faster ;-)

  • DAVID, I’m for see of change. As FDR said “There is nothing to fear but fear itself”. As for the magazine; I presume that it is online? If so I would like to see something like The 37th Frame – or even a merger. As Erica said in the previous post, Dispatches produces both an online and a paper quarterly magazine. I’d like to see a continually updated online mag like 37th Frame with a quarterly magazine like Dispatches. My two cents.

    PANOS RAW – I like it. I’m a dad, I wasn’t offended: within the Panos-Speak you made some good points: not for everyone to follow but maybe for some. Some people can barely look after themselves, never mind children. They shouldn’t even have a pet! Others are brilliant mothers and fathers and others adopt and save children from a life of neglect. Enough.

    Good light and laughing children to all,

    Mike R.

  • David,

    I think we should keep going but I also like your idea of evolution. I think the blog was for the most part a great place, but after a couple of years evolution is natural. I think the magazine is the natural step forward and I cant wait to see it come to fruition.

  • i finally got back an internet connection… and i came back to this… previous post & coments, and this one… troubled waters indeed… but i’m sure we will overcome

    ‘freedom of speech’

    does not equal

    ‘opening the floodgates whenever i feel like it’

    “responsibility” for one’s words is an important factor in exercising one’s freedom of speech.

    panos, i love you, you know that, but you cannot use the “toughness” of your own life to give legitimacy to your opinions.

    omg i used the “cannot” word… sorry

    (the part of children/no children is, as far as i’m concerned, not relevant in this case. i respect those opinions, and strong cases can be made, both ways.)

    i don’t think i’ve ever offered a strong opinion here, and i’m guessing this was the only time.

    i feel saddened, because i feel the reality of my own “tough” life has been ridiculed here, as well as my actions (not my words) towards this community

    i’m saddened, in such a way that i find it difficult to “recharge” my energy for the upcoming workshop, or posting here

    i’m saddened, because great guy david b needlessly got hurt. you know what i did last week? i went out and searched for days and found and sent a PRESENT to celebrate the birth of Tor Capa.

    i am a man of actions, not words, so i beg you all:

    walk the walk, don’t talk the talk.

    know that i love you all



  • Please keep going … change, yess … adapt to new circumstances, yess … but do not stop.

    Do not let the feeling of having a stone in the shoe mess up the wonderful road trip. Sit down, take the shoe off, check it, maybe it is just the sock that got a wrinkle, straighten everything out, put the shoe on again, and … enjoy the wonderful “road trip”.

    It is more difficult to do these things online. Not in person. But sometimes it has advantages too. Only … as it is difficult … we all have a responsibility here. Like in a family not only responsibility for one self but also for the larger group.

    See … while everyone was arguing here, Neil wrote me an email inviting me to stay at his place if I ever felt like taking my project to Edinburgh! I did not ask him to do that. And he did not post it here in the open either … Neil and I have met once at Perpignan, specifically at the meeting where David wanted to talk to us about the blog’s future, and that was it. I think we shaked hands and introduced each other. Not more. And now this… so quiet … but so incredibly helpful for me, as I am financing all these travels by myself.
    I am not sure if he is happy that I am telling this here — please forgive me Neil, but it is for a bigger cause.
    I am telling it, so that everybody sees that there are more things being born out of this blog, quiet & beautiful & very valuable things.

    And if I mention Neil, I have to mention Bob, who, also yesterday as he read that I was going to Charlotte NC, proposed to make a contact to his brother and his wife, who happen to live there …

    And I have to mention Panos too, who, also yesterday, amidst all the trouble, found the time to sent me an important information I was seeking and not finding.

    There were many more things that happened and so many more wonderful people offering their help and support – I choose to tell you about what went on only yesterday, because yesterday was the day where everything in my eyes seemd to be falling apart here in the open.
    But as you can see … this is not the whole truth … there is so much more going on here. Do not forget this please.

    Let us move on on this road trip. Who knows what will be behind the next hilltop? Let us go and find out!

    David, I do not know how I can help with the magazine … I am not an accomplished writer and my projects will need so much more time before I can post a relevant piece of them…
    But if you have something in mind where I could be of help, please let me know and I will be there!

    Off to work,

  • ANTON,

    please do “recharge” your energy for the upcoming workshop… I am sure it will be very special. Day of the DEAD in Mexico is something I have wanted to cover for some time…I thought I was going to go this year but will have to wait for another time… I have lots of Mexican friends at work that keep telling me that if this is one thing to go and photograph this is this event so…. please have the batteries full and bring us back a wonderful essay with some insights on what happens there…


    How can you say that you are not an accomplished writer :):):)? I love your sentence:

    Do not let the feeling of having a stone in the shoe mess up the wonderful road trip. Sit down, take the shoe off, check it, maybe it is just the sock that got a wrinkle, straighten everything out, put the shoe on again, and … enjoy the wonderful “road trip”.

    Lassal, we love your words and high spirit!!! I just saw your note at the end of the very last post… Well my friend, will look for a post card from here… Ohio will be waiting for you if you can make it… I have a large house here if you are not afraid of stopping by a place with 2 marvellous kids who do not stop running around…

    TO ALL-

    I would like to cheer us all up this morning but the link that I am about to share will certainly not achieve this… It will not cheer you but might touch you and help us put things into perspective….I was just checking the Media Storm site this morning and found this topic “Intended Consequences” about the genocide in Rwanda…

    This subject touched me even more as this is an event that I have read a lot about at the time and after and actually had some friends from Rwanda…why do men want to fight and kill one another… I still do not understand sometimes what goes in some people’s head… the evil side of humanity… I see this and keep thinking of the words that Jim Nachtwey shared with all at Look3… so easy to hate, so difficult to love and do good around you….


  • Dear friends,

    When I left NY I was very upset. I had gone there explicitly to work with DAH on a very specific issue–how to bring that look of the NY workshop last year into my personal work. I allowed FEAR (False Evidence Appearing Real) to prevent me from accomplishing that.

    Over the next few days I did talk with DAH via email about the issue and it was resolved but I felt bad that I had allowed misunderstandings to stand in the way of learning what DAH so willingly offered me.

    I have been traveling a lot; I went to Clarksville, TN to see my daughter after NY and we all went to Lexington, KY for two days. There I met Andrew B and his lovely family and we all spent many hours exploring what Lexington was about. That last night Andrew and I spent a couple of hours at a table off to the side of a noisy fun factory style establishment looking over my photos while our kids played. Over the two days when we were together we talked photography and I feel richer and wiser for having met a fellow blogger.

    When I left Lexington a week ago I stopped in at Bachelor #2’s home (gun toting guy) to re-shoot some of my favorite shots in the light that DAH is teaching me about. However, Web was very ill and the photos I got were not the re-shoots but photos of another nature–his illness (he seemed to be having a series of mini strokes) and his love of his guitar.

    That last day of travel was miserable; I had been up in the night with Web and I had somehow managed to catch a flu bug and pulled into my hotel late. I have been holed up in this hotel (albeit a nice one and a favorite) recovering ever since. Though it sounds like lots of bad stuff happened on this last leg, the reality of it is that just like always what needs to happen happens.

    Though I missed an opportunity to edit my work that Saturday afternoon in NY with DAH and the gang, I began to understand over the next week what he was trying to teach me about light. Sharing my work with Andrew I continued to see the differences in my work and how that affected an essay.

    Web was revealed in a way I have not seen before. Bachelor #1 has quit drinking and we are healing again. As you can tell there are many stories not shared here but it doesn’t matter.

    What matters is that in the end what you need is revealed. That is what I feel about this blog. The next step seems very obvious to me–we have outgrown this and we are evolving to the next step–the on-line magazine. I picked up the latest JPeg magazine and I think we are ready for the next step.

    On line magazine with stories told by the family formed over the past two years would be extremely exciting, fun and could actually be profitable. I don’t see us in paper form due to many factors, the biggest being the downturn in the economy.

    DAH, at this time I am ready to offer you any assistance you need in this area. Let’s take this thing to the next level; I think we are bored with this one. Not bored with each other but from what has happened over the last few days it appears we are ready for the next step–the natives are restless.

    I leave for Maui on the 30th and will be working with my friend on a book of my Sufi photos. I plan on being home for a while (except for a short trip in December for the annual Sufi gathering) so I have time and resources to assist you David.

    Much love, light, color and mood,



    SIDDHARTHA H above wrote “from where i come from, its difficult to access many things that i get to find here so easily, even if it’s virtual, i can still read and see…i maynot be able to have a discussion, but still….”

    To me, this has always been the primary beauty of the blog, that it reaches out and embraces people who really care about photography and learning and sharing and may not have a physical photo community ..I am here in NYC, and I don’t ‘need’ the blog to keep me connected, up to date about photo goings-on, to break a sense of isolation..I can take the subway over to DAH’s place, I can meet Mike and Preston and Andrew and the people who blow in through NYC for talk and camaraderie..and I feel that it is a privilege to be able to share what I experience and have access to. It would be a real loss to take away the nourishment that comes in many forms from the people who desire it most.

    ERIC / ALL

    I posted the same link to Intended Consequences in the middle of the storm on the previous thread for the same reason..not to devalue or cast into a shadow the hurt anyone has experienced here on the blog, but to encourage us all to find our peace..and Tanguy posted it too toward the end of the thread, so that is 3 of us seeing its relevance at this moment..


    who reached to me in the the last thread..though I may not ‘need’ this place in the above mentioned way, the greatest benefit I have received form it is that of an experience of goodness, of caring, of community. Look at the concern, the encouragement, the understanding, that has come..sincerely thank you for giving.

    I KNOW what a time commitment it can be to contribute, to keep up, it can feel like a part time job sometimes, it can feel ridiculous and extraneous at times, it can creep in to one’s “real” life in undesired ways..but all in all, I have known goodness and friendship here. Many of us know each other only through our words, and that is perhaps an inherently problematic aspect of the virtual..from ‘actions speak louder than words’, and ‘you will know them by their fruit’ and ‘talk is cheap’, it is echoed that without action we are only receiving part of the my quiet request for all is that we try to remember that in both reading and writing here..for the health of the whole.

  • I am one of those lurkers, and am just starting to see what this blog/forum is really all about and it would a shame to see it go away. I met Harvey back in 2004 at a Santa Fe workshop. I wasn’t taking a workshop by him but ever since I met him I had wanted the opportunity to be a part of one of his workshops. But workshops cost money and this forum sees to be next best thing for those of us who can’t afford such things. Please keep this ship afloat.


  • Did Panos offend anyone in person ? Nope.
    His original post sounded more like a reaction to single parents.
    …. Why are there demands about ” apologies” ??? For whom ? Any single, disadvantaged parents out there ??????
    Brava Panos !

  • I’m one of the original members of this family (or al least I believe I’m) but today I’m only a visitor that comes and go once in a while…a stranger for most of you..

    The family grew to big for me…at the beginning it was a very simple gathering….my english was not that important because conversations were very simple…the simple joy of photography was the biggest motivation… to me, that simplicity was even bigger comming from a guy that was so famous and at the same time so capable of getting close to all of us.

    Now the family is too big…to many members and to many emotions…more of a traditional family..

    Many years ago I bought a Harley….I dream to have one for 15 years and I finally did. Everybody laugh at me because I used to ride it once a week….a 1 hour ride to the beach and then, back to the garage…people say …how can you use that thing only once a week…something that is so expensive?…they never got it…the Harley was a scape, a pause of everything else that was so traditional and repetitive…a experience… therapy to re-charge batteries..and then…back to the world….and that’s exactly what this blog was for me at the beginning….a pause just to share a passion….to recharge batteries from bills, egos and frustrations of everyday’s life.,,now, maybe it’is a little intimidating…maybe because I don’t live from photography….maybe becacause I still prefer to have that kind of a “Harley’s feeling”…

    I hope that David will continue with all of this..maybe I don’t participate that much….but I’m always backstage listening..I have received great advice and support from him from the very beginning,,,now, with 500 posts on each article is more difficult, but he’s always around.

  • David, I think you should keep this going, but maybe it needs to look different? Not sure what that could be. Yes this is a troubled time, and one in which photographers need to stick together. As I have chosen to get out of this business to go back to graduate school, this has been a place that keeps me motivated to keep doing the projects I want to do. To do the projects I would shoot (and do) for free, purely for the love of photography.

  • ALL,

    As Erica put it: “All hands on deck”, I agree. This is how we all should play it – wherever this place ends up becoming.

    My post yesterday (on other page – thanks ERIC to put the Rwanda link again), ended up with:

    “Less Talk, more rock”

    I meant that we ALL have to go back to what it truly important here!

    Listen to Siddhartha Hajra…
    To what it is like when youu can access to thsi whole world through the eyes of so many people!!!
    And to have a life/photo “guru” (sorry DAH ;) as our captain seaman to get us to look at who we are (& so much more) !

    Listen to Carlos…
    I remember reading this blog more than a year ago in Asia, thanks to a fellow DAH blog lurker… I enjoyed it all and kept coming back. I only recently stopped blogging, basically cause I met some of you in real life (all this thanks to this place!). This is kinda unique for a lot of us!

    The sea always looks better after a storm, the crew feels more of a family… And everyone can look at the clear blue horizon and enjoy the sun, and enjoy the laughs, and enjoy the stories, and enjoy a good coffee and a refreshing beer… (before everyone gets back to their work and talk about photography! – damn it!)

    Anyways, keep it alive !


  • Do we have any photographer from Japan here?


    Thanks for the link to the Don McCullin interview.

    What do you need to know about Japan? I don’t live there now, but I lived in Japan for almost twenty years. Maybe I can be helpful???

  • and here is one of my favorite poets not commenting on the situation we find ourselves in here:

    “Oh, the monkeys have no tails in Zamboanga,
    Oh, the monkeys have no tails in Zamboanga,
    Oh, the monkeys have no tails,
    They were bitten off by whales,
    Oh, the monkeys have no tails in Zamboanga.

    Oh, the carabao have no hair in Mindanao,
    Oh, the carabao have no hair in Mindanao,
    Oh, the carabao have no hair,
    Holy smoke! But they are bare,
    Oh, the carabao have no hair in Mindanao.

    Oh, the birdies have no feet in Mariveles,
    Oh, the birdies have no feet in Mariveles,
    Oh, the birdies have no feet,
    They were burned off by the heat,
    Oh, the birdies have no feet in Mariveles.

    Oh, we’ll all go up to China in the spring time,
    Oh, we’ll all go up to China in the spring time,
    Oh, we’ll hop aboard a liner,
    I can think of nothing finer,
    Oh, we’ll all go up to China in the spring time.

    Ob, we’ll all go down to Shanghai in the fall,
    Ob, we’ll all go down to Shanghai in the fall,
    Oh, we’ll all get down to Shanghai,
    Those champagne corks will bang high,
    Oh, we’ll all go down to Shanghai in the fall.

    Oh, we lived ten thousand years in old Chefoo.
    Oh, we lived ten thousand years in old Chefoo.
    And it didn’t smell like roses,
    So we had to hold our noses,
    Oh, we lived ten thousand years in old Chefoo.”

  • I’m with Ross.. David, I read each and every one of your posts, and if I stay up late enough sometimes I get around to the comment section… I appreciate what you write and that you are a mentor to all of us… especially me. Please keep it up. Pay no mind to the dissenters… people are either NOT REAL or TOO REAL when posting blog comments.

  • Sidney

    Twenty years?! Wow…

    I have some basic questions.
    How people react for photographer? In cities and the country side. You know, different countries different rules.
    When is the best time for travel for photographers?
    I am not photojournalist but I would like do some journalistic job there, so what do you think there will be problem get some permission for shooting in factories for example?
    They are open for foreign artists?

    I have few big photo dreams. I want go to syberia or something like that, I want shoot fishermans at work, and I want go to japan do some extraordinary work there :)

    During next year I want finish some stuff, make some exhibitions, and after that get some money for one big trip. In poland we have many institutions with stipends. I try get one for my trans project, but I think it was too early. I need a few good exhibitions first.

    I saw movie about japan today and just wondering about…..
    I need stright plan for next year.

    Japan would be great, is’nt it?


    I must go out now and do errands, but later today I will email you with more detailed information and advice. In some ways it is very easy to photograph in Japan, especially people on the street. Getting permission to go inside anywhere is a very different story.

    David also has much experience working in Japan and you should ask him for his view also at a time when he is available. I think maybe right now he is on the way to Oaxaca (?).

    Talk to you soon.

  • Hello everyone.

    I’ve been out of the loop for a bit but not out of mind.

    I really want to let you know that I have an opening in PARIS on Nov 1st. It’s a Cobain retrospective in conjunction with the French premiere of the doc film I worked on “Kurt Cobain About A Son.”

    info link here:

    Anyway, I know there are a few Parisians in the “family” here and it would be lovely to meet you in person. Paris is such a photographer’s city and it’s an honor to have a show there (though part of me wishes it was for my new book, CYPHER but that’s how it goes).

    Hope to see you there! And I’ll be in Paris from the 29th to the 6th if any of you would like to get a drink/meal and/or show me something special (I’ll have camera(s) in tow).

    All the best,


  • SIDNEY …

    could I get a cc: of the mail to Marcin?
    I’ll be travelling to Japan next Spring for my project. Originally I wanted to stay a week and hurry back to work but … that would be kind of stupid … So now I am thinking of making a shinkanzen roundtrip …
    There is this Japan Rail Pass, which sounds interesting to me :)

    MARCIN …
    maybe we can meet there???

  • ‘Getting permission to go inside anywhere is a very different story.’

    Oh… I was worry about… :(


    In Japan?

  • Wow congratulations Charles, that truly sounds exciting!!!

    Wish I could be there and join in. Would be nice to meet you …


  • Marcin,

    yes, in Japan!!! :)

    I am meeting some people there … and my timing kind of depends on them. It will be around April/May. Waiting for the last informations before I book a flight. But hopefully will book soon to keep the prices down.

  • Charles,
    All my congratulations !! I regret I cannot come to Paris at the moment…
    Best regards, audrey


    keep going… GREAT…
    UP IN BROOKLYN, i briefly met a cool cat, called TIM RIPLEY…
    … HE told me the best words about you..
    again, congrats…

  • Charles

    Congratulation! It looks fantastic.


    I have just idea now. I need schedule for next year. It will be easier if I will know what I want shoot. But I am thinking very serious about.

  • Hey Charles,

    … wish I could be at your show in Paris, it would’ve cool to talk… Now in NY, I’ll tell a few parisians to go check it out…
    Some of the pics on your site sure brought me back to some sweet times… Nirvana, Sonic Youth, L7, Soundgarden, Pearl Jam…
    I probably saw heeps of your photos back then, not knowing you…

    Listening to SY’s “Daydream Nation” right now… Thanks, and have a great show in Paris (Enjoy!) – Cypher will have its time too ;))

    All the best,

  • I wanted to let my two English teachers ERICA/ SYDNEY know that I have finally corrected my typos :):):)…

    Thanks again….


  • DAH – i personally like the format you have here. i have met wonderful people and have been introduces to some incredible work. obviously, i will be there where ever this goes…. but i do like it the way it is.

    CHARLES – congratulations!

    DAVID B – do not let one person stop you from sharing your new family and feelings about it. we all love hearing about the new little one and i look forward to seeing a picture soon.

    LASSAL – you have a place to stay here in DC!!!

  • ERICA / ERIC and anyone else that posted the Rwanda link.
    That was incredible. The interview with Jonathan Torgovnik
    is one of the most powerful things regarding a photographers struggles and ability to overcome obstacles I have seen in a long time. At once horrifying and inspiring.

  • DAVID & ALL,

    Despite having a modest participation, I’ve been learning a lot and also making new good friends around here.
    The interaction is amazing and the differences natural.
    As some blog mates said it’s hard to follow up all the threads but I don’t worry anymore. I try to participate when possible and as possible, but always in a constructive way.
    The eventual rants and misunderstandings are not unusual for those who are used to be in other forums. There are different ways to deal with that, and I honestly don’t which one is the best, or if there is a best one.
    I can only sy I enjoy to be here, to be part of this family if I can say so, even if not as participative as I’d like to be.
    I am another one to stay onboard!


    Congratulations about your premiere in Paris!
    Visiting your site I’d highlight some beautiful photos at your galleries unicef, travel and “touch me I’m sick”. Also liked the horizontal navigation.

    ERICA, ERIC, LASSAL, BOB, PATRICIA and others who shared some wise words here.

    Thanks for the pleasant reading!

    All the best,
    Ari B.

  • For me every single step means evolution. And evolution is Life. And one thing is for sure, every thing that happens is for something, and behind all, even the worst situations, there is always something positive: a learning. We all need evolution, even our dear DAH, that’s why we are always searching, communicating, fighting, sharing, learning…. And to keep the evolution rolling there is only one thing to do: keep it going. With the effort of every one, with the steps of everyone.
    So I’m in the boat ready to face all the storms ahead and ready for change. With the sweat of our brow and the courage in our hearts…. Gentlemen, Hoist the Colors!! and keep it alive!


    That Kurt Close Up photo is just great! And really made me think of getting a plane to be at the opening… But it is next weekend!! Too soon to organize…. or maybe not? :D


    So nice to read you around again!



  • I think some type of format change is beneficial. For example I miss the one long page vs. Multi page posts. We have outgrown the current format but not this community of personalities.

    This blog has influenced my thoughts for the last year and half.
    I constanly think of DAH’s advice, especially when I go for a jog/run. I have also looked in the mirror and as a result, been disappionted in myself, scared to move to the next level in photography, yet somehow optimistic for the future.

    The artists/ people on here inspire with the work being done.
    I aspire to do the same some day.
    Please keep it going.
    Keep it up please.

  • Thanks for the nice comments everyone. I spent a couple of days in Paris this summer and I really look forward to visiting again. A wonderful place. It will be interesting to see the reaction to my images vs the states.


    Yes, I must meet up with Tim and get the lowdown on the loft session. Sounds amazing what little he told me. Hope I can participate someday, either receiving or transmitting (or both).
    Have you seen the new book yet?


    I like the free forming of this blog though at times it can be a bit much (like when you’ve been away and see there’s 600 plus posts on an given topic!). One thing DAH may want to consider is a separate thread where members of the family can post about such things as shows, books, projects etc. and chat and keep up about those things and therefore try and keep the main thread a bit more on topic. Just a consideration.

  • not an important shot but…. none the less I missed it… I was walking up and down overland cuz I’ve got nothing to do until my next shoot and I missed capturing a photo of a guy stealing a political sign… Zut!!! I missed it!

    You brought tears in my eyes
    I’ve seen your photos..
    Curt/ Mudhoney..
    I need to see the book also ..
    Really though..
    Memories.. Pain.. Memories..
    I need to come up in your “hometown”
    and say hi sometime soon…
    I keep looking at those photos over and over..
    Thank you master..
    You touched my soul..
    Thank you CHARLES…

  • Katia,

    Reading your (earlier) post today was inspirational.
    Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

    I’m a sometime reader but not a poster (way too shy) – I would very much miss all the insightful posts here.

    DAH – Please don’t go away.

  • David, You are very simply stuck with us, El Presidente, 100%, no abstention! ;-)

    Charles, I saw your book lately. Wasn’t sure then, you are an infrequent poster here, but now I know that was it, The Grunge scene in Seattle, yep!

  • It never really occurred to me that I could or should post. Leave that to the next gal. I think I have read every single post and would really like to see the blog live on. I learn a lot and it inspires me to work harder.


    Very sweetly funny to me, as I could equally write that it never really occurred to me that I couldn’t or shouldn’t post :) …I love that you wrote now..and I think this is a great time for all lurkers to say how they feel about this place that DAH built..I for one would love to hear your voices..


    I just emailed both of you with some basic info about Japan. If you have more specific questions please feel free to contact me.


  • marcin if you have any interest on learning The Japanese language email me and I’m confident you could be achieve high level fluency to maximize your trip there.

  • another lurker / reader

    i’m a lurker, it’s true…

    i do appreciate DAH’s nuggets about pursuing photography and admire many things about him, including but not limited to his boundless energy, complete and utter commitment to photography, generosity in helping others, sharp eye and sharp mind.

    would i miss this blog if it disappeared? not really… because i’m not fully invested as so many of you are… but you seem to be a small core community, an insiders group, mostly patting each other on the back (apparently there have been problems on and off the blog, i’m not sure what all that was about)…

    i’m sure if i had a bunch of friends here i’d feel differently; you’re a group that has come to depend on one another for daily dialog. i understand that – i’m a freelance professional photographer and have been for 25 years, it can be a super lonely way of life.

