flood gates


ok, the time has come…..please send now your work for this forum……20 picture limit please….within this framework you can submit 20 unrelated singles, or any combo of "essays" but not to exceed 20 pictures in all…in other words an "essay" could be five- 4 picture combos  or 20 coherent photographs or two essays of 10 each or whatever…

if you are new here, and  have no clue what i am talking about, then it is probably too late for you this time around anyway…but , a little research might be helpful for  you anyway…see posts june 2 "collaboration", july 12 "your work", july 18 "timing" and july 24 "psyched" and , oh yes, a piece i wrote titled "in flight reading" sometime back in the spring might be helpful too…

i am interested in any type of photography that speaks to your  "authorship"….so, you could submit black & white landscapes or conflict in iraq or the life of your dog on the back porch….subject matter does not matter….you matter….your perspective, your point of view on something with either journalistic relevance,  subjective interpretation  or purely artistic merit…….

we will have a 10 day window for submission….these are all supposed to be photographs you made since the july 15 announcement of this project…give or take just a little…they will be displayed on  a new page of this site…eventually hopefully to print….but honestly, how far we can take this totally depends on how good the material coming to me will be….we will soon find out….

my goal, as all of you know, is to create enough interest in this way of working and in this site to have corporate and private  funders  contribute to the non-profit fund i am setting up (about 3 wks away) , so that this financial support  would go directly back to you to finance one of your projects…sort of half stipend/half assignment….

the submission now has been basically a goodwill "test" for both of us…

ironically , but perfectly, a small corporate funding is moving quickly in our direction..this just happened since my last post…..this will be  deposited into the non-profit account for eventual  awarding to the  most talented of you…i am in a bit of a dilemma  because it comes at the end of our "deadline" rather than as an incentive at the beginning….

so, i honestly must just decide how to use it….but, since we are where we are anyway, let me just start looking at what comes in from you…before promising any awards..fair enough??   it may be more intelligent to let funding build….  i mean, we have done this whole thing without any thought to any of us for financial reward anyway…this whole exercise and forum has been a "work in progress" all along….i am also ready to answer any questions you may have…..

the "window" for submission is wide enough to give me time to think….and to see what you have done…

show me, show me….tell me , tell me

Submission Guidelines

1) Resize all images to be 2,000 pixels on the longest side
2) Input your copyright and description into the images metadata.
3) Save as a JPG with a quality of 10 or higher.  (Best Quality)
4) Name all images with your last name then first name and sequential number.  (Smith_John_001.jpg)
5) Put all images into a folder on your desktop with your first and last name on it.
6) Now you are ready to upload to Digital Railroad you will need an ftp client program.
    Here are 2 free ftp programs you can download and use if you do not have one.
    http://cyberduck.ch/ (for Mac users) http://filezilla-project.org/ (for PC or Mac users)
7) FTP info
    Host:        ftp.digitalrailroad.net
    Login:       davidalanharvey-septblog
    Password: Upload
8) Please upload your folder into the September Submissions Folder on the ftp site.

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  • David

    can i do it later? I know you count for me, but i still have nothing new.


  • Mr. Harvey, your generosity knows no bounds whatsoever. I will submit this very evening. However, a handfull of my images may predate as I started this exercise a little earlier when I became a stay at home dad for a while. I needed a little time out to figure out my place in photography and how to assert my myself accordingly. Anyway, looking after the two lads turned my world and my image making completely upside down.

    I hope one day to be able to share with others in the way you are sharing with us. You are an inspiration.

    Okay, no more soppy shite from me. That’s all you’ll get. On with the show.

  • hi david,

    You’ve stated in the guidelines that we should include a description in the metadata for each picture. should we include a larger body of text to accompany/explain/introduce the project(s) as a whole. if so, should it be uploaded as a separate document?

    many thanks,


  • Hi Jason,

    If you would like to write something about your project you can put it in the description field and use the headline field for each individual image description. Unfortunately the only file types you can upload to digital railroad are JPGs and TIFFs.

