i need an assistant….someone who lives in salvador, bahia and can work with me next week for about 3 days….wishing for someone with good people skills and digital photo processing and transmitting skills

please post your telephone or any contact details here…..i arrive in salvador tuesday evening march 27th……

now, this sometimes happens to me….i think i have a whole week free to work on things, catch up etc…then, i end up in full "panic mode" as right now….this whole scramble is because of an ad shoot…i do very few advertising shoots, but sometimes i have the right style for the right campaign and these things pay for all of the other things i do that bring in no income for me…things like this blog and various little personal photography projects that i do just for fun….

besides, this is a good one…they just need pictures in my own style…i have worked so much in bahia and so this is an ideal commission, albeit a bit rushed…..

come in, come in bahia!!!!


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  1. Angelo Antônio Duarte

    Hello, I know your fantastic photos, some books and Geomag. I went to Salvador and contry of Bahia, Chapada Diamantina, Lençois.About 6 hour by car from Salvador.Beautiful places. In Salvador is ok for take some pictures, but take care around. In turist places there police and is safe for this.There is internet cafe and darkrooms digital. Some people ask for money after or before take pictures in Salvador.

    I´m live in Rio de Janeiro, I´m freelancer photographer. Any help call to 21-8189 7934 or 21 2259 2858. In Rio I can help you.

  2. anderson and angelo…

    since neither of you is already in bahia, can you give me some idea of how much it would cost to fly you up??? and are either one of you familiar with salvador??

    i have worked there quite a bit, but was just curious…

    many thanks for responding….i will let you know soonest about my final plans….


  3. anderson and angelo….i will call both of you tomorrow…anderson, do you have a telephone where i may call??? thanks, david

  4. angelo…i have tried to call you but you must have left a number out…i am calling from the u.s. so please give me your number as i would call it from the u.s…

    anderson, i did get through to your phone and you were out….will call back….

    i may need both of you….


  5. arg! david why couldn’t i see your post last week? I’m alredy in rio. I’ve worked for steve mccurry and his studio and still work with them when the need arises. I’ll start checking your blog on a daily basis from now on just in case you have another assignment in brazil. My background is in computers so i’m sure i could help with your digital needs. I’m sure steve would give me a good recomendation as well as steve’s studio manager (amanda) or michael courvoisier. Have fun in salvador, i hope i have the pleasure of working with you someday.

  6. ok guys…everybody go back to what they were doing…brazil trip just got cancelled!!! so sorry to leave you guys hanging….unfortunately, this is the bad thing about advertising…they change their minds all the time and for reasons that do not seem to be reasons….

    anyway, i will finish my shooting on this job here in new york….i could not imagine anyway flying 18 hours to salvador, shooting for two days and then coming back home….that would have been such a “tease”..when i do come to bahia, i will stay for longer than two days….i love love bahia….sorry not to have met you guys…next time


  7. Angelo Antônio Duarte

    Hello David. I´m so sorry.

    Anyway if you need help please call to my mob 0055 21 81897934 or 0055 21 22592858-house – after 8pm.

  8. Hey Amigo, I have seen your Hip Hop project published in the NG Mexican edition, I was a thrill to look at pictures you already showed to us.

    Thank you for it and for still having time to share the journal with us.

    Have fun


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