    DAH says many editors etc watch this blog… for the few super talents here that might pay off but for most of the constant posters here i think that those editors won’t be where the value is here…

    my two cents!

  • PETE M and ALL.

    Been driving from NM to SOCAL the last couple of days…looks like I missed a lot.

    Multi tasking now…

    My friend TEWFIC El-Sawy of The Travel Photographer wrote about PETE and his 37th Frame on Tuesday. I “introduced” the two of them..Glad it worked out :))

    I read Tewfic’s blog daily. HIGHLY recommend it…lots of PJ and documentary work highlighted here. Great multi media projects, etc.

    Of course you all know about Pete by now. :))

  • DAVID and ALL.

    Should we keep rolling? OF COURSE…

    In the spirit of the election and REAL change (not just talk about change) I would not be opposed to tweaking things around here a bit.

    As the first “outsider” to enter the blog (along with Akaky and Michael Kircher…where is Michael these days btw?) I LOVE this blog but have come to realize that I have much more of a life when I am not trying to keep up here. :)) Frankly I would rather be shooting or editing than reading about who is fighting with who…It is not up to me what form the blog takes, I will try to participate as best I can regardless…

    BUT… since I have no idea what the “magazine” will include or not include I would say that a VERY IMPORTANT aspect of the blog is the “pre-magazine” editing help that is given here and the discussions about work that inspire the shooting. So far I have not heard that this will be part of the magazine. I can’t really imagine how this could be part of the magazine. This blog is the pre-magazine forum so to have the magazine without the blog seems like cutting off a finger to focus on the hand (kind of a gross analogy but it’s what came to me and hey, it works :))


  • Well said Cathy.
    Agree on every single point.
    Couldn’t have said it better myself.
    Capiche! Grazie.

  • I think the blog, as an undercurrent, needs to continue, but can be buried in the online magazine.

  • Sidney

    Many many thanks for your mail!
    Now I have a plan! I am going to Japan! (or I hope so) I will try get money from “outside”! It will be not easy, but not impossible. But i think it’s a very good idea!

    Many thanks :)

  • great to see so many new voices being expressed..

    of course the blog has to continue..
    D A H
    the far fling benefits of this blog are way beyond those who post in the comments.. your posts provide an insight.. and have been fascinating.. and remain so.. apart from the now 2 posts where you have had to step in to pacify.. which makes me angry.. ashamed and miserable.. since you deserve better from those you would help.

    so – please think carfully about the silent masses reading you who are ‘doing it’ just as well as those that comment.
    in perspective – remember that these are just comments.. comments alone..

    personally – i’m not going to post anymore.
    a couple of things have hit..
    1 – i don’t really have time, now that for the first time i actually have a real family to speak of.. a new and wonderful thing.
    2 – i feel like i have stumbled into the wrong classroom.. ‘another lurker / reader’ has said what i would echo, in part..

    i came into photography for my own reasons.. very young.
    taught myself.. and have only ever depended upon myself to achieve photographically what i have wanted to achieve – that’s just the way it has been for me personally. that’s where i am going back to again.. there are plenty of places to read about / discuss and interact on the subject of photography and that’s where i’ll be.

    it’s been a refreshing change from shooting my projects, and of course there are friends here i have been / am emailing with and will continue to do so.. a rare and beautiful thing.
    however, i have managed to achieve more in my time while working quietly towards my goals and so it’s back that way i am heading.. the investment of time on here is taking away from investing in my practice, in short, and i want every spare moment to be devoted to editing and shooting right now..

    still editing my archive, still wandering back and back through my negatives and of course still shooting every day – life does not get much better./ although 2009 is going to be a corker..

    thanks all for the intelligent musings.. there has been a shift in my perspective for which i’m really grateful.
    if you would like to stay in touch, email or check my blog.. a bunch of you who’s email i have already will soon be getting the story of my love affair and birth of our unbeatable son in photos..

    DAH – in early 2007 you offered me a white russian and if the offer still stands i’m going to ensure i take it up in the near future.

    ANY help needed with the EPF – i’m in.. i’d be much happier working in the background and in a more tangible way – so please consider..

    see you on the other side..
    love and pea’s to all without exception
    david, beate and tor capa.

    ps – photography.

  • Marcin, Lassal.
    Contact me via if you need any Japan info, been here over 6 years and have lots of ideas though little time to see them through at the moment. But that was the last post and I didn`t have time to comment on that. Just as well by the sound of it, don`t know can`t read 600 comments :)
    Anyway maybe I can help here in Tokyo, at least pointing you in the direction of the right train, you guys are talented so not sure how much help I`ll be re. photograpy advice but I have some contacts and am at your disposal.
    Would like to say, as an occasional poster here but longtime reader, that to me this sort of possible future meeting is what this place is about. I dislike the purely cyber reality of some relationships. Believe me I have seen where that type of reality leads here in Japan with what are called Hikikomori. To me coming here was always to hope that you would oneday meet some of the people that you have “met” here in the real world because their passion for photography is obvious. I barely know everyone here but I know, if we met somewhere, we`d have this in common, the characters we could share stories and opinions about, the work we`d seen that moved and tested us. We`d talk and get along for sure because even our first meeting would find us swapping histories. I know also that anyone I met would inspire me. Your good sides comes out in the art you produce: it creates ideas in me and teaches; and also makes me feel lazy sometimes. And I`m not: I put every spare moment into photography, but as someone said before about that most confusing of posters, Panos, Like or dislike him you cannot help but feel his passion and you can take one of his comments (or any other`s) and use it to motivate yourself. David`s wisdom guides the fruits of those brave enough to post their images and ideas here and from those too we can learn and loosen and experiment as all of us here look, read and learn from each other. In reality, in a crueler world without the likes of Mr. Harvey in it we would all be paying for this good education in workshops and lectures and it is the greatest measure of the man`s true belief in our passion for photography and inate goodness and kindred feeling with each other that David gives as much as he does – for FREE!!!
    Because we are meant to help each other as David helps us. We would all bend over backwards to help David if he came through our town and needed a place to crash, a ride, a roll of film or a whatever. If this is a family, as is hoped, we should be that generous to all. Be it advice of the pratical kind as I hope to offer Marcin and Lassal should they need it, or here in this forum, to help the motivation, the direction of another`s energies to improve their art. Direct, blunt words my help some, more gentle cajoling may be needed for others to realize their own dreams. The person the words are directed at will know which feels best, others should wait to see if offence is taken before berating the opinion maker and if it is we should all ask that the offender say sorry. Because I love it here, though it does make me feel lazy, and we should all try and keep it friendly and generous as a show of gratitude to the man who made it happen.
    My two Yen`s worth.

  • Damon

    Thanks for your offer. I will contact with you when I’ll sure I am going to. I and my wife spend whole morning discussed bout possibilities for this trip. It coud work!

    If anyone need my advice I am on your service. I think it is the spirit of this place!


  • I left a long time ago, since to me this place became some kind of myspace, it converted into a kind of: want to be noticed and want to be seen… something that happens in many communities around the net. often I ask myself if people have no life beside the internet, or where they take the time to visit all these online communities, many names you can find around the same places…

    … amazing email, thank you!!!! Will write you soon …

    thank you so much to offer your help. It sounds like we / I could need it there. I will write you an email as soon as I can …

    :D !!!
    I have warned you: I am really coming to DC!
    Thanks so much …

    ditto here … I am so thankful for this offer you are giving me. It is such a huge help.
    I’ll write separately …
    (btw, I LOVE kids! :)

    … will definitively have to write you an email soon!!!!

    yeah, good to be back … but … strange too … Things evolved … They are multilayered here and it seems that every layer is moving into a different direction. Very strange …

    the Rwanda work is absolutely … … … (no words). Thanks for everyone who posted the link!

    I thing you really got a point with the pre-magazine work …!

    wrote you an email …

    I am in time-trouble here. Under absolute pressure. Mostly because I will be leaving for another photo shoot for “Wishes” next week.
    Please forgive me being so short here now.
    I’ll be back.

    Hugs to all …

  • wow

    what can happen here in a week or two…

    I can never keep up, i don’t, I dip in and out.

    I’m not sure what I can add to what has already been said…
    but for sure I have to share my gratitude.

    DAH’s posts (i’ve been reading on and off since mid 07) have been something very special, rare and unique. Yes! he is an inspiration, and much more to many here.

    I can understand the comments of some…

    But I believe that what you put in you get back.
    You choose. Passive or Active, Lurker or writer.

    I’m not a regular poster here but whenever I do post I feel a very positive effect. I believe this is a unique environment that David has created. It deserves to continue, probably in a different guise

    To the future.

    I am as much a traveler as I am photographer so it seems natural to me, I like adventure, no I LOVE adventure…



    This forum is at a junction.

    I think that junctions in life are signposts. To re-evaluate, re-invent and evolve. Sometimes it’s only with perspective we can see this.

    Every ROAD TRIP has it’s junctions, flat tires, low gas/out of gas…

    I can remember a time in India…
    we were on a night bus and were scheduled to arrive at our destination around 7am. 4am we were suddenly woken by the drivers mate and told this is where we must get off. Sleepy headed, confused and cold we fumbled off the bus with our heavy packs. Where the hell are we? in the entrance of a track stop, that’s where… We dragged ourselves out of the path of an oncoming truck, horn blaring! and moved towards the light of the chai stall and did the only thing we could, drink chai and wait for daylight. Where were we? what was happening? it was cold and the hours passed slowly. The morning light began to arrive, and with it the bird song and activity. We begun to see where we were. Lush forest, banana and coconut trees… things weren’t quite so bad. It wasn’t long before we were on a ‘local’ mini bus and heading on, tired, yes, squashed, yes… but moving on… and it felt so good!

    Not entirely sure what that random memory has to do with anything here, but it came to mind and I’m feeling random…
    it’s just a ‘on the road’ thing and that’s how I see this particular junction of the
    D A H ‘Road Trip’

    Peace, respect and gratitude


  • I enjoy reading this blog from time to time and occasionally contributing, thank you for its existence!

    How about a ‘cooling off’ period or reducing the frequency of the blog or individual contributions to it? Perhaps this family has got a little too close (easily done) and perhaps not all members feel equally loved, respected and listened to which would help to keep the peace??

    One idea might be to switch around the roles for a while? When our roles are not as we want, it can cause friction and conflict i think.


    PS Maybe not the right place for this request but… a camera held up to my eye feels disrespectful to the subject and i love digital… anyone know of equipment that is good in low light with a big, flip out screen?

  • These are turbulent times, but that is an amazing picture!

  • I like David McGowan’s idea (perhaps others also) of the blog continuing within an on-line magazine.It might help people navigate better to the parts they are most interested in.
    From the number of comments and even more readers, this is a place people go.(I don’t understand why anyone bothers to check it out if they don’t find something valuable here.) It is a place to “connect”, to learn, to share, and to virtually be with a group who share a love of documentary photography. I love seeing the photographs, reading the critiques, and also the openness and freedom of this site. “Freedom of the press” is paramount. Respect is important also–and we need to listen to and learn from one another. Misunderstandings and differences of opinion are bound to happen–maybe private e-mails on resolving certain issues should happen more. I don’t know. However, whatever your beliefs, I think you would agree with the commandment to : “Love one another.”
    Thanks, David, for your continuing efforts. Somehow, I think you’ll make this work. I hope so. I was in Oaxaca last February–incredible place and experience. You have posted images from there before. It would be great to see more. Take care.

  • ERIC
    why do men want to fight and kill one another…

    Just got to your Rwanda link, Eric. The Question is why do we cry about it 5, 10 15, years after. The “I/we did not know” was gone a long time ago, definitely was by that time.

    So the answer to this question is because you, me, and the people who cry about it 15 years on, let them hate and kill. And for those who were too young to do something, you’ve got Darfur happening now. Or wait 15 years….

    Just like David said, truly. Look in the mirror, the horror is not that far, hate and kill, yes, but we forget the 3rd one, the real killer: indifference…

    Off for the week.

  • Since I can’t be too much with the “family” (trip looming big, plenty to do), and david busy too in Oaxaca, here’s a pixel equivalent:

    ANTON took it, and should take all the credit and… Blame! :-)))

  • Dear David,

    Just a quick message to tell you that I would really find it sad if this blog ended. So many things have been achieved here since the very beginning.

    As far as I am concerned, I didn’t have much time to read each and every comment, even less time to write. I’ve been very busy since I am beginning to work as a photographer.

    But this very decision to take photography as a job has come partly because of what happened on this blog ! My approach to photography has evolved thanks to your comments and those of many of the bloggers here !

    So please let’s keep trying to do it !

    And let me know if I can help with anything.

    Good luck with your projects and please tell us more about how they go..

    See you soon

    Pierre Yves

  • also a great direction for this blog could be that which we had talked about in Perpignan : uploading work on a website and exchanging comments on what has been done…

    trying that could give the blog a new impulse !

    and again, if I can help….

    cheers !

  • Hello everyone. This is not my first post on Mr. Harvey’s Blog. But it’s my first to a recent topic. I was amazed to wake up this afternoon (sounds nice but believe me I wish I had woken up much earlier) and see this post. I’ve spent the last hour or so reading all of the responses. I’m new here. In fact, I’ve conversed with Mr. Harvey a few times via email and he pointed me to his blogs. I could possibly be one of the youngest readers and members here. I feel like I’ve been invited over for dinner by a new friend and upon arriving, being greeted and welcomed full heartedly to stay as long as I like. There was a time not too long ago I’d be very shy and scared of that and to a slight degree I still am today. Now, however, I realize what an honor it is to be welcomed into someone’s home – taken in as if I were always a part of their family and fed, given a nice place to sleep, and even a warm hug before departing again. This is very much something I experienced during a personal assignment I did during this past summer.

    I feel this blog/forum/communication that exists here is invaluable. As is any knowledge really. But how much more so is the knowledge that one seeks. I’m a student in college – at the age of 29. I didn’t know what I wanted to be out of high school and so I tried just about everything I thought of. I came to conclude school was where I needed to be next due to the hard times I was facing around 2003-2004. Where I was homeless, living in my van in Madison, WI while all my possessions were in St. Louis. MO. I was taken in to the home of a co-workers and given a couch to sleep on. From that time forward we became very close friends and even though we now live far away we talk on a near daily basis. Kind of like this blog. But in a more literal sense.
    I had been a photographer before going to school – and while in school I was introduced to media photography and I’ve been stung. It’s my passion and I’m willing to go to what ever length I need to learn more. Except being a “poor college student” restricts me on travels.
    I dreamed of being a Nat Geo photographer when I was younger. Now I want to be a Freelance photographer who contributes to more than just one great magazine. I’m self taught nearly 100%. I grow frustrated with it because I’m my only real source of feedback. I study books put out by Nat Geo, texts on photojournalism and documentary photography, and information on websites like NPPA, ASMP, SPS, and PPA. But that can only grant me so much. Having people like you to talk to and read your thoughts in one place is a HUGE resource unequaled by any library I’ve come across. David Alan Harvey’s experience alone is worth more than anyone could ever dream… but to have all of you here, makes it much more powerful and informative.
    I look forward to posting some photos for discussion, and perhaps meeting many of you and especially Mr. Harvey himself.

    Mr. Harvey – If you’re in need of help in any fashion to work on the proposed online magazine I’d be happy to help.

    – Jason Houge

    If anyone feels like checking out my works only please visit my site Thank you

  • My visit and comments of the day:


    Thanks for the link of Travel Photographer blog!


    I also can’t spend much time here and once had the same feeling about people who only want to be noticed but I disagree about being ONLY that.
    I’ve been learning a lot and enjoy the interaction and exchange of knowledge and experiences here.
    It’s hard to go thru all the posts, we cannot filter and we can always miss some good comments, but still being pleasant to pass by and participate.
    And what about the meetings and events where people who met first here could see and also help each other? Still happening and it’s priceless.


    I think you explained better than I did…
    Real life, as you said, give a real meaning to this space here!


    Wish you a good, productive and peaceful week!

    Ari B.

  • HERVE,

    Unfortunately, you are right… I was about to say that I did not start crying about it 15 years later but actually much earlier although still way too late… I recommend you to read the book from Jean Hatzfeld “Dand la nu de la vie” that I have read many years ago. One of the most moving book I have ever come across… If I recall, another Magnum photographer Raymond Depardon may have even taken pictures for this book. This book and the stories shared have hunted my mind for weeks… There is also another book from Veronique Tadjo, who escaped the massacre that is also worth reading… but the more you try to understand, the more “lost” you come out from reading these stories… but, you are right Herve, except reading about it, I have not done much about iy when it was actually happening and the mass murder could be stopped. And you are absolutely right about Darfour and you could have gone and also talk about Chechnya… I am surely not showing indifference but we all could get involved a lot more and apply pressure on our governments… This is why I admire photographers like Jim who goes to these places and bring these pictures to show the world and hopefully wake us all up!!!! I would add one more point though… even if these events are very fr away now, it is still worth crying about these 15 years later… I keep in mind this quote from Jim:

    “I have been a witness, and these pictures are my testimony. The events I have recorded should not be forgotten and must not be repeated.”

    So, it is worth remembering but as you say, so that these are not repeated… You are absolutely right, we need to get involved for Darfur!!!!!


  • I was reading the comment from one lurker here who I wish would let us know who he is…

    Personally, I am not sure that this blog is mostly about “patting each other on the back” although this can happen… and this may also push it a bit far to say that “we have come to depend on one another for daily dialog”…

    Sure, there is friendship, dialog, a sense of community and it is great to come back to this place and have a discussion among friends but it is NOT just about that… David from day one has been pushing us all to go out and shoot… This blog has allowed many here to take their work to a higher level… I am sure he will forgive me for that comment but I remember the work of Panos before being challenged on this forum and we have all seen what he was able to do and is still doing in Venice… David is also leading by example…he often talks about 1/3 teaching, 1/3 shooting and 1/3 working on books etc… I think we all have to strike the right balance… we should not be spending hours on the blog at the expense of shooting but I think that many of the frequent contributors are very committed photographers who I am sure have also a life outside the blog…. The blog is a place for inspiration, to connect and share, an invaluable place as far as I am concerned.



  • ALL,..
    ok… just as i promised….
    DARK KIDS… portraits… or
    let me start with LEILE….

  • and as ALWAYS…

    1) “DARK KID”: LEILE



    OMG I was just looking at the new site of Jehad Nga!!!

    which was featured on The Travel Photographer Blog…
    another plug for Tewfic:

    (glad you like the blog ARI)

    ERIC, you will LOVE MY SHADOW MY OPPONENT, Jehad’s boxing essay shot in Nairobi. Don’t miss reading the Overview. I had seen some of this work previously…perhaps it was published somewhere…anyhow thought of you.

    His work from Iraq is great. Embed Me…and on and on. GREAT!


    Speaking of Darfur…Jehad has Darfur/Chad, Somalia. It’s all there. Horrific and beautiful at the same time. Just like I always say about Jim N. Opens your heart rather than drives you away.
    Which is what these guys need to do…otherwise who would look?

  • panos your new work us beautiful although I don’t find the title dark kids appropriate…

    David, panos is a perfect example of what you have helped cultivate… I look forward to more ‘storms’!!

  • I’m a silent reader of this blog but I feel that I need to contribute to the recent polemic.
    That Panos is totally a fucked up. That poor guy really needs psychological attention, right now. I’m talking seriously, I think he’s a truly case of schizophrenia combined with a serious problem of drug abuse. He’s the only incoherent and full of rage writer that I’ve seen in here, the others just make this blog what it is, a devoted blog to the art of photography. Sadly, problems like this, about some freak who can’t have a little respect for others, are very common around internet. They just vomit all their frustrations, hate and loneliness on this virtual world, and make a whole fake life through a monitor and a keyboard, how sad. Anyway, I think that DAH has a lot of work,a lot in his mind, and he has been far too kind for making this online forum for emerging photographers, and he doesn’t deserve that kind of bullshit. Just ignore that prick, or help him by sending him to a a good psychiatric center. But David, please don’t kill this forum.
    Cheers from Dnipropetrovsk.

  • S.Prokofjew,
    I think that the slightest of things when we allow to attack somebody how you make himand say really whom you are instead of you so hide !

    Panos, my friend, you are a great photographer ! il me tarde de vous rencontrer, j’espère que Paris est toujours à l’ordre du jour !
    Amitiés, audrey


    I think your comments are very disrespectful and are NOT contributing to anything here.
    Please, let’s talk about photography and avoid more confusion!

    Ari B.

  • David,
    I am sorry, I know I would not have of to answer this wickedness, but it was stronger than me…

  • CATHY,

    What can I say….I absolutely loved that essay… I did not know this photographer but I love his style and vision. You actually made me depressed :):)… I think that I still need to learn :):):). Someone else just raised the bar here on boxing!!!! Thanks for sharing….

    I will be off for a few days… I am going to Canada with the whole family to renew my US visa (need to get out of the county to make things simple…). I should be back on Thursday, hoping to find a lot of constructive exchanges :):).



  • PANOS,

    On my way out but pictures nb 2 and 3 in particular look great for me… Well done my friend…This is the soft side of Panos that we all like and the Panos that many of us have had a chance to meet!



  • S.Prokofjew, PANOS is just ….. Panos. He has his own language – Panos Speak – and, if you read some of his earlier comments you will see that he can be quite diplomatic: just see how he cemented U.S. – China relations during the Olympics – hilarious! His comments usually have a serious point embedded in there somewhere. Everyone here who has met him in person likes him immensely. DAH wouldn’t waste time (he doesn’t have time to waste!) on him if he didn’t see potential. Good enough for me.

    PETE MAROVICH – thanks for posting my photograph on The 37th Frame!

  • ALL
    My blog reader is ready with this new entry:

    Could you please tell me who is actually using it????

    i think you missed my comment, telling you that you can ask if you need programming skills for the magazine…

    no time to be there and read everything, taking a little distance from the blog…
    just setting up the reader for thoses using it…


  • JEAN

    I’d like to test your blog reader, but I get this message upon opening:

    “You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near ‘ORDER BY com_id’ at line 1”


  • Sounds like you’re describing the blog being victim of its own success. It could be good what you mention as an online magazine, as the several hundred comments, random song lyrics, youtube links and some images definitively need to be destilled for the occasional passer-by.

    DAVID & PANOS: got your greetings via Maciej. He seemed to enjoy NYC quite a bit, and is definitively unable to describe why.


    You must select a subject to make it work!!!
    I hope Meaning is going on as you want!!!

  • Bon jour Jean, merci beaucoup.

    The reader works great!

  • JUST arrived at my doorstep..

    Bruce Davidson
    Time of Change

    I had never come across this book before I ordered it, and it is absolutely a must is hard to tell it’s beauty and quality from the link, but if you can get your hands on a copy, do..

    “Organized into five sections – New York City, 1960 to 1965; Chicago, 1962; The South, 1961 to 1965; Freedom Ride, 1961 – Mississippi Freedom March – Birmingham Demonstrations – March on Washington, 1963 – Voter Registration; and Mother Brown, 1962 – “Time of Change” tells a compelling story of community pride and survival, work, love and self-determination. By linking seemingly unrelated stories, Davidson shows us that there was more to the civil rights movement than the violent and racially-charged images we have so often seen.”

  • erica–

    i love davidson’s ‘brooklyn gang’ work.
    i’ve just ordered ‘time of change’ from the library –
    thanks for the heads up!

    an admiring reader–

    i’m so glad that you benefitted from my words.
    thank you for telling me. :)


    it’s nice to see many of the lurkers coming out of the woodwork.
    good to hear from you all.

    i’m off to tackle my sociology mid-term.
    wish me luck!


  • Thank you for the Jehad NGA link. Amazing.



    “Young lovers, young couples, loose relationships, loose lifestyles…

    booze, drugs… fun, randomness… can “deliver”…

    can definitely “deliver”…

    lots & lots & lots of babies…. Wanted babies & unwanted ones… loved babies & unloved ones….