  • I guess it’s time to ask technical questions.
    Maybe we can help each other and spare David if possible…

    The FTP thing is completely new to me…
    I have a Macbook Pro and have the feeling that maybe I don’t need to download software??? Or do I?

    My mac help is telling me that if I turn on FTP access I can file share. Is there more to it than that or am I good to go?

    Once I edit my work that is…:)

  • Cathy, you may in fact be right but I use an ftp program with two macs and I’m fairly sure it is necessary to get one. Not wanting to sound like I’m boasting about my mac collection there: I don’t actually own either of them.

  • 1) Resize all images to be 2,000 pixels on the longest side at a resolution 72 PPI

    2) Input your copyright and description into the images metadata.

    3) Save as a JPG with a quality of 10 or higher. (Best Quality)

    4) Name all images with your last name then first name and sequential number. (Smith_John_001.jpg)

    5) Put all images into a folder on your desktop with your first and last name on it.

    6) Now you are ready to upload to Digital Railroad you will need an ftp client program.
    Here are 2 free ftp programs you can download and use if you do not have one.
    http://cyberduck.ch/ (for Mac users) http://filezilla-project.org/ (for PC or Mac users)

    7) FTP info
    Host: http://ftp.digitalrailroad.net
    Login: davidalanharvey-septblog
    Password: upload (all lower case)

    8) Please upload your folder into the September Submissions Folder on the ftp site.

  • Cathy,

    You will in fact need to download a ftp client. Accessing the ftp site through you mac will not grant you the sufficient privileges to upload to the site. If you are using firefox you can also download an addon called fireftp and access it through your firefox web browser this one is also free and works on mac or pc.


  • Howdy-
    I uploaded my stuff, but didn’t know that we couldn’t send text files as a project description. Maybe at some point those files can be managed by email if necessary?

    Best of luck,

  • Michael and Amy, thanks for your help. I’m not quite ready to send yet but hopefully I’ll figure it out.

    Michael are you related to Jerry by any chance? Enjoyed your site..I’m living in Santa Fe. Too bad you’re not here anymore, I’d try to get you to help me!

  • Okay, I’m going to sound really dumb here, but it will neither be the first nor the last time I will do that, so please bear with me. I started using a digital camera about two months ago, so I still dont have all the language down pat. Metadata and Properties are more or less the same thing, arent they?

  • Hi David,
    very nice news from you for us!
    So, if I have understood correctly, I could submit B&W scanned “analog” material as well as digitals pictures, couldn’t I?
    Well, I’m not completely ready but I may try to prepare “the material” in the next days, it’ll be a pleasure for me!
    Thank you in adavance.


  • I managed some problem with uploading the pictures on ftp server. I downloaded the ftp client “filezilla” but here comes my problem” : I can not see if my folder with my pitures is on the http://ftp.digitalrailroad.net on the section september submission. Maybe you can tell me if my upload was a succes , or in case not , please tell me what to do.
    I need to know somehow that my folder is on the ftp. How can I see?
    Thank very much.
    P.S.- I must say that I don’t have any knowledge with the ftp uploading, and it is possible to make a series of mistake in uploading the folder, although at first sight that it is a simple thing to do( e.g. copying a file from a folder to another in P.C. or something like that).

  • Hi Vlad,

    We have your pictures no need to upload them more than once. Once they upload they disappear from the ftp. This is so people cannot look at other peoples images at this point in the process. Please upload once and make sure that the resolution is 72 PPI no need for anything larger at this point.



  • Max,

    Yes scanned images are accepted as well just make sure they adhere to the guidelines.


  • Cathy,

    Not quite. Properties is usually just info about the file itself. Something like whether its a jpg or tiff and maybe the file name.

    Metadata is information you add youself like copyright and even captions. Also the camera itself usually adds info like date, time, f-stop etc…

    What program are you using to upload your images to your computer?

  • Michael Kircher,
    Huh? You either answered my question and I have no idea what you are talking about or maybe you are answering someone elses question…I didn’t ask about metadata or properties. Now I see…it was Akaky’s question…

  • Ugh! Sorry Cathy.

