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most of you already know that  i have little, if any, knowledge about the tech world in general …that is why i have michael couvoursier on my side…mike answers all of my tech questions and is ready to answer yours….i just received word from mike that there are some small errors in the tech info we provided for photographic  submission on to Digital Railroad….please look into the comments of my last post for tech corrections on submissions….for one thing, the password "upload" should be in lower case…

in any case, mike will help you through this just as he helps me everyday in my studio….please just check the "comments"….and ask away….

i leave london now and will be back in new york late this afternoon…..i will post a story on editing over the weekend….editing i can write about, dpi i know nothing about!!!

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  • haha, dpi, dpi, that was precisely my doubt. i also find 2000px to huge for screen and too tiny for printing… why 2000 if i may ask?

  • 2000px is close to the size of a 23 in monitor (slightly larger). And also it allows us to look at an image closer if we want to. It was just a way to leave our options open. We also do not need printable files at this point in time.

  • hey michael, you’re working overtime with all these tech questions! I hope all is well there, long time no see. In a couple weeks i’m hitting the road for a couple months for a photo project but when i get back i’ll get in touch with you. If you need any help on the technical side of david’s project i’d be happy to volenteer some of my time.

  • Michael-
    I guess since people are questioning whether all their files have made it or not, I should confirm you recieved all 20 of my images. Let me know when you get a chance.


  • Michael Couvoursier,

    Your specifications call for 2000 pixels on the longest side and 72ppi. I’m working with Nikon Capture. I can change the size, but the respolution remains at 300ppi. When I try to change that to 72ppi the size changes. Any helpful hints? Or is it ok to send 2000 pixels at 300ppi?



  • Hi all,

    We have a great opportunity here to enjoy being involved from the start and will be able to watch it all evolve. My thought is that at this point David and Michael probably have more than enough to deal with just from the regular readers of this blog so if anyone is tempted to advertise this throughout the web it’s probably not a good idea. Don’t you think? Maybe it will grow to the point that that’s what happens but for now it could be overwhelming to say the least. My opinion for what it’s worth.

  • ps Michael, don’t know if you saw my comments to you on the previous thread…about Santa Fe…your site, Jerry.

  • To MK: 2000 pixels is 2000 pixels, so it really doesn’t matter what the resolution is. It should be possible, however, to set the resolution the way you want it. There might be a checkbox having to do with resampling.

    At least I think that’s right.


  • Thanks Michael…um, Shapiro! (Sure have a lot of Michaels here! Might have to start falling back on last names.)

    I always thought ppi was more for printing, so 300 or 72 shouldn’t matter. Not sure…just wanted to check.

    Thanks again,

  • Copyright info???

    There is a selection as to whether the image is (legally?) copyrighted vs public domain, etc. and then below a place to add a copyright notice. If we put our name and copyright does that make it official? And how does one get the c with circle icon?

  • Cathy,

    In the U.S., the rights to an intellectual work are owned by the originator at the time of its creation.

    Putting a (c) symbol protects you somewhat and registration with the copyright office protects your work even further.

    To put the copyright symbol on a document using a P.C., you can go to the character map in windows and copy and paste. Another way is to hold down alt and plus sign while typing 0169.

    BTW, I’m getting in on this at the last minute so my upload is really small — 7 photos. My project(s) might take a few summers to complete and the very best ones fell outside the deadlines — before and after. LOL. So, my pics are just a small sampling. 1 or 2 of them are iffy and the other 5 I’m able to defend.

  • Cathy-
    Try option+g on a Mac, maybe alt+g on a PC? Or just cut and paste this: ©

  • Cathy,

    I am not a lawyer and this is not legal advice, but…

    If you took the picture it is copyrighted. It is yours. Yes, someday you should gather a whole bunch of images together and get them registered…at least, some say you should. Nevertheless, when you click the shutter your work is copyrighted. Legally.

    As to the little ‘c’, Photoshop has it in there somewhere…I rarely use PS but I know it’s there!

    Are you looking to put it on your images or just in the metadata?