    … and life goes on….

    please see the story below… shot just yesterday…

    new link
    new link
    new link…. or how to bring a “dark kid” in life….!!!

    click below…

  • new link,
    new link,
    new link,

    1) THE BABY … “product” of love…?
    2) … or “product” of “haste”? … or “booze”???
    3) The Baby, wrapped up in Love…
    4) Happy young parents, getting ready for a “new” one…
    5) MELANIA & BRAD…Very young couple / PARENTS…kissing…
    ( Brad couldnt start his truck this morning…
    REASON:… DUI ignition blower activated in his truck… it measured….0.004… above the legal limit…

    6) The sister ( AUNT ) worries too much, holding the baby…
    7) “Dark Love”
    8) Leile playing, supervised by a cigarette…
    9) baby Boots & cigarettes…
    10) Aunt , preaching the young couple about being responsible…
    11) Jordan, Another Dark Kid, walks in…
    12) THE MOTHER IN LAW, “examining” ( BRAD ) the husband of her daughter, Melania …
    13) MOTHER IN LAW, “enjoying” her grand kids
    14) “Dark” Leile… her father married again a pakistani virgin bride… Leile visits them twice a month…
    15) Little “dark” Jack… the latest addition to the “DARK KIDS” world…
    16) Leile , looking a little jealous of the new baby arrival…
    17)… Leile, runs away…
    18) Auntie Ramona… never stops , cooking, cleaning, changing diapers..
    19).. proud new mom.. Melania… feels depressed and overwhelmed as
    she confessed to me a little earlier…
    20) Brad ( new father ) playing with some of the “Dark Kids”… while Auntie Ramona… yelling at the phone…
    21) .. and look who is here, finally back from Tijuana, after a visit to see her felon illegal deported boyfriend… SRENA, just came back to pick up
    HER DAUGHTER MYIA from Auntie R… NEGLECT??? you be the judge…
    22) My mustang… the intruder… watches every move i do…
    23) Lile… learns how to spell my name… trust !


    ps:… JONI K.. yes…!!!!!!!!!!
    Maciej DAKOWITZ… visited twice at the Kibbutz…
    he is the super-coolest guy…
    no bull…

  • and again.. nice & simple:


    and higher rez.:

    ok.. done for the day… i hope ;-))))))))))))))))

    10:05 am
    from the CITY OF ANGELS

  • David,

    Please continue. Your website is a daily visit and a source of photographic inspiration.

    I first found you through the Hip Hop Geographic article. I’ve since sought out your spot on the internet, bought some books and visit here daily.

    Keep going!!

  • Ok…
    This one for our precious Lurkers..
    Is it just me???
    that I don’t see any troubled waters at all?
    Could it simply be my schizophrenia
    ( recently diagnosed by the famous
    Professor mr. Dnieprous from Kazachstan)
    or am I always in “troubled waters”..
    therefore I can’t see no difference???

    Panos JPEG says:
    Make love not war..
    ( panos RAW.. still sleeping.. Thank god!!!)

  • From Ireland on my dad’s computer…

    I’m in. I want to be more involved.

  • AKAKY: As a long time lurker…

    AKAKY IRL: You’re a long time what?

    AKAKY: Lurker.

    AKAKY IRL: Really? Did you take classes in how to lurk? Does lurking pay well? If things work out well for you with lurking, can you work your way up to skulking?

    AKAKY: Stop being a smartass.

    AKAKY IRL: And where do you lurk, or should I bother to ask?

    AKAKY: The DAH blog.

    AKAKY IRL: Look, doofus, squatting in front of that blog two or three times a day is not lurking, it’s camping out. You get any more cozy there you’ll be roasting marshmallows over an open fire and singing Kumbaya till the coyotes call the cops and have them shut you up.

    AKAKY: No, not that. Anything but that.

    AKAKY IRL: Hey, guy, I call them the way I see them.

    AKAKY: Damn.

    AKAKY IRL: What makes you want to pull such an obvious lie in the first place?

    AKAKY: Sergei Prokokiev, he badmouthed Panos and…

    AKAKY IRL: Sergei Prokokiev is dead. He died the same day as Stalin did. So how is he insulting people on a blog 55 years afterwards? Tarot cards?

    AKAKY: Not the man himself, dumbass, some guy using the same name.

    AKAKY IRL: Well, that makes more sense. I never liked the music to Aleksandr Nevsky anyway.

    AKAKY: What?

    AKAKY IRL: I never liked the music to Aleksandr Nevsky. Everyone says Prokokiev’s score for the flick is a classic of the genre; I think it’s just annoying, like watching the shower scene in Psycho with Satie’s Gymnopedie #3 playing in the background.

    AKAKY: I’m sorry, but how is this relevant?

    AKAKY IRL: It isn’t, but how relevant was the monkeys in Zamboanga thing?

    AKAKY: I thought it would take everyone’s mind off all the contentiousness that’s been going on.

    AKAKY IRL: It would have, if you’d included the verses about the hookers. But you didnt and no one cared.

    AKAKY: You can’t say things like that in mixed company! The idea! Anyway, we’re still getting off the subject here. The guy badmouthed Panos and…

    AKAKY IRL: Which one is he?

    AKAKY: Greek guy, red sneakers, yells a lot.

    AKAKY IRL: Did I sell him too?

    AKAKY: I don’t think so.

    AKAKY IRL: Well, that’s a relief. That damn blog seems filled with people who want to sue me for one reason or another.

    AKAKY: And rightfully so, if you ask me.

    AKAKY IRL: I’m not.

    AKAKY: In any case–

    AKAKY IRL: You know, I never had any use for tarot cards. I always wanted to see someone read tourette cards, you know, the ones where you flip them over and they say that you are going to die a long and gruesome death and will you kindly go fuck off now?

    AKAKY: This is still not relevant, you know.

    AKAKY IRL: Nope.

    AKAKY: You have a very dark streak in you, you know.

    AKAKY IRL: So you keep telling me.

  • I agree with Preston. I am a lurker, and I also had the pleasure of meeting DH in Santa Fe. Keep it up; I enjoy it greatly. DR

  • As has been the case for most of this year I have only been able to dip in and out of the blog when I can, and have therefore only picked up snippets of the “clashes” But it saddens me greatly to read this last post and hear David’s uncertainty with the future of the blog.

    Although there have been moments they are still in the minority to the hive of useful information that is exchanged here. Look back and see the responses to Marcin’s requests regarding Japan. Sidney one of the first to respond provided some really useful comments regarding my multimedia work a while back. And of course Davids sage advise and comment!… The list just goes on and on…

    Time to take a breath, realize that things are rocky and do what we can to steady the boat.

    Is it coincidence that Lightstalkers has turned into a bitchfest over recent months? Are we all just freaking out here! Is it the pressure of the shrinking industry?! Making it work!!…

    Asides the practical aspect of the exchange of knowledge and info on the site. It has been great to actually meet people through the blog! Perps this year was great in that respect! I know I will continue to meet great people through this place and see more wonderful work.

    This place is far too important to be lost or for that matter abused.


  • All,
    I’m really happy & excited to admit that I received
    numerous, friendly, constructive emails… from friends
    here… and ALL totally disagree with me , regarding the title…
    “DARK KIDS”…
    nobody finds it appropriate …
    hmmmm… i think i messed up then…

  • Comments of the day:


    I wish you success on your Sociology mid-term!


    Have you checked the link I gave you before, about the music label? Or you missed my post? :-(


    They are under Creative commons license.


    Thanks for the link about Bruce Davidson’s book. Despite not being an american I believe the pictures and events bring us to a reflection about what development really means and which achievements are necessary in any organized society or culture.
    In Brasil we also had similar movements and amazing registers made by our photographers.


    Very interesting tool you created! Thanks.


    Really enjoyed your “Dark” kids and about the title “Dark” I believe you meant, or at least I got it this way, the circumstances they have in their lives, am I wrong? If not I don’t think it’s inappropriate.
    Hopefully I will not be answered by Panos RAW… ;-))

    All the best,
    Ari B.

  • Panos I love the dark kids work, Really powerful. Man, that is access. I quite like the name too: it has mystery but I can see how it could be misunderstood.

  • ALL


    day zero – before the start of the workshop – exploring the market – which direction to go?

    i’m thinking #4 or #5

    love to all – antoaxaca

  • ANTON,

    I’d say 1 or 4 and maybe 8…
    But it’s personal man, and it’s up to you.
    Envy you… ;-))

    Wish you lots of inspiration and enjoy the workshop!

    Ari B.

  • ANTON~

    Deep & Dark… Love 4, 5 & 1 also….
    Have a great time!!!
    Post more as you go along…

  • Ok I’ll jump in. (Big breath!)

    DAH has been a huge inspiration to me for the last two decades and it was an honor an privilege to be his student at a workshop a few years back. When this blog started up I was thrilled and read it everyday – each time learning something more from the master. Then the blog changed. It stopped being about the thoughts, work and life of DAH and became a chatty coffeehouse for all who frequented it. That’s when I would basically stop reading past the text of his new posting.

    When a post by David quickly turns into 200+ reader replies that are mostly rambling conversations between blog readers who all want to share their poetry or whatnot, the point of his initial post and thought gets quickly lost in the mire. The bulk of the postings are not a conversation with David but among yourselves. Many of the regulars are excellent photographers and some are excellent writers but what you have now is not a blog by DAH, but an loosely unmoderated art/photography/personal rant forum that is a chore to read. When I do read Road Trip I only scan for replies by DAH because that has the content that I’m looking for.

    I wish that it were less about the readers and more about the guy who we all respect and whose work brought us together here.

  • AKAKY – you are damn hysterical!!!

    PANOS – i agree, “dark kids” did not fit the images for me. like the work though….

  • I’ve been reading this blog for some time now, but it has become tedious. The ramblings, writings and outbursts that have nothing to do with the topic have made it too much trouble to weed through. I was hoping for more from DAH and less from self-absorbed prima donnas who often seem to have only a tenuous grasp on reality.

    Too much angst, too much navel gazing. Too little photography.

  • ARI B,
    ;-)… totally agree…

    GINA, All, gotcha…thank you, make sense…!

  • AKAKY – you are damn hysterical!!!

    Posted by: Gina Martin | October 27, 2008 at 07:53 PM..

    yeeep !

  • DAMON C,
    thank you for the feedback.

  • JEAN,
    i cant wait to see what you are doing, but
    i cant open the Reader you created…
    what am i doing wrong ???

  • ARI B:

    I owe you an apology. I did get your reply regarding the royalty free music, just didn´t get back to you. Thank you for the link. Sorry, didn´t mean to bee rude just got destracted. Thanks for following up.


  • I think this forum is a pretty special and unique place, I’d be really sad to see it go. I enjoy the discussion, the editing, shared work, David’s insights, Akaky… but the most valuable part of it for me has been meeting IN PERSON (actually meeting in the flesh!) so many of the people that I feel like I’ve gotten to know here. It’s fabulous to watch everyone come alive and be real, just as they are. I was lucky enough to spend a couple of hours with Bob today in Toronto beginning a friendship with him (and Marina soon too) that I hope will last for a long while.

    This is a pretty special group and I really hope it continues in some form. Thanks for this David.

  • Wow. Now I know what folks mean when they say they are overwhelmed when they’ve been away a few days and come back and try to catch up.

    So many thoughts in my mind I want to share…

    But for now, Mr. Harvey…David…DAH….I never am sure how to address you, as I feel you’ve shared so much and you are so familiar, and yet I have such great respect for you that I do not feel I have the right to be “familiar” addressing you ….I simply want to say that your generousity of spirit in maintaining this place has inspired me, a perhaps hopelessly hopeful want-to-be-better photographer to reach for things I would never have thought of, would never have seen or felt or found with all of my participation on other “photography” forums/sites/whatevers…and led me to realize some inner strengths and weaknesses of my own…and perhaps how to build on those strengths, and overcome those weaknesses…but most importantly the inspiration…

    I must admit I bristle when I read some of the negative/discouraging comments about this home you’ve built and invited us all to share….whether it be a passing comment about it becoming a “love fest” (ha!) or a place where people post in order to “rub shoulders” with the more successful or famous….those people don’t understand, or I think don’t take the time to try and understand or know what this is about…

    I was one of those who lurked for some time, and then actually traded email with a regular poster before even thinking about posting here….because I did not feel “worthy”…I’m not a professional photographer….I know I most likely never will be, or will ever be well known or paid for my work….but that doesn’t diminish the desire that has been sparked in me by this place…the desire to grow, to be able to not simply tell stories, but convey feelings and emotions of the moment in a photograph….will I ever succeed? I don’t know. Am I better for trying? Most certainly. Have your words, whether directed to me specifically or to those reading in general, helped? Tremendously. have the other members of the “family” here helped? Again, tremendously.

    My fears are this….that I cannot possibly give back enough to make up for what I get from this family…and that, if it grows or changes, that somehow I will no longer be able to participate because I do not “make the cut”….everyone here is so talented…

    But in answer to your question….I think erica put it very well…we have stormy weather…in such times, we must all apply ourselves to do the work at hand.

    most respectfully to all…

    andrew b

  • and as a side note…I am in Annapolis, MD, right now and until wednesday afternoon…is anyone nearby? Gina, I know you are in DC, but not sure how far/long that would be from here…

  • DAH

    I don’t think the blog is that useful anymore the way that it is.

    I believe it has evolved in this form as far as it can go, it needs to mature, grow up, go out there and play with the big boys… Dare I say it but become more professional… Now that may put some people off, but I thought that was always the idea behind the genesis of this place, to push people to the next level…

    I do think it is a perfect venue to deliver a magazine format that is truly global… If everyone is really as devoted to making great images as they profess to be then I can think of something already that I have spruiked to a couple of people that this would be a perfect resource to pull from…

    In the past this blog distinguished itself by a long phase of instruction, followed by discussion of the merits of the imagery and then by a to and fro with a large audience. It was entertaining, but it has now fallen into a typical blogosphere pattern, that of sniping, insult and reactionary replies. Its no longer about discussion its more about opinion and that some personalities get heard above the rest more than anyone else comes as no shock to me, this is just human nature playing at its most common behaviour…

    My suggestion is to announce an assignment that can be covered by anyone anywhere in the world, then appoint regional editors (that have the time, not necessarily the experience, perhaps even on a rotating basis) to present a package from their region. This can be done on a very democratic basis, like I said everyone could have a crack at it and anyone could be involved- they would just have to commit themselves to it completely to that one edit from their region. I think that you could get sponsorship and advertisers based on the fact there would be a surprise factor with each edition and it would appeal to the widest demographic, this place has people from 22 to 72 from what I can understand…

    Then there could be a central desk for a final edit and then well Bob’s your Uncle (well brother in spirit anyway) you could have an innovative and interesting magazine that echo’s the thoughts, emotions and temper of the times…

    Well those are my thoughts on it, I don’t want to wade through heaps of posts that aren’t saying much anymore… I want to see more picture stories…

    More work and less talk…

  • Lisa,

    I agree with you on several points but Im not sure about he “asignment”. The thing that DAH has been pushing most is authorship and authorship comes across best in the conceptualization of work, and for me that means personal work. Assignments like you suggest could ofcourse be implemented but I think the most interesting thing would be for people to present their personal projects.

  • Anton,

    love 1, 2, 4 and 5… j’espère que tu vas bien…
    Have a nice workshop !


    Authorship is the ability to say something in your own voice… Its not about what is being said…

    I mean I can have a conversation with you about a variety of different subjects, from pollution to politics I am sure and it would be said with my own voice that emitted from my own mouth… Know what I mean?

    I think a magazine format that I described would be the ideal venue for personal work, its just your individual interpretation of the assignment…

    Say I said to everybody, as someone did- Sidney? Herve? – lets go shoot October, well how could I not interpret that except from a personal voice, I mean what does October mean to you?

    I got a bit bored and shot my interpretation of the song ‘Street Song Serenade’ (you can see the beginning of it on but I am sure if I said something like go shoot your version of ‘Street Song Serenade’ that you would do something completely different, you would see it through your own eyes and ‘author’ your images…

    But this is exactly what I mean about becoming more professional, when you are professional at anything you have to show up smiling and capable of doing the job on time and on budget regardless of how you feel. If someone says to me go shoot something on say ‘Water Resources in Sydney’ then I go shoot it and I rely on my own personal voice to describe the imagery that I deliver.

    It doesn’t matter if that treatment of the subject matter is conceptual or not as long as its in my voice, well that to me is authorship…


    What do you think constitutes authorship?

  • Have fun Anton! Can’t wait to see the images you make!



    more work less talk… i agree…

    i worked hard today… too hard… 3am… need to get back up in a couple of hours…

    (sorry for the same music as a couple of months ago)

    this is what i’ll show tomorrow morning

    STORY ONE: “fleeting”

    STORY TWO: “i was a dog and i joined a zapatist (i think) protest march”

    STORY THREE: “i was a dog and i went for a stroll at night”

    love to all…


  • Lisa,

    all thats fine, but people are still shooting assignments and pursuing their personal work. David has often told us to concentrate on what we are doing, stop dilluting ourselves and finish what we have started. Im not sure what David has in mind, but I still think that the usefulness of this magazine will be to give an outlet for the work we have already started and are kneed deep in, rather than shooting monthly assignments for some random theme and cutting into time we have for what we have started.

    Yes, authorship can be as you said but remember we arent professionals, we dont have time and resources to shoot as much as we want and theres still work for us to finish. I dont have the luxury of getting bored and shooting something for the heck of it, my shooting time now is almost down to nil and Im still working on several projects. Im sure Im not the only one.

    To me authorship is more than having a voice, its also having a message to express in that voice.

  • Lance,

    just saw your story on the 37th frame, fantastic stuff. Beautiful photos and a deep, varied story.

  • ALL

    I made a few changes on the reader:

    PANOS / LASSAL, it should work for you…


    thank you; i like your photos, but why is your website down???

    Great work!!! I can’t wait to see what you’re going to do at the end of the workshop…Good luck.


  • i’m also among those who lost interest in this blog in the past two months or so.
    I wonder if there is any relation between that and many bloggers actually meeting in the real world in several occasions, but it seems to me that there has been a sort of community in the community who mainly speak among themselves only since.

  • RAFAL and LISA

    what both of you say makes sense.
    However, we have to stop and think about what the “assignments” were proposed for. Is it a challenge to explore new territories or just a tool to carry on what we have already done and want to finish?
    a simulation of the kind of assignment a magazine picture editor would give or mainly a self-assignment?
    When david launched the idea, at once i thought to what i would have liked to see. And the answer was: projects that may involve photographers from different places for example, all committed to the same subject, a sort of “a day in the life”.
    Lisa’s “october” is a perfect example of it. It could be “saturday nights” or “carnivals” or “commuters on the train”, just to make some random examples.
    I have nothing against very intimate personal projects like yours, Rafal, I also like it, but honestly i cant say i feel so involved in it, as well as i’m not so eager to see Panos’ next series on his girlfriend’s belly button.

  • I think most of our ‘forum family’ can handle the next level, the next iteration – whatever form that may be.

    The forum format is great because it is open, mostly respectful, good humoured and useful. I gather that many people don’t find it easy enough to go find the latest replies or are overwhelmed that recent topics seem to explode into nearly a thousand replies.

    Personally I love the idea of ‘hunting and pecking’ to find the latest replies – a little work and often great rewards. I like going through all of them…its exactly like a conversation. Plus, I’m used to the way it works.

    But it seems that David has a magazine idea and I’m very interested in seeing what it is, what it can be.

    Upon reflection I vote for ‘sea of change’ and, for what its worth, will volunteer for any thing concerning the new magazine to the extent that I am able.


    I was merely making a suggestion… I am sure that Mr Harvey will captain this boat in a direction that brings us into uncharted areas and that accomodates professionals -and amateurs like yourself- equally…


    Er, actually ‘October’ was the rather brilliant concept of Herve or Sidney… one that I put my hand up to participate in…


    Hi David,

    I hope all is well with you. I will go on a very short trip tomorrow (the 29) and Wednesday(the 30) to NYC to collect my Switzerland Visa (we are moving this coming Saturday for Europe. Would it be possible for me to coem and say Hi, I would love to see you before we go.



  • LISA: I like the idea.

    DAVID: And if you do too, it would be great to make the first one on climate change and global warming because since the future of life on Earth depends on it, it is probably one of the most important stories of our generation…

    But how to go about such a story when satellite imagery is also probably needed? I am NOT joking – because only from satellite you can see the size of the areas of the ocean that are no longer sparkling turquoise blue but grey-brown with dead and dying matter.


  • So is there any EPF submission progress being made? I hope I didn’t miss anything.

  • ARIE

    DAH is in Mexico doing a workshop at least into the first week in November


    No, I am pretty sure there hasn’t been any place announced to upload yet..and i am happy for that..scanning like a madwoman still

  • Yeah, Erica, looking forward to you blowing the roof off this place ; )


    DAVID: Your website is a source of inspiration for one and all. Please continue – but only if YOU want to. What is best for you is probably best for this community too. Perhaps this needs thought from you. When you are giving so much and people are taking it for granted, and giving you flack to deal with, it must be exhausting…


  • DAH

    I am with Jenny on that one…


    am concerned that all the waiting and build up is a recipe for let-down…but I can only do the work that needs to be done at this point..but thanks for the smiles.


    Can we talk about something photo related and possibly interesting today? Am here in front of the machine all about

    What is the one aspect of your photography or your relationship to it that you most want to develop / improve / change at this point in time and how might you take a step toward making that happen?

  • Hi all, a gulp of coffe, and off to work…

    Guido, good points. The blog will go a long way if we clip off some of the extremes, namely too much embracing one another or getting personal against each other. One little meeting in Brooklyn revealed some are simply humans with frailty, not divinely inspired, nowhere nearer Nirvana (save a CD! ahah), even further, than anyone of us.

    I’d love a blog that is slightly more about photography critique and reflects a working stance towards the medium. Yes, lately, too much work is being hailed as if perfect.

    Us regulars, Let’s be less immature when it comes to looking at photos.

    Another thing, impossible to realize, sometimes I find hard to know who wants their work, at some point, to have a fighting chance in the real world of photography and who shoots strictly for the pleasure. In short, are you guys happy enough to share your photos freely on the internet, and content enough with telling us about it on the blog here? Who wants to step up to the plate and admit ambition?

    Late for work…. (self-employed anyway!)


  • Sure, but I’m not sure how much online time I can dedicate today. However, I want to develop a better sense of how to engage a subject or model, so I’m not asking them to pose, but rather the relationship is causing natural things to happen, which result in real moments.

    I don’t know the steps to making it happen, but it probably just comes from confidence, of which I could use a big dose. It’s in development.

  • sometimes you need to turn away to turn back
    inspiration comes in waves
    its pretty easy for me to focus on something 110% but its not sustainable
    an absence is necessary even if its only in the mind but even better if its a physical removal
    a drive, a bike ride, a walk
    we all have to leave now and then
    but its the coming back that is important and apparent here
    the home can be withered and wrecked but it certainly cannot fall when someone anyone keeps coming back to pick up the pieces

    David – I sent you a link to a new project gallery via email…just wanted to make sure you received it

  • LISA

    First off, Hello again! We shared the workshop in bkk. I was feeling all nostalgic reading your comments and ideas, being that a year has passed in a blink.

    I always admired your candor. Your photos reflect that.

    I lurk around this blog daily, and agree with what you said about how it’s become more about a select few “DAH Blog Personalities” and less about the simple exchange of photos and, in turn, inspiration.
    This site used to be a cool way for me to keep tabs on those I met in the workshop (sorta extend the experience) and also a nice shot in the arm when feeling creatively tapped. Personal stories about how people balance life, art and work… although not the same… is always relatable.

    Lisa your idea sounds a lot like what’s happening at They even grew to full monthly publication. I’m not saying that it’s what you were thinking, just reminded me of it in concept.

    I dig how you weave a personal experience or sentiment from your posts and tie it into something we all can relate to on the simplest level. A question is asked and we are all allowed the unique opportunity to share our thoughts. Lately, the topics are rarely even discussed or commented on. The beauty and disgust of an “open” forum. Unfortunately for me and apparently a lot others, are tired of wading through the venimous diatribes and retaliating comebacks. It reminds me of how people act when they’re behind the wheel. Full of piss n vinegar and if someone ahead of em doesn’t use their turn signal, these “normal mellow people” grow balls the size of coconuts and blast off, lose their heads and usually flip the bird. Fact is they feel they can do it cause they never have to face that person. They wouldn’t be that way in line at the local grocery. Road Rage, as they call it in the States.

