night before last, i locked myself out of my apartment…i had to leave in the middle of a friend’s birthday party and  take  a taxi over  to  marie’s house….she has keys to my place… you may know marie as my friend/manager/confidante (see story on marie under "workshops")….marie had to get out of bed in her pajamas and come  out to the car and  give me the keys and "that look"…you all know "that look"…sorry marie..

yesterday morning i got up to go to the grocery story to buy coffee and cheerios….i pulled the door shut to my place and this time locking in BOTH sets of keys, mine and hers….locked myself out twice in a row!!!

at this point i realized i was on "overload"…too too much on my mind and a little exhausted and burned out from the virginia fest, setting up my show, etc etc…..and i do not normally "burn out"…but when i start making really stupid mistakes, it usually means "burn out"….

all of us need to know our limits….but , i hate limits and therefore am subject to making many mistakes, some much worse than this….but, i keep trying to learn how to "control myself"….in this spirit, please, if you have time,  read the  "comment"  i made just now under "fame"…

my intention was to write that piece right here….but, i was writing away and forgot where i was!!!!

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  • :-)

    Cheerios are the best! :-)

  • david alan harvey


    you like cheerios??? yes, the best….morning and night….

  • Well, i had to google “cheerios” to know what you meant…
    Before, I thought it was a kind of “cheetos”… and began to worry about your breakfast, my friend…

  • No no David, don’t eat Cheerios, but cornetto and capuccino ( Italian ) it’s better .. eheheh :D

  • ooh. so it’s burnout. cool. I was thinking I’m going nuts.

  • I find that I have to attach things I don’t want to lose to my body in some way. My keys are always on my belt, my camera is always around my neck, and my bag is always around my shoulder. I’m running out of space, though.

  • david, i understand completely how you feel, i have lost in my life all the things that are potentially made to be lost. and that means lenses and cameras included. and in my case it’s not a question about “overload” or been exhausted, which actually also counts.
    so, my friend the only advice i can give you it’s take it easy, make another copy of your keys and give it to a neighbor. I’m sure marie also will be thankful.
    un abrazo

  • So DAH is really human! I am so relieved! I’ve left laptops on buses, wallets on trains, and keys everywhere. Absent minded people of the world!… do something … I think.

    Cheerios with a little honey sprinkled on top, every night.. mmmm! Try a scoop of peanut butter on the spoon first. Makes the O’s stick to the spoon better and tastes soooo good.

    David- I really enjoyed your “fame” comment. I added a quote by Wynton Marsalis..

    Have a great time tonight. I wish I could come.


  • i was eating cheerios when i was writing post at the morning and now, at 6:48pm i am just after cheerios, too :-)

  • David…

    I’ll drink a glass of gin for you luck today evening…

    Let’s party start tonight…

    Life is full of joy…

  • What you need, David, is a couple of weeks at the beach with your family. But then you already knew that.

    I can hardly wait to hear about your show.

  • yo DAH — greetings from brooklyn. sitting here with cobb laughing into my ear on skype telling me about your show tonite. even gave away your password. congrats. hope the show went well. time to reconnect. con amistad… peter

  • No Cheerios in seoul, David…..I dont know if that will be a problem for you:)

  • I locked in my building door key but not my apt door so I climbed two stories, ala James Bond, to get around the front door…also two different times…of course this came easy after my photographic experience of climbing much weirder and higher things.

  • I use a mechanical shaver made by Phillips.

    When I came back from my vacation 3 weeks ago I couldn’t find my shaver. As usual I thought I would run into it as the time went on, sooner or later.

    Two weeks passed by, with me, nonchalantly looking for the shaver.

    It was when my wife started calling me Uljanov (Lenin’s last name) I started looking more seriously. But to no avail, it wasn’t to be found. I searched the car three times, the rooms, shelves, the couches.
    It didn’t help that my son came back home from boarding school and my mother in law celebrated her second month living with us. There were more people and things floating around the house to muddle the ordinary items locations. … and we moved from the bedroom to the guest room to accomodate everyone.

    Finally I broke down, declaring the shaver lost and spent a few evening hours shopping for a new shaver. Shaver#2 performed admirably. I shaved after 14 days again. I heard no more jokes about Lenin, Aurora or the Russian revolution.

    The next day on the way to work I had to hit the brakes in a bumper to bumper traffic and my old shaver (shaver#1) rolled out from somewhere under the seats. I now had two shavers.

    I’m an optimist. I thought of giving my 15 year old son his first shaver or doing something kinky with the old shaver. Life is good if you have a spare.

    But the next day for some unexplained reason I could not find the old shaver again and I could not find the charger to the new shaver. I now have a charger to shaver#1. It doesn’t fit shaver#2. I can’t find shaver#1. I have shaver#2 but it needs to be charged. I can’t find charger for shaver#2.

    A week passed by. I’m shaving with a disposable unit that my wife uses for her legs.

    Should I buy shaver #3 or do I need another vacation?

  • Rene.. congratulation.. you made me laugh :-)

    i have similar problem… when i am looking for important thing i am finding everythning except the thing i am looking for, and when i am looking for some of the things from this all which i found looking for “invisible” one… again I can not find this “visible” things…
    I dont know how it works but important things are always “invisible”…

    sclerosis? hmm.. i am 26 year old! it cant be sclerosis… or too much cheerios ;-)

  • hey David, how are you??? it´s me, Zaida from San Miguel de Allende. Well I just say hi and ask you a favor, can I contact you by mail??? It is about a personal thing.
    By the way, I saw some pictures of the festival of photography.

    Thank you a lot

  • david alan harvey


    i do not know if you meant e-mail or normal postal mail…anyway, my e-address is and my mailing address is: 475 kent avenue #407 brooklyn, new york 11211….

    i hope you and your family are well….

    saludos, david

  • A very ambitious project. I would have preferred the exhibit over 72 dpi, but that being said the Magnum in Motion piece made some interesting connections. It’s a fascinating story really, how African culture has come full circle. Many people don’t realize the enormous contribution that Africa has made to western popular music, but it extends much beyond hip hop into nearly every genre. “Contribution” isn’t really the right word, either. “Foundation” is perhaps more appropriate, as everything that came after the blues was inevitably built upon it. The other connection that I found really interesting was the fact that hip hop follows in the tradition of the blues in that it was born out of oppression and serves as a type of protest.
    I’d be interested in knowing what facets of the project were realized in Barcelona as I am here doing a project on a different group of musicians.

  • Sorry, totally wrote that under the wrong heading…..

  • david alan harvey


    yes, “rap” follows in the traditions of the african storytellers (griots)to blues, gospel, jazz and rock n’roll…all interconnected…

    the pictures of the blond girl dancing were taken in barcelona at a hip hop club as well as the emcee surrounded by fans….at the top of the ramblas is a hangout for the hip hop crowd…right in front of mcdonalds!! i met these kids and then followed them to the club….

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