    Note to self: Names on the bottom! Names on the bottom!

  • i’m new to this and appreciate any direction you can provide. is there a tutorial or program i can use to add metadata to my images. these are scanned images from film.

  • Jay,

    Yes, you sure can. Don’t know what program you are using to view your images, but… if you bring up an image then click on “file” you should see something like “IPTC information.” Click on that and it allows you to enter various bits of information.

    You can also try the help button within your photo editor and search for ‘IPTC’ or ‘meta data.’

  • Jay,

    In Photoshop it’s “file info” under “file”. Just took a guess you had what most have.

  • Just to provide solace, between pulling our hair deciphering the downloading conundrum, here’s a photo of our man, without whom…. (courtesy of Jeryc garcia who mentionned N. Yoon’s site in the previous “disconnected” entry):


  • Ok, stupid question, but

    “Input your copyright and description into the images metadata.”

    how do we do that?

    Ill be uploading the photos after the weekend. Im giving myself tomorrow and sunday to get something more.

  • I think I managed to upload a folder. Hard to tell.

    Perhaps it would have been better to do this via Flickr groups or something.

    Asking people to bend their minds around ftp (which has been around almost as long as I have, but isn’t as user friendly as I am, to say the least) might be a stretch. Also, not all ftp clients are equal. I couldn’t get cyberduck to work, but a command-line ftp seemed to work. I say “seemed” because I couldn’t see the files in the folder after I uploaded them.


  • Come on now, ftp experience is good common knowledge for any emerging photographer who wants assignments. Embrace the technology!

  • hello all

    you have probably figured this out, but let me introduce you to michael couvoursier…..mike is totally in charge of all the tech stuff in my life about which i have no clue…mike also is my first class printer….and, more importantly, mike is a good friend who i met while he was employed by the santa fe workshops several years ago..

    michael can answer all of your tech questions….i cannot answer any of them…

    i fly to new york this afternoon from london, so will be totally out of touch for whatever time that takes…

    to answer quickly two questions from above:

    text may be very important, but we can get that from you later after seeing the overall quality of the work…

    sure, analog material which is scanned and submitted as per outlined is fine….

    to be fair to everyone , please submit work which was shot from mid july until now…as i said give or take just a bit…i am not going to play private detective and find out when you took any particular picture….this is on the honor system…there is some flexibility, but just be reasonable to all of your colleagues here….

    many thanks, david

  • richard….

    yes, loading to ftp sites is one of the most common ways of delivering pictures to any commercial client…magazine or ad agency…mailing cd’s is the other way, but totally not practical in this case…

    i looked at using Flikr of course…but Digital Railroad just flat out offered the best service both to me and to you…and personalized…..certainly the best for what we want to do here….anyway, if it does not work out as well as i think, we will move to another system….

    everything is experimental for this….enjoy the experiment!!!!

  • Michael Couvoursier: I maded a new upload of my folder. I look carefully and I must say sorry to you: 3 pict. had more than 72ppi, but I make the corection and a new upload with the good picture. Thanks a lot for your streight and quick answer. I didn,t known that once you upload than disapppear.

  • No Worries Vlad sorry for the confusion of you not being able to seen them once you uploaded the pictures.

  • Hi Michael;

    I had to transfer twice, as 2 files did not transfer on the first attempt as well as the seocnd, but i believe they are different one’s and your server does not allow me access to overwrite files with incomplete or incorrect transfers, please check that all 20 arrived from folders ‘Jakob Doman’ and ‘Jakob Doman’s ikasie’ and delete the extras and folder…otherwise let me know which are missing and I can transfer only those



  • Hi Michael;

    tried a 3rd time; it was files 1 and 13, which i renamed…they should all be in a folder called ‘Jakob Doman New’…please check and delete the others if they are all there in the right order….