    I doubt highly those accused of being badasses on this Blog would be able to muster the balls to be that way in person. Thank God for that too. That would just make us all assholes, without any sense of respect or understanding.

    This site has a serious case of Blog Rage. Nothin’, that won’t remedy itself just long enough to sprout back up. WELCOME TO THE INTERNET EVERYONE!

    What I would wish for…
    This site to grow and “mature” without leaving it’s faithful behind.

    These posts run loooooooooooong!! I go to this design forum a lot. They really have it locked down well. There’s an area for the main people to post up topics that interest the “group” and than there’s a section for members to add topics of their own or contribute to other discussions. It’s brilliant and very entertaining. A VERY good model to look at.

    And maybe a chance, let’s say once a month for the members to meet up on a person to person level. Few drinks, lots of lively discussion. It could be handled on a regional level like Lisa had mentioned so everyone can be in on it. I promise people will talk a lot less shit if they think they may run into that person in “REAL LIFE” Besides it would be good fun. A Family Get Together!

    I’ll bring the potato salad and PBR!!

    Cheers everyone

  • MATT.

    Thanks. I just checked out Good example for us.

    It is definitely something that David (or whoever designs the magazine) should see…please post the link or mention it again if necessary.


    David keeps saying he will need help to make the magazine happen. This seems like a good time to be looking at other sites to see what is possible. Good for inspiration.

    Please post more links like this one…keep ’em coming..

  • this link was buried in my post but a great model for a forum.

  • DAH

    Not sure if you’re collecting email, so hopefully you’ll get this message.

    I’ve finished a first cut ‘Blog 2.0’ outline for you – would like to get it in your hands before I leave for London this weekend.

    Some great suggestions in this thread — I think it confirms you’re headed in the right direction with your thoughts for the ‘next phase’ for Road Trips. Exciting times.

    Just need to know if your Oaxaca internet connection will handle a 2mb download?

    Happy work-shopping.

  • Anton, very nice work my friend!! :)

  • Can we talk about something photo related and possibly interesting today? Am here in front of the machine all about

    What is the one aspect of your photography or your relationship to it that you most want to develop / improve / change at this point in time and how might you take a step toward making that happen?

    Photographing people in the street and I dont know how to improve it, to be honest with you.

  • I find it tough to commit to a subject or story. Or at least staying on-point with a particular essay. I envy a lot of people who post here, seems at the very least… they have a good base to develop into a better or great essay of photos. Make sense?

    I think I’m determined… but lose focus quickly.

    I do love the simplicity/spontanaity… ‘the dance” of street photography.

    my 2 cents

  • I’m still thinking about what exactly it is I want to change..


    what is it about photographing people in the street that you want to improve or find a challenge?

  • Akaky, how do you approach street photography now?

    Are you a ‘shoot-n-run’ guy? Do you feel guilty for photographing people you don’t know?

    Or are you comfortable and relaxed about it and engage with them in some way? (be it by initiating a discussion or simply a wink,a nod or a thumbs up?)

    In my experience, people react exactly as your behavior tells them to.

    If you look like you’re doing something you shouldn’t, they’ll be suspicious.

    If you look like it’s the most natural thing in the world for you to be photographing them, they will be (mostly) at ease.

    Peter Turnley gave me some great advice when I took his street photography workshop a few years back —

    1. Believe you’re entitled to be recording this moment. Don’t back down from that, but don’t be disrespectful either. Interact with them if you can. If a person clearly doesn’t want to be photographed – smile and move on.

    2. Don’t go out looking like a tourist. Giant cameras hanging around your neck, bulging camera vests and oversize camera bags all scream ‘look at me, I’m going to take your photograph!” It also weighs you down — it’s hard to be nimble when you’re lugging around 20kg of camera gear.

    3. Instead, try a small lens (I use a 28mm and get closer if I want a closer perspective) and wear your camera strapped to your wrist (it’s less obvious and harder for somebody to steal if you’re in big cities).

    4. Leave your lens cap off and your camera on and ready to go, that way you can react quickly to fleeting moments you see.

    It was good advice for me and so liberating! Not only did it open up opportunity to ‘work the scene’ and try the picture from many different angles, but some of my favorite moments have come from meetings I’ve had with the people I’ve photographed.

    I remember DAH saying(and I hope I don’t misquote you DAH) … he always gets permission from people he’s shooting (usually through eye contact or a nod) —

    I think in summary, the more comfortable you appear photographing people in the street, the more comfortable they’ll be with you doing it.

    Is any of that helpful to your situation — or have I just stated the really obvious?

    Akaky, thanks for the contributions you make to this blog btw — I’d like to buy you a beer someday for the number of laughs you’ve given me here!


  • The thing I’d most like to change or improve and am not sure how to relates to a DAH quote …

    “Don’t shoot what it looks like, shoot what it feels like” …

    My photography is pretty straight-forward — not sure that I’m transmitting enough (or any!) ‘feeling’ or what else I could/should do to improve that.

    Advice and suggestions would be most welcome and greatly appreciated.


  • Hmm, what would I like to improve upon….

    I’d say I’d go with the same thing DMcG said…I’d like to be able to feel more comfortable interacting with people and getting more from them…

    and I guess that means I need remedial work, since I’d like to be at the point you are, DMcG (example – your maid marian slideshow).

    what’s a Blog 2.0 outline?

  • Re: interacting with people and getting more emotions from them….

    every thing I’ve heard people say about your interaction with people, and the results of your work I’ve seen, say you’re pretty good at this one….wanna host a workshop? I’d sign up :)

    And you never said what *you’d* like to improve in your own work…or I missed it…

  • Andrew B,
    I own/run a consulting network in my ‘real life’… a Blog 2.0 Outline is just some notes I put together for DAH on elements that could be incorporated into his new online magazine, based on research I’ve been doing for the past few weeks, and many of the suggestions made here…

    Blog 2.0 outline sounds better, eh?


    Hi David,

    I will be in NYC for a 2 days -Tomorrow, October 29 and Thursday- trip to pick up my visa for Switzerland. Could I come and say Hi? I would live to see you prior to moving to Europe on Saturday.

    Please let me know and I hope you get this message.




    What I want to’s hard to verbalize, maybe that is why in part I asked the question, to start the dialogue and shake myself a bit, and anyone else who might benefit from his own clarification. I’ve always felt that once I am fully aware of what I want, the manifestation is easy. The knowing is hard..but what I think I want has to do with knowing my heart more perfectly, that that knowledge will guide me and my ‘work’ to the place that I now feel but have not reached, somewhere that is mine alone, blossomed and in harmony with all that I am, honoring most completely all who I photograph and all the photographers who have lived this fully before me, and have taught me through their efforts..I want to be free of the ways I stop myself from living this as well..


    My approach to street photography is that I really dont have one. It is very difficult (or at least I find it difficult) to take that kind of candid street shot here where I live. This is a small city, a very small city, and I think just about everyone can play a six degrees of Kevin Bacon when it comes to me. Either people know who I am or they know someone who knows me or they know someone who knows someone who knows me. Even with the flood of new people coming in due to recent gentrification, I have no way to be anonymous here. There is no shoot and scoot here for me.

    And then there is the lack of density here. There is no taking the shot and then turning a corner and disappearing into the crowd. People will know that I am photographing them and will want to know why, what am I going to do with the pix, etc. I had that same reaction when I went down to the St. Patrick’s Day parade. I was very tentative in taking pictures of people. When I went down for the Hispanic Day parade, all I took with me was a Canon Elan with a 50mm lens and pocketfuls of 400 b&w film and a Canon A640 p&s. I did it to make myself get in closer. Even then I worried about the SLR’s mirror slap, but there were so many other tourists with cameras around and Midtown was so noisy that I dont think anyone heard the camera at all, except for the Mr Softee guy who gave me a glare. Being able to do my thing and then disappear into the crowd felt very liberating, but it’s not something I can do here in my home town and I can’t afford to go down to the city every weekend just to take pictures. But it was fun while it lasted ;-)

  • MATT H.

    Hi there to you too, nice to know the Bangers crowd is still around!

    Jpg Mag is a great idea, I think it could be a full time job for a photo editor though and I just felt it was a little homogenous because its probably just a few editors at the end… seems like they are pretty heavily funded (as are things like Photofile here in Australia) and the problem with that sometimes is that they are pandering to a particular sensibility…

    I am thinking something even more surprising than that, a venue that gives a unique look every month or quarter or whatever… Thats what I mean by having guest editors on a rotating basis…

    That way you would get one person’s aesthetic driving the one magazine issue (or section) and I think it would be more democratic than Jpg Mag… apparently while people vote on the images at Jpg you still have to get it by the editor…

    Anyway its a great model, but I reckon we can do something better here!

    Hmmm, back to work…

  • DAH,

    can you please tell us a bit about the EPF uploading? Will we be uploading large files as before? How many pictures? Any other requirements you will have? Id like to get an early start on editing files so they are ready to be uploaded when the time comes.


    Maybe you can use the small town situation to your advantage? Become so known as the ‘photo-guy’ that eventually people only notice it when you’re NOT there shooting?

    A great example of getting close to a tight knit community is in David and Peter Turnley’s book ‘McClellan Street’, which they photographed over a 1 year period when they were teenagers.

    Like David Alan Harvey’s “tell it like it is” I’m seriously in awe of how these photographers were able to make such mature and sensitive images at their young age…

    Further proof that you’re ‘born with it’…?

  • Hi David

    First, please accept my apologies for unceremoniously dropping out, what must be about 2 months ago now. My (non-photography) day job got successfully busy, ie in a good/great way, and required my complete and undivided attention. Not coincidentally, my photography has also recently evolved into something that I can only describe as shedding a 25-year old cocoon, as a direct result of my participation here…

    Second, although I haven’t been around lately, I believe your analysis is spot on: this is a family here with all that that implies, and there will be tension and arguments.

    You have always been open and uncensoring, which I believe makes this blog unique. But that will invite some unpleasantness.

    None of this detracts from all that I have learned from this blog in the past ~1-2 years, and all I that hope to continue learning in the indefinite future.

    So my “vote” is, rock on, Uncle Dave. Your kids/siblings/nieces/nephews will be stronger for it in the long run.



  • Andrew,

    Maid Marian was as easy as asking a pretty girl if she wants to shoot and develop a concept. But within shooting, I really want to feel confident in the interaction. I’m kind of there and kind of not.

    I do have a fun gig coming up (actually getting paid!) shooting a Halloween costume party at a bar. You should try to line up a gig like that even if you do it for free. Halloween is one time when you can really cut loose and shoot unbridled. All I have to do is create a gallery where guests can find and download their portraits off my site, following the party. I’ll probably have an order form where they can order prints if they want.

    Plus I’m experimenting with a different style—I’ve ordered a ring flash adaptor, which I think will be a good move for costume portraits. I’m going to look more strapped with gear than I care, but it’s what I’ve been hired to do.


    I feel like i’m jumping in here a bit, hope you don’t mind. Just read your last post. Immediately I found myself wanting to talk with you about this…

    I know where your coming from on this but maybe you can turn it around. Knowing your subjects or them kind of knowing you (as you’ve described) can create a different type of street shooting.

    I’m not very good at putting my thoughts and ideas into writing
    ( unlike so many here that are very articulate ) I always feel awkward because of this, however…

    what I mean is that it sounds to me that you coming from the ‘fly on the wall’ camp, but for me, and I stress that this is a personal choice. For me, I like to have a connection with my subject, some sort of acknowledgment. Even if it is just a fleeting moment.

    When I began shooting documentary I approached things differently, I wanted to be invisible and float through the crowd like a ghost, but after a while I begun to question this candid camera… and as a portrait photographer my work is all about communication, communication of ideas, communication with the subject and communication of the subjects personality etc… So, I began to photograph people on the street very openly, with communication. It changed everything for me.

    I won’t go on…

    again: i’m only saying this is what works for me. But as i read your post I thought about all this. The approach of a street photographer to his subject, invisible or very visible.

    all the best


  • David:

    This blog is a great idea..however, I think it has lately gone somehow out of control. I was one of the first readers-poster here, and it was easy at that time to read and post comments. But not anymore. There is no way for me to read 600 post for every reflection you post on. Also, feel that I just can not comment any more because I won’t get much feedback specially been an outsider as i feel right now. Yes, the concept of a big family is true, but not for everyone. So what happens at the end is, that I just can not understand or follow what common bloggers are posting here everyday. It feels like a local conversation between people that know each other and talk things not always related to the original DAH topic.

    I guess changes have to be made in order to keep the discussion on photography as a passion, and not get lost in hundred and hundred – not always related-comments, with “family” codes I can not understand. This format is not working any more, at least for all the readers that do not feel part of the inmediate family.

    Don’t mean to ofend any body. Is just what I feel right now. I once learned a lot from the comments on this blog, but just not any more.



  • Kerry:
    Would love to chat with you offline about your day gig…send me an email at the link on the bottom of the page on my link? Also not only about that, but I have some notes I wrote up about blog ideas as well – if you covered them I won’t post/send (or will in “seconding” your ideas:)

    AKAKAKAKAKAKAY :) (that was fun to type)
    Dude…same problem for me here (maybe not as much), but the density thing – there is just no one on the streets….people at the farmer’s market saying “are you taking my picture *again*? Why?” :)

    As far as everyone knowing you, I second the idea of a different approach….going deeper than the odd “captured” street shot….make them captured moments of people you know somewhat and thereby can capture with some extra meaning….

    ok, I just called you “dude”. weird.

    you know what you have to do….just follow your heart and your instincts…you of all the people I’ve listened to are so in touch with yourself ….

    …one thing I have been meaning to bring up from your post a while back, about wanting to create work that moves you as much as some of the work you admire does….I have to wonder…as artists, are we ever moved as much by our own work as by work of those we admire/like/follow? Can we be? Or is what pushes an artist forward always being slightly unsatisfied, slightly not “finished” with our own work, knowing that somehow we can make it more? I honestly don’t know….perhaps I’m not a good enough artist in anything to be moved by my own work…but even in just doing…in things I know I can do well…that are creating but not any sort of “traditional” art…I can be satisfied, and proud, and content….but is that the same as the feeling or impact we get from another’s work?

    I hear you….but honestly, there seemed to be more than just a pretty girl posing in some of those images….there was to me a feeling of trust…of relaxation that cannot come without trust….

    good night light, all….

  • Yeah trusted me in a way like I wasn’t going to go Blair Witch on her.

  • I wanted to say something more, but these friends already said waht I wanted to say:

    “I’ve been reading this blog for some time now, but it has become tedious. The ramblings, writings and outbursts that have nothing to do with the topic have made it too much trouble to weed through. I was hoping for more from DAH and less from self-absorbed prima donnas who often seem to have only a tenuous grasp on reality.
    Too much angst, too much navel gazing. Too little photography.”

    “DAH has been a huge inspiration to me for the last two decades and it was an honor an privilege to be his student at a workshop a few years back. When this blog started up I was thrilled and read it everyday – each time learning something more from the master. Then the blog changed. It stopped being about the thoughts, work and life of DAH and became a chatty coffeehouse for all who frequented it. That’s when I would basically stop reading past the text of his new posting.

    “When a post by David quickly turns into 200+ reader replies that are mostly rambling conversations between blog readers who all want to share their poetry or whatnot, the point of his initial post and thought gets quickly lost in the mire. The bulk of the postings are not a conversation with David but among yourselves. Many of the regulars are excellent photographers and some are excellent writers but what you have now is not a blog by DAH, but an loosely unmoderated art/photography/personal rant forum that is a chore to read. When I do read Road Trip I only scan for replies by DAH because that has the content that I’m looking for.

    I wish that it were less about the readers and more about the guy who we all respect and whose work brought us together here.”



    Mr. S.Prokofjew

    I think there are many voices as your. Maybe even 99%, who knows. I feel responsible. I can only apologize. I have nothing more to add.


  • marcin,

    what are you apologizing for?
    Your contribution here has always been thoughtful, respectful and challenging. Your photography honest and inspirational.
    I Hope to see more posters like you in the future.


    Below is a question I resieved today from a young female photography student that is trying to document what is happening in Tasmanian forests. I guess some of you have seen my work on that subject.
    Anyway, I thought amongst us here there may be some words of wisdom I could share.

    How would you approach this situation ?

    “How full on has all the violence in the forest been, its completely insane. Taking photos at these kind of actions, with these guys is really hard. They target the camera continually, and really don’t care if your female or male they still shove you around. Have you ever experienced that sort of violence whilst taking photos? any tips or advice or ways to deflect violence whilst still getting a decent photo?

  • hello, everyone. My name is Mario Lucceri and i’m Jewish Italian.
    I’m not going to comment about the future of the blog or the
    future of photography. I will beg though all the “anonymous”
    in here for one thing. Please, do not insult my heritage ..
    I am Jewish, maybe not very religious , but still, i can clearly see the insult:
    like the name of the robot ,S.Prokofjew, above.
    mr. Prokof ( JEW ).
    please stop playing dirty.

  • Guido

    I am part of this community. If we have the dark side I am also responsible for that, but I try to be the bright side of the force. It not mean I am always and for everyone.

    must run

    “May The Force Be With All of You”

  • mario…please…
    the italians are having a good reputation on this blog, so far….

  • damn.. I’m late today..
    8:50.. City of Angels..
    Halloween in two days…
    Hopefully.. I will couple
    SCARY links to share soon..

    AKAKY.. I will go with Kerry..
    Use it as your advantage, the fact
    that everyone knows you in your town..
    Also carry your camera around ,
    sometimes without shooting at all..
    Don’t act determined or desperate
    either.. Act like you don’t care..
    It works in Venice!

    Morning y’all


    I agree the solution is already in your having such close association you will be granted a degree of acceptance if you yourself allow it. I would suggest that you take some time to clarify why you want to do this type of photography, and put it into words that can be quickly communicated to anyone who might inquire as to what you are doing. Most importantly, find your reason, something you can stand behind, something that gives you the sense that what you want to do is actually a good thing, is in the interest of others, and is nothing to feel shy or ashamed about. It isn’t relevant if the work is to be published or not, if it is to any standard or not, what matters is that you are sincere in your intent, and that will come across. I know how hard it can be to shoot without permission, so one thing you can do is to get yourself into situations where you have permission (because you asked) from one person, and then hang out..for example, at a farmer’s market..get permission from the vendor, and then just stay there for awhile..the customers will figure out you are doing something that has been okayed already. But don’t lock yourself into needing verbal has been said here, there are a lot of signals that can be exchanged if it isn’t a moment that will be lost by subtle interaction..if it is and you have to shoot without clearance, just do your best and try to be brave and then smile and say your mantra :)

    I think trying to vanish into crowds is just going to reinforce your sense that you need to be need to be quick, and unobtrusive if you don’t want to impact the shot, but that doesn’t mean you are hiding.

  • ALL:

    DRR.Net closes it’s doors!

    I have not yet had the opportunity to read back through this post, so perhaps the subject has already been touched on.

    Digital Railroad has been the “professional” front for my images for almost two years- now I feel homeless.

    Any thoughts on an alternative?? I looked at PS..still not sure. I also saw that Sean Gallagher has a “lightstalker” account. Perhaps that’s different. At any rate…If anyone can shed some light on subject/possible options/etc it would be much appreciated.

    As for this “Thread” …….I don’t think I have to tell you that “Road Trip” has been a great source of inspiration, a resource and a community ….unparalleled I would say in the realm of photojournalism, and online “forums”….I certainly feel good knowing the “Conversation” continues….. And i hope it does!!

    Cheers. Jeremy


    and if none of that works, shoot openly and brazenly, telling everyone that your therapist has prescribed street photography as art therapy to help integrate your multiple rooting yourself in the position of the photographer/watcher you will be able to more strongly differentiate between the self and the other..or so you were told..


    Photoshelter seems like a good way to go if you don’t have your own site or if you need to sell directly or have clients be able to see work and be able to create lightboxes. The basic account gives you 10G of storage, searchable galleries and slideshows, ability to sell, etc. A lightstalkers gallery is a nice thing, but wont give you what I just mentioned..


    this may (or may not :)) help..

    I have a personal website to ‘showcase’ work here

    I have a PS account for wedding work here

    and a Lightstalkers gallery here for a ‘quick look overview’ for people already searching on LS

    different sites for different reasons..

  • Mario

    Prokofjew is a real last name… stop looking for problems that don’t exist.

    Here is a famous man with the last name

  • Hmm.. the blog works fantastic.. no reasons to worry about that :-) …
    It’s really supriced that so many people in Perpignan come to me and say hello because they recognize me from your blog…

    I wish to write more… but even I am reading the blog time to time.. as much as I can … I feel lost a bit :-)
    But it’s just because our “familly” is so big! :-) no other reason….

    hugs from Poland,

  • Jeremy Wade Shockley,
    There’s Alamy, but I don’t know if it’s the best option really.. However the company seems pretty stable..
    Photoshelter 2.0 seems interesting, but don’t know about it in the long term. They failed with stock and they’re doing a new concept now that’s interesting. It might be a success and it might be a failior..
    There’s time and energy involved in switching to a new archive/agency so look hard before deciding..


  • AGA

    Sonice to hear from you! I have been missing you a lot here on the forum. What are you doing these days?


    Am just in from a little street shooting, fingers still thawing out, sure is getting cold..

    So I see this moment I want to shoot, a man looking out the window of a door, the glass is sort of scratched up, the light is pretty even except in one spot..I quickly take one frame, but even though I had just metered while walking, I think I am off a stop or so, because of the extra light coming in on one side, so I fix it as quickly as is possible, hoping to fire off another before I am noticed..but he sees me. This is when one might choose to scadaddle..but I see that he sees me, and hasn’t moved. So I carefully frame up the shot, take it, and he still isn’t flustered, so I take one more, from a different angle all together, to move the scratches on the glass to a different part of the man’s face. He stayed there, it was gracious of him, and I had no way of knowing that he would. I gave him a little thank you nod bow thing, and off I went, thinking of you. You just have to push yourself a little, you never know how people feel, and it is important to give them the chance to prove the chatter inside the brain about what someone else is thinking, to be wrong..

  • right on ERICA…


    That is a great question..can we ever be as moved by our own work as we are by the work of others? Maybe not, at least not long term..Perhaps it has to do with not having been there, different times, places, mystique, the unknown? I find that in the moment when I first see my negatives (and this is one reason I love film over digital, reading the negative) every now and again, not so often but it happens, an image will actually take my breath away, just for a split second, and that is when I know I did something right. The moment of joy and awe is a combination of being moved by the power/force/beauty of the subject, and by the fact that the moment/composition/light is working as well. But this moment of being moved by my own work is hard to sustain. I can look at and into others’ work much much longer than I can my own, and can be moved by others’ work over and over again..

    RE: a workshop on people skills, strangely a photographer who is in the business side of the biz on a pretty high level just said the same to me..that there must be a market / need for this and why don’t I do it..but I am not sure of what a workshop on this would look feel be like..sort of a hard thing to ‘teach’..maybe I could wire people and listen in to their approach, and give feedback? I know they actually offer a workshop on this at ICP, but i have never thought about HOW this is taught..maybe I should take it for insight, and then do my own version..hmmmn

  • The biggest problem I’ve noticed with just this post is it’s being used as a forum. It’s a blog – and these are supposed to be comments based off of what is presented in the original post.

    Perhaps, a forum isn’t a bad idea! Perhaps one is needed where members can ask questions and everything is better organized and can be referenced better. With individual profiles and galleries.

    But that’s up to Mr. Harvey if he chooses to put it on his site or not. If he doesn’t, perhaps one should be made independently of his site and invite him and others like him to moderate and act as mentors.

    Jason Houge

  • Bruce Gilden, what can I say.. Fantastic essay on Magnum Insight!

  • OAXACA day two

    (larger image sizes, hope this works for you…)

    “i was a kid with an attitude”
    (includes 1 repeat of yesterday)

    “distant things on empty streets like a man on a roof”


  • go ahead ANTON..
    I’m going out to shoot.. Right now..
    Don’t stop till you drop..
    Go ahead, show all those
    “anonymous” mr ROBOTO’s
    how is done..

