photographic essays

photographic essays

Giorgio Bianchi – Donbass Stories

Giorgio Bianchi Donbass Stories Several tens of thousands of dead and wounded, over a million refugees. The civil war in Donbass has literally erased entire cities and villages from the map, staining with blood the soil of the European continent for the first time in the twenty-first century. These are two chapters – Alina and …

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Irina Werning – La Cuarentena

Irina Werning La Cuarentena It’s the new normal ! Lockdowns are being championed as a solution to the spread of the number one enemy: the coronavirus. In developing countries like Argentina, where 40% of the population lives in poverty, it’s difficult to just stay fixated on the fear of infection when one realizes how daunting …

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Mafalda Rakoš – A Story to Tell

Mafalda Rakoš A Story to Tell [ FUJIFILM/YOUNG TALENT AWARD 2019 FINALIST ]  “You don’t really fit in… You don’t fit into the group of normal people, because you’re anorexic. And you don’t fit with those affected by anorexia, because you’re a man.“ – Thomas, 21. Our process always starts with a conversation. What does …

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Ute Behrend – Bear Girls

Ute Behrend Bear Girls [ EPF 2019 FINALIST ] How do young girls become strong women? Adolescence is the theme of my new book. At the beginning I tell a story about a fictional “Indian tribe” that separates its pubescent girls and dresses them in bearskins. In this way they are protected from premature sexualisation. …

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