photographic essays

photographic essays

Mafalda Rakoš – A Story to Tell

Mafalda Rakoš A Story to Tell [ FUJIFILM/YOUNG TALENT AWARD 2019 FINALIST ]  “You don’t really fit in… You don’t fit into the group of normal people, because you’re anorexic. And you don’t fit with those affected by anorexia, because you’re a man.“ – Thomas, 21. Our process always starts with a conversation. What does …

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Ute Behrend – Bear Girls

Ute Behrend Bear Girls [ EPF 2019 FINALIST ] How do young girls become strong women? Adolescence is the theme of my new book. At the beginning I tell a story about a fictional “Indian tribe” that separates its pubescent girls and dresses them in bearskins. In this way they are protected from premature sexualisation. …

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Alexander Bronfer – Floating

Alexander Bronfer Floating This project is about the tight bonds connecting us to The Dead Sea, in the face of ecological catastrophe threatening the future of this unique natural treasure.     People are always fascinated by the Dead Sea. This place was always a refuge for messiahs, zealots, martyrs, kings, and ascetics. People prayed, sinned, …

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Anniina Joensalo – Tender

Anniina Joensalo Tender [ FUJIFILM/YOUNG TALENT AWARD 2019 FINALIST ]  “Tender” is an exploration into the contradictions inherent in queer lives and loves. I want to explore all aspects of intimacy in a non-normative way and in non-normative settings. In this series I’ve captured the people around me, my friends, partners and lovers. I’m inspired …

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Luis Cobelo – Chas Chas

Luis Cobelo Chas Chas 30 years ago, I came across a story in a comic book called “Parque Chas”, about a mysterious neighborhood in Buenos Aires, Argentina. The comic reveals the adventures of a writer who was told that fantastic and extraordinary things happen there. A place where wonderful mystical people live.       …

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Mariia Ermolenko- Flow

Mariia Ermolenko Flow [ FUJIFILM/YOUNG TALENT AWARD 2019 FINALIST ]  In my project I research time. Man is in perpetual search. In Japanese philosophy, there is the concept of “Fueki Riuko”. This is about form of the eternal and continuous, which are associated with the current and instant. These pictures were taken in different places …

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