  • It has been about 5 weeks since the Loft workshop and filled with inspiration and fuel, I have started up again where I left off with my Zero Ground essay. Using my personal story as a launching point, I have decided to embark on a long term project documenting the effects of 9/11 on Canada.

    I am using “Shared September” as a working title and hope to have the project completed in time for the 10 year anniversary in 2011. It’s going to be tough though, as most of the project will hinge on access but I have started the process and hope that my intent and patience will get me where I need to go.

    Here is a link to a gallery from a War Resisters protest here in Toronto that I shot on Monday. The War Resisters is an organization that supports American soldiers who are conscientious objectors living in Canada.

    Thanks for looking and listening and any feedback and advice would be great.


  • MARC..
    So nice to meet you..
    You are the most DETERMINED
    Photographer I know..
    So nice to meet you in BROOKLYN..

  • panos

    i was actually part of the first class but nice to meet you as well
    definitely not the most determined…

  • Marc, sorry ,but I might be reffering
    to another “marc”… Ooops!

    either way..!
    lurkers, robots , regulars… etc..
    Since you are all crying for more
    Cool… I’m with you..
    I promise I’m gonna limmit myself
    posting.. When YOU start…
    posting LINKS TO YOUR PHOTOS..
    You don’t have to be a PRO..
    You don’t have to have a website even..

    ALL.. Let’s have a LURKERS copetition..
    Let’s see who is going to get “naked”
    I mean.. Who is gonna show us work ???
    FUCK “EPF”.. Fuck MONEY..
    But if you ALL claim that you RESPECT,
    My (I have to admit at this point) very
    Good Friend.. Mr.. DAVID ALAN HARVEY
    .. Then please SUrprise us..
    Show us great work.. Even mediocre..
    Who cares..
    Start posting LINKS TO YOUR WORK..
    Be honest.. Apply for EPF..
    Get the money.. Buy condomns.. Have sex..
    Have fun.. ( leave the babies for later )
    Just have FUN… And please don’t hurt

  • I was driving in the DESERT.. Today..
    The whole day..
    My sister Patricia.. She Knows what I’m talking about..btw ( I miss Bob, Herve, me.. Anyways..)

    .. And I’ve seen all the “…………..”
    Begging every driver :
    DO NOT ALLOW gay couples to get married..”


    “PLEASE, Check and examine
    Carefully ..
    PROP 8…

    Come on now..
    This is 2009..
    I love California..
    The coolest shit start HERE .. First..

    Vote for GAY MARRIAGE..

    ( to any WEDDING photographer out
    there.. think of the new opportunity..
    Out there .. Laughing..
    Sorry I gotta light this BLUNT now..
    That will allow GAY MARRIAGE

  • … thank you MARC..
    ALL. Please tune at …
    or check the link just above..
    and take a look..
    Enough with IDOLS and ICONICs..
    What are WE doing?
    The humble , the comitted…?! The …
    Please post NEW LINKS.. Photos..
    Pictures… Whatever you call it..
    Don’t worry if “panos said this or panos said
    That… Fuck panos…

    What panos has to do is one thing:
    POST PHOTOS, links, whatever..
    What ALL of you have to
    POST PHOTOS, links, whatever..

    Don’t just TALK!
    Show us your photography..
    Show us your pain..
    What you really care about?
    Who the fuck you are..
    Reveal yourself.
    Cmon now.. You know who WE are..
    Bring it on..

    “….Don’t sit on the table if you
    Bringing nothing to
    It ..,”

  • ANTON.

    Thanks a lot. Because of you I’m going to have to spend some money!

    I can’t see a single image in any of your links, in fact I have to shut my browser down every time I try one of your links… so decided my California desktop computer (not the laptop which is in New Mexico) must need upgrading. Went to download a newer version of Safari and realized it won’t work with my operating system. So tomorrow (or soon) it’s off to the Apple store to see about upgrading to Leopard. I’m sure I’ll be happy with the outcome :)) Tech talk I know, and off topic but since that’s what we often do here…Anyone using Leopard? Probably many are.


    I am a woman of my words…

    Go to gallery-‘Street Song Serenade’ not finished and just for fun…

  • Cathy

    Try firefox great browser


    i do not know what David told you but the pictures of day 2 wowww big jump from day 1

  • ANTON~
    Had trouble viewing your photos

    Thank you for the link to your work, is this an ongoing project of this neighborhoods subculture? My favorite is #2…


    More Later…

  • MARC~
    I like your Idea for 911 & the images from the protest you photographed. Maybe I’ll Move to Canada…. we’ll see after Tuesday’s election for US president…:-O

  • ALL

    quick note from David… he wants you all to know he’ll be back here as soon as he can… but he’s got no internet connection at the place he’s staying… and the workshop is pretty intense… he’s asking for your patience… and he knows you don’t mind…


    he’ll be back “soonest”



    ps thanks for commenting on my oaxaca posts i hope i’ll have time to read your comments in detail tomorrow…

  • Gay wedding photography PANOS? Old news my friend. i read some time ago of a photographer who tried to get DIVORCE photography off the ground – you know, the rows, the recriminations, visits to the lawyer, dividing the CD collection…… it didn’t take off: can’t think why.

    I hear your call Panos …. more photos! Just bought a Canon G10 to use as a B&W stealth camera after reading Michael Reichmann’s Luminous Landscape comparison of the G10 and Hasselblad H2 and Phase One P45+ back (no kidding). I figure that B&W will negate any chroma noise at high ISOs. Should get out to shoot tomorrow so I’ll post soon.

    Mike R.

  • Michael…
    Luminous Landscape… all my respect to M.Reichmann..
    G10 ???… cant wait to see the results…
    please post something soon…
    im a little early today.. or maybe not?
    almost 6am…
    goodmorning y’all from LA

  • Anton

    Great work bro, great work…
    My choices for the photos you shot were number 04 and number 08.


    Haha it’s funny that you mention the Prop 8 thing… I for awhile was respecting the people who had vote yes on 8, by not stealing their signs… but the other day I caught someone stealing a vote no on prop 8 sign… so I’ve started the war too! If you see a sign and it’s convenient steal it!!!!

    This is absolute Fucking Bullshit, and I know it need not be mentioned in this blog, but the fact that anyone thinks they should be allowed to be married and someone else shouldn’t is such absolute bullshit!!!

    Sadly I see so many religous hypocrites and homophobes with it everywhere that I think it will actually pass… Panos wanna spend a day in LA and steal all the signs?

  • Here is the direct link for the Michael Reichman review on the Canon G10

  • Bang on Panos old chap!

    Its halloween soon, I’ve had FIRE all week, I think there is a WILD HUNT tonight and it all kicks off at the Castle tomorrow…

    I’ll link when the dust settles and the photos post.

    Good luck to everyone who is out shooting!

  • Karim ,
    Some are allowed to get married
    and some not…?
    And the main reason is because they
    cannot reproduce..!
    Like we need more kids in this world..
    Like we took care all of the orphans first..

    People, ALL,
    Please support the GAY RIGHTS..
    and yes.. Let’s start stealing the
    prop8 signs..
    It’s a shame!!!!
    It’s 2008..
    I , personally don’t believe in marriage..
    I believe in companionship..
    But if someone wants to get married???
    Then , why NOT??
    Gay or NOT..
    Freedom above all..
    Even above YOU or me..

  • NEIL..
    Yeah man..
    Please do..
    Just like LISA ( absolutely a woman of her words),
    HILLARY ( also an oasis in here)..
    or KARIM.. Or…ANTON..
    or MICHAEL R.. Or..
    go out there shoot, shoot, shoot..
    I’ll do the same I promise ..
    Let’s go out there and bring some
    cool shit by the end of weekend..
    Yes it’s a talking forum,
    Yes it’s a coffehouse..
    Yes it’s a stripclub..
    But.. No .. This forum ain’t a CHURCH..
    GO OUT AND SHOOT god damn it..
    Enough of the criticism and the
    I’m weak too..
    I’m seeking for motivation too..
    You know…


    “I don’t know if you meant what you said quite the way you wrote it but you have hit the nail right on the head, this place is AN OPEN ROOM, A party in an open room comings and goings occasional bottlenecks in the doorway, a couple quietly ageing on the couch nodding sagely, someone holding court enthralling all around, then someone vomiting in the pot plant.

    There’s a chandelier in this room and some appreciate its beauty and form, some think it’s just a bloody light, some know how many facets are cut in the crystal centrepiece and which Bavarian craftsman built it, and then some just swing from it.

    There’s a bookcase as well, where arguments, knowledge and opinions fly off the shelves, some are hit, never to be seen again, some come back stronger, ready for more, some look for a long forgotten stash behind the classics.

    Some enter in a frenzy, engaging all and sundry in a mad circumnavigation, naming countries, tearing down cities, building empires –Then, Poof! They’re gone! Some are in the corner staring at the lava lamp.

    Some enter quietly, circling conversations, earwigging, finally finding a group that fits, and joining in! It’s self validation – shit, I don’t suck that much after all! Some are taking a Leatherman tool to the drinks cabinet.

    Some come in desperate that the special someone who will make dreams come true and happy ever after will be a reality if they can just bend the ear of the host, take him by the sleeve and take him off to the bathroom for a special one on one, Some are in the street staring up through the window ,dodging the occasional TV or other white good that is thrown ( photography is solo rock and Roll), not coming up, not knocking on the door walking away, collars turned up, hat pulled down. Some are drinking out of jam jars because someone just broke a tray of glasses.

    Someone’s creating a scene, diverting attention away from the matter at hand, Drama! This room is filling quickly, time to spill out onto the street, who’s turn is it to go down the off-licence? We’re running low.

    There’s someone smoking on the balcony.

    If there’s anything extracurricular that grows out of this, it’s working title has to be “The Open Room “.”

    – Posted by: Glenn | August 24, 2008 at 01:59 AM

  • Anton,

    The BW story “kid attitude” works well for me; 3,5,7 in particular.

    Then I see the second series of 2 shots in colour.

    I like the content of bw work and the tone of the colour.

    The BW – just loosening up, trying something different?

    I know you did Day 1 in colour which overall I liked.

    Thought the music did not go well with the day 1 pix — okay maybe Day 1 story 3 but I kind of like the song.

    So far so good….looking forward to seeing more.


  • .. Brilliant!!!
    Glen, Andrew B..
    Just like the KIBBUTZ..
    Same thing..
    A non stop happening place..
    Anyone can come and go
    at amy time..
    Noone has really any power over
    anyone.. You can’t disrespect me
    coZ.. My power comes from within..!!!
    I can’t disrespect you either coZ
    Your power also comes from within!!!
    Brilliant description Glenn..
    Enter , do your thing and when
    You are done.. Please don’t slam
    The Door!!!
    If you are dissapointed with yourself
    please don’t shoot our “chandellier”
    .. CoZ we are still here and we like
    to keep the lights ON..
    So party’s on..
    And instead of BEER..!!??
    we have our photos..
    Please post more photos..
    This is THE KIBBUTZ.. Live..

  • Yeahhh..!
    DOUG.. Yes..
    That’s the spirit.. Let’s keep on
    motivating eachother..
    Some of us ( me included ) we
    NEED IT..
    Doug, again, thank you for helping out..!

  • Really impressed Anton, I think you made some great strides since “Brigit”‘s first essay. Also, when I see your shots ( a few are off, though, not many), there is both feel and action. “Feel” without something, ANYTHING!, happening in the frame, that calls us in (maybe to what is happening outside the frame), that involves us, picks our curiosity is not good enough.

    I dunno, I think that’s what you have been practicing. Because if we catch a feel the same way we just catch what we see, that’s the same thing, pretense, and back to square one eventually. Too much photography is being lauded here just for giving us the idea of what is not quite realized in the frame.

    Enough of that, we are not tough enough on ourselves, me the first, so maybe Panos, I contradict you, time to lay off showing pictures and more pictures. I’d rather see work, as in W O R K, like we were at point A 6 months ago, and now point B. As long as we (and I) are at point A, keep working….

  • I’m currently working on a design project for a class. I have redesign a car brochure from the ground up. In addition to that, I need at least two photos taken by myself. I’m not sure if I ever mentioned that my passion for photography really took off while shooting friends cars. So this project is really a fun reflection of old times for me. So I just posted a few photos I’m working on for this. The first one is a composite. I’m going to shoot a different backdrop for it between now and Monday.
    Leave comments if you would please

    Have a great day,

  • To answer DAH’s question about the future (present?) of this blog, I’m of the opinion that we’re ready to move onto the next level, whatever that may be. An online magazine sounds cool but maybe it will take some other form altogether. Whatever we do, let’s stay focused on photography which is what brought us together in the first place and has kept many of us here through personality conflicts and “family” crises.

    Personally I’ll be staying in the background, and happily so. I hear and agree with many of the comments on this thread that express the feeling of having been excluded from what had become an insiders’ club. It was, but now the doors are wide open again and new (or returning) folks can pull up a virtual chair and join the conversation.

    I’ll only be checking in occasionally but welcome emails, especially with links to new work. You can reach me at

    If you want to keep up to date with “Falling Into Place,” my self portrait/daily life project, you can always go to

    Love you all & wish you well,

  • Jason
    Lighting cars well is a challenge…

    They have giant reflective surfaces and require extraordinary effort to shoot well. Assuming you don’t have a studio with light sources larger than the car you’re going to have to use a bunch of cunning. Try searching strobist for “car”

    rig something up like:

    Or use awesome locations and post (see BBC’s topgear)..

    Good luck!

  • Jason
    Lighting cars well is a challenge…

    They have giant reflective surfaces and require extraordinary effort to shoot well. Assuming you don’t have a studio with light sources larger than the car you’re going to have to use a bunch of cunning. Try searching strobist for “car”

    rig something up like:

    Or use awesome locations and post (see BBC’s topgear)..

    Good luck!

  • yes…JASON..!!!
    That’s the right attitude..
    Post.. Expose yourself..
    Ask for feedback..
    That’s the major contribution
    You can do!!
    Thank you..
    I’m in the truck right now ..
    My feedback.. a little later…

  • Unfortuneately, you’re right I don’t have a studio or a lot of light. I was however using a Nikon sb800 with a softbox and a reflector bigger than me, and a handfull of other, smaller reflectors. Right now, I’m using a whole lot of photoshop to reduce ceiling tiles from appearing in the gloss.
    The one edge I do have, I’m good friends with a manager at the dealership so I’ll be able to take a car (with his assistance) to a location – an old cannery building that’s half torn down.

    Panos are you blogging while driving!?

  • Jason…
    That’s why I can’t open the links..


    If she can stomach doing this, I would suggest your student try to meet with a timber worker with some pull (without her camera) at a calm time and explain that she is a student journalist and she is interested in telling the story from the loggers perspective..explain she is not aligned with the activists…and that she wants to do a piece on the struggle and hardships the loggers will face if they are not permitted to do their work here..and try to get inside, photographing a couple of loggers at home with their families, etc. This way, they will look out for her, she will get the story, and I assume (hope) the activists will understand the importance of her being there to document.

  • All – another photo awards:

    So sorry for the late announcement, Deadline November 1! If it makes you feel any better, I haven’t put my submission together yet either! Yikes. (ps – if you see my name on the site, it’s because I handed out promo cards in Perpignan and the founder is a friend of mine. But, she is not judging!)

    Please have a look and enter!

    I Miss you guys… I just have been totally buried and it’s not going to get better as we get closer to the end of the year… I’ll update soon if you’re interested.


    Thanks for your suggestion. I agree that it would be really good to take that approach. And in fact to tell the whole story it really is necessary to show the lives of the loggers. So each side is quick to jump to conclusions about which side you are on.

    I have been trying to do this as well. Unfortunately relations between the two groups has become very strained as you will see in the link below. So it will take a lot to gain access. It is definitely worth trying

    Below is a link to a very short video shot last week by activists when some logging contractors found activists blocking a road into the forests.
    Strong Language warning!


    no no, i have not forgotten you!! i am without internet in my rented house in Oaxaca..i am now in an internet cafe, which just is not that convenient given the amount of work i have to do with my class…i know you are quite used to me being busy when i am involved with a workshop and this is no exception…

    however, i do plan to post a new story either tomorrow or friday time permitting….more importantly, this is my last workshop for the year, so i will be devoting mucho tiempo to you …to setting up all of the parameters for EPF and to our new web design and online magazine…i have also created a special website for this Oaxaca workshop so you will really see quality galleries of the students…

    while our blog will be modified, i cannot think of any downside…the whole point of the online magazine is to provide a strong visual forum for your writing and photography…yes, yes, still room for comments and letters, but with the emphasis on polished sophisticated stories and pictures…and hopefully a printed annual…

    good vibes are in the air….i am excited as hell….i hope you are too….

    hugs, david


    Having worked on logging issues here in the Pacific NW, Erica is giving your friend great advice….

    Appear and act neutral even if you are biased. If you earn some ones trust though I think you have to honor it and not bash them later. If they already know you, well that might be harder.
    Loggers have one of the most dangerous jobs around some just want to be out in the woods and don’t realize what they are doing to the planet…some are just unhappy assholes and don’t care.

    Another part of the story is the huge companies and their executives …ie Charles Hurwitz/The Pacific Lumber Company clear cutting old growth redwoods in CA.

    It’s a huge global problem…Great that you guys are covering it there!!!
    I like your portraits of the activists…Trying to get the great shots of the platforms are a challenge.


    I think you would make an excellent teacher…I’ve already learned so much from you!!! I think you have the right idea to take that class @ ICP for reference and develop one in your own style….maybe teach a class through an online magazine forum ..hint..hint…

  • At the computer today editing and just posted a DJ Battle/Dance Party that I was at 2 weeks ago around the full moon…

    Check it out…If you want to

  • DAVID ~~ ALL ~~

    I have only been reading this Blog for a short time and in the last few months I have learned so much and it has led to many things….I came into an existing culture and carried on with the status quo, looking at and posting photos, happy to just be part of a conversation and learn more about photography and others lives as photographers.

    I think that is an integral part of this family but I can see how that would exhaust and dissuade so many people from reading and posting.

    It is apparent that you have a plan, but you asked for some assistance and I will volunteer for anything that is asked of me. In the meantime I will humbly offer my suggestions as something to consider…

    What foto8 & jpeg mag are doing I really like but I think right here, Pete & the 37th frame could be a good resource to pull from.

    The content in this Blog should be kept but added upon…David’s posts, the dialogue the mentoring the links to photography, photographers, quotes, lyrics..etc but it gets organized into categories and blogged from there.

    Of course this is in addition to your work posted on
    Thinking there could be a link on your site going to a newly created “Sub~Site” which would be the online magazine/Forum you refer to…

    ~Some suggestions for categories/forums that people would have the choice of participating in:

    ***Posts From David….
    Keep your posts the way they are and write about whatever and whenever you want to. Your posts are timely and invaluable as food for thought.
    *The comments should stay ON TOPIC & pertain only to your post.

    ***Work In Progress…EPF
    A place where all can watch as essays grow from conception to print.

    *** Random Photo Shoots….
    Open critiques, links to new postings for feedback.
    Photos from this blog community from different places around the world, not associated with a larger body of work.

    ***Meet The Photographers (If possible with dialogue from the photographer)
    *Master photographers / showcase 1~3 photographers work weekly, somehow related to each other.
    *Professional Photographers / showcase 3 different types of photographers work weekly.
    *Emerging photographers with completed photo essays.

    ***Meet the Editors
    I would imagine there is a reciprocal relationship between editors and photographers.
    A forum for editors looking for photographs/photographers sharing their point of view their needs and future of their publications. What they are looking for.
    Editors who may be available for reviews & critiques.

    *** Writers Forum
    Posts from some of the great writers here and discussion generated from the topic.

    *** Online Gallery
    A quarterly jurried GROUP SHOW on a particular theme from different POV from different countries. This could later go to print or to galleries…

    ***Questions & Answers
    Both to David and the community at large.

    ***Funding Opportunities
    Upcoming grants, scholarships, artist in residences, photo competitions, etc…

    ***Thoughts & Inspiration….This could have a few categories:
    *Photography Related Links, including resources for further education, ie upcoming festivals and workshops, books, gallery exhibits…etc
    *Other Llinks…. fine art, music, literature, Science, Quotes…youtube…etc. it is all influential to photography
    *Art for art’s sake…the 1 image of the week that says it all.

    ***All In The Family Free Form Forum…
    Random conversations between friends and frenemies…..

    ***Continuing Education, How To Section
    Anything related to Photography….flash, approaching people in public, submission guidelines, grant writing, posting web sites…etc
    **Micro classes taught through an online forum

    ***Photo Contests
    For things that could be donated like cameras, film, prints, workshops, etc…
    *Many contests charge a fee to submit. If we could submit 3 images for 5 or 10 bucks what if all the proceeds went to the photographer that won the contest…still…non profit and a blogtown community member has some $ for film, education, travel expenses….

    ***Membership Area
    A place where people can donate $$ or stuff to the EPF and the continuation of a non profit online forum & magazine. Any amount… Of course you could offer perks like an invitation to an annual members only party or random drawings for things that have been donated.

    ***Members Gallery
    With profiles and links to personal web sites. It could also include a lightbox feature in which photo editors could purchase images directly from the site.

    ***Search Engine
    For finding past comments or for comments directed towards individuals.

    ***Slideshows…. from your workshops or at least a grouping of photos from your students work.

    *** Books/Merch
    A place to buy or exchange each others books, prints…etc

    I see this as a place most utilized by those interested in taking photography to the next level. Discussions and topics that can lead a newbie emerging photographer to actually becoming a professional. Some of us here want to do that, some are just wanting to create something for themselves, but I think a magazine like this not only benefits the emerging photographer but amateurs and even professionals who need some fresh juice once in a while…..

    I agree you should try to do this without the need for advertisers, but $$$ is a reality even if it is not much and it has to come from somewhere. Money can be generated through memberships and magazine subscriptions. Another suggestion is to apply for 501-c3 / Non Profit status or go under an existing organizations umbrella, hire someone to write grants to publish a magazine a book and group shows. Grants would include their own salary and even 1 or two co editors. People and organizations who donate to Non-Profits can write it off on their taxes and are more likely to give money in fact they sometimes have to.

    David if this is too much for you to do and you say it is… when you lay out your magazine and ideas let us know what you need insofar as volunteer positions and have peeps apply to do it.

    ***Now dare to dream…
    What if through this sharing of knowledge and guidance of work there happens to be some great photography coming out of this online forum , then printed book, then gallery shows… could we possibly start a Non~Profit cooperative Online Emerging Photographers photo agency???

    As a members of a Non Profit organization an individual can use the umbrella and apply for funding that is only available for non profits…

    It could also be a resource for editors around the world looking for photographers geographically & area of expertise…

    Just some thoughts…


  • DAVID~~ALL~~again…

    So yes, change is inevitable, your excitement is infectious and I bet you have some great ideas… in the interim, if you want, change can happen as soon as your next post…

    To the right you have 4 Blogs…some of which are not used very much. So my immediate suggestion is to use them all…That way peeps can tune into and comment on what they want to or have time for:

    ROAD TRIPS~ For your regular good long thought provoking posts…comments would be kept On Topic with gentle reminders.

    STUDENT WORK/WORKSHOPS~ Maybe you could do a post when you have time to review and critique other peoples work. When you don’t have time to review photos make a general post so we can look at photos and critique each other. This is where peeps could post links to photographs and new work for now.

    FAMILY AND FRIENDS~ Keep the post short and sweet and then let the family take over…Unless you want to reserve this for your immediate family & friends.

    WORK IN PROGRESS~ please keep your work in progress for us to see,..

    Anyway…sorry for the long posts…you got me thinking again…



    Audio Slideshow: Photos compete for the Prix Pictet
    A major new global prize celebrating the work of both professional and amateur photographers has been awarded in Paris. The Prix Pictet is the first competition of its type to focus on the global issue of ‘sustainability’ – and, this year in particular, on water. The winner of 100,000 Swiss francs (£53,000) is the Canadian photographer Benoit Aquin.
    Here – the head of the Prix Pictet jury, Francis Hodgson, shows off Aquin’s work and images from some of the 17 other photographers who made the shortlist:



    (I tried to post this earlier but Typepad ate it..??)