  • Mike Berube,

    I don’t think your first image uploaded all the way that is the only number missing from your sequence. Once it is uploaded you will have a total of 13 images let me know if that is right.


  • Michael – hate to bug you but did my 20 make it?


  • Dpi really does not matter that much I was just hoping to get consistent submissions.


  • David McGowen,

    Yes I have all of your images.


  • Seth,

    Good to hear from you. Hope your trip and project go well. When are you going to be back in NY. I will let you know if i get to swamped.


  • Thanks everyone for the copyright info.

    It’s just for the metadata Michael K.

    LOVE the cut and paste idea with your c David but Photoshop isn’t letting me do it. If all else fails I can just spell out the full word. Or use parenthesis.

    Jay, don’t worry I think many of us have started projects for this assignment that we are nowhere near finished with.

  • Yes, © option +g on the mac. Thanks David.

  • Cathy,

    Thanks for the kind words about my site. Yes Jerry is my father.


  • Copyright

    Mac hold down the option key and press the letter g

    PC Hold down the alt key and press 0169 while still holding alt then let go.


  • Jakob Doman,

    I am actually missing your number 17 in your sequence.


  • Chris Hinkle,

    I think I may be missing your number 14 only had 19 uploaded for you.


  • david mcgowan…

    thanks mate…for the cut and past copyright symbol…was having abit of a problem.

    ozzy al

  • Anyone..about the 10 day window for submission, what is the final day/hour? thanks

  • We will let you know what the final deadline is in the next couple of days. Since this is an experiment we will see how it unfolds.

  • hello all…

    since so much seems to be happening at the same time, please relax a little about the deadline..

    again, we are all collaborating…obviously , there are some decisions that only i can make, but in the true spirit of “forum”, your input and ideas are not only welcomed but necessary…..

    i will give you plenty of warning about the “closing”, but the absolute tightest deadline it would be is 10 days from now…

  • Thanks so much David, that makes things much clearer.


  • Still, it would be nice to know if our files were received ok. I submitted 6 image files.
    Did you get them? The FTP directory access seems to be setup so that getting a list of files in the folder is not permitted. At least that was my experience using the ftp command line application.

    Thanks. I know this all must be a bit trying.

  • Richard we did receive your Six pictures

  • i attempted to send 15 pics did you receive them? thanks

  • Hi Michael…transferred number 17; could you confirm it is the right one, perhaps, if you have a moment…

    We all owe you a corona, me thinks…and David, too//


  • Hi Mike
    I didn’t want to do this but now after hearing some images haven’t made it I’m a little worried. Are my 16 images there?
    Thank you so much

  • Jay nowakowski,

    I only have 13 of your pictures number 6 is missing and it ends at number 14. I need number 6,14,15.


  • Andrei,

    i have all 16 of yours.


  • Jakob,

    I have all of yours now 17 arrived.


  • Thanks, i have now sent number 6,14 and 15. let me know if you get them.

  • Jay,

    I have then all now.


  • David (& FYI Mike C.)

    I’m finishing editing and will be uploading my work ASAP, but wanted to mention that, along with my photos, I will upload an Image #0 in lower quality .JPG format containing a brief note about my project and a few other related thoughts. Please let me know whether you have any problems with it…

    If not, maybe that is something everyone else might want to consider to overcome the DRR limitation with text files.

    Have a good trip back to NYC. I will be there the first week in Oct and will call you to get some coffee/dinner together, if you have time… Please let me know how to get in touch with you when I am in Manhattan (email or else…)



  • Michael, I should have just uploaded 20 images, please confirm :)..somehow I put my first image in the folder belonging to Jakob Doman. I tried to delete it, but to no avail. It should be a duplicate of erica_mcdonald001.jpg that is in my folder. Sorry for the added confusion.

    Giancarlo, I believe something was said by David or Michael about putting the story text if you have it, in the description field.

  • Giancarlo,

    Are you using photoshop to make the jpg file because if so save yourself the trouble and go to the file menu go down to file info and input whatever text you want into the description field. This will be much easier for us to view because then we can see that information along with copyright info right next to your picture.