    I know not lettin’ everyone see the work know is the right approach, but unfortunately this also denies you access to correct any transfer errors, which FTP are known for…so sorry ’bout having to do it a number of times…


  • Jakob,

    Have all 20 of yours.


  • I actually cannot see the folders that come in the images just show up in the account. So no need to make additional folders. I just thought it might be easier for people to upload them all at once in a folder rather than doing them one at a time.


  • hi michael;

    i think perhaps the images alone might work easier ’cause then you could actually track what has arrived at the client without messing with the software settings to view the download…

    thanx for confirming that they have all arrived..there might now be 2 extra where I changed the filenames to add them to the existing account ’cause I checked and saw that the file was created but no data transferred..you might have to delete them..

    thanx again for all your effort and time, from I’m sure everyone here…


  • Michael:

    Please correct me if I’m wrong, but my guess is that you don’t have to download an ftp client, if you go directly in your browser to: ftp://ftp.digitalrailroad.net, and copy/paste the folder from your pc or mac.
    Can I do that?



  • About the 10 day window for submission, what is the final day/hour? thanks

  • good morning everyone,

    Mamma Mia!!! This promises to be the longest, maybe eager-est thread ever on David’s blog, and not one entry about photography, ahahah!

    Thanks Mike for your good work and help.

  • Can we get a confirmation, somehow, that our files have been received?

    I guess to do that you’d need to know our email addresses.

    I put mine in a text file in the folder I uploaded. Perhaps I should have put it in the metadata of each file.

  • Michael Courvoisier : I want to ask you something: if I made a upload of 14 pictures , can I add another pictures ( ofcourse in limit of the 20 picts.-in my case – another 6) ?
    Thanks again , Vlad.

  • Hey Guys, I didn’t read through all the comments, but there seemed to be some discussion about entering text. Here’s what I learned from submitting stuff to NPPA over the years:

    Open a photoshop document. Use the text tool, and type in whatever you want. Then save the file as a jpg. Put the file right in with the image files and let it be numbered right along with the rest.

    Incidentally, I didn’t do that, but it occurred to me.

    Hope that helps somebody.

  • David, as I mentioned in my comment to the group about putting in text additional to the description, I did not write an “about this story” piece.

    My entry is about a possibly last visit to my mother in Seattle. It was difficult (aren’t they all) piece to do, because

    1) my mom has been so photographed by my brother in law, that she’s sick of it, and 2) I had no idea what to do, until I realized that showing her in her environment AND showing her doing the two things I remembered from childhood – cooking and working in her office would be the most reasonable.

    I got past that first point by telling her that I needed to do this as an assignment. It’s like how’s anybody going to take you seriously if you can’t even photograph your own mother!

    Thanks for your energy.


  • Vlad,

    Yes if you are still shooting you project and get a some more pictures you would like to submit go ahead just stay within the 20 image limit.


  • Michael Courvoisier: i’ve just sent my proyect with 19 pictures. Could you confirm that i’ve done it well?. Thanks.

  • Lourdes,

    I have all of yours.


  • I am sending my slides to ken lieberman in NYC for processing…I intend to submit 10 pics if I can use the system described above…


  • I am getting nightmares, “flickr, flickr, flickr” ;))))))) nice weekend. I am not sending anything, but come on guys.. FTP is so easy, try it!

  • Now that you confirm to me that I can still send pictures ( I had posted 14 pictures- so I can send another 6) my question for you is : I make the upload with 6 pictures or I put them into a folder?

  • Hi Michael,
    I had transfer my folder but I don’t see the pictures.
    You have all my photos?