    Audio Slideshow: Photos compete for the Prix Pictet
    A major new global prize celebrating the work of both professional and amateur photographers has been awarded in Paris. The Prix Pictet is the first competition of its type to focus on the global issue of ‘sustainability’ – and, this year in particular, on water. The winner of 100,000 Swiss francs (£53,000) is the Canadian photographer Benoit Aquin.
    Here – the head of the Prix Pictet jury, Francis Hodgson, shows off Aquin’s work and images from some of the 17 other photographers who made the shortlist:


  • Hello David and all
    I’ll be in Oaxaca tomorrow morning (the 31st) and I’ll love to meet you after or before the workshop for coffe or a drink… Have a great time… Peace


    You have some very intriguing images from that DJ party…I particularly liked nb 2, 3, 6, 7 and 13…. Glad you shared that with us…


  • LISA,

    This may be my system but I was trying to load you site to check your ‘Street Song Serenade’and it would not come up… Did anyone else experience the same or is this just me???


  • Hello David and All
    I’ll be in Oaxaca tomorrow morning (the 31st) and I’ll love to meet you after or before the workshop for coffe or a drink… Have a great time Peace

  • TO ALL-

    I caught up an interesting exchange dating back from few days ago on the Magnum blog between someone called Andrew who might be a lurker here and David…. It is in the post: “If I were president, I’d have a kick-ass blog” from Alec Soth…

    Andrew said: “I think comments should be ruthlessly moderated to include only those that are directly related to the subject. David Alan Harvey’s blog started out well, then turned into a bit of a “love-in” with hundreds of comments usually by the same core crowd giving a pat on the back to each other. The reason the Mitt Romney entry was so fascinating was it involved a generally well-reasoned and confrontational dialogue. Keep it edgy, but also keep the content strong and don’t allow the comments to get out of control, it’s your blog after all.

    DAVID’s answer now:

    Andrew Golding…

    Your point is well taken and thanks for your comment. My blog will change in the next few months and become an online magazine and perhaps print annual. I will also be spending more time here working with Alec and Martin and many Magnum photographers to make the Magnum Blog the best we can make it.

    You may or may not be aware that my main push for my readers has been to be out there shooting. Less time on the keyboard and more time behind the camera has always been my mantra and you will soon see on my site even more than has already been published from the many photographers I mentor. In early January, I will announce the stipends for this work through my Emerging Photographer Fund which is a “wing” of the Magnum Cultural Foundation, our non-profit funding center. The annual Inge Morath Award for emerging women photographers comes from the same source.

    As you probably know, blogging is totally secondary to my photography.This is true for all Magnum photographers. We cannot be of much service to you if we are not “out there” and experiencing the very things you come up against every day. If sharing our experiences and listening to you helps to further the altruistic nature of our craft and our “family” , then we will have done what Magnum photographers stand for.

    By the way, 99% of my forum readers do not write. The few who do are but a small portion of those who are “on” everyday. We have built incredibly special friendships on line and fate has taken me to various locations worldwide where I have had the opportunity to quite literally meet so many. Real faces with the names. Real pictures edited in real time. We have had a blast.

    So, hang out here, hang out there. One way or another, our Magnum brothers and sisters will try to help you find out what you want to know and listen carefully to your concerns and your comments.

    Stay tuned…..

    Seems that this was highly relevant to David’s post here and the topic of discussions…. All I can say David is that many of us are excited to see what this place will become… Not that we do not like it as it stands quite the contrary…but always interesting to see where you will take us…




    You have given this a lot of thought and have some great ideas.
    Perhaps there can be some sort of committee to design the new site which you could be part of.

    I agree that 37TH FRAME is an excellent example of what can be done here.

    No matter what…DAVID must continue his posts!!!


    You are not alone in having trouble posting comments. :((


    Thanks a lot for reminding me of Firefox. I do use it from time to time and sure enough, today it got me on all the sites that have been shutting down with Safari. Unfortunately I discovered that I will still have to upgrade my OS to Leopard if I want to upgrade to either a higher version of Photoshop (now using CS2) and/or Lightroom.

  • I disagree with Hillary, to classify and organize the blog into a forum will liken it to so many forums out there, and besides, it will definitely get out of the hands of David who would never have the time to check what is going on in all the sections, let alone participate.

    Let’s face it, we are all very flattered to know a guy like David is never too far, and paying attention to what we have to say and show, while welcoming his advice. It won’t be half the fun or interest to revert to categorical sections where David’s input won’t be found, but by chance.

    A blob is a blog is a blog. There is no improving it. it’s a daily thing with a diaristic quality to it, loose, chaotic, and that’s OK to drop that format altogether, but let’s make sure we don’t lose something special we did not appreciate to the full. At the same time, it feels like the page is definitely being turned soon…


  • herve totally agree with you!


    Do you have a day-gig in the corporate world? Your suggestions are RIGHT ON TRACK — if you’re not in business already, you should consider it ;) I look forward to talking with you some more…

    I really believe that a combination of the new ideas people have put forward here and a dash of David’s own ‘special sauce’ will keep everyone happy.

    As David himself says “I won’t do this unless it’s fun….”

    …perhaps one of the most important life lessons we can learn from DAH?

    LISA H
    I also had no luck opening your Street Song Serenade from the link you posted (using Firefox) but I could get to your galleries from your name/link at the bottom of your postings.

    — I’d love to learn more about the story behind Street Song Serenade. Your pics remind me of my years in Sydney but the intent of your story is not quite clear to me yet… (LOVE the Dapto Dogs story too!)

    Oh dear, that video does not make one a proud Australian — and why do I think of Kenny when I listen to that crazed man shrieking obscenities?

    Also, I really connected with your story on Shack Life. I spent part of my early childhood living in a corrugated iron shack – complete with dirt floors and kerosene lights – while my parents fossicked for sapphires on the Central Queensland gemfields. Your images brought back many great memories of those sweet, innocent days.

    I’m really ‘feeling’ your black and white work… but then I am a bit partial to it.

    Andrew B

    Have sent you an email … look forward to connecting.

    Happy Halloween all! (as an Aussie who’s been here for nearly a decade, I still can’t get enough of this completely weird yet wonderful holiday!)

    KP :)

  • Matthew —

    You just gave me a story!!! When I arrive back in Australia next month I’m a-headin’ for the gemfields to document those larger than life characters from a former insiders perspective!

    Thank you!!


  • Jason

    If you can make a room pretty dark, then you can make your softbox giant by putting your camera onto bulb and triggering the flash manually as you walk around the car to “paint” it with what appears in the final photo to be a massive soft source. This may take a little experimentation…

  • Hi Neil, I’ve done plenty of that before – actually my favorite one is of a pearl white Mitsubishi 3000GT with chrome rims. We parked in this forested area in a park during a newmoon. It was so dark you couldn’t see your own hand. The only lightsource was a bluish white LED tent light. The idea and look was just awesome. The only problems were 1 we weren’t expecting to do any shooting that night. I had my camera along just because, and when it dawned on us to shoot the car, we didn’t have a tripod. So everything was a tad fuzzy (a lot). And 2 I was shooting film at the time, no instant results.

    I’ve been shooting cars for almost 12 years now. It’s journalism I’m new at :D only 2.5 years. I’ve won a 3rd place award for best news photo at an Associate Collegiate Press conference this past spring on a photo I didn’t feel was all that great. And I had to salvage it off of a Flash drive that I had erased it from.

    Thank you for the ideas though! The issue I have shooting these cars on this project is that I was doing so on a showroom floor. Lots of other cars and people roaming about.

  • Apologies.. Grandma…eggs.. sucking…

  • Hello David and all,

    Here is the selection of my parents for the EPF
    from 1 to 10, it is David’s editing, and, ancient and new images…

    David, I sent you an email, when you have a moment, thank you…
    Best regards, audrey

  • oaxaca

    day three – part one


    day three – part two

    “peek-a-boo and ghosts”

  • Anton,

    Day 3, story 1 i like 1

    Day 3, story 2 i like all

    Day 4 i like 2


    Completely different feel than previous days. Some photos look different – like taken by another photog especially Day 4 photo 1,4 (overexposed)

    I’m interested why bw?

    For me the colour work is very expressive, I get it more but that’s just me.

    Carry on…



    I made a few changes on the reader:

    PANOS / LASSAL, it should work for you…

    .. still can’t open it…

  • Jean it’s working for me better and better everyday!

  • Anton

    Eddy I from Oaxaca.. jour fotos are very artistico, but I cannot tell the fotos are from my home of Oaxaca… please show me more I born and raise there.

  • JEAN… yes… IT IS WORKING , NOW !!!!?

    I’m really IMPRESSED.. by your READER… it WORKS….
    ( and translate in french also… people will love it here !)

  • Haha Panos your comments are even funnier in french from google translate.

  • KERRY~

    No day-gig….Just been out in cyberspace looking….thinking….

    I like working with people and creating something collectively, even altruistically…. David is an inspiration and I would like to help in any way that I can to turn his ideas into reality and create something better than anything else out there…

    Corporate!! No, not me… you will laugh that you said that if/when you meet me…:~) Silly, 2 astrologers said “you need to go into business baby” I can be Logical and have a knack for organization except when it comes to my own “business of photography”.

    Would love to talk more…
    R U working with David on this Online Magazine/Forum?


    “The times they are a’ changing'”

    Knowing David he will keep it fun and will still be accessible,
    possibly even more by staying on topic…I think it is an opportunity for him to do something really special.
    Reading others comments I think it is hard for some to keep up! More peeps would be active in commenting on different topics adding their own POV and benefit the Blog as a whole.
    A magazine is inherently more organized and it appears that is the way David wants to go.
    I also think it will be better for everyone to see more photographs and benefit from other photographers experiences.

    Could you reference other sites that you mention as things NOT to do…?


    I like both you color and B&W work…although I must say the dark and mysterious seems to come naturally to you…

    Please post pixx from your evenings experiences!


  • yeah..
    before we go out for the crazy halloween … night….
    i got some “dark kids leftovers”…
    but take a look… anyways



    ok… i’m going out now… to the haunted house…


  • Was shooting a bit of Halloween while there was still’s hard to explain the concept of film to candy hungry kiddos who want to see their picture on the back of the camera! But I got 37 frames of good old fashioned tri-x, a tootsie roll, a twix, a hersheys, what more could I ask for? ….Happy Halloween all, have a fun going to a party as Raggedy Ann :)

  • Could you reference other sites that you mention as things NOT to do…?
    Oh, it can be done, Hillary, just do not think that’s what David has in mind, a mega photography forum covering all bases with his name behind it.

    I think he wants to focus on photography being done and shown, not talking about it. Nothing wrong with any other site.

    Anyway, here’s my Happy Halloween! pix:


    I really enjoyed your Oaxaca shots from the dog’s perspective..I’d like to see more of that. Finally am watching In the Real World, the film about William Eggleston..I am not sure if Szarkowski is being quoted here, or if these are the words of the filmmaker, but I thought of you..

    “I remember thinking on first exposure to them, these are pictures that could have been taken by the family dog, awkward, often low angle perspectives with people registering a measure of intimacy that can’t be faked. How else to account for the photos uncanny mix of confrontation, and acceptance. The attitude of alert yet casual watchfulness, without judgement.”


    Thanks for the skinny on my site… yeah its always had technical problems but I can’t stand over the designers until I pay what I owe (about 50% of the bill)… ARGH!!!!

    Money- the root of all evil…


    Are you Australian? And you are coming home soon? Well we better have a drink then hey!


    Street Song Serenade is not about anything but pure street photography, its just for fun… I thought I had written a post saying that before… It has absolutely no reason except to document the streets of Sydney…loosely based on the song…

    Sometimes its just fun to shoot for no reason…just to make images, its like practice to me, fine tuning my voice and maybe creating some work for myself…I am thinking I might approach one of the councils to get them to pay me to continue to do this kind of stuff, turn it into public art…

    I am really interested in the concept of public art and while I will never get rich that way, I think that one of the beautiful things about photography in general is that it is really approachable for people that don’t have fine art backgrounds… people see stuff on billboards everyday and if some of that was replaced with just straight art type imagery then you can disseminate a visual language to the public…Public art also has very ancient antecedents here in this country and Aboriginal issues are in fact my raison d’etre…

    I would really love to write a piece on public art for Mr Harvey’s mag, ‘cos the internet is a similiar device…

    Anyway its just people on the street, quite random really, a snapshot of other people’s lives, the real dope is ‘Colored Diggers’, ‘Murri Gubba Yougal’ and ‘Ten Years From The Heart-Photographs of Redfern, Waterloo’ and of course ‘Beautiful Music’… They are all on my website and they are the stories with messages…

    Of course I have a dream of incorporating all of these themes and concepts into the one thing, I just have to find the means to do it…(after I pay my website designers, hehehehehe…)


    the LAKE…

    In the Beach you feel well… you feel great,

    in the Desert you feel dry and horny…

    in the Lake you feel sad, lonely and in love…



    just shot it… about an hour ago…
    ok… now its getting DARK…
    the night will start soon…
    night of the DEAD…

    please check four more shots in the new LINK…

    ladies and gents… i present : THE CALIFORNIA WATERS…



    Good one!!!!

    I love it!!!!

  • ALL, in response to PANOS’ requests for more photos! here are some from yesterday; 4 hours with a Canon G10, please let me know what you think.
    The exercise was very interesting, carrying the camera in hand or pocket was, as KERRY said earlier, liberating. My current “serious” camera is a D3 but it’s not getting much use as it’s too big; great files but too big; attracts too much attention, has to be carried in a backpack, goodbye spontaneity. Enough tech talk – follow the link below. I’ll let you know what i think after you have had your say.


    Mike R.

  • Sorry, used a capital G – should work now.

    Mike R.



    Michael , I know you were testing the camera,
    but i loved those two


    I have posted several times about my friend Tewfic’s great blog,

    The Travel Photographer

    Recently mentioning his stories about Faizal Sheikh and Jehad Nga.

    I hooked Tewfic up with Pete and the 37th Frame….Tewfic wrote about it on his blog and both sites now have links to each other. TODAY Tewfic is featuring LANCE with Thirst for Grit on the TP blog :)) Guessing he saw the piece on 37th Frame. Congrats LANCE!

    See…it pays off to pass along sites you like!

    ( Major disrespect to the DAH efforts from DAH blogger (s)
    few days ago )
    And for whoever missed it…
    .. happened a few days ago at the MAGNUM BLOG…

    From the beginning:

    blogger HERVE noticed :
    “…See the difference, guys, when David’s ROAD TRIP gang lends a hand to a topic here? 81 posts.

    Is this a revolution? No Sir, it’s a…Demonstration.


    Comment posted by Herve on October 23, 2008

    then MIKE “attacked” with lots of sarcasm:


    Well, there is quantity of posts and then there is quality…

    I’m not criticizing David’s blog in any way. It’s phenomenal. I’m glad to be a very, very marginal part of it… but it’s certainly not the place to go if you want to have a considered, thoughtful, adult, informed conversation about topics in contemporary photography. I was hoping that this could be that…

    Simply moving the DAH tribe to a different location or recreating his blog here isn’t how I’d measure success… I think there is a lot of potential to grow something completely different, not better than, and not competing with David’s blog.

    If the DAH blog is a “workshop” in a blog, why couldn’t this grow into a “seminar” in a blog, where we all, DAH-bloggers and everyone else, use our “inside voices”, come up with an actual point, think before commenting, edit (!!!!) and keep the drama, histrionics, and puerility to a bare minimum…

    Did you read the essay Alec pointed to in the last post? It raised my hopes, if not my expectations:

    By the way, if you know of any Siberia on the internet that is having the type of conversation I’m looking for, let me know, I’d be happy to exile myself there…
    Comment posted by mike on October 23, 2008

    Unfortunately ( or fortunately )
    DAH had to step in & defend the blog:
    Read DAH’s answer here:

    Hi Mike….

    I must say I was a bit disappointed with your comment. Yes, we do have some pretty wild conversations going at times, but if we “edited” then I am not sure what we would have.

    One measure of what we have done with our forum is TO PRODUCE WORK…not just “intellectual” conversation . I will stand by all the fine essays that have come out of our blog. Yes, things get a bit crazy at times, but some of those “crazies” have done some real work too.

    I think you will see the PROOF of my words above very soon.

    At the same time, surely the Magnum blog will give you the opportunity to speak with many more photographers at our agency. I certainly welcome this and will most certainly be a part of this.

    And you, my friend, have certainly been a part of the real life, real time, meetings with some of your colleagues from the forum. You and I would not have met at all were it not for our little “tree house” gatherings.

    Your are right, one good thing does not preclude the success of another. But to say that we did not have “adult conversation” about contemporary photography is a bit short sighted on your part I think. You might want to go back through the archives.

    Pick up your camera and go out and do some work. Then you might feel more “a part”. I would welcome your work or your ideas any time.

    I think the potential for what we have done for the last two years will manifest itself soon by the evolution from blog to online magazine and printed annual. “Adult conversation about contemporary photography” is terrific. But if we only produced 10 strong essays in our blog time, then I think we moved many to stop talking and start photographing.

    Wishing you well Mike and I look forward to seeing you again soonest.

    cheers, David

    Comment posted by david alan harvey on October 24, 2008

    Sad, backstabbing…?
    ungratefulness ? or simply a request for more “intellectual” talk,
    and LESS work…?

    … either way though… the answer was simple…
    “get your camera and go out there do some work… end of story”!

  • Mike, The closest shots you took of people were standing behind them, are you sure the D3 can’t take those without attracting attention? ;-)))

    Small and bigger is an interesting topic. I think it is more about stealth/quirkiness/owning the moment and whatnot than size, personally, though my comfort zone is definitely within the size of a 40D/5D Canon. Can’t handle anything bigger.

    The compacts are great for ease of use and being always in the pocket, but yes, I think the skill is in the photographer, not the camera, for street and candid photography.

    Are you sure the G10 fits in a pocket?

  • Damn…
    every molecule in my body wants to step in.
    just reading the above.
    but i won’t, i will moderate myself and actually take
    the advice ( mantra ) mend to be for mike and use it for myself

    ((( Pick up your camera and go out and do some work. Then you might feel more “a part”.)))

    anyways… 9:40 am in LA
    wild halloween party last night… i wanna post and also i wanna have an “intellectual” talk with ALL..
    but like i promised … i will follow the mantra of the day:


    awesome, brilliant, spot on…

  • Herve,
    definitely size matters though :-)..

    K.LEE proved it to me up in brooklyn…
    she literally shoots with the little compact creating
    weird “orbits” and funny movements around peoples heads!!!
    she doesnt look through the viewfinder either..
    you have to see her in action…

  • On Halloween, night, everybody must wear a mask (or I will give them one!):

  • TO ALL-

    You all may have seen this already but just saw on SLATE additional pictures from David taken in the Outer Banks…

    If I am not mistaken, I recognized Diego on Picture 7…. Diego was David’s assistant on this shoot and a friend from TPW (Italy)… you almost looks like a “local” Diego….

    Separately, I also saw the exchange with David on the Magnum blog that our “anonymous lurker” has posted…. I am not sure that I would be myself looking for more “intellectual” talk here… What attracts me to David and his blog is first the man, his life experiences, the passion he has and that he shares with us all, the desire to continue to learn and indeed produce more work under his guidance… Maybe this is my poor english, but “more intellectual” discussions about photography sounds a bit stifling to me… I prefer the life, the emotions… Some have said that the blog has not been exactly the same over the last couple of months… I think that we need to recognize that David for the right reasons has not been as present during this time…and we have to respect this…He has been shooting on the road, has been very occupied with workshops etc…Like he has stressed before, he needs to also do work and produce like all of us… I think that we simply in a way have been missing more of his presence lately and are in awe of finding again more of his inspired discussions, thoughts… I think that some of us have been going to the blog to continue to build a friendship that has started when meeting physically face to face. For many of us, we also come here to be challenged when seeing the work that our freinds are doing…Every time I see work from Lance or Erica or many others, I feel like taking my camera and shoot… For most lurkers however, I am guessing that they are primarily coming here to read the thoughts and perspective of a master of photography (i.e David) instead of mister x or y aspiring photographer…. Good news is that David will soon be back reading what he has briefly posted couple of days ago and in the mean time, we can go out and produce some work indeed….


  • Eric, yeahhhhhhh… you are right..
    that is Diegoooooooooooo !!!!!!

  • Hi all, I personally use to read this blog since last may, so maybe I’m one on the quite new here. I think as alway DAH has told us about his workshop we have to go to the next step if it needs. I don’t quite understand if magazine means on the web or just paper and if You think to have the blog anyhow or changing it at all.

    My personal feeling is go to the next step keeping a way to talk each others and share personal opinion about photograph which is supposed to be the maine topic of the blog.

    changes are always a way to grow up.

  • definitely size matters though :-)..

    yep, I think K. Lee uses the compact for very intrinsec reasons, not because it is less or more…. Than a bigger cam, and that’s the idea, no? Different tools, different work….

    Halloween, mono:

  • Halloween shot of my little witch….

    (I prepping for a shoot later in the month in Zimbabwe, lots of ‘official’ stuff to do beforehand that keeps me on my toes. Thinking about upcoming trip all the time – it will definitely not be ‘comfortable’. But it dawns on me that I’m here, now, and not in Zim. Lots of good stuff goes on in and around my home. Best things I can do to prep for the trip are shooting and editing. I’ll be in tip top photo condition…)


  • Hi all,

    Munem Wasif, lauréat du Prix Pictet

    best regards, audrey

  • DAVID McG,

    I remember thinking exactly the same when I saw the portraits you took of David, Panos and Sean back at LooK3. You handle the light , colours and photography with flash like a master… nice portraits sir!!!

    You have one more day to decide to vote for Obama :):):).



  • I’ve been shooting the rehersals leading up to the Samhuinn ritual held in the center of Edinburgh. Thanks to some awesome people at the council, I was able to use a second floor window to shoot the ritual itself. The results are up at:

    Comments, thoughts all appreciated, here or in email

  • Little correction… It is Benoit Aquin who won the Pictet prize

  • PANOS, HERVE, thanks for looking at the G10 photos. Knowing your style Panos I can see why you like Metro and Reflections at Dusk. Mine is the Bookstore photo.

    Herve, the camera fits in an inside jacket pocket which will just about take a Leica M (with a lens bump). The Metro photo could have been taken with a D3 but it is much more conspicuous (steal me) than any compact. Not such a problem if you are 6′ 3″ and built like Arnie – more so if you are 5′ 7″ and built like Pooh Bear.
    The photo in the bookstore was a grab-shot that I, personally, would not have attempted with an SLR (but would have with a Leica). Using the D3 would have led to too many questions and possibly security being called. A compact was just a bit of eccentric fun; right?

    Using a compact was liberating and a lot of fun – I took over 80 photographs – mostly good! It’s worth noting that I decided to process as B&W – after at least 20 years of shooting color. I didn’t think that the camera would shoot good color at high ISOs and I was right. Being forced to use live-view to compose made me wish for an articulated screen. After using the camera I wonder why Canon don’t push the concept; produce the ideal PJ camera that users want the G-series to be (bigger sensor, fast prime lenses) and stop Leica being the only show in town for quality compact cameras (M-series).

    May I direct your attention to the excellent Rob Galbraith website: look under Site Highlights and see “Alex MaJoli points and shoots”. Magnum photographer Alex is not the first PJ to use compact cameras and helps to reinforce the concept that there is no good or bad cameras – just cameras producing different results.

    Good light,

    Mike R.

  • NEIL – good work at the Samhuinn ritual. I’ve attempted similar photos at the Viking Festival at York. Such events seem easy until you try them! Good access – you may be able to build on your good contacts for next year!

    Mike R.

  • Munem won second prize and was commissioned to document a water project.

  • …. and of course…
    HIGHER… click below:

    peace & hugs y’all….

  • May I direct your attention to the excellent Rob Galbraith website: look under Site Highlights and see “Alex MaJoli points and shoots”. Magnum photographer Alex is not the first PJ to use compact cameras and helps to reinforce the concept that there is no good or bad cameras – just cameras producing different results.

    Good light,

    Mike R.

    right on…

    just cameras producing…. different results…
    thats all…

    Posted by: Michael Rawcliffe | November 02, 2008 at 10:49 AM

  • Eric,

    Thanks. For some of those I was trying this ring flash attachment, but it was kind of hard to use in low light on the fly. But I had two speedlights this time, so for the folks on stage I was able to bounce one off the ceiling and one off the floor.

