this morning i fly down to our federal village….our nations capitol… of the free and home of the brave…..bracing myself for the culture shock of going from new york to washington….in just a few hours i will walk through the doors of the National Geographic Society …..the smell of freshly polished brass awaits……

today and tomorrow i will be working with editor ken geiger on an edit for the cowboy pictures i shot down in mexico way back in january….speaking of cowboys, i will also be hanging with my old best friend william albert allard…i even heard a rumor he was bunking out with me at my little d.c.condo which will be sold this spring (i lived in washington for 15 yrs)…of course, bill will be the star subject of one of my posts soon, but maybe not this week….i am still gathering material on him…i only have 30 years worth so far….

stay tuned…..three days at National Geographic Magazine should give me enough material to do a post every hour or so!!!!