Sunset selfie. Outer Banks NC . 7-22-17. For the next few weeks I am shooting on commission at home. Not necessarily on my front porch as here, yet a general daily diary of life around me. It’s hot it’s summer and to be lazy is my instinct. Certainly as can’t move ride my bike go swimming as I ever get. As close to sliding back to boyhood as I can be. I fell in love with photography not far from here at age 12 and basically shot only around home then. I had no choice at 12, and dreamed of far away shores. Now when I am far away, I dream of being here. I think both dreams are an integral part of my work. Giving others the key to a creative life is one of the things I do with gusto. We did two full on workshops here this spring. Just the perfect mood. Great students. This fall I’ll get off this porch and head for my last New York workshop. Well the last in the famed Kibbutz. Also home for the last 12 years and also a book subject I’m shooting. So any serious photographer who feels a workshop experience with me would advance their career or work, would I think be wise to think about the last blast in the Kibbutz. Anyone who knows about or has been to one of my NYC classes knows this final hurrah will be an event to remember. All of my ex students are of course invited to the final show and fiesta which will be well super special. Stay tuned IG TODAY for an announcement about New York. #fujixt2