    As for Obama, he needs to decide if he’s only raising taxes on people making above $350K (which is how he started his campaign) or if the number is 250K which is what he’s been campaigning heavily on, or if that number is actually 200K as stated in his infomercial, or as Biden (the gaffe that keeps on giving) recently said that the magic number should be down around 150K. Those numbers will apply to small businesses as well as individuals. We could dip into double digits by January, because how else does one pay for nearly a trillion dollars of new spending?

    Obama could have my vote if he recognized that lower taxes for everyone keeps revenue about the same, or sometimes increases it—but a populist message for fetching votes through promises of sticking it the rich is so straight out of the democratic play book, I wouldn’t expect anything else. It seems to be working.

    I am so ready for this nightmare election to be over, but I guess I’m still feeling a little patriotic since I saw my first bald eagle in the wild yesterday. Managed to get a poor photograph of it.

    I came up with a good one. While Obama gets the hip vote, McCain gets the hip replacement vote. It’s probably out there already, but it did pop into my head.

    Smiling : ) : )

  • Thanks, Mike, the first thing I knew about Majoli, 3 years ago, was he used 2 “5005” Olympus. Not exactly pocket cameras though.

    What is he using these days? David should know….

    Not argumenting, but we should never use excuses for not making a shot. Best to talk about the ones we take, with any camera. In your case, as in Majoli or K. Lee, it means the shots we can see, and it doesn’t matter what tool you used, at the final end.

    D3 is too big, I agree though. Too “serious”. Simplicity is paramount.

  • nightmare election

    I understand the media fatigue, but nightmare????

    Maybe it would be better not to bother with it, so we can sleep sound and dream… ;-)

  • Hello everyone,
    anyway, at any rate, I’m happy to be back here after two months.
    Lebanon, Sardinia, river Po and back in Rome for going on with the migrant project and a little bit of daily news:
    there are strange and quite dark days passing here (Rome, Italy, World). Not because of halloween. :)

    This is the first post I had the time to read.
    This blog was helpful for me and it was wonderful to spend time here (when having it!) and to meet people in person in perpignan.
    Next step: I’m sure that DAH will decide for the best.
    I found there is always something to learn, also as working persons as well as human beings, from everyone.
    About the water if we know how to swim, no risk of sinking if we don’t want to.
    It’s not not so troubled.
    Face it, face everything with will, smile, irony, fantasy, an ear inside you and a camera, any camera and no one could stop you.
    I just hope not to loose you all.

    I can understand you, I use to work with small non expensive camera (except my beloved x-pan) and with digital I had to go around with this big and heavy camera).
    When I can I go back.. for example the work in Sardinia with x-pan or on the river with my plastic Diana F. It was really fuunny to us it.

    Akaky ,
    Erica gives you all the best suggestions.
    One more: try to go out not alone, maybe a friend or a children or a dog or whoever…
    And talking with him stop in a place with the camera ready, smile shot and smile.

    I hop I have time to put something on web

    Lance and Hillary,
    Thank you for the remind of the deadlines of the photoawards.
    I never take time to partecipate (I never remember when ti’s time to do it) bt this time I’ve done two! For the visual culture I just submit two stories…. one hour before the closing time. It’s an occasion to put order in archives and ideas

  • (wise) LAURA…
    Welcome back..
    Yes please do post.. Photos
    Can’t wait to see??

  • Good Halloween 08 Panos your style is maturing, gaining in confidence.

    As you say HERVE, it doesn’t matter which tool is used as long as it produces the results. When it comes to photographic equipment, I’m promiscuous – like Homer and Duff – one isn’t enough.

    I like this quote from Alex Majoli “”In the beginning there was a general problem with digital, not with my specific camera. But you can actually say that I have shot for National Geographic [with the point-and-shoots]. We just do it and show the prints, and they forget about [what camera was used].”
    Like I say; liberating and definately worth exploring.

    Enough tech – more photos!!!!

    Laura Montanari (Laura if I may) I LOVE your work.

    Mike R.

  • David, All

    I just get mail from Wrobert Angell. He had some personal problems and limited internet connection so he can’t participate at the forum right now. He sends apologies.

    Oh… maybe little quote from e-mail (I hope I can do it as a messenger):

    “please forward my apologies to the community and David, I moved
    from my studio because rent went up and I had no work through august
    and september, sick of stressing over rent etc, so now I am like David
    was when he posted the comment about drifting or dropping anchor,
    feels pretty good not to have rent to worry about.
    taking pictures is goig well, but the problem is the shitty internet
    conection (…)”

    “a big hello all to
    the community.”



  • LAURA!! So nice to hear you again. I was wondering about you! I’m so glad you’re back and safe. Last time I knew from you, you were in Lebanon….
    Now I’m really looking forward to seeing all your work done there.
    Welcome back!!


  • Hi Ana, Panos and Michael and all,
    Thank you!
    I was in Lebanon only until the 23 of september but I also had so much things to do….
    I’m not really satisfied of the work there,
    it’s quite the same of the one I did last year…may be the other works are better.
    I need to do some back-up, editing, scan etc.. but I can’t stop taking picture (as everyone here of course) and the backlog grows.
    So may be in one day or one week or one month or more I’ll post. As soon as I can.
    in the meantime I’ll look at your work :)

  • Coming in late having returned from my trip but wanted to say that Panos has indeed taken ownership for his comments as far as I’m concerned. He did so in personal emails and may have done so here – I’ve not caught up on my reading – so I think we can all move on past this hiccup, wouldn’t you say?

    Talking of “troubled waters”, the boat trip to Ireland was dreadfully rough. I don’t ever want to put my kids through that again.

    Next we fly. Fuck the car and boat.

  • herve – “nightmare election” is code for “vote early, vote often” or if you’re a senator, just vote “present” – you didn’t know that?

  • Paul,
    You sound like U had some really bad weather.. Huhh!
    ;-) sorry..
    Waiting to see some shots…!

    Thanks man!
    I’m with you.. Cant wait for a “stealthy”
    canon or whatever..!
    A Rangefinder IKON zeiss maybe?


  • TO ALL-

    I just had one of these fabulous “Indian summer” days with the family… 74 degrees early November….warm, marvelous light…

    For those who want to meet my family (sorry David, this is NOT an American family :):):)…let me present the 3 “love” of my life, Enzo, 5 years old, Tia 3 1/2 years and my wife Catherine… One day in the life of a French family in Ohio…

    Nothing fancy but just a few family portraits from today that you can check on my site (check index New family portraits)…

    Have a great sunday evening….



  • eric–

    #10 !! :)) that should be hung, poster-size, in your home.

    wish you would’ve included yourself in one.


  • Nice family stuff Eric. One thought—it’s probably just me, but I hate shadows of myself cast in my photographs, so I tend to notice it in others. Do you find it distracting?

  • Hello all!!

    Just got some good news!… The multimedia piece form the cemetery, which some of you may remember, has just been selected as a winner in the Every Human Has Rights Media Awards in the online category.

    Obviously pretty chuffed!! :)) So thanks to those whos comments helped refine the piece!

    There is also a public vote for the winning pieces and I hope some of you guys will be willing to help with this! As well as sign the declaration.

    The link to view the pieces is…

    To view and sign the Universal Declaration of Human Rights visit..



  • Congratulations James! Excellent news!
    Good job!

  • congratulations James


    Great work mate. I’m having a beer for you !


    I think your new idea is a cracker. There will be no shortage of great characters out there.
    I did a small book of shack photos a few years ago. If you send me an address I’ll through one in the post.

  • James,
    congratulations !


    Maybe you will find time to join to us in Thailand? Will be fun.


    You know my address, I ll be there first or second week. I will try contact with you right after arrive.
    So, see you.

    peace for all

  • JC

    Thats great to hear!!!

    I will have a beer for you too!

  • Yes, congratulations James!! A very good body of work rightly recognized!

    Mike R.

  • James + Jess

    Well done!

  • Hey David,

    Ive been away from here recently for a variety of reasons but recently a 6 photo selection of Family Ties won a small contest and netted me a bit of cash:) Ive been working on Home Sweet Home and theres new work added to the project, have a look when you can

    I havent had much time to shoot outside but both Riverside and Park Life have been updated.

    I recently shot a standalone series that fits with Riverside and Park Life into my Marooned project. Its called Nocturnal Picnic

  • Here are my favorite recent images for a quick overview of whats been added since I know you are a busy man.


    if & when U see this…
    There is no point to email U since
    U got no Internet but please call me
    310 425 9298

    & of course
    Anyway I hope that u only lost the studio and
    not the home… But if U R homeless like me
    then we could help eachother and rent a
    loft or something..
    Please let me know soon coZ Xmas is
    coming and it doesn’t feel that great being
    homeless even in the not that cold ( thank god )

    6:57am in LA..
    Monday morning… Everybody’s going to work..
    … but not me.. hmmmm..
    should I complain ? or should I not???

  • Thanks Guys!!! :)))) Appreciate your comments!

    Please (most important) don’t forget to sign the declaration and to vote for our piece!!! We hope to do well in the public section.

    Going to be traveling today but have some new stuff to post later. We went to a kite festival over the weekend (Guatemala) which was amazing. The town spend 40 days constructing MASSIVE kites and fly them on The Day of the Dead. Great fun and an amazing sight to behold!! Thanks again for your support with the award!!


  • To my American colleagues, time for you to do your democratic thing and vote.

    Please remember: vote correctly and vote often…


  • ALL…

    ok, i now think by wednesday i can do a new post..i am “on” 24/7 for Day of the Dead….and the computer gods are against me…no internet in my house and then the worst electro digi glitch in my life…i lost an entire shoot on a brand new 8 gig card!!!!

    but i also survived the collapse of a huge tent frame that was being constructed for a dance ceremony …heavy metal mini-beams came crashing so close around me on all sides, it was hard to imagine i did not get a scratch….so i will take the luck of surviving potential serious injury to the unlucky loss of my pictures…

    last night was just pure magic by any estimation…almost the whole class was with me in a small town fiesta and we spent the better part of the night shooting side by side, which rarely can happen in a workshop…

    tonight is our final show and will be shown at the Manuel Alvarez Bravo photo center…

    tomorrow , after final remarks to my students, i will head to the beach for a few days just to catch my breath…between Coronas, i will catch up on all of your comments…

    peace, hugs, et al, david

  • And if you were able to register as more than one person or with multiple residences, then vote as many times as possible.



    Tough crowd…

  • Vote baby vote.

    But just once, please. I’m a challenger/watcher all day tomorrow and we’d all rather be at a great party than on cnn at 2 am.

  • DAVID.

    Can’t photos be retrieved if something goes wrong with the card?
    I’ve had corrupt files when a battery dies midshot and although they dont download I can pull them off manually.

    Don’t know your exact situation but since there is software sold with the cf cards for this purpose perhaps it is still possible to save the images??? I’d be SO bummed…

    Love Oaxaca. Love Day of the Dead. Did some Day of the Dead shooting right here in SoCal yesterday…in the rain. Have fun.


    I am holding my breath till this election is over. Difficult to do with fingers and toes crossed as well :)))

  • Don’t post much anymore but just had to today. Here’s what it looked like here in Detroit yesterday:

    VOTE like your life depends on it…’cause it does!!!


  • HI ALL..

    Well I just wanted to pop in for a minute while I force some fun into my evening by reading the forum.. JAMES – good on ya mate, I’ll vote for you! D-MCG: OBAMA! :) ERIC, etc. you keep me on my toes!

    Thanks to CATHY for the shout out.. yes, in two weeks THIRST FOR GRIT was on 37TH FRAME, ROB GALBRAITH, and TEWFIC’S blog.. all the while I had an ‘art’ opening here in Austin this past Saturday night showcasing three projects.. I made 22 black and white prints and to see them hung and appreciated.. this is very satisfying let me tell you. I think the best part was having two of the rodeo cowboys, STRETCH and JEFF MILLER, drove all the way from San Antonio and boy did they make an impression. I think they actually frightened a few people.

    I’m also in the middle of putting together two more shows, one is SLIDELUCK POTSHOW here in Austin.. happening on Nov. 21 and I think it’s going to be a huge success. The other is a show in East Austin Studio Tour (EAST) Nov. 22-23.. The other three photographers that I’m showing with, we are busy building walls and painting and printing and making runs to the hardware store..

    Okay I have to go now! A special THANK YOU to PATRICIA, BOB, AUDREY, GINA for your kind words on 37th Frame..

    I’ll be back.. GODSPEED,



    what happened? or as my friends in India would say “why like this”?
    you are such a positive voice here.

    I miss big chunks here, maybe i missed something, but I hope those cynical remarks didn’t get to you. Sometimes people feel like they need to make judgement, analyse and make comment, but when they are cynical and snide as some anonymous comments that I’ve read here were, what good do they do? they just rob us of the positive, good and shining light of people like yourself. I hope I have this all wrong and this isn’t the reason. What you and some others here like Panos and Erica and of course David are DOING and writing has been a big inspiration for me. I found myself in a bit of a rut as you’ll remember from my letter, but now i’m buzzing once again.
    I’ve been going over the limited material i’ve been shooting around my home life, I didn’t think I had anything that much but I’ve realised that I do have some images. I’m editing them now and I think next week I will be able to post some ‘new’ work, which is a very positive step for me.
    In just a few weeks i’ll be free of collage until Feb so i’m getting into gear for a summer of shooting, i’m focused, it’s all good and it’s all thanks to this place and good people like yourself, so please think twice. You can always e-mail if you’d prefer



  • Yes, VOTE! What a time to remember this will be..a shame that voters can’t wear candidate paraphernalia to the booths here..would make for some good photos.


    I recently photographed part of the Gloucester High teen pregnancy story for Boston Magazine..see the link below..There is a 5 page article online, and some of my photos are (shown small) on the first 3 pages on the web link, but the whole photo spread can be seen in the November issue of the magazine.

  • P.S.

    Just this moment finished scanning the portraits..

    now the 35mm (but that is for the mm piece, not EPF)

    I need someone really good in NYC who can hand process / develop only my bw for about $10 a roll..any leads, please let me know..


  • … Thank U SAM..
    Right on!

    back in the desert for a couple days..
    Then Venice..
    Let’s see how that goes..

  • Damn…
    I smell “election fever UP”…
    The whole world is holding their BREATH..
    Do You Feel it..??
    In Your Country??…
    wherever You Are?

  • one last time…


    Democrats or Republicans…???

    … one more night…!!!!!:-(

  • Does anyone know what a “civilian national security force” is that should be “just as strong and just as well funded” as our military?

  • I wish I could vote for Obama, Lance, but Michigan has been too fine an example of how you can’t tax your way out of a recession. You can’t seem to spend your way out of it either, and the breadth of what he’s proposing is just enormous. Bush hasn’t been alone in fiscal irresponsibility—he’s had an unpopular congress approving his budgets. Do you think the combination of Obama, Pelosi, and Reid is going to let Bush show them up in terms of spending?

    I’m not yet convinced that Obama is going to be practicing Clintonomics. And I had forgotten, but one of the reasons Clinton’s budgets succeeded economically is because he had to work with a conservative congress for six years, that didn’t allow runaway spending.

    I’m not sure which way “American Thinker” leans, but I found a fascinating article on the site called “Presidents and the Economy.” The most hilarious line was:

    “Concerning policy, if you were to look only at the budgets they signed into law, you would think Clinton was a Republican and Bush a Democrat.”

    But you have to read that section of the article to get the context.

    My point is that if I vote Mac, it’s not so much a vote for him, but more of a plug-my-nose and vote against a one party rule in Washington. I know what the next thought is “but there’s a two party system with Bush and the congress that isn’t working…” That’s because we’ve had a deer-in-the-headlights congress that has a 10% approval rating and has been content to let Bush spend recklessly and fail. The trouble is, everyone likes their own congress person, so they keep getting voted back in.

    It’s a coin toss, but my gut feels like McCain would actually cut spending as he says, certainly more than Obama, with any luck more than Bush.

    As you can see I’m not taken in by the mesmerizing blue marketing, nor the finely tuned oration of O. Something’s a little too perfect there, and it doesn’t ring true to me. But whoever is elected, I hope they do well.

    I loathe being addicted to politics, and I’m so ready to go back to a normal life.

  • Oh and I lined up an election day garage sale to shoot. Let’s hope I make it pending polling lines.

  • Good morning voters and all!

    I finished my car photoshoot yesterday with great results.
    And I’m announcing a new long term personal project I’ll be working on over the next 4 – 8 years, depending on what happens at the polls.
    Have a look, Both things are in the same post, leave comments if would like.

  • David MG,

    just imagine that Mac is elected, disappear for any reason and Pailin is the new president of your country, isn’t that just a very good reason not to vote republican ?

    NB: I am alsways affraid to finish in Guantanamo writing this, the secret services of your country look like KGB…

  • You guys have to remember – The President of the United States doesn’t “RUN” the country. The country’s power is devided up into the Senate, Judicial, and Presidential powers for the reason of not giving too much to one person. The president makes Executive decisions that can be over turned by the senate or judicial branches. He’s NOT like a king or an emperor – He doesn’t preside over all things. Although many would have you believe otherwise.

  • If McCain wins expect a war more ruinous than Iraq, by a mile. McCain is a vicious war monger, and a very real danger. He sang about attacking Iran, he expressed a wish to anhilate North Korea. His pastor spoke publically of destroying Muslims. This choice is crucial, its a choice between diplomacy and sanity or war and lunacy. Some say he is unstable, but whether he is or not, I think isnt the question. He will wage war because thats what he wants. Probably stems from the fact that he didnt fight the war he was supposed to, he sat it out. I dont buy him being a war hero. I think he was a coward. Still is.


    I am a great believer in symbols and a BLACK President of the United States of America sends out a signal to the rest of the world that really, ANYTHING is possible…

    I will be shooting not only the ‘Straight’ version of the expats voting here in Sydney, but at some point also the ‘Gay’ version so I think it will be BIG fun…

    But at the core, what you Yanks do effects the rest of the world, whether you comprehend that or not… so we are actually ALL watching your election, just as much as we would one of our own…

    I hope you all vote wisely…

    Here is to a new, perhaps more humane era…

    Goodluck America…

  • Rafal:

    though i am in complete support of Obama, and in no stretch of my imagination would i consider supporting john mccain, your language “McCain is a vicious war monger, and a very real danger. … He will wage war because thats what he wants. Probably stems from the fact that he didnt fight the war he was supposed to, he sat it out. I dont buy him being a war hero. I think he was a coward. Still is….”

    without getting into a discussion of the moral tupitude of the war in Vietnam (of course, for me, it was a hideously conceived and morally bankrupt effort to instill western (American) hegemony in the area), you description of McCain’s war service is not only irresponsible but demonstates the same kind of political sloganizing that got us in this mess in the first place (albeit from the far right). just tripe.

    He “sat it out”? Try, he “lay it out.”…as, after being shot down over Hanoi, he fractured both arms and legs, had a shoulder subsequently crushed and was bayonneted. During his internment, he lost more than 40 pounds, lost the color of his hair (which turned to white prematurely), was in solitary confinement for 2 1/2 years, and was tortured for another 2 years (rope bindings, beatings) even attempted suicide, etc.

    McCain possesses many characteristics, many of which disturb me politically, but the kind of demogogic nonsense, particularly in light of facts of what occured during his 5 1/2 years in Hanoi, that you’ve bequeathed us are not only an embarrasment but deplorable. Particularly on this day, a day of enormous change, when the tembre and countenance of political discussion should be about choices that enlighten rather than darken.

    I regret having return to read after 10 days away….

  • ALL,

    after almost 2 weeks of family and work i hate to leave a comment with feelings that are so discouraging…i guess all that dramatic crap of language is why i’ve decided not to roam much, so something more akin to the positive believe in the living i have…

    so as not to leave on a negative note, on this most momentous day, i wish to share with you a quote from Toni Morrison’s remarkable new book A MERCY….

    it’s applicable to today…but also, the world in which we are all engaged….that of telling stories with our cameras, our words, our voices…

    “Sudden a sheet of sparrows fall from the sky and settle in the trees. So many the trees seem to sprout birds, not leaves at all. Lina points. We never shape the world she says. The world shapes us. Sudden and silent the sparrows are gone.”-toni morrison, A Mercy

  • In order to go to war, Congress must give the ok, which in the wars we are in currently they did so without much hesitation. So to say a president will do this or do that is only half truths. He needs the ok of other branches of our Government to impliment his promises. If you don’t like the US being at war, blame congress not the president.

  • Bob,

    be it as it may I refuse to give McCain credit for anything. He is a vicous, VICIOUS little man. Whatever happened in Hanoi, he refused to return to battle.

    That however is simply his history. His present is built on his feeling of inadequacy, his overcompensation and self aggrandizement. He isnt a war hero. He may be a POW but that doesnt make him a war hero. And he knows it. What he is, is a war monger, a corrupt sell out, a vicious man with a hunger for war. If I sound partisan, you better believe I am. The world hangs in the balance today. Does America elect a man of change for good or a man who is going to take Bush’s war mongering to its logical and nasty conclusion: a war in Asia involving Russia and/or China?

  • with you all the way, Rafal.

    bob’s a word wizard and seems to be sharp as a tack (but lordy lordy his posts are often way too much to digest, not just here but now on the magnum blog, too. oy.) (edit bob, EDIT!)

    his heart’s in a great place; the world would be a better place full of bob b’s.

    go O!

  • Im gonna speak my mind, and I wont wrap it up in fancy gift wrapping. We know what happened in Vietnam from McCain. Looking back at his career after Vietnam, would you trust the man’s word? From the way he cast away his wife after her accident for a rich, young heiress to the way he sold out his office to Keating. To the way the Maverick became a side kick. He seems to have sold out any of his stated beliefs in this campaign, waging the ugliest, nastiest camoaign in recent history. The life of J. McCain post Vietnam has been about ambition and greed. I hope he is publically humiliated today, I hope this election is a historic landslide. J.McCain needs to be kicked out the door in convincing fashion.

  • First of all, how can you call a man a monger when in the same paragraph you call him out for “not returning to battle. ” You sound confused about who he was and is and what he did what he might do. Don’t you think that it’s even a little frieghtening to see a man rise to power so fast with no proven history, and even his own personal history isn’t all that well known?
    Here’s a liberal democrat who is supposibly against big money and supposed to want more taxes on the super wealthy. And the same man raises the most money in history for his run for President. If you know anything about taxation, if your personal income is above 80k you’re hit with an extra tax. But as long as you’re below that amount the taxation is pretty much the same across the board. Those “tax breaks for the rich” are really just tax credits anyone can have but the poor tend to not keep good enough records to take advantage of them. Anyway point being, if you’re a US citizen, vote and let your opinion count for something. And beware of what “change” might really mean.

  • BOB,

    Just wanted to tell you that I (and I am sure many others) have been missing reading you and a few others over the past 2 weeks… Please do not be discouraged by some of the comments and not let some “heated” discussions drive you away again for longer than needed… I guess this is the nature of sometimes anonymous internet exchange…


    You are an interesting character :):)… I love your photography so much… it is all about feelings, emotional touches…love it and I saw many more pics from you that are new that I liked very much… Your words sometimes on issues seem like these come from a different person… I am all for straight talk but do not lose this great ability you have to express the “soft” side, the feelings…balance is important sometimes… I am so for Obama that you cannot believe!!!! Was giving a hard time to our friend David McG here about his choice but balance is important…. I do not like McCain nor his campaign but he seems an honorable man to me or at least worth the benefit of the doubt…


    Congratulations man!!! I wish I could have been present for the expo and seeing these two bull riders…


    Congrats as well…so good to see several of you getting the visibility that your work deserves!



  • Did anyone figure out what a “Civilian National Security Force” is?

  • The Joes-The-Plumbers are rightfully worried about their taxes and houses and, dare I say, belly button.

    But they seem to forget that voting for a president of the USA is also a stance on the world. The foreign policy of the USA is to blame in large part for the shit that is happening on the planet earth.

    And as a member of this community, the earth that is, I think the Joes-The-Plumbers should have a little thought about this… and broaden their minds and think of the consequences of a Republican vote on the rest of us… or are they too worried about their taxes, their government spending?