  • Thanks, Mike, and apologies to Cathy; I didnt mean to confuse anyone ;-). I use Picasa, primarily because I am cheap and Picasa is free, and between cheap and free there is a bond stronger than love itself, but I think my participation in this project is probably moot at this point. FTP, our techies tell me, is one of the things the multiple firewalls we use around here to protect our data routinely disallow. When I called and asked about this, I got a moment of dead silence at the other end of the phone and then a suggestion that I take a look at the memo about disallowing FTP use on the system. I went and took a look in the files and there it was, a memo about FTP use and how we should not allow its use because FTP was old and no one would want to use it nowadays, and at the bottom of the memo was, you guessed it, my signature. Yes, I do appreciate the irony of it all and I did laugh in order to avoid crying; the sight of a grown man biting himself on the ass is not something anyone should have to see. The techies will be in Tuesday and I will see I cant arrange a pinhole in the firewall for my pics, but frankly, I’m not holding my breath. Life has a way of arranging disasters for me, with the occasional catastrophe thrown in for variety, just to maintain my interest in the proceedings. Ah well.

  • david:

    send u an email with a question….


  • just an FYI – You don’t need a dedicated FTP program if you are using Windows. Just open Explorer and type in http://ftp.digitalrailroad.net

  • Igor,

    I have all of yours.


  • Akaky,

    Let me know if you will be able to ftp. If not we will figure some way to get you images to us.



  • Hi Michael & David,
    i’m late to know about this good news. I’ve tried to find out when is the deadline to send some pictures. can you tell me once again when is the deadline?


  • Michael Couvoursier : Now that you confirm to me that I can still send pictures ( I had posted 14 pictures- so I can send another 6) my question for you is : I make the upload with 6 pictures or I put them into a folder?

  • suryo…

    you have about one more week to get everything in…please read previous posts about what do do and how this project evolved…it is all in the “flood gates” post from a few days ago…


    it is sunday morning and i think michael is sleeping….he is the expert on this , but i think if you just make a new posting with 6 new pictures, we will be able to put it all together with no problem…

  • Vlad,

    You can just upload the pictures. Just try to keep the numbers going in the sequence.



  • Thanks Mchael,



  • Michael,

    Did you get 20 from me? The transfer seemed to be simple.
    also…I left you a message from Jerry under Tango.



    I have changed the ftp info slightly so that I can keep the new stuff separate. Just trying to start a system to keep the new stuff separate from the organized uploads.


    login : davidalanharvey-blog
    password : upload



  • I just uploaded my photos – I’m curious what’s happening next.

  • Akaky,

    Don’t know if you will see this since there are newer threads that are more active…but I had to let you know I appreciate the irony of your memo. A very funny story although I’m sure not so funny to you!

    I hope you’re able to work something out.

  • Michael:

    I have been trying to upload my folder Atkins_Sidney with 20 photos using Cyberduck. I am able to login to the (new) ftp address but as soon as I try to upload the folder I keep gettin disconnected with the message ‘connection refused’. This happened many times now. Any ideas what to try next?


  • I also have the same problem only i cant access the http://ftp.digitalrailroad.net at all on two different computers ? HELP

  • Dear Michael/David….I have just uploaded 19 images into the ‘Submissions’ folder. Noticed a couple of other people were having problems with the ‘new’ ftp details. For the record, mine went through smoothly. All the best. Sean

  • Dear All,

    This is just to say that all of the other methods suggested for FTP’ing failed for me, as did the version of Cyberduck I was using on my OSX Mac. However, when I downloaded the latest version of Cyberduck (2.8) the upload worked smoothly and perfectly. I couldn’t make the upload work by FTP’ing directly from Safari or IE webpage, although I did once get as far as the Submissions folder — I just couldn’t put anything into it (I kept getting a message that it could not be changed).

    I guess the message is PERSIST and also use latest versions of the available software.


  • Hi, Michael C.,

    Uploaded two folders using your new FTP info, the first has 9 photos and the second has two. I hope you got them.



  • Hi Michael, I am not new with ftp but this is first time I use Cyberduck on my macbook, there is a error in connection: login incorrent
    server : http://ftp.digitalrailroad.net
    username : davidalanharvey-septblog
    password : upload

    what is the problem?

  • I just saw the 17 september comment Micheal it’s ok now

  • Hi,

    I’m a huge admirer of Mr Harvey’s work and that’s what led me to join this blogsite.
    I’ve just uploaded my work but I cant tell if it got uploaded correctly.


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