  • Erica,

    Have all 20.


  • Hi Mike,

    I am actually using Lightroom for this task but have PS too.

    I’m not sure how much text the Description field holds (never used it for more than 15-20 words), so I was thinking to use the system I described for the few paragraph intended as a project “statement”.

    If the fields holds more than just a paragraph (can’t find exact info on it in the Help) and/or you prefer I use that Description field of course no problem at all…


    – Giancarlo

  • Giancarlo,

    Use the headline field for individual image descriptions and the description field for the few paragraphs you want to write.



  • Giancarlo,

    Use the headline field for individual image descriptions and the description field for the few paragraphs you want to write.



  • Michael, I was having a lot of connection problems. I wanted to be sure you got my images. There are only nine. Thanks. -Rush Jagoe

  • David… i have one very important question…
    i started photographing my story last year.. but now i did some new part of pictures for this story…
    I sent you already 6 brand new pictures.. but if it’s possibility to send also pictures from last year (part of this story) i will be very glad to do it…
    please let me know…
    hope all is fine and my six pictures are already on ftp

  • aga…

    i think it best for me to look at the new pictures first…just to be fair to all the others who are submitting new work..however, if i see a story that seems good overall, i will ask for the rest of the story…right now, i think i will have so much to see, that it is better to do it like this…do not worry, i will look very very carefully at all work and will be interested eventually at seeing everything you shot….plus, i am going to see you in new york soonest….we can go over everything then too….

  • David and Michael,

    Just a heads up….I just sent twenty images. One ten image essay and two five image essays (if you can call them that!)

    From my end they look as if they made the transfer. No need to confirm. Only if you don’t see them, let me know.

    Many thanks for all of this!

    You’re a real gem, David.

  • David, thank you for reply :-)

    I will be in NY only one and a half day… i hope 10th October you will find time for me :-) I am waiting for info :-)

  • Michael, like the others before, not sure if everything went through…Would be great if you can confirm if you got all my pictures as well. Thanks, Eric

  • Eric,

    Have all your images.


  • Michael Kircher,

    Have all of yours.


  • Thanks Michael C.

    For all your hard work as well!

  • Rush Jagoe,

    I am missing your number 7.



  • Aga,

    I have your six.


  • Mike: im uploading the file now….im tech-illiterate ;)))…im even still shooting films (though also pulling out hair ;)) )…can u confirm when u have my folder with 20 pics…i think i fucked up when making the digital files, from scans, maybe i sized them (dpi) too big, ’cause it seems like my folder is 36mb…im so sorry if this is too large, it’s been a long day and even longer month ;))…

    thanks for all your brilliant tech info (im still sending folks stuff via burned cd;s, so the ftp transfer is lovely, but i probably made a mess of it ;)) )

    thanks so much for all patience and what must be a nightmarish way to spend a Sunday ;))))

    alll the best

  • Bob,

    No worries, I have all of your images.


  • Thanks so much Mike! :))…i imagine you’ve been at the computer longer than I have today…do yourself (and each of us for you) a favor: tell harvey to go buy you some potent potable (whiskey?) when he’s done with the TGV edit: you deserve. I’ve learned more today (tech=wise) reading your posts…and I cant wait to show my wife and son that Dad isnt a complete tech failure ;)))

    I trust we’ll meet when i come down to the city in the fall when my wife returns from MOscow…

    Again, thanks so much for your Herculian help and effort :))
    All the best

  • Hi Mike,

    Did mine 20 make it? I uploaded it Saturday.

    thanks for your help.

  • Rene,

    I am missing your last one otherwise everything is here.


  • ok. cool. thanks for the feedback. I have just uploaded 020. Please check when you get a chance.

  • Mike: I just dropped image #7. Please tell me if you got it. Thank a lot. -Rush Jagoe

  • Mike,

    I have just uploaded my files (19). It seems to be a practice here so could you please confirm that you received them in a good shape?
    I have to say your effort here (both you and David) is very impressive.

    Thanks and All the Best,

  • Very strange…I posted earlier asking if you had received the twenty images I sent. Said that cyberduck had gone smoothly (or so it seemed) and also added a ps for Michael saying that I’d seen his father this morning and posted about it under Tango.

    Just rechecking to see if Michael had confirmed getting my folder and my original entry (which I saw in the blog earlier) is nowhere to be found. Hmmm?

    In any case please let me know if everything came in okay.
    Thanks a lot. Cathy

  • oops…sorry I found the original post. It was under flood gates not tech stuff.

    Still would like confirmation though.

  • Velibor,

    I have all of yours.


  • Mike .. thank you for info :-)

  • Cathy,

    Yes I have all your images.



    I have changed the ftp info slightly so that I can keep the new stuff separate. Just trying to start a system to keep the new stuff separate from the organized uploads.

    login : davidalanharvey-blog
    password : upload



  • First of all, thanks a lot to David and Michael for all your effort to make this thing work…

    Now my work is ready. But here it comes the hardest part: editing!! :D. And while editing, I have one question, sorry…

    As I understand, we can upload till 20 photos, does not matter if they are just 20 photos with no conection between them or one serie, two, or more small series, right? and my question is, if we send different series, should we separate them in different files?

    Thanks a lot for everything…


  • Hi Michael,

    Did my 20th image make it to you yesterday?


  • Rene,

    Yes I have all 20 now

  • ana,

    no need to separate just write in the description field something about each story.


  • Jorge Prat Altuzarra

    Hi. Did you receive my 17 images portfolio ok?


    Jorge Prat

  • Michael:
    Just posted this under the ‘Flood Gates’ thread but this seems to be the more active thread at this time:
    I have been trying to upload my folder Atkins_Sidney with 20 photos using Cyberduck. I am able to login to the (new) ftp address but as soon as I try to upload the folder I keep gettin disconnected with the message ‘connection refused’. This happened many times now. Any ideas what to try next?


  • Hi Mike,

    I ftp’d 17 images yesterday, but hadn’t seen the info requesting descriptions to be included. Two questions:

    Did you receive all files?

    Would it be possible to delete Gummels_Joan_001 and I could ftp another one with the general description of the project in the ITPC info?

    Thank you –


  • I want to upload 6 more pictures to have 20 pictures on the ftp as you required but I can not connect with the username davidalanharvey-septblog and the password upload.

  • Sorry from all my heart Michael, I’m so stupid. I missed the post when you said that the parameters to ftp changed slightly. Sorry. I make a upload with my last 6 pictures. Hope you get those pictures. Please give me a sign that you get those picture : Stanescu_Vlad_015 to….020. My last 6 pictures. With those I make 20 and I stop. Sorry again for bugging you with no sense with that post.

  • Hi Again Michael C:

    After repreated tries I finally got ftp-connected and started uploading images VERY SLOWLY crawling along on my 56K dial-up connection- think I got as far as 006 and then Cyberduck crashed (??) on my iBook. I’ll try again late at night when the wires seem to be a little clearer. Wonder if you actually got 001 thru 006?

    Thanks- Sidney

  • hello all….

    do we not all owe michael courvoisier a round of applause!!!

    please please do that because i cannot afford to give him a raise!!!

    thanks, david

  • Sorry , I posted on the more salubrius thread ,unfortunately nothing much to add,except that Michael if we ever meet it’s my shout!
    I have just uploaded 20 pics to you
    Campbell_Glenn001 – 20

  • Hi

    Im trying to connect but for some reason it isnt working like it did yesterday.

  • I have just tried to upload my photos, but the login information is not correct anymore, has anything been changed?

  • Like Maciek, the information Im entering isnt working

  • hi michael/david,

    i want to upload a set of pictures in the form of a diptych, ten pairs in all (each counting as a single picture if i remember a previous posting correctly, as i wish to send two collections – ten pics a piece.) should i size each picture in the diptych to 2000 pixels or put them together and them resize both? also what would be the best way to up load the diptych, should i make a pdf? i’ve never mailed a diptych before.

    i hope all of that makes sense!

    many thanks


  • hello all….

    everybody relax….deep breathing required….re-reading required…..

    michael put in new info yesterday for uploading to make the process easier..

    please note his entry above: ATTENTION FTP INFO CHANGE

    please go back and see his new ftp information…and when i meet him this morning , we will post it again very very clearly….

    since this is new territory for all of us, a little patience is required all way around..

    do not worry, we will make sure that everyone’s work is in and just fine…sorry for a few glitches…all of this technology is what has allowed us to be “together” in the first place, so we must take a zen transcendental meditative approach to it all!!!

    go re-read “Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance” by Robert Pirsig….always a good book under these circumstances!!!

    cheers, david

  • Michael:
    Since it’s probably time consuming to confirm everyone’s upload individually, please give us at some point a list of successful uploads, just to be sure you receive everyone’s folders.


  • Mike Couvoursier,

    I’ve checked with our techies and they tell me that, for most of our computers, FTP is out; there’s too much risk involved for the little use it gets. However, we do have a few (very few) computers where there is no access to personal information and so ftp (they think) might be used. So I’ve sent a folder called Akaky_test.jpg into the Submissions folder on the digital railroad site. Could you confirm that this thing actually arrived? If it got there in one piece, I will start worrying about resizing and metadata and what all that means and how to do it. There’s no point singing Hallelujah, come on, get happy, until I know sending the pics is doable, after all. And I’m sure I’m speaking for everyone when I say thanks for all the trouble you’re going through for this project.

    PS. If the pic does make it there, just delete it; I’m not sure that using a church as a laboratory rat will get me in good with the Lord, but I have to work with what’s available. Thanx again

  • Hi michael i know this is a weird petition but could you please delete the entire folder i’ve been upload??.

  • Hi Michael, did you receive my 20 pictures?
    I’m sorry, I uploaded them with lower resolution than 2000 pixels, because I travelled to Italy where now I am, and I left my pc (with original pictures inside) in South America. I have just the low resolution ones with me. I hope it isnt a problem for you and David!! I will come back in South America in October, meeting my pc! And if necessary I will send the 20 photos with the right resolution.


  • Michael;
    Firstly; thank you for all of your efforts what a job. initially i had trouble sending my work via the links provided as some of my friends did as well. i ended up going with FETCH which proved to be effective at least on my end.

    A ? regarding 2000 pixels width // does this apply for a diptych as well or do i need to double this #. I will be sending my next 11 images shortly. Probably later tonight @ 2000 across as mentioned if this presents a problem for you or david drop me a note and i will
    correct myself.

    Furthermore; did the initial 9 images make it with the introduction to the series bleak house_lake elsinore ? looking
    forward to feedback in the near future. all the best Michael..


    we should have thought of this before, but from now on please address any purely technical questions to michael here:

    this will make life easier for all of us

  • Akaky,

    We did get your test image.


  • Jorge,

    Have 17 for you.


  • Sidney,

    I have the first 10 of yours.


  • tried to go on without success. i want to send my e-mail as it may not have been included with other information. it is: please confirm if you receive it. thanks.

  • Hi , Mike,
    I have uploaded a set of 10 pictures. Did you get those yet ?

  • After long-term lurkdom, equally long-term admiration of this unique site, and astonishment at David’s generous accessibility, I finally decided to post, and this thread seemed as good and somewhat obscure a place as any. No, I have made no artistic submission, but look forward to the possibility of another such project.

    David, thank you for your authenticity and for the courage you have shown in so obviously allowing yourself to be vulnerable, that is, human.

    I hope no one will object to my assumption here of a photographer’s moniker analogous to the better-known Nom dePlume. Perhaps I’m not as original or creative as I’d like to think!

  • hello all…

    michael is so so busy with the “at home” workshop, he may be behind in answering some of your tech questions…please be patient…the man is on overload!!!! but,he will answer you soonest…

    cheers, david

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