    Look, other countries pay a lot of taxes, think of European countries, Scandinavian countries, your neighbor, no not Alaska, Canada, and can you tell me Joes-The-Plumbers what is the problem?
    These countries have good health care for EVERYBODY, their citizens have jobs, cars, even pick-up trucks!, houses, lawns (green), food, they travel, they are healthy, they have hobbies (but drag racing is indeed in development), they own computers (have internet), photographic equipment… What is the fucking problem with paying taxes if you get good, fair services in return?

    Joes-The-Plumbers think globally, think not only about yourself, but think about your neigboughs too (for now let’s say in the same street as yours.. how many do not have heatlh care? Or a job?) Think about that when you vote today (if it’s not too late)

    Take care

    And sorry for my english

  • Sorry Bob, I think I started this. I wouldn’t mind commenting, but my strength is zapped. Maybe later, I’m out for the day.

    Panos, I am finally posting because of your comments–you made me feel I must take courage because i do want to learn. Your beautiful images of Freida–center of image not in focus–made me think of my mother. Her macular degeneration disrupts her central vision while her peripheral vision is not disturbed. So, I am finally picking up my camera again anyway. Bob Black’s series on vision and Patricia’s on disabilty are inspiratiional. These are “baby steps” in the direction I am trying to go. I almost always convert to black and white but left these in color. I feel they are too trite and not fine tuned enough–but I am putting them up anyway! Got to start somewhere. Thanks in advance for anyone with helpful advice.


    Thanks for the advice and the encouraging words about shooting on the street. I’m trying, but it’s still uncomfortable.

    MIKE R, I don’t see the link to your pics on my screen.

    RAFAL, you already know that I didn’t vote for Obama, but you’re probably wondering why I didn’t. So here goes…

    1. I thought Jesus was the Messiah. That’s what the nuns told me, anyway, and I’m not going to argue with a bunch of old ladies who can knock me on my ass without breaking a sweat. The moonbats want to fight the nuns, let them; it’ll only prove to everyone just how loony they really are.

    2. I voted for Jimmy Carter in 1976. Doesn’t that count?

    3. Senator Obama is Gertrude Stein’s remark about Oakland, California made politically incarnate: no matter from what angle you choose to look at the junior Senator from Illinois and his record, there’s no there there.

    4. When times get hard, I cling to my religion and my guns and dislike people who don’t look like me. I know this is so because The One said so. Of course, that I am not particularly religious, which annoys the heck out of my mother, who now thinks that I am basically eight years of parochial school tuition flushed down the toilet, and I don’t own a gun. I don’t even have firecrackers. It’s not that I have anything against guns per se, it’s just that I would prefer not to blow my own foot off, which is the sort of thing that would actually happen to me if I kept a firearm in the house. Machines, as a rule, don’t seem to like me, and so I limit my mechanical purchases to things I know won’t try to nail me to the wall if given half a chance. And I do dislike lots of people who don’t look like me; I don’t need thin people wandering around reminding me that I could stand to lose a few pounds.

    5. Senator Obama wants to turn this country into a European social democracy like Belgium or France, countries where, and I hesitate to say this in a forum where there are women and children present, the population is so corrupt and debased in their personal morals that they are known, well-known, in fact, for putting mayonnaise on their French fries. Is this the kind of America you want?

    6. Spreading the wealth doesn’t actually mean spreading the wealth to poor people, it means giving the money to the government, which will spend most of the cash on administrative costs and the salaries of civil servants such as myself. It’s still trickle down economics, boys and girls, only with Senator Obama’s method a lot of the trickle will stick to the funnel.

    7. I hate to be the bearer of bad news here, but just in case you haven’t noticed, the change The One is promising is the New Deal all over again. You do have to wonder about what constitutes new thinking in the Democratic Party when their best and brightest proudly proclaims that he will be leading the nation back to 1933. Those guys never do tire of running against Herbert Hoover, do they?

    8. The media love him. I think this is because most of those guys are like movie critics; they’ve seen so many movies that they know how the movie’s going to end before the opening credits finish rolling. So Obama is something new and different, and they want something new and different now. Of course, six months into his presidency these very same people will be slashing and burning President Obama’s administration with the same pyromaniacal relish that they now lavish on President Bush, but they’ll be counting on TVADD (television induced attention deficit disorder) to keep anyone from remembering just how much they shilled for the man in the campaign.

    9. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad does not, as far as I know, speak English. Neither does Kim Jong Il or Osama bin Laden. The power of oratory is largely lost on people who have no idea what you’re saying. So they will have to rely on the transcripts of The One’s speeches translated into Farsi, Arabic, and Korean. I might be wrong about this, but I get the impression that a good deal of the audacity of hope is going to get lost in translation. This is not a good thing, I think, if what you’re selling is the sizzle and not the steak. I don’t know what the Farsi/Arabic/Korean equivalent of Where’s the beef is, but I suspect that we’re all going to have four years to find out.

    10. The junior Senator has labored in the political vineyards of Cook County for some twenty years now and the US Attorney for the Northern District of Illinois has not seen fit to indict him for anything. Clearly, Senator Obama has not been trying very hard. In addition to this, Senator Obama has never held a political office in Chicago’s municipal government. This, I think, is very telling, as Washington is a place where the Cook County Democratic machine sends people who are too dumb to be on the Chicago City Council. If Mayor Daley doesn’t think The One is bright enough to be an alderman, why should the rest of us elect him president? Inquiring minds want to know.

  • above is just commentary..long live Obama..

  • AKAKY just click one my name under any of my posts (or any other name that is in black rather than light grey) and you will be re-directed. I’m all over the place so here are a few links:

    I’ll tidy things up soon into the latter.

    E-mail is

    As for street shooting, hold your space; you’re not doing anything wrong, you may not want people to notice that you are taking photographs but that’s only because it will influence their behaviour so don’t look furtive and don’t rush away after taking a picture.

    As for OB or MCc, whoever wins I just hope that they do (or get a chance to do without being overtaken by events) what they say they will. Both offer change, either change in direction or change in Washington. After watching Tony Blair throw it all away over here in the U.K. I don’t believe in heros (never did).
    Generally, people seem to be fascinated with America and genuinely like Americans (many want to BE Americans) but they are appalled by the current government’s foreign policy – as are a LOT of Americans! So I hope that the one who would kill the least people wins.


    Mike R.


    You’ve taken the first step which I think is the most difficult one!
    For me the images with the strongest visual impact, that tell me a part of your story are:
    1) Mom in chair in exam room, she is in soft focus in back ground.
    2) The things she sees on a daily basis…your Dad? blurry…but maybe with a stronger background…I like that the red leaf if reduced to an impressionistic interpretation, how she would see it.
    3 )The first with your mom & magnifying glass. How she continues to do the things she enjoys….but bring us closer/crop.
    For what it’s worth…those are the ones I would build on….

  • Rosemary,

    So unusual to see your work in color. I like that you are posting such a personal work.

    My comments:

    #4 with the leaf, either 6 or 7 with the magnifier and the book, #10 with the man’s face is too close maybe but the idea is there like the leaf which works better for me, #11 looking at the art with the view of her hearing aid is a favorite, #12 or 13 with the eye exam (think I like the machine with her sitting next to it better), and the last one #16 with her sitting on the furnace.

    The one thing I see in this essay that would make a good case for black and white is the light. Not sure how it looks as original but it looks a bit splashed and weakens the scene in some. I understand the issue of trying to shoot a series on someone’s life in light that is less than optimum. Have you converted to black and white to see how they look?

    Good work Rosemary. This is a very good beginning of a series on your mom; I know that you have a huge responsibility with her care and your own life and time requirements. I was reminded a couple of days ago by a friend of mine of something I told her DAH said in the first workshop: shoot what you know. We tend to want to seek out the perfect project when the best material is right in our sight. Having a mom that has refused to talk to me since 1983 due to religion makes this essay of yours especially touching to me.

    Keep going, and I hope to see your face in this series.


  • I remember reading that the Prophet Muhammad refused to send a volunteer to Yemen as an (I think) Ambassador or Governor – this is from memory. When the man asked him why he decided not to send him Muhammad said “Because you want it too much”. Instead he sent one of his Companions who was in tears at the prospect because he knew that by the end of his assignment Muhammad would probably be dead; he would not see him again. Be careful what you wish for.

    Mike R.

  • also RAFAL, JAMES !!! congrats..

    where is rosemary’s link?

  • Welcome ROSEMARY! Just checked out your photographs: very good beginning – so obviously personal. Your Mother has a wonderful smile and I’m pleased that you have included this side of her story. The better essays on any kind of disability quickly get past the actual disability and show the humanity of the subject that we as viewers immediately recognize as common to us all.
    Your essay does just that. It’s interesting that you usually photograph in B&W but show the work in colour / color: can we see your work in B&W?

    I’d like to see your Mother’s extended world; friends, family etc. I’m interested already, I want to know more, you have succeeded in gaining my attention. Well done.

    Good light,

    Mike R.

    Thank U for keeping the DAH spirit
    We need links, contributions. Photos..
    Pictures, eye candy.. anyway U wanna
    call it..!
    ” Intellectual” or “tech” talk is great..
    but it doesn’t quench my Thirst , not a bit.
    Thank U for being a worker helping
    building our TOWER OF PHOTOS ( songs)…
    I’m in the truck right now but I would love to
    YOUTUBE… Leonard Cohen’s “Tower of song”..
    All that.
    Huge HUG for Rosemary…


    “…Korean equivalent of Where’s the beef?..”

    소고기는 어디 있어?
    Sogogi-nün, ödi issö?

    (Just so you don’t have to wait four years…)


  • Hello all,

    sorry for my bad information…

    Here are some new images
    It is not maybe the good moment with the election…

    Congratulations James, Lance!!!
    Best regards, audrey

  • AUDREY..
    for your photos..?
    It is always the “right” time…!!!
    Can’t wait to get out of this damn truck
    and check’em out..
    peace & hugs..


    Very well done video. Take a look.

  • That was excellent Cathy. Thanks for sharing.


  • the world would be a better place full of bob b’s.
    Bob B, nobel prize?!?!?
    Roll over Mandela, tell Elie Wiesel the news! :-)))))

    Rafal, to pounce on a human being and treat him as a traitor to the human race is weirdly reminding me of the ideological apparatchiks and hatchet men of the totalitarian regimes you despise so much for having been born in their midst.

    Do not hate, my friend, what value such emotion and bitterness could give to your work as a photographer, especially as love is demonstrated all over your family essays? Let go of feelings that keep threatening the best you have to give with surging tides of negativity.

  • Akaky

    I think that just made me Bob’s brother.


    I wanted to make sure I answered your question—I don’t really know what to think about Palin, but if her experience is in question holding a VP spot, then Obama’s should be in question leading a ticket. He’s had about 150 days in the senate prior to campaigning.

    She is on point with one thing I agree with—that our country needs to live within it’s means, and our government needs to lead by example.

  • AKAKY,

    You always make me laugh so much that I have chosen to also laugh at the comment that in countries like France the population is so corrupt and debased in their personal morals that they are known, well-known, in fact, for putting mayonnaise on their French fries. :):) Let me tell you that for a Frenchman who has lived in Belgium for about 13 years this is NOT true… Only Belgium people put mayonnaise on their fries :):):):):)….I started doing that only after living in Belgium for about 5 years and after being contaminated by their influence…. As an aside, these fries are indeed French fries and NOT “FREEDOM FRIES” as some in US congress wanted to rename these a while back :):):) As far as not having any personal morals….less prepared to fight this :):): but we French are really not that bad!!!!!



  • government needs to lead by example

    She could have started by not putting her daughters on the state’s travel expenses, David. It’s not like she can’t afford them a plane ticket and hotel…

    National debt is some 6 or 7 trillion dollars, and going. living within our means would be to simply stop doing anything but balancing that debt (That’ what my parents would do). Hollow words, David, I accept that you vote differently, welcome it even, but not on some shallow language politicians have used ever since they were given a pulpit to speak from.

    I am supposed to pack up, but no, you keep pulling me back in…… :-)))))

  • laughing…

    I’ve just seen a bumper sticker on
    a car on the freeway 15… saying:


    .. Except from “freedom fries”
    we also have “freedom soldiers”…!
    LOL ..
    Ok now.. Running to the store .. I’m out of mayo…

  • Audrey,

    I love your new photos…Looking forward to seeing the whole series…I especially like the cats at the table & the one of your dad & the white house & fence.


  • Thanks to Hillary, Lee, and Mike for your comments. It helps so much to have your perspectives, and it is an encouragement to keep trying. I did convert to BW after your comments and like them better. I still hope to achieve stronger images, and your ideas are appreciated. And a big hug for Panos and Lee as well. Your mother has missed so much–very sad. I hope somehow she will put differences of opinion aside and see her daughter again. Life is short.

  • Hi~

    I was hoping to have pixx from Halloween edited already, but from 3 events I have over 15 gigs to weed through…Almost there….

    So, I’ll post some from Mexico just BEFORE Day of the Dead 2 years ago…

    More later…going to an Election Party…Good time to be with friends!


  • David McG,

    how can you even compare Palin with Obama?

    Obama has been thoroughly vetted. Palin? How many interviews has she done? In the few that I saw, she came off horribly. Its frightening how she doesnt have a firm grasp on basics. She doesnt read, she isnt intellectulaly curious, she doesnt know basic things like the role of the Vice President, the job she wants to hold. Obama graduated from the best universities in the country. Was the editor of the Harvar Law review. He is obviously intelligent, has done countless interviews, nearly two dozen debates, has been in the spotlight fpr the last 2 years. NOBODY has the experience to be president before they actually become president. The question is, who has the intellectual ability to hold such an important office. Can you honestly tell me Palin can?

  • Well you may have me there Herve –

    And I’m not one to defend politicians—they are after all, politicians—I’d much rather criticize. But I wouldn’t exactly say hollow words either. I would call it typical political speak if the travel expenses occurred while the state was experiencing a budget crisis, but I think I’d reduce it to poor judgment if there was no deficit and the state’s economy was strong, as a result of the governor’s policies. Especially since “Alsaka law does not specifically address expenses for a governor’s children.”

    Easy there Rafal –

    I don’t recall comparing Palin to Obama with head to head specifics, but rather said if you’re going to question the experience of the second spot on one ticket, you really have to question the experience of the first spot on the other ticket.

    So far Obama’s intellectual abilities haven’t convinced me that this is a good time for extensive spending and expansion of government—unless of course he’s gunning for the “hollow words” award.

    But I’m sure he could beat her a Scrabble.

  • Please look at this picture

    and just think to yourself… “Hope is coming”

    I dare you.

    Taken in Teviot Students Union, Edinburgh.

  • Rosemary,

    I like photos 7 (magnifying glass vertical) and 13 (green light in eyes). Like the idea of centre of image out focus rest not and I bet you could do more with the idea. One shot I kind of like is the machine in focus, lady out but I’d reverse it with machine way out of focus and lady in focus. Photo 14 has a nice feel to it – something like that to end maybe. Number 7 is my favourite.


  • what did just happened to
    I think that the “game” is already over!!!

  • Hey David, that’s my point.

    If we consider it’s not OK for us (or our kids) to use someone’s money because after all they are doing well, while we are not providing any service for them, so that we know we are not living up to the way we have been raised (my father was in charge of budgets, he’d have hung himself rather than use one penny not his), how come we rationalize it being done with politicians?

    So, what I say is not that she should not, but that these values of showing by example, and living within means, are simply not ever that of politics. It is a different world than the one where we know what is right and what is wrong. And poor judgement can be paid with shame, loss of job, or trust.

    yet, she does not lack people to defend her and explain why it’s not wrong, or why it’s “only” poor judgement. Gee, If I do wrong, I have no spin doctor to tell the judge it was taken “out of context”…

    Se, that’s what’s broke. They are unable to apply the values that make of us decent (or not) men and women thru-out our lives to their own standards which they pretty make up as they go.

    Few can resist. Great men. You know that DE Gaulle paid for evry pice of paper and pen he used in the ELYSEES, if it was for his own use, not as a president? And Mitterand travelled with an entourage of dozen sycophants and media stars, all “aux frais de la princesse” (taxpayer money).

  • Since politics have been discussed … and I find I have little to say here anymore … I might as well make an ass of myself one more time. (get it? ;-)

    Politics. I have come to loathe politics, from local to national, but that does not mean I am lost to cynicism. I have been both a professional observer and participant in politics. I have covered or sat through literally hundreds and hundreds of meetings from the local planning commission to the congressional hearing, been part of political fundraisers of both the local pig roast and the D.C. insider ilk, participated in kitchen cabinets, and given issue briefings to candidates and the seated alike.

    The American political system is, in the final analysis, disheartening. It is, in fact, often quite scary how public policy is made, the amount of information on which decisions are made, and the lack of depth to which issues are plumbed. Still, through all the politics, through all the corporate and narrow constituency-driven authorship of legislation, the money and the excess, the arrogant hegemony of foreign policy, the subjugation of values to the conformity of the party system, and the pandering to the interests of the few over the interests of the many, to name a few, despite all of these flaws in American governance, things have progressed. Slowly. Or they did.

    There are few times in American history when the political system has been so bereft of judgment and so full of fear. I have no doubt that this Administration will go down in history as one of the worst, if not THE worst presidency. It filtered through every segment of society with the commandment of “fear thy neighbor,” fear and despise those different, conform or be cast out, American and un-American, to be patriotic is to be silent or just part of the choir, be vigilant, be vigilant … the paradox of a working democratic republic based not upon the power of many individual voices but the suppression of free thought and expression.

    Just as “American Beauty” was the mirror held up to the absurdity of American conformity, the needle popping the balloon of what the American dream has become, so too is the Obama campaign the clear call of hope to wake us from our apathetic slumber fraught with nightmares and whispers of cynicism.

    It is well past time to throw some plates against the wall. No more denial.

    It is interesting that the sum of the Bush years in my mind is not some litany of bad policy but rather a single photo essay, that of Christopher Morris’ My America. Fanatical nationalism and blindness revealed so profoundly, simply and clearly … simply brilliant and I believe time will prove this.

    This election has come down to fear versus hope … a rejection of our blindness and the politics of fear, those ugly whispers of doubt and hate in the darkness, to instead embrace all those things we can accomplish … to seek real solutions not because they are easy but because they are hard, without fear, and with hope.

    I choose hope and by god, it is time!

  • Panos,

    Your last series ‘Making the Costume’ seems like so long ago but since I’m in a reviewing mood these last two days I’ll say this about that:

    8 The Fun (my fave), 10 Faithful, 11 Schizo, 12 Mistake, 17 the Lonely, look good to me. The portraits have a sad, lonely feel it seems. ‘The Lonely’ seems to be just that. The colours work, too, I think.

    To be honest I look at all your work and I breeze through the individual photos – I think its the captions that gives me quick closure. Kind of like a comic book. Don’t know if that is good or bad. Just me likely.

    Anyway I’m looking forward to seeing the final form of Venice – as a book.


  • ALL

    I’ve just posted my USA Election Day 2008 photo gallery. The URL is

    Oh happy day!!!!!!!


  • It’s over!!!!
    My friend George T.K..
    is getting married tonight
    his long time lover( over 20 years)..
    they are both at their late sixties..
    I’m so happy for them..

    I have couple of things to say
    about the “Venice thing”…
    but I need to wait one more month..
    I’m super excited..
    I’m so happy you see a “comic” feeling..
    COMIC, characters.. , captions..
    Damn, DOUG… You just “revealed” me..
    Please email me here
    to send you some more details about..
    my idea about that “comic feeling”…
    Peace… More to explain soon

  • whatever happened to OHIO???
    Now that’s a flipper;-)

  • GAAAAH!!!!

    They kicked us all out of the Students Union with a minute to go on the next series of projections. US students hurry in all directions to flats to see what happened!

    End of photography for my night.

    Will post what I got here:

    Good luck whoever is still shooting, enjoy the parties.

  • I think I see your point, Herve. But I don’t think that such a message has to be completely lost though, just because it’s applied to political policy. Of course executive budgets are a different monster than family budgets, but for example, in retrospect Clinton plus his Congress could have represented a message of “living within your means” and “leading by example”, though I’m sure there were questionable uses of funds along the way.

    Maybe it’s just not worth making it a political mantra, since it’s not guaranteed to translate into public behavior anyway. But in Palin’s case, like it or not, it will probably ring true to a lot of people in a few years.

  • “and thats it”

    I love BBC TV commentary

  • thank god – I can finally get back to not having an opinion

  • CNN said:

    O!: 51% yes President
    McC:48% not President


  • David,
    I don’t have a lot of time for reading many blogs, but this one I enjoy when I can- I usually find it very inspirational.
    Thank you for the time you give to us ‘struggling photographers’- very much appreciated!

  • Hey AMIRAN
    Nice to have U here!

    peace …

    10:44 pm in LA…

    Watts is going nuts!

  • Congratulations America!

  • as a citizen of the world, i feel very proud this morning…yes we can!

  • TO ALL-

    Rama Yade, France’s black junior minister for human rights, told French radio: “On this morning, we all want to be American so we can take a bite of this dream unfolding before our eyes.”

    So well said! I am so proud of the US and like many across the world would like to be American this morning!


  • Congrats Americans on the new reasonable president ;-)

    @ERICA: have you tried developing yourself? You can buy a 5 roll tank on ebay for peanuts, and adding some chemicals to that is pretty cheap. You’ll save plenty of money very fast. I mean… $10 /roll? You’ll maybe spend $40 on the tank, maybe $5 for a missing spiral or two, and then $10 on chemicals for lots of rolls, and I’m aiming my budget pretty high. Plus that allows you to fiddle with the process…

  • what a great day over here..
    Now I can freely wear my Bandana
    to work, blast some 2Pac & B.I.G
    down the freeway..
    He’ll yeahhhhh,
    The “White House”…
    not that “white” anymore????
    Gay couples getting married…
    Now that is some sweet “corruption”..
    In California…
    Today is the right day to go get
    your “Medical Marijuana” prescription/ annual licence for $100
    down in Venice Beach and let’s meet
    down at the Bistro…

    AMERICA voted for FREEDOM..
    Can’t describe the mood over here..
    All, 7:00am in LA..
    in Cali…
    First day with no Bush around…
    Crazy, unbeliavable, insane..
    America is out of jail today…

  • Dr Martin Luther King…
    Is blessing Our country today..
    Tears in my eyes…

  • … Thank God our Troops also
    Voted for O…
    Poor kids..
    I support our Troops.. Young kids
    they wanna live.. Not come back
    disabled.. messed up.. Fighting for
    somebody else’s money!!!!
    Killing themselves for Bush oil!!!
    Bring the kids back home…
    Spare their lives…

  • … I’m just listening at the AM,
    the Republican Channel..
    “they” think that the country just sold its soul
    to the devil.. They think we are turning communists..
    They think we are going “left”…
    They insist we lost our values…
    Ohhhh pleaseeee!

  • @Panos: well, it couldn’t go “right” much more

    While we open the elderflower champagne, russia is on the move again (hey, like the olympics!):

  • JONI

    completely sensible thought, but I was a professional printer for some time and I just don’t want the chemicals in my life…

    Anyone work in the lab at ICP and want to make some money? But you need to be able to push and process 3200 and all that…

  • damn right Joni..
    Just like the OLYMPICS…
    The russian guy just announced
    Missiles deployment in Kalinigrant
    right next to Poland!!!
    Right on Obama’s face..
    How lame !!!
    Just like the Georgia invasion & attack
    on the olympics opening ceremony!!??
    How “respectful” for the rest of the world…!

  • hey, DAH…
    maybe it’s time for new post…
    How about…
    “… the day that the White House turned Black…”


  • @erica: cool! I wish I was there to get your money ;-)

  • AUDREY – #5 AND 9 I love them!

  • also Arizona and this time Florida is
    coming along..
    NO ON PROP8…
    52% success…

  • Nightmare? Who said nightmare… More like a dream come true:

  • (Russia)
    How “respectful” for the rest of the world…!

    White guys country, Panos, what do you expect?


  • Oh yes Erica, SEA OF CHANGE!!

    Congratulations America, fresh air that tastes of FREEDOM and HOPE :-)

  • A new friend (who is going to be helping me with my MM) just put this together with his friend /working partner..

    Yes